Poor Unfortunate Souls: Endgame Pt. 2

When the portal opened, the guards that were on duty were dozing but thankfully, Jasmine and  Genie happened to be nearby. Jasmine moved into the shadows. Genie filled the ceiling of the chamber like a cloud of smoke and watched and waited. He was noisy and chatty by nature so stealth was not really his forte. However, he could bear it if it led to something dramatic. He watched as a meticulously groomed woman stepped through the portal. He could sense a lot of magic coming off of her. The smoke that was him swirled and slowly descended from the ceiling and formed into the Genie. He could be imposing if he wanted to be. Jasmine walked past him and stood in front. The message was clear, Jasmine had a lot of power backing her up.

The woman looked at Jasmine, then at Genie, and then back at Jasmine and she spread her hands slowly as if she was helpless. As if she had not just walked through a portal that required powerful magic to operate.

“We come in peace,” the woman said as gently and as theatrically as possible. “I mean you no harm.”

“That may be,” Jasmine said, her eyes narrowing slightly. “But you have appeared rather suddenly in the middle of the night.”

“Pardon me, your highness,” the woman said. “It is tricky to track the time of day in any given world. I was unaware of how late it was. I apologize if I woke you up.”

“How did you know that I’m royalty?” Jasmine asked. “How did you open the portal? I am going to need answers and quick.”

“Just say the word and I’ll come down like a hammer,” Genie said.

The woman looked up at Genie and tilted her head. “You might just be successful, djinn,” she said with a smile. “But I don’t want to fight. I am The Enchantress and I came to help you fight. I am aware of your station because I have been to this world before. I have been to many worlds mostly unnoticed.”

“You missed the fight, Enchantress,” Jasmine said. “The witch is in one of her own cells.”

“There is a greater threat,” Enchantress said. “If you allow it, I come bearing gifts. More heroes for the cause.”

Godmother appeared in a flash of light suddenly. “Enchantress!” she shouted. “What brings you here?”

“Her name really is Enchantress?” Jasmine asked.

“Her name is lost to time just like mine,” Godmother said. “Some of us are that old.”

“I am here to help, Godmother Hope,” Enchantress said.

“Your statement fills me with doubt,” Godmother said. “I know you. You are mischief incarnate.”

Enchantress nodded. “I am. I do not dispute this. I have caused problems in the past. Damage,” she said. “But I am scared. I am frightened down to the center of my being.” 

Jasmine, Genie, and Godmother watched Enchantress with neutral eyes. They let Enchantress twist in the wind for a bit.

“That is the only reason I would believe that you would actually help,” Godmother said. “To save your own hide.”

“And to save reality as we know it,” Enchantress said. “Something else is out there. These witches, this shuffling of the people, they were just distractions. The Chernabog has been unleashed and soon its presence will be felt throughout all worlds.”

Godmother’s eyes widened. “It can’t be!” she nearly shouted. “Those before us sealed it well.”

“Not well enough,” Enchantress said. “The end is nigh but we have entrusted the fate of each world to heroes before. We must do it again.”

“Heroes?” Jasmine asked.

“People like you, Jasmine,” Godmother said. “Like your Aladdin, Genie, the monkey, and even the parrot eventually. People with strong destinies and the courage to do what’s right. We may well need The Enchantress’ help although I am hesitant to trust.”

“I bring an offering to show I mean business,” Enchantress said. She pulled a wand out and held it up for Godmother.

“My wand!” Godmother called out, seizing the simple yet powerful artifact. “Where did you get this? This was lost when I was tossed from my world.”

“Some of the heroes I encountered recovered it from an incompetent witch,” Enchantress said. “I knew what it was and that I would eventually find you. So here it is.”

“A likely story,” Godmother said. “But I accept the gesture anyway. If you are playing a trick on us, it is a convincing one. I would rather fall for it than ignore your warning and endanger innocent lives.”

“So we’re trusting her?” Jasmine asked.

“I would not fully trust her,” Godmother said. “But it is not my decision to allow her passage. This is your world, Jasmine. You make the choice.”

“Then we let her and whoever she brought with her,” Jasmine said. “But we watch her. Let’s wake Aladdin and our other visitors. We need numbers right now.”

“I’ll go get them,” Genie said as he morphed into an alarm clock and floated off. 

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