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Media Update 4/14/2016

April 14, 2016

This is obviously not an A to Z Challenge post.  That was posted earlier today and it can be found here: Leon:  The Professional

Kingsman: The Secret Service

I had written a while ago that I was excited to see this movie and I was. Unfortunately, I can’t always see every movie in the theaters and then I do not buy DVDs of movies I have not seen. Matthew Vaughn is an awesome producer and director. Before this movie, he directed X-Men: First Class which was an absolutely awesome movie. He also made Stardust and Kick-Ass (somehow making Mark Millar look good). The first thing I noticed about Kingsman is that the action is very kinetic, fun and exciting. Next, the humor felt very dry and there were a lot of surprising laughs. The movie has a lot of charm and a good message about the measure of a man and how your character is what really defines you. Colin Firth is amazing as usual but he also really sold being a secret spy. Samuel L. Jackson was a total surprise but a very pleasant one. Smaller parts from Mark Hammill and Mark Strong really helped make the movie. Taron Egerton and Sophie Cookson are newcomers and really knocked it out of the park. Check this movie out because it’s a lot of fun.

American Ultra

I wasn’t so sure about this movie going into it. Jesse Eisenberg is very questionable right now but he’s been in a lot of good movies. In particular, I liked him in Now You See Me. The movie also has Kristen Stewart in it who has a horrible track record so far. Finally, the movie was written by Max Landis who is just kind of hitting the scene lately. He has a reputation for being a little crazy and he’s poked his nose where it doesn’t belong a few times. However, he did once make a short documentary on Triple H. So I thought why not just watch it since the trailer did look like it was pretty fun. The movie starts off slow so be prepared for a little bit of an indy romance movie. The slow build continues but if you stick with it, you will be rewarded with a different kind of action movie. There is a lot of weird drama but there’s some subtle comedy that definitely made me smile. The action was definitely not what I was used to which is refreshing. Also, both Stewart and Eisenberg did a good job acting and also Topher Grace did a great job. The movie was actually really good even if it lost my attention in a few places. Check it out.


I thought American Ultra started really slow, this one started even slower. The first James Bond movie I ever watched was From Russia With Love and I really appreciated it. Back then, James Bond was a fun character. He had a license to kill but he also had a sense of humor about him. This continued through the years until it reached the height of ridiculousness with the end of Pierce Brosnan’s period in the role. Casino Royale was a breath of fresh air and I also liked Daniel Craig in Quantum of Solace and Skyfall. I was excited for Spectre, I said as much on this blog. The trailer made the movie look totally awesome and to tell you the truth, it is. It took a while to get into it but by fifty minutes in I was hooked. For me, the movie’s biggest and maybe only sin is that it is too long. It clocks in at 2 and a half hours which was fine, I guess, but it could have been a good deal shorter. This is coming from a major Lord of the Rings fan, by the way. Anyway, the movie is pretty good. It has an intriguing story that is filled with enough twists and turns. We see the return of a lot of familiar characters and Bond is back at it again. Check it out if you have the time to commit to it.

Links of the Week:
Ludovico Technique – Beyond Therapy
Ke$ha – Dinosaur
JY Park ft. Conan O’Brien & Steven Yeun & Jimin Park – Fire
TWRP – Makin’ a Move
The Cypher Effect – Hannah / Crystle Lightning / Kiddo / Alyssa Marie

Weekly Updates:
– Still so much Youtube
– Also a lot of pro-Wrestling
– This week’s theme is obviously “Spies”
– I still haven’t seen Zootopia
– I have stood by my vow not to see Batman v. Superman in theaters
– Civil War is coming! Cap! Iron Man! Spidey! Black Panther!
– The themes lately have fallen into my lap


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