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Like a Duckblur – A Ducktales Story

April 14, 2020

The Cloudslayer sailed peacefully through the sky. For once, nobody was nervous since neither Launchpad nor Della was at the controls. In fact, none of the grownups were on board. No Launchpad, Della, Donald, Beakley, or even Scrooge. The oldest person on board was Lena who was only a teenager. She was either sleeping in one of the chairs or pretending to sleep. Dewey was the one flying the plane as he had had the most lessons with his mother, Della. Webby was sitting in the co-pilot seat, vibrating with excitement as usual. Huey was looking over some charts in the cargo area. Louie was on his phone, looking bored but everybody knew that his brain was always turning.

“Isn’t everybody excited?” Webby asked. “I’m so excited!”

“Really?” Louie asked, voice dripping with sarcasm. “I don’t think any of us noticed. You’re subtle as usual.”

“This is our first mission on our own!” Webby said. “We’re finally getting to show what we’re made of.”

“Technically, we’ve gone off on our own dozens of times,” Huey said without looking up from his charts. “We do it all the time.”

“But this is the first time that we’ve done it with permission,” Webby said. “Without my grandma or your family looking over our shoulders. It’s a big step!”

“Guys,” Dewey said. “She’s right. This is a big deal.”

“Why are we doing this without Uncle Scrooge?” Louie asked. “I mean, we’ve done it without Mom and Uncle Donald before but usually Scrooge and Launchpad come along.”

“And Uncle Scrooge is always the leader,” Dewey said. “We need to prove to them that we can Dewey this on our own.”

Louie rolled his eyes and let his brother’s pun slide on by. “Ugh. That sounds like way more work!” he said. “Sliding in at the last minute and taking all of the credit is way easier.”

“Technically, this way nets us more profit,” Huey said, again not looking up from his calculations.

“What?” Louie asked, looking up from his phone at last.

“Well,” Huey said. “If we were to find any coins, gems, or artifacts then there are fewer people to split the profits with, right?”

“When you’re right, you’re right,” Louie said and went back to his phone.

Dewey shot Huey a grateful look and Huey smiled back and nodded. Sometimes their brother needed a little coaxing to get down to business but the three of them remained inseparable, bonded even closer together by adventure. Besides, Louie had seemed less money-hungry after giving Scrooge back his fortune. He and Scrooge really hadn’t talked about their solo adventure but Louie had seemed shaken by whatever happened.

Still, the boys had all grown a lot during their time living at the Scrooge Estate. Dewey had taken the lead in their little circle and had been labeled the Toughest of the Toughies by Scrooge but was learning how and when to act. Huey had always been the Smartest of the Smarties but he was gaining more and more confidence from his brothers. Louie was still the Sharpest of the Sharpies, a super observant guy who saw all of the angles. Webbigail had grown up looking up to her granny who just happened to be one of the most accomplished secret agents. She was learning to calm down a little more. And then there was Lena, a former loaner who was learning the superior power of friendship.

Lena yawned and stretched. “What’s going on?” she asked.

“Lena!” Webby cried out before realizing how loud she was being. “Sorry, did you have a good nap?”

“It was fine,” Lena said. “The nightmares have stopped for now.”

That statement went by without remark. All of them knew about Lena’s nightmares that sprung from her aunt Magicka de Spell. Lena had been Webby’s first real friend except for the three brothers. She and Lena had saved each other several times over during the long conflict with Magicka. Now Lena was fully on their team and, although she pretended she was not, she was excited to go on adventures with Webby and her family.

“Do you still sense the artifact?” Dewey asked. “We must be getting close.”

“Yeah yeah,” Lena said. “I have no idea what we’ll find when we get there but I know exactly where it is. I can feel it in my bones.”

“Well, according to Violet, the area is steeped in the occult,” Webby said. “The location of the artifact should be in an old abandoned castle.”

“All sorts of weird atmospheric phenomenon surrounds the area,” Huey said. “So far it’s scientifically unexplained but I’ll change that.”

“Guys,” Dewey said softly at first. “Better strap in for landing. Castle Duckula is straight ahead.”

Happy New Year 2017

January 2, 2017


Welcome to 2017. I have spent New Year’s Eve in a lot of different ways over the years. When I was little, I spent the holiday with my family and did not stay up until midnight. Of course, I probably would not have been able to make it to midnight anyway. When I was able to stay up, I counted down with everybody else and it was fun. Early on in high school, I was working with Mobtown Players in Baltimore and I always attended their fundraisers on New Year’s Eve. It was fun hanging out with those guys. They were all older than me and they did treat me as “the kid” but they also treated me with respect and talked openly with me. When Y2K came around, we went south and spent the night at my uncle’s party with a lot of people we did not know but that was important to my mom. In recent years I have spent a lot of New Year’s Eves alone playing video games. This year, I played board games and drank margaritas with friends. I think I prefer hanging out with friends, given the choice.

This can only be played with friends you want to alienate.

On a personal note, in 2016 I vowed to embrace the power of positivity. Originally it was just a cute phrase that The New Day started but I have found myself happier after using it in my own life. That is why I never embraced the “Fuck 2016” attitude. It was sad that a lot of celebrities died last year but not exactly surprising. They died in 2015 and every year prior and will continue to die in the future. It won’t be just celebrities either but we know that. The election was beyond disappointing but we will soldier on and we will survive. We will be a beautiful nation to spite the ugliness that keeps trying to pull us down. Of course, some people personally had bad years but I know a lot of people who had babies or got married in 2016 and I think it is an insult to them to scream “Good Riddance 2016”. Of course, people can embrace that meme all they want. I’m not the boss of you.

It’s time to move on. We’re going to crush it this year.

I am excited for another year. I will be advancing into the legal field one way or another and that is something I have wanted for over a year now. That desire has grown with each class I have taken, preparing for my new career. I am excited to play Dungeons and Dragons soon. The possibilities when starting a new story with a new character fill me with a lot of joy. I am currently writing a second draft of a play I started early last year. I have a good idea for another play that I can’t wait to start.

If you hadn’t noticed.

This blog will remain a priority for me because it has never stopped being fun and I love the accomplishment of getting each and every post finished and published. The blog also challenges me to grow in my viewing habits and my writing. I know there are people who read this thing. I see you like posts and there are views and visitors almost every day. The statistics for 2016 blew 2015 out of the water. There were 1256 views which means that there were approximately 3.5 views per day and I am only scheduled to post three times a week. I want to say thank you to anybody who ever visited here even once and those who continue to do so. I appreciate it. I never made this thing to get famous but I am glad that other human beings are interested.

If things go well, the archives should be fully updated once again by the time this posts at the usual time (2 AM). Every post can be somebody’s first post so find somewhere to start on the right and have at it.

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