Media Update 12/8/22


I had a huge crush on Christina Ricci’s Wednesday Addams because in some ways I felt like her growing up, subdued and reticent but my mind always churning and turning. When I heard that Tim Burton was involved in a new series with Jenna Ortega starring (who I just saw in X), I was excited. I did not know but the series is also headed up by Millar and Gough who did Smallville. This is not a sequel to the 90s movies but instead feels like it borrows from them, the show, and the original comics to make something new. Wednesday Addams is sent to a boarding school for supernatural kids and is immediately swept up into mystery. Jenna Ortega is so good as Wednesday, displaying just enough heart from a guarded character to keep her likable. Emma Myers is really the heart of the show as Wednesday’s sunny werewolf roommate.  Gwendoline Christie plays the strict yet fair headmistress. Christina Ricci herself shows up as the loving den mother. Honestly, I could go on and on about the all-star cast. The characters serve the story which is a really great mystery with some great friendship and romance thrown in. I actually finished all eight episodes in one week so you know I recommend this.


Willow is a movie that I have a lot of fond memories of as somebody who grew up short and loved fantasy. This is a sequel series that takes place almost three decades later. Elora Danan has been hidden but the world is no longer safe even for Queen Sorsha and her children. A questing party must be assembled to save the day including the legendary Willow himself. Warwick Davis is great and shows how much better an actor he is than he was in the eighties (and he was already so good). Ruby Cruz plays the princess who is a warrior and wants to decide her own fate. Her girlfriend is played by Erin Kellyman who has designs to be legendary in her own way. Amar Chadha-Patel delivers a lot of the comedy with his dry wit and sarcastic one-liners as their ruffian guide. The advanced special effects are excellent while still maintaining the charm of the original movie. I have only seen the first two episodes so far but I am really excited to see where this journey goes. I am already invested in all of the characters. I recommend this show.

The Santa Clauses

I do remember liking the first Santa Clause movie and I have seen recaps of the two sequels so I thought why not check this out. As the job starts getting harder, Scott Calvin aka Santa Claus starts to consider retirement but what does that mean? Tim Allen and Elizabeth Mitchell return as Mr. and Mrs. Claus and their chemistry is good. Their kids are played by Austin Kane and  Elizabeth Allen-Dick (Tim Allen’s own daughter) and they are very interesting characters. The real strength of the show for me is the elf played by Matilda Lawler who delighted me every time she was on screen. Kal Penn plays a well-meaning but awful person who kind of annoys me but I think that is intentional. I do like the story because I am not quite sure how the conflict is going to be resolved.  I only have two real problems with this show. One is Tim Allen. His character is almost identical to Tim Taylor on Home Improvement where he is too busy doing schtick to actually care about what is going on around him. My other problem is that the elf jokes feel largely one-note and they ring that bell too often. In particular, everything being made out of candy gets grating to me. I actually do not recommend this series but I will probably finish it.

Music of the Week:

Kendrick Lamar – Rich Spirit

Oliver Tree & Robin Schulz – Miss You

Meghan Trainor – Made You Look

Post Malone – Wrapped Around Your Finger

Mashup of the Week:

DoubleGlog – Hollaback Girl Satisfaction

Weekly Update:

  • This week’s theme is “Sequel Series”
  • I watched a ton of YouTube and Twitch: Barry Kramer, Attorney Tom, Impact Wrestling, All Elite Wrestling, Emily D. Baker, Dan Jones, LegalEagle, Dead Meat, Onsta, Savy Writes Books, Growing Up in Scientology, Watcher, Some More News, Emma Thorne, Jenny Nicholson, Conversations with Curtis, Games Done Quick, Top10 Wrestling, Cultaholic, Thought Slime, Allison Pregler
  • I watched more Doom Patrol Season 3
  • I watched more Tom Swift Season 1
  • I watched more Pennyworth Season 1
  • I watched more Riverdale Season 5
  • I watched Nutcracker Massacre (2022)

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