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Longing to Avenge – An Avengers What If Story

April 14, 2021

The slightest change in a moment can alter history forever. These changes create infinite timelines and in one of those timelines, the Red Skull succeeded in eliminating his nemesis, Steve Rogers aka the first Captain America. The Invaders struggled against the Red Skull until they rescued a young Erik Lehnsherr as his magnetic powers were awakened. He joined the Allies as their secret weapon known as Magneto. Luckily, Dr. Abraham Erskine had not died and was able to continue to develop the Super Soldier Serum which led to a dynasty of government-sponsored Captain Americas. However, a later attack by forces led by Baron Zemo and the second Red Skull made the USA into a prolonged battleground.

The US government joined forces with scientists Arno Stark, Darren Cross, Reed Richards, and an AI-generated copy of Hank Pym. Along with Magneto and a team of powerful mutants, the US turned the tide and expelled Hydra from their borders. They then were able to use that collective genius to turn the United States into an authoritarian state with the excuse that it would protect its citizens from further Hydra incursions. However, there were of course those who rebelled against the US Government’s strict laws. They suffered greatly but they would be avenged.

“Are you sure that we’re safe down here?” Jessica Jones asked. “It would be a shame to set up a base in the stink of the sewers and then get caught.”

“My dear Captain,” Otto Octavius said with a charming smile. “I assure you that even the Vision could not detect us down here. As for the smell, my drones are even now installing air purifiers which should eventually remove the smell and make breathing a healthier endeavor.”

Jessica hung her shield on the wall. She and her friend Patsy had signed up for the Super Soldier program out of the Army but Patsy had not survived. When Jessica became the latest Captain America, her eyes were opened to what America had become and she had defected. She had quickly been replaced but the Resistance welcomed her with open arms.

“Relax, Jessica,” Bill Foster said. “If Otto says it’s safe, it’s safe.”

“I have put together the finest technology outside of the government for our use,” Otto said. “Besides my brilliance, I used the files of the deceased Anthony Stark and Justin Hammer, the assistance of the enigmatic Tinkerer, and even Norman Osborn.”

A soft red glow filled the room and then receded. “Of course, you had my help as well,” Wanda Maximoff said softly.

“I would never downplay the efforts of the Sorceress Supreme,” Otto said. “Wanda, you are as radiant as ever.”

“Cool it, will you?” Eric Masterson said. “It’s kind of creepy when you flirt.”

“Shall we not begin the meeting?” Wanda asked.

“We’re not all here,” Bill said. “We can’t have a full meeting without our whole team.”

“Monica, Shang-Chi, Luke, and Dane are on a mission,” Jessica said. She took off her mask and shook out her hair. “This will have to do. Thank you for coming.”

“Wouldn’t miss it,” Eric Masterson said with a smile. “I owe you guys.”

Jessica smiled and shook her head but then looked deadly serious. “I know that we’ve suffered losses recently. Bruce, Delroy, and Thor will be missed and they will be avenged and honored when our mission succeeds. Now, Bill, you asked for this meeting. Tell us what’s on your mind. The floor is yours.”

“My reasons are two-fold,” Bill said. “I wanted to formally welcome Eric to the team and do a quick status update. Eric, you now possess Mjolnir and the power of Thor.”

“For now,” Eric said as he hefted Mjolnir with ease. “I have to believe that Thor will be coming back for it. Gods don’t really die, do they?”

“Maybe not,” Jessica said, cutting off Otto who she sensed was going to launch into a lecture. “but for now we need you to step up and be one of our heavy hitters.”

“I’ll do my best,” Eric said with a solemn nod. “If it weren’t for Thor and your team, I would be dead and you have a noble cause. I’m in.”

“Great,” Bill said. “Of course, we have the real Captain America, Captain Marvel, Powerman, the Scarlet Witch, and a lot more to back you up. I can even go with the help of some Pym particles in a pinch.”

“We need you more because of your former partnership with Pym,” Jessica said. “You have insight into how he might think.”

“That’s not Hank,” Bill said gruffly. “but I take your meaning. I wish I had unplugged that faker before they installed him into the Vision.”

“We all do,” Jessica said. “We’ll get our chance. We’ll return to the land of the free and we’ll make them pay for the hurt they’ve caused.”


