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My Music Collection

Glimpses into my music collection.  Pretty self-explanatory.

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Albums that Stuck With Me

Hip Hop and Rap       Jazz

Heavy Metal


Thoughts on Media

Filmed in Baltimore          Adaptations

Video Games     Gender Moments in Television


This Week in Steves

An exploration of those that share my name.

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30 Day Video Game Challenge

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Personal Posts

Wherein I reveal myself. Metaphorically.

Be Skeptic        Prop 8          Christmas is Coming!

Diary of a Bad Haircut     Falling Down        

Nantucket               Nantucket 2   

September 11          Christmas Memories         Introversion          

The Berkeley County Youth Fair      Feminism          Airline Reform

A Halloween Memory    More Halloween Memories     Birthdays

A Few More Words on Feminism      Proud of My Brothers

Adaptations       Baseball        Easter 2015        Flag Waving

Quiet! This is a Gym!         Free Comic Book Day 2015            

Mother’s Day            Flag Waving 2         The Dislike Button

Thanksgiving 2015               Merry Christmas!

What does it Mean!?          Valentimes 2016

Magfest 2016             300         Maw Maw 

Spring Holiday Memories         No

Oh Canada         Real X-Files

Class Reunion/Free Comic Book Day 2016

My Big Mouth          Last Tuesday

A Campaign of Fear      Adventure on the River

Pokemon Go         The Other         The Law

Olympics 2016     Shepherdstown

Running Away With the Circus

41 Questions       Scary Rides      Rizzo

Walking Once More     FB Thingy Before Christmas

Pussy Hat       A Thursday Fire     Palo Alto and San Francisco

Stage Management      Luck is for Losers

Breaking and Entering          Clarinet

Dungeons and Dragons         Meyers-Briggs

Needles (Trigger Warning)        Quaker School

Sailor Earth       Your Friend Steve

ZZZzzz            Only 18             Wisdom Teeth

Romance          Coulrophobia          Awards


The Cure for What Ailed Me: A Story of How I Was Born Sick

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Summer Camp Stories

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Interview Questions

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100 Questions to Ask Each Other

100 Questions #1       100 Questions #2

100 Questions #3       100 Questions #4

100 Questions #5


Silence Killed The Dinosaurs

Comics, Stories, Dinosaurs, Cats

Daily (w)rite


Wrestling Dreams

Wrestling analysis from the fans to the fans

The Empire of Carane

Where fiction comes to life

DMing With Charisma

Stories, Reviews and Opinions!

half a 1000 miles

cringeworthy (adj) -- causing feelings of awkwardness or embarrassment


Adventures of a Gypsy Nurse with a Cryptic Past

Abbs Abroad

27 Months with a Maryland Girl in Senegal

Princess of Dragons

A world of imagination, writing and dragons

the eye of the beholder

(a place where beauty is found)

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