Media Update 3/17/22


This is the story of an assassin who is poisoned and seeks revenge before she loses her life. This is the kind of movie that feels good like Run Lola Run, Kill Bill, Gunpowder Milkshake, and more. Mary Elizabeth Winstead has been an actress I’ve liked but she jumped way up on my list after Birds of Prey. She is great as the hardened assassin who starts growing a heart. Woody Harrelson plays a charming handler. Miku Martineau is a cool little girl who gets caught up in everything. Miyavi, Tadanobu Asano, and Jun Kunimura all play Yakuza and they are each really good at what they do. The movie was unexpectedly deep and I really loved the story of a lone woman coming to terms with her past. I recommend this movie.

Those Who Wish Me Dead

This movie is about a troubled smokejumper who must contend with criminals and a forest fire while trying to save a young boy. The movie was a great journey from start to finish. Part of that was Angelina Jolie being her most charismatic possibly in her whole career. She was so compelling to watch from start to finish. Her chemistry with Finn Little (the boy) is great because of her but also because Little is a good actor himself. It is always good to see Jon Bernthal who plays a tough sheriff’s deputy with a heart of gold. Medina Senghore plays a tough-as-nails pregnant woman. Nicholas Hoult and Aidan Gillen play great ruthless villains. The effects of the fire are so good and I was on the edge of my seat for much of the movie. I recommend this movie.


I was not expecting this movie to be as good as it was but there we go. A woman with rage issues goes on a rampage to get revenge for her murdered boyfriend. The movie stars Kate Beckinsale in probably her best role to date. She is just so funny and charming in the role. This is definitely an action-comedy. Stanley Tucci is great as usual as her psychiatrist. Jai Courtney plays her affable new boyfriend. Laverne Cox and Bobby Carnavale play the hapless police detectives chasing after her. The rest are helpless mooks for great fight scenes. The movie was so fun to watch that it definitely lifted my spirits. I recommend this movie.

Music of the Week:

Aural Vampire – オーラルヴァンパイア – /

Wig Wam – Never Say Die

Arvid – Ghosty

Dove Cameron – Boyfriend

Mashup of the Week:

Raheem D – Fancy London Bridge

Weekly Update:

This week’s theme is “The Woman Never Gives Up”

I watched a ton of YouTube and Twitch

I watched more In From the Cold Season 1

I watched more Peacemaker Season 1

I watched more The Mentalist Season 6

I started watching Nancy Drew Season 3

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