The Secret Defenders – An MCU Story

Cassie Lang shifted nervously as she stood in the parlor of the Sanctum Sanctorum. She had been offered a seat but she was too nervous to sit. At least she had stopped herself from pacing back and forth. It had taken a lot of willpower. She hoped that Dr. Strange could help her out. She had made her mom and dad stay home, telling them that this was something she had to take care of by herself. The truth was that they were making her even more nervous and she was old enough to go to a doctor by herself. Especially a doctor that had saved half of all existence with her father. 

A portal opened up a few feet away which caused Cassandra to jump back a foot and prepare to fight as if by instinct. Her father had made her wear a mask just in case she bumped into anybody and her clothing was designed to adjust along with her size-changing powers. She could spring into battle at a moment’s notice. Instead of an unholy monster, a young woman stepped through the portal. She immediately spotted Cassie and lowered her sunglasses.

“Hey. You seem kind of young to be hanging around here,” the woman said. “You know this magic stuff is dangerous, right?”

“I’m aware,” Cassie said. “I wouldn’t be here unless it was necessary. I promise.”

“Fair enough, no offense meant,“ The woman said. “What’s your name?” 

“No offense taken,” Cassie said. “I’ve been used to things getting weird since I was little. My name’s Cassie Lang. It’s nice to meet you.”

The woman stuck out her hand and they shook hands. “Monica Rambeau,” she said. “It’s good to meet you too. Wait, Lang? As in Scott Lang?”

Cassie brightened. “You know my dad?” she asked and then she had a thought. “Oh, was it a good experience or a bad experience?” She knew her dad had had two different periods in his life, one of which involved stealing things.

“I don’t know him personally,” Monica said. “I just remember Jimmy Woo talking about him and he’s an Avenger, of course. I’ve seen that file.”

“Oh Agent Jimmy was really nice,” Cassie said. “I think his visits really helped my dad not go crazy by himself.”

“He’s a good agent,” Monica said. “I’d trust him with my life.”

A portal opened up before they could say more, and an enormous man dressed in coarse white fur tumbled out of the portal. He spoke in a language unknown to Cassie but she knew curse words when she heard them. The man looked very rugged but underneath it all he was quite handsome.

“Where am I?” the man shouted. “Why am I here?” He was absolutely imposing but Monica stepped between the man and Cassie.

“Calm down. I know why I’m here but I don’t know why you’re here,” Monica said. “It might help to know who you are.”

“I am M’Baku of the Jabari Tribe of Wakanda,” he said. “I apologize for my outburst.”

“This place is weird,” Cassie said. “Don’t worry about it.”

“What is this place?” M’Baku asked.

“The Sanctum Santorum of Dr. Stephen Strange,” Cassie said. “Technically we’re in New York City. This is the parlor. ”

“The sorcerer from the battle against Thanos?” M’Baka asked. “What does he want from me? Where is he?”

“I definitely want to see him too,” Monica said. 

“I was waiting for him here,” Cassie said.

“Then I will wait here,” M’Baka said and sat down on a couch.

Another voice called out from the front hall. “Hello?” the voice asked. “Anybody here?”

Monica walked over to the hallway and called out. “We’re in here!” 

A beautiful armor-clad woman walked confidently into the room with a sword strapped across her back.

“You’re Valkyrie!” Cassie shouted in excitement. Her dad had told her all about the badass women in the final confrontation with Thanos. She was just as her father had described. “I’m a huge fan.”

Valkyrie looked surprised but smiled. “I didn’t know I had fans, kid,” she said. “Thanks for the vote of confidence. Is Dr. Strange around? If not, is there a beer I can get at?”

“I just got here myself so I’m not sure what refreshments are available,” Monica said. 

“I was offered tea,” Cassie said. “But I’m not old enough to drink yet.”

“Then where is Strange?” Valkyrie asked.

“He should be here soon, I think,” Cassie said.

“He’d better hurry,” M’Baka said.

“Ok, cool down, big guy,” Valkyrie said.

“I am cool!” M’Baka said and then leaned back in his seat to show how calm he was.

“Very convincing,” Valkyrie said. “You remind me of somebody.”

“Is it Black Panther? King T’Challa?” M’Baka asked.

“No,” Valkyrie said. “I think I’ll actually keep it to myself.”

A door opened and a very gorgeous man walked out with a set of rings on his forearms. “The doctor will be with us shortly,” the man said.

“Does that make you the nurse?” Monica asked.

“Oh no, I’m Shang-Chi, just a friend of the Doctor and Wong,” the man said.

“Then why am I here?” M’Baka asked, standing up to his full height.

Dr. Strange appeared from nowhere without a portal. “You’re here because I summoned you,” he said. “You all are.”

“But I came here to get cured,” Cassie said.

“And I came because you said Wanda was here,” Monica said. “I have questions about Westview.”

“I’m sure you do,” Strange said. “But before all of that, I have need of you. The world needs you.”

“The world needs us?” M’Baka asked.

“For what?” Cassie asked.

“It’s Doom,” Strange said.

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