Media Update 8/25/22

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law

Some may recall that I asked for this show a while ago and that I’m a huge fan of the character. Bruce Banner’s cousin, Jennifer Walters has her life as a high-powered attorney interrupted by becoming a hulk. This is exactly what I wanted the show to be. It is funny, focuses heavily on the lawyer aspect, has great action, and fits in great with the MCU mythos. Tatiana Maslany is so good as Jennifer. She is so witty while being believable as a tough character. I’m always happy to see Mark Ruffalo show up again. I’m looking forward to both Jameela Jamil and Ginger Gonzaga’s characters. Tim Roth is on the horizon. This is shaping up to be an excellent show. People ragged on the CGI early on but I think it looks fantastic and has never taken me out of the moment. I recommend this show. 

The Sandman

This comic book series was not my first introduction to Neil Gaiman but it was certainly what made me fall in love with his work. The first story arc of The Sandman is a great work of art and a great marriage of images and words. The Endless are a very interesting concept and the series did a good job at touching on a lot of other parts of DC Comics without letting them get in the way. Tom Sturridge is so good as Dream, doing much with words but even more with body language. When an actor can display worlds with just a look, you know you have a master. Boyd Holbrook is great as one of the spookiest villains in print and now just as creepy in motion. I love Vivienne Acheampong’s character and I want to see more of her character and her as an actress. I’m not far into the series yet but there is so much that I am looking forward to. I recommend this show.

Raising Dion

A struggling and grieving single mother has to deal with her second-grader son suddenly developing superpowers along with the mystery of her deceased husband’s mysterious past. This one was suggested to me a while ago but I thought I would jump in this week. First off, I am not going to be mean to the child actor star of this show. It’s not his fault. He is not a very likable character but that is most likely the writing and direction and the fact that he is super young. The acting from the adults is really good. Alisha Wainwright (the mother) is obviously great at what she does. However, the writing depresses me. First, I don’t really like “precocious” very much. It can go wrong very quickly which is, again, not the kids’ fault. Second, I lived as the young son of a single mother. I don’t want to watch two people who can barely tolerate each other. I did not make it too far but I just had to tap out. I do not recommend this show.

Music of the Week:

Mia Rodriguez – I LUV U

Stud Count – Through My Window

Glowstate – Lock Me Up Or Set Me Free

King Stingray – Lupa

Mashup of the Week:

Cherenkov Riddim –  Ms. Jackson Guest List

Weekly Update: 

  • This week’s theme is “Comic Book Shows from Three Different Companies”
  • I watched a ton of YouTube and Twitch: Barry Kramer, Play Frame, Attorney Tom, Impact Wrestling, All Elite Wrestling, Cruel World Happy Mind, Emily D. Baker, Wendigoon, Conaco, Rina de Coro, Tamara Chambers, LegalEagle, NWA, Jarvis Johnson, Major League Wrestling
  • I watched more Riverdale Season 5
  • I watched more The Flash Season 8
  • I watched Amityville: It’s About Time

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