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Media Update 8/30/18

August 30, 2018

Attack the Block

I had vaguely heard of this movie but I had not really heard much of what it was. When I found out that it was the first movie starring John Boyega, I was definitely intrigued. It is kind of sad that there was not much information because I had this movie pegged completely wrong. I thought it was a comedy/science-fiction movie but that was not what this one was. The best way to explain this movie is that the writer/director saw Signs and wondered what would happen if the same thing happened in South London. Joe Cornish was inspired by the low budget debuts of Spielberg and Cameron and wanted to create something equally raw. He succeeded. Basically, this is what would happen if alien monsters invaded the projects and ended up in a survival of the fittest conflict with a bunch of young street punks. John Boyega is so powerful in this movie that it is easy to see why everybody in Hollywood wants to cast him in things currently. At the same time he has the toughness of a criminal and the vulnerability of a teenager. He is joined by a cast of relative unknowns who are absolutely perfect for their roles. The only other person I recognized was Nick Frost who had a smaller, understated comic relief role that did not take away from the seriousness and the horror of the rest of the film. The design of the aliens was wonderfully simple and impactful and horrifying in a sort of Jaws kind of way. As the movie went on, I was absolutely terrified for the characters in the movie in all the best ways. When the credits started, I found myself letting out a breath I did not know I had been holding. I definitely recommend this one.

Oceans 8

When they announced Oceans 8 as a “female Oceans 11” I was skeptical. I was not sure why the movie had to be either a reboot or continuation of the previous franchise instead of just being a thing by itself. When I saw the first poster, I was intrigued by the cast. The movie stars Sandra Bullock as Debbie Ocean, Danny’s sister. As usual, she is super charming and fun and she is probably at the top of her game in this movie. She is joined by a stellar cast who each add something interesting to the ensemble. We have Cate Blanchett who is a combination of regal and biker attitude which I really enjoyed. Rihanna plays a really sassy hacker who steals a lot of scenes. Mindy Kaling was not somebody I expected in a heist movie but she brings a good bit of comedy into her role. I was also surprised by the addition of Sarah Paulson who ended up carrying a lot of scenes as the kind of straight woman of the group. For once Helena Bonham Carter did not overact and that made her even more funny. Anne Hathaway killed it as a spoiled Hollywood actress and was actually probably the highlight of the movie. With this movie they seemed to make a continuation of the previous franchise while also doing their own thing. It did not rely on all of the tropes of the previous trilogy and almost none of that cast appeared. I was surprised at how good this was and I definitely recommend it.

Voltron: Legendary Defender

I watched quite a bit of the original Voltron cartoon series. It was during a time when television animation was cheaply done and was mainly done to sell toys. Like many cartoons of its time, it was formulaic and always delivered an ending where the good guys win. Flash forward a few decades when I hear that there is a new series and it is pretty good. Fast forward a little more to present day and a friend who I trust says the show is good and I figure it is time to check it out. I am glad I did. They basically took everything that was good from the show (robot lions becoming a big robot, action, color-coordination) and just added a whole lot more to like. The animation is, of course, a lot better with characters allowed to be more expressive. The action is way more exciting now that animation has improved and anime has been an inspiration for decades. Each of the five “paladins” have been given more character and they are each given different abilities to make them more interesting. On top of that, the alien characters are allowed to be more alien. Also, the princess is allowed to have a real personality instead of being “girl also there”. Also also, the robot lions are now given more personality of their own through their movement. There are also actual character arcs and plot arcs from episode to episode other than “we have to defeat the big bad”. It makes each episode more special and it feels less like treading water each episode. I definitely recommend it.

