Poor Unfortunate Souls: Atlantica Pt. 13

Belle and Adam stepped outside and found the Enchantress out on the terrace, looking off into the distance. They walked up but kept their distance. The Enchantress was a powerful fairy who had already shown incredible power to curse dozens of people at once. Adam kept his breathing calm even though this woman caused so many emotions to rise up inside of him. For a moment he felt The Beast rising up inside but Belle took hold of his hand and that evaporated. The Enchantress turned around slowly, a slight smile on her face.

“You don’t have to worry,” The Enchantress said. “I won’t bite.” She spread her hands out as if they were harmless.

“What about curses?” Belle asked.

“How about a non-aggression pact?” The Enchantress asked. “A truce of sorts.”

“A little nervous seeing me again?” Adam asked.

“I’m not afraid of you or her,” The Enchantress said. “And if you brought the furry guy out again, I could just poof out of here in heartbeat.”

“So you’re afraid of The Beast,” Adam said.

“Who wouldn’t be?” The Enchantress asked with a smirk.

“Me,” Belle said. “Part of why the curse was broken, remember?”

“You make a good point,” The Enchantress said with a shrug. 

“Speaking of curses,” Adam said. “Why do I change back and forth now?”

“Well, I suppose The Beast will always be with you as long as you need him,” The Enchantress said. “A defense mechanism of sorts.”

“Will it ever go away?” Adam asked. “I thought it was supposed to go away.”

“I never said that,” The Enchantress said. “I said that if you don’t find love before the last petal fell, you would remain The Beast forever. You broke the curse so you can change back and forth instead of being stuck in one firm. You’re welcome.”

“Thanks?” Adam said but was obviously not convinced.

“It’s more than fine, Adam,” Belle said. “You said you’re learning to control it.”

The Enchantress nodded. “Anyway, I came here to help and not for a confrontation,” She said. “The past can’t be changed. We can only move on. I was in an incredibly bad place when I cursed you if it matters.” 

“And my whole staff,” Adam said. “None of whom deserved it.”

“I apologize,” The Enchantress said. “It’s why I decided to come here to help in the first place. I felt guilty and decided to try and make it up to you. You’re welcome.”

“So you’ve helped,” Belle said. “You can go now.”

“Not even done yet,” The Enchantress said. “Ursula the Sea Witch is dead. The Dragon Maleficent has been slain. Yzma and Mother Gothel are off the board. There is still one player left to be revealed. This witch set all of this in motion and she has to be stopped.”

“What does that have to do with us?” Belle asked. “I think we’ve been through enough. Twice”

The Enchantress sighed. “I know but we need a group of heroes to finish this,” she said. “It’s so easy for us magical types to underestimate true hearts. Claws and teeth wouldn’t hurt either. A couple of your friends in there could be helpful and there’s another cluster of lost heroes in the desert.”

“The desert?” Belle asked. “What does that mean?”

“I could fill you in but it might be easier to show you,” The Enchantress said. “Then I can brief the other heroes as well.”

“Let’s go back inside,” Belle said. “We need to run this by Ariel and the others”

“Yeah, I’m done making decisions for others,” Adam said. “I’m not completely sold on going after another threat either.”

“Well, you’re free to go home but I thought the brand new you was less selfish,” The Enchantress said. “You could really help remove evil from the multiverse. Many worlds would be safer if you just lend a hand one more time.”

“And you would be free to wander and cause mischief again,” Belle said. “Is that the real reason?”

The Enchantress shrugged. “I never claimed to be completely altruistic,” she said. “I do have a conscience, though, and the two of you have been tugging on it for quite some time. I feel like this is a win-win situation. I clear my conscience by doing a good deed and you get me out of your lives for good.”

“That last part actually does sound good, Adam,” Belle said, turning to her husband.

“It really does,” Adam said. “I guess I could lend a hand or maybe a paw before we get back home and figure the rest of our lives out.”

“Alright,” Belle said. “We’re in. Let’s go talk to everybody else.”


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