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It’s Still September!

September 26, 2016

You know what time of year it is but I’ll tell you anyway. I cannot hold off this announcement any longer. Believe me, I tried. For the last two years, I have filled the month of October with Halloween related stuff. For me, Halloween lasts at least 31 days and I celebrate it more vigorously than Christmas. Last year I kicked Halloween on the blog into a new gear and I intend to continue that tradition for the foreseeable future.

From the mind of Tobe Hooper.

The main tradition that I am continuing is that I will fill the month with reviews of movies that are Halloween-y. A lot of the movies are horror movies but not all of them. I like all kinds of Halloween-adjacent genres so anything that is scary, supernatural, dark or silly has great potential for a good October movie review. Basically, I will be reviewing 13 movies throughout the month and then I will review three movies on Halloween itself. The schedule has been set and you will be getting a review every Monday, Wednesday and Friday of October. The selection has not been fully set in stone yet but I can definitely tell you that we begin on October 1 with Invaders from Mars. The selection for Halloween is definitely bloodthirsty.

Look at his eyes, Snipes knows this movie blows.

The movie selection largely relies on accessibility as I do not want to buy dozens of horror movies just to narrow it down to the sixteen. Some movies are hardly deserving of watching let alone reviewing. For example, I like watching horrible supernatural movies but they have to be the right kind of horrible. This is something I figured out last year. I thought it would awesome to watch Gallowwalkers, the Wesley Snipes zombie western movie. I had never heard of it and I thought that watching anything made while Snipes was in a financial panic would be a riot. It was so boring. On the other hand, anything by Charles Band is totally rotten but absolutely hilarious.

This game takes forever but it is really fun and actually inspired me.

I have been working on a horror story that will exclusively be published on the blog during the month of October. I do not want to spoil too much but it is based on my recent forays into Lovecraftian fiction and especially playing the board game Eldritch Horror. I have been playing with the story structure and I really like what I have written so far. I like pushing myself to try new things and I like writing in the horror genre although it is difficult. I really love writing and these stories often just flow from me like a river sometimes. Last October also saw the birth of Fanfictober and I may still write some fan fiction but it has not been written yet.

October Schedule (So Far):

Monday: Movie Review
Tuesday: Lovecraftian Story
Wednesday: Movie Review
Thursday: Media Update
Friday: Movie Review
Saturday: Wild Card?
Sunday: Nothing. I need a day off.

In closing, you will get one more non-Halloween Media Update on Thursday and then Halloween begins on Saturday. So let us end these opening ceremonies with some style and a song that has haunted my phone for a while now.

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