As of last week, I have been at my current job for two years. I work at a fairly high-level law firm so I see this as quite an accomplishment. I also like the work I do and the people I work with. I have never worked in a big office without personal drama. The only drama is with the work which is how it should be. Being a paralegal is not an easy job and especially not when you are regularly dealing with federal cases. I never thought I would be operating at this level but I love it. 

The bulk of my previous experience was at a firm with one attorney, one paralegal (me), and one part-time bookkeeper. The work was thin and I spent plenty of time idle. We mostly did Estates, Trusts, and Real Estate. The work kept the lights on and I was often kept busy especially since I was first contact when the phone rang. Working in that office taught me more responsibility in the business and it gave me a legitimate credit in the legal profession. Unfortunately, my boss died and the office had to be shuttered. I was lucky to not have to wait long to get a new job which is where I am now.

A lot of the time I thought I must be lucky and I am. I am a very lucky guy to have what I have. However, I also have to come to the realization that I am just that good. I excel at research, writing, and the technical aspects of the job. If there is a computer program or platform to manage at the office, I am great at absorbing and organizing data. I am a huge fan of spreadsheets and databases. It pays to have been a nerdy kid who spent most of high school in the computer lab. Social anxiety made being on a screen more comfortable than being with people and that also paid off.

Of course, I am learning to manage my anxiety. Medication really helps with that and takes the edge off so I can really examine and manage those bursts of fear. I have both generalized and social anxiety and they have plagued me for a long time. I feel like I have made huge breakthroughs lately and I will continue to work at it. I finally dealt with something that has hung over my head for 10 years and I am excited to see where I go next. 

Anyway, I say all of this because it is on my mind and I had nothing prepared for today. I have been playing with digital art lately so I might as well drop some of it here.


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