Roger Rabbit: Toon Platoon Pt. 2

Richie, Roger, Wendy, and Jessica go out on a group date to the movie theater. Roger has fun but Richie has an anxiety attack since the picture is Wuthering Heights. On the streetcar afterward, he spills his guts to Wendy about his dad being a legendary fighter pilot and Richie washing out. Richie relates that he really wanted to be a pilot and a hero. If he can’t be a hero for real, he will play one on the screen. 

Roger and Jessica get a moment alone as well and Roger wonders why Jessica is not in movies. She downplays her looks but Roger will have none of it and obviously adores her.

The next day, Richie shows up at a studio to read for a part. He gets the part because he is genuinely scared by having to walk up several flights of stairs to the audition. 

Richie returns to the apartment elated while Roger is sad that he still has had no luck finding his mother. Still, Roger is excited for Richie. Wendy is excited for Richie the next morning as he passes by. Richie gives her the cold shoulder because he spilled his deep dark secret to her. Richie moves on to the studio, the date is December 7th, 1941. Roger soon shows up at the studio having followed glimpses of rabbit ears in the city crowd. In spectacular, catastrophic style, Roger ruins Richie’s big break. The studio execs are into Roger and offer him a contract. Richie tries to bodily harm Roger who keeps apologizing. Their fight is interrupted by the announcement of the bombing of Pearl Harbor. The two part ways yet again.

Jessica and Wendy report to the radio station, ready to do anything for the war effort. Otto Green reveals that he is German and takes them both hostage. He takes them away as Roger tries to chase the car down.

America’s part in the war begins and, as it was in real life, the fighting was not east. However, FDR reveals that they will be enlisting Toons as soldiers who never get tired or injured. However, the toons immediately show themselves to be useless in war as they were born to entertain, not fight. Similarly, Richie is having trouble as infantry when he struggles to cross a rope bridge with his platoon. Both he and the toon platoon are reassigned separately to a supply depot in Italy. Roger and Richie are reunited. We also meet a toon plane named Pee Wee who is afraid to fly. 

As work on the base continues under Richie’s command, he slowly starts to forgive Roger for inadvertently ruining his Hollywood career. Roger laments that he never found his mother and that Jessica left him. Richie consoles him.

Cut to Jessica who is reading German propaganda as Axis Annie on the radio under duress. She tries to tell Otto that she quits but agrees to continue when Otto threatens Wendy, a human who can be hurt. The two ladies talk about their predicament while Otto plays with his radio-controlled model plane again. Wendy is fighting mad but Jessica urges caution even as she reveals that Otto plans to attack a gathering of FDR, Churchill, and Stalin. 

When he sees other human servicemen teasing Pee Wee, he gets a soft spot for the Toon and comes to his defense. This earns Richie the respect of the Toons who have felt disrespected by the humans. Roger finally hears Jessica’s voice on the radio and excitedly tries to enlist Richie to go rescue her. Roger and two toons escape the base and the trio heads out to save Jessica. As the MPs move in to arrest them, Richie appears and saves them having decided to help after all. The four hijack a Nazi transport. 

Back in captivity, Wendy is brought before Otto who threatens her to get Jessica in line. As they talk, it is revealed that Otto has a full-sized radio-controlled V2 rocket and the plan starts to come into focus. 

Richie, Roger, and friends show up at the chateau where Otto is holding Wendy and Jessica. They infiltrate and Richie and Wendy are reunited. Wendy tells Richie about the plot to murder the Allied leaders. A plan comes together and Richie and his squad help Wendy out by stealing Jessica’s iconic clothes from nearby stores so that Jessica can seduce Otto. With the makeover, Jessica is even more gorgeous, attaining the look she had in Framed. Roger rejoins the group and is incredibly jealous. Roger burst in to confront Otto. After a chase, Otto regains the upper hand and captures Jessica, Wendy, Roger, and Richie. 

Wendy and Richie are brought before a firing squad where Richie finally professes his love for Wendy. They are saved by the toons who have managed to break free. The Germans chase our heroes since Jessica has managed to snag the keys needed to launch the V2 rocket. As things look grim again, the rest of the toon platoon shows up to fight the good fight. Otto has grabbed Wendy and Jessica yet again but Richie is afraid to follow them up the radio tower. As Roger gives chase, Pee Wee the plane flies in, having gotten over his fears. In Pee Wee’s cockpit? It’s Richie who similarly has gotten over his fears. They knock Otto off the tower but while the quartet happily reunites, he slips away.

Otto launches the rocket. Roger and Richie climb aboard Pee Wee and fly off to save the day. The rest of the toons take out Otto, leaving Richie, Roger, and Pee Wee to take out the rocket. Richie and Pee Wee take out the rocket by pulling off one of Riche’s father’s big tricks.

Cut to stateside where Riche and Roger are given a hero’s parade and deliver speeches. Roger’s speech attracts a particular person: Roger’s mother. They are finally reunited. Roger asks about his father and the camera pans over to Bugs Bunny who gets the last line. “Ain’t I stinker?”


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