My Brother’s Keeper – A My Time In Portia Story

Aadit had traveled a long way. His new home in Portia was well behind him and he already missed it. He had had to leave suddenly. He was sure that the townsfolk would not understand his disappearance and he did not expect them to. He had grown to love Portia but he did not know if he could ever return. He wanted to be there to help rebuild after the epic fight he had witnessed from the trail to the church. He had wanted to go down and help but he had been frozen to the spot. He knew the masked man who had attacked Portia and, at least in that moment, he could not bring himself to stop it.

When Aadit had seen the Rogue Knight and the All Source defeated by Paige, The Civil Corps, and Django, he knew he was done. He watched the Knight run off and he had to give chase. He had run for what felt like weeks but was only a few days. Finally, his quarry was in sight. He saw the knight sitting at the campfire. His sword and helmet resting on a nearby rock. The knight looked exhausted and beat up. Aadit approached with his hands up. He looked into the eyes of his brother Veer.

“I come in peace,” Aadit said. Which was genuine as Aadit had sworn himself to be a pacifist. He never even participated in the town’s tradition of friendly sparring,

Veer the Rogue Knight flinched and started to reach for his sword but stopped when he saw Aadit. He smirked. “Like you could ever hurt a fly,” he said. “What do you want?”

“What do I want, Veer?” Aadit asked. “You attacked the town that I live in. You ruined everything.”

“It was worth it for what I might have gained,” Veer said. “The All Source would have given me the power that I needed.”

“Why would you need power?” Aadit asked. “You could have come and lived with me. You could have helped work the tree farm or better yet you could have worked in the lab.”

“You’re thinking too small, Aadit,” Veer said. “The All Source was so powerful. I could have done anything with it. I could have gone back and rebuilt our home. I could have ended the war between Duvos and Ethea. I could have done so many things.”

“You could have,” Aadit said. “But you went about it all wrong. When you went off and studied under that old knight, she should have taught you that fighting isn’t always the answer. You went in swinging that sword instead of  using your words.”

“I never intended to fight your friends,” Veer said with a sigh. “They just kept coming. They were relentless in their search for what should have been mine. I worked hard for it. I sacrificed for it. Sure I used a sword but I never intended to kill anybody. I just wanted to scare them away. But then it was five against one and I had to lash out.”

“You could have thrown down your sword at that point,” Aadit said. “You could have done anything but fight the Civil Corps. They’re good people. Instead, you teamed up with The Flying Shark Pirates.”

Veer grimaced at that. “I never intended to team up with them,” he said. “They were there trying to get the All Source at the same time as I was. Then the Civil Corps and Paige ran in and assumed the worst. I fought back to back with their leader by necessity.”

“More excuses,” Aadit said. “I’m glad that my friends defeated you. They left you alive, at least.”

“Very nice,” Veer said. “You’re my brother. You’re supposed to be on my side.”

“Stepbrother,” Aadit corrected him. “And I am on your side when you’re on the right side. I’m not on your side when you’re running around and acting like a criminal.”

Veer grunted and turned away back toward his campfire. “Then leave me alone,” he said. “I got beat up enough by your friends. I don’t need any more lectures. It’s all words and no actions with you.”

“I won’t raise a fist against you,” Aadit said. “That’s true. I couldn’t bring myself to hurt you even now. I’m just going to sit here. In the morning, I’ll find a new home and try to start again.”

“You’re not even going to turn me in?” Veer asked incredulously.

“No,” Aadit said. “I just have to hope you learned your lesson.”

“I have the strangest stepbrother,” Veer said.

Aadit sighed. “So do I,” he said.


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