Media Update 6/27/19

June 27, 2019

Unicorn Store
Avengers: Captain Marvel, Nick Fury       Bonus: Dopinder

This movie was shelved for two years until the success of Captain Marvel gained Brie Larson some new clout. To be fair, there is no reason that this should have been shelved. Brie Larson is a treasure. She directed this movie which has a fairly simple plot but such an interesting fantasy concept that reflects so many emotions that many of us felt in our younger days. The movie follows Larson’s character who has flunked out of art school and is now trying to get her life together when she receives an offer from the titular store. She is brilliant as an eccentric artist who has been absolutely shattered by the establishment and she is fascinating to watch. Bradley Whitford and Joan Cusack play her parents and just when I thought they were one-note characters, they both surprised me. Mamoudou Athie is grounded as Larson’s new, sane friend. Hamish Linklater plays an equally eccentric executive who takes an interest in Larson’s character. Finally, there is Samuel L. Jackson as The Salesman. It was so interesting to see him in this role because it was whimsical and happy and a different tone than he usually works in. We have seen shades of it in Kingsman and Captain Marvel but he was really cute in this movie. I definitely recommend this movie.

Avengers: Iron Man, Hulk       Bonus: Mysterio

This movie is, of course, about the hunt for the Zodiac killer during the seventies through joint cooperation between the police and the media. The movie is absolutely fascinating as it is a slow burn through the long years that the killer terrorized the Los Angeles area and all of the time that people tried to figure out his identity. The movie is directed by David Fincher who is great at clever dialogue and weaving interesting but flawed characters together. He is also really good at movies and television covering serial killers. Robert Downey Jr. plays Robert Avery, one of the main journalists who was covering the case. He’s lovably glib but intelligent and flawed. Mark Ruffalo plays David Toschi, one of the main police investigators assigned to the case. He is funny and quirky but dedicated. Jake Gyllenhaal plays Robert Graysmith, the political cartoonist who eventually became a true crime novelist and helped try and solve the case. He is portrayed as if he was somewhere on the autistic spectrum and it works whether the real Graysmith was that way or not. This is not a happy movie although there is plenty of comic relief and upbeat chatter to keep it from getting too dark and edgy. The Zodiac killer was not definitively caught and the one person they were ready to charge died of a heart attack before they could charge him. We may never know for sure who the killer was and this movie reflects that. I definitely recommend it, it’s a great mystery.

Wind River
Avengers: Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch      Bonus: Punisher

This was a surprisingly poetic movie. It is about a hunter working for the US Fish and Wildlife Department who teams up with tribal police and an FBI agent to solve a murder. This takes place in Wyoming during the Spring but that means snow is still on the ground. The movie does a great job at depicting the deadly isolation that comes with constant snow storms, a mountainous region, and sparse population. The movie also concerns the murder of a young Shoshone girl who dies freezing in the cold. Jeremy Renner plays the great white hunter who married into the tribe and has taken their teachings and philosophy to heart. He hunts predators like mountain lions and wolves when they have attacked livestock. Elizabeth Olson plays the FBI agent, born in Florida and stationed in Vegas and extremely competent but also literally out of her element. Graham Greene is a great familiar face as the chief of the Reservation Police. He has played a Native American in so many other movies which makes sense as he was born one. There is also a great small role from Jon Bernthal, getting to be both tough and soft in the same scene. I definitely recommend this movie as it is a great mystery and such an important issue to address.

Music of the Week:

Night Club – Your Addiction


Big Boi – Doin It (Feat. Sleepy Brown)

Poppy – Lowlife

BABYMETAL – Distortion

Weekly Update:
– This week’s theme is “Avengers Alumni” (with bonus Marvel alumni)
– I watched more Game of Thrones Season 3
– I watched more Arrow Season 7
– I watched more Charmed Season 1
– I watched more Legends of Tomorrow Season 4
– I watched more Santa Clarita Diet Season 3
– I watched more The Flash Season 5
– I watched more Supergirl Season 4
– I started Star Trek: Voyager Season 3

