Jade Keyblade – A Kingdom Hearts Story

Ventus was waiting in a clearing when Aqua showed up on her keyblade glider. As she touched down, the glider disappeared and reappeared strapped to her back. She took a look around before approaching Ventus. The world they were in was covered in lush jungle foliage and it felt warm. It was kind of nice considering how inhospitable some worlds could be. After spending so much time in the Dark World, pretty much anything was pleasant but she was starting to be discerning again. It was humid and that might slow them down in the long term but she was prepared for the mission. 

“Hey Aqua,” Ventus said with a smile. “Thanks for coming so quickly.”

Aqua smiled. “Of course, Ven,” she said. “You know I’ll always come running if you need me.”

They had been sent out by Yen Sid to scout alone. Sora had disappeared and although Riku was on his own mission, it was decided that it would not hurt for the others to roam the worlds and check things out. Things had changed after Sora’s final battle with Master Xehanort and his Organization XIII. It felt like there would always be a new threat around the corner but things seemed relatively calm for now. It was a good feeling but they could not let down their guard too much..

“So, situation report, I guess,” Ventus said. “This world was recently recovered from darkness probably as a result of the big battle.”

“There are a lot of worlds like that out there,” Aqua said. “Why did you bring me here?”

“I got a reading on a keyblade here,” Ventus said. “The signature was not exactly like Sora’s but it was kinda similar.”

“Are you kidding?” Aqua asked. “Why didn’t you lead with that?”

“I didn’t want to get anybody’s hopes up,” Ventus said. “I decided to call you or Terra and Terra was way farther away.”

“Alright, slightly less flattered that you sent for me,” Aqua said. “Have you made contact yet?”

Ventus shook his head. “Not yet,” he said. “We should do it together. A keyblade doesn’t automatically mean a good guy.”

Aqua thought back to the Xehanorts, Ansem, Vanitas, Dark Riku, possessed Terra, and her own brief descent into darkness and nodded. “You’re right,” Aqua said. “Let’s hope that this is a good thing.”

“That’s the spirit,” Ventus said with that sunny smile of his. “We’re close. Just through here.”

The two of them walked through the trees until they heard what was the unmistakable sound of battle. They ran faster and burst from the foliage onto what looked to be a boat dock. There were Heartless all around them and in the center of them was a young woman with short dark hair that was longer on one side. She was fighting like a cornered animal as she swung a wicked-looking keyblade with a jade chain. She was obviously an expert fighter but she was definitely outnumbered.

Aqua and Ventus jumped into the fight with their own keyblades. The woman spotted the two and accepted their help and the three fought together. With three instead of one the tide of the battle turned and soon the Heartless were all destroyed. The three looked around to make sure that the coast was actually clear and nothing else slithered out of nowhere. All three of them stood there catching their breath.

“Who are you?” the woman asked.

“We come in peace,” Aqua said.

“We’re keyblade wielders,” Ventus said. “We came here to see if this world needed help.”

“This world?” the woman asked. “What are you talking about?”

“Never mind that,” Aqua said, elbowing Ventus in the ribs. He was rushing things. “We’re here to help is the main point. I’m Aqua and this is Ventus. Where did you get that keyblade?”

“I’m Namaari,” the woman said. “You guys don’t look like you’re from around here. Are you from Tail or something?” She had the look of somebody who had been through a lot.

“Something like that,” Aqua said. “What about that keyblade?”

Namaari grunted. “Whatever,” she said. “I don’t really know about this thing. Raya disappeared and those things swarmed me and my swords just passed right through them. Before I knew it, I was holding this thing.” She held up the keyblade. The way she had said the name Raya had a lot of weight to it. It was the same way that Sora talked about Kairi or Riku. It was the same way that Mickey and Minnie spoke to each other. So many worlds and so many loves.

“It’s got less power than Sora’s,” Ventus said.

“But it has a similar power to change forms based on new friends he made,” Aqua said.

“You guys are weird,” Namaari said. “I’ve got to go find Raya, Sisu, and the rest. We’ve got to solve this new threat.”

“We can help,” Ventus said.

“Yeah we’re in,” Aqua said. “We want to help.”

“Fine,” Namaari said. “Let’s go.”

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