Music of the Week:
Panic! At The Disco: High Hopes

Future – 31 DAYS

From Ashes To New – Broken

OneRepublic – Connection

Ariana Grande – God is a woman


Weekly Update:
– This week’s theme is “All Together Now”
– I watched more Disenchantment Season 1
– I watched more Glitter Force Doki Doki Season 2
– I watched more Wynonna Earp Season 2
– I watched more Game Grumps and Barry Kramer on YouTube
– I have picked up Critical Role again

Media Update 8/23/18

August 23, 2018


When I was in middle school, I got really into the Simpsons. I had watched the show for years but this is when I really got into it. Eventually, the show continued on but I stopped watching. During that time, Futurama debuted and I thought it was far better than The Simpsons. The characters had more heart and the show just seemed more clever somehow and the show felt like it had more charm. The characters also grew bit by bit. When I found out that Matt Groening and his crew were creating a fantasy show, I was excited. I am more of a fantasy fan than a sci-fi fan and I wanted to see what they could come up with. The show follows a tomboy princess, an outcast elf, and a demon and their adventures in a medieval kingdom. Princess Tiabeanie is a hard-drinking, fist fighting, gambling, princess who wants more out of life than the royal life. Elfo is a magical elf (Keebler style) who is tired of spending his whole life being jolly. The demon is the princess’ appointed personal demon who tries to get her to do the wrong thing but so far has only allowed her to make choices that make her happier. A lot of the voices are the usual suspects from Futurama and The Simpsons (minus the Simpsons main cast who would probably be too expensive now). The show felt like it had kind of a rocky start but by the end of the second episode, I felt like the show had found its footing. I had been ready to dismiss the show but by then I decided to check out a little more. I would recommend it.

The Worst Witch

On a whim, I decided to check this show out. Sometimes I just randomly pick something in my list on Netflix and roll with it. The show is apparently a British show based on a book series that started in the seventies. I had never heard of it but apparently, it was a thing.
Which is why a lot of people thought that Little Witch Academia was a ripoff of the book series and why I thought this show was a ripoff of Little Witch Academia. That is basically what this show kind of felt like. It felt like a live action version of Little Witch Academia. It is an all ages show about a young girl who stumbles into a school for witches and tries to bumble her way to better magic skills. It shares some beats with Little Witch Academia but I feel like the two went in different directions. They both share a similar message, though. The message that heart and enthusiasm can win the day. They also both have a message that the common folk can be just as successful as the privileged if they are given an equal chance. A few episodes in and The Worst Witch actually feels like Little Witch Academia mixed with Harry Potter. The acting is pretty good for what looks to be a fairly cheap kids show. The lead, Bella Ramsey, was apparently on Game of Thrones (though not a season I’ve watched) but she is a relative newcomer. She gets a lot of the right nuances of a young girl out of her element but just so happy to be there. I actually just talked myself into recommending this and watching more of it.

Ella Enchanted

I have not watched a lot of Anne Hathaway movies but I do know that I enjoy her acting from what I have seen. I had heard that this movie was an interesting take on the fantasy genre but I never got around to seeing it. I have seen many adaptations of Cinderella with Ever After as my favorite. This version was a surprise. The movie is a weird kind of update to the story. The movie felt like a mix between Shrek and Mel Brooks. However, the first part was a little difficult to get through as it felt more like the live-action Flintstones movie but that part thankfully passed and the movie settled into something a lot better. Part of that is the charm of Hathaway who plays a very genuine and beautiful character, inside and out. Hugh Dancy (Will Graham from Hannibal!) is really great as the prince and he has a kind of naive yet nuanced performance. Lucy Punch (aka Esme Squalor) plays the main villain and she is absolutely hatable. On top of that, there are great smaller roles played by Cary Elwes, Eric Idle, Vivica Fox, and Joanne Lumley. It is not a perfect movie but it definitely has heart. In addition, the movie is half-way a musical as Hathaway gets to sing and she is quite good at it. However, like many movie musicals at the time, the soundtrack is full of covers of modern songs. It is not my favorite adaptation of Cinderella but it definitely won me over by the end. I recommend it as a middle of the road movie.

Music of the Week:
Half•Alive – Still Feel

Neck Deep – Happy Judgement Day

Take That – Shine

Michael Franti & Spearhead – Say Hey I Love You

Kari Kimmel – It’s Not Just Make Believe

Weekly Update:
– This week’s theme is “Wizardry and Witchcraft”
– I finished the Following Season 3
– I finished Luke Cage Season 2
– I finished Supergirl Season 3
– I watched more Wynonna Earp Season 2
– I watched more Barry Kramer on YouTube

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