Media Update 5/2/19

May 2, 2019

Avengers: Endgame

For starters, I have watched every single movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and I will continue to watch them as time goes on. I am a dedicated fan and this movie felt like a great reward for the fans. I also felt like it was a good stand-alone movie but I may not be the best judge since I have seen all the preceding movies. This movie was the victory lap eleven years in the making as it was the culmination of a central plot that slowly formed from over 36 hours of entertainment. I feel like they did a great job of touching on pretty much every single movie in the series with tiny touches and mentions and easter eggs. They also did a good job of explaining what you might have missed or reminded you of what may have been forgotten by quickly summing up or detailing points from earlier movies. Each character at least got a moment and some of the characters that have been there from the beginning got a lot of screentime to further their character arcs. I laughed, I cheered, I awwwed, I teared up, but mostly I just enjoyed myself all the way through. The 3-hour runtime went by so quickly and I could have gone for more in the end but they are going to give us more in the future. I definitely recommend this movie and I do not want to get into spoilers so I will end it here.

Star Trek Voyager

I was a huge fan of the Original Series and The Next Generation when I was little. When Star Trek Deep Space Nine came out, I became a devoted fan even when I had friends who were not into it. It remains my favorite series based on the actors and the types of stories they went with. Somehow, I lost interest in the franchise and I never really watched Voyager. I feel like I maybe watched a random episode here or there but I do not really remember it. Since the series is on Netflix, I decided to watch it from the beginning to get a real taste of it. The show is notable for being even better with its female characters. Kate Mulgrew is great at being a complex female captain who has a more nuanced personality than some other “strong female characters” of that time. Of course, my favorite is The Doctor, played by Robert Picardo through whose eyes we explore what it is to be a sentient being. I also really like Robert Beltran who plays the first Native American Starfleet officer in the franchise. The rest of the cast is really good too. I am only on season two now and the show seems to be getting better and better. They were a bit repetitive in the beginning but I feel like once they had a chance to stretch, they figured out where they were going. I recommend it for lovers of Star Trek or science fiction with lovable characters.


I was clued into this series through my following of the musher scene when I get into the Iditarod this year. This is a documentary series that follows sports figures who failed at one point or many points in their story and used that loss to reinvent themselves. I feel like it is a great story for those of us with anxiety, knowing there are others out there who have failed and survived and then thrived. Some of the episodes are darker than others and each one seems to capture different elements of humanity. Also, each episode looks at a different sport. So far I have watched episodes on boxing, ice skating, and curling but there are so many more. Each story I see is inspiring and informative about worlds I did not really know about. Eventually, I will get to the dog sledding episode. These messages are joyous in their positivity and openness. I definitely recommend this series.

Music of the Week:
Godholly – How I Feel

Five Finger Death Punch – Blue On Black

Billie Eilish – bad guy

Lèpoka – Yo Controlo

Zedd, Katy Perry – 365

Weekly Update:
– This week’s theme is “Getting Up and Trying Again”
– I finished Black Lightning Season 2
– I finished Grimm Season 6
– I started Doctor Who Season 10
– I watched more Lucifer Season 3
– I watched more Santa Clarita Diet Season 3
– I watched and followed the Iditarod
– Back to the normal routine!

Media Update 5/3/18

May 3, 2018

Avengers: Infinity War

As usual, you will find no spoilers here. This was the second big movie this year that I was absolutely hyped to see (the first being Black Panther). It was with excitement that I met my friends to see it in the cushy chairs of the regular movie theater. I have loved every movie so far in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and all of them have built to now. The movie is directed by the Russo Brothers who directed Captain America: Winter Soldier and Captain America: Civil War. The directors and writers used the same skills to make a lot of characters and plots weave together in a way that was easy to understand. They also managed one of the most all-star casts in the history of blockbuster film. The movie had the same humor, action, and drama that have come to fill each and every Marvel movie. It also felt like they consulted with directors like Taika Watiti (Thor 3), Ryan Coogler (Black Panther), and James Gunn (Guardians of the Galaxy) to help blend the tones of their movies in with this new mega movie. All of the actors knocked it out of the park and I was glad to see a little more female presence and prominence amongst the cast. I feel like that can only increase going forward. I definitely recommend this one although you would be well served to watch a lot of what preceded.

Star Trek: Beyond

I have more or less been a fan of Star Trek since I was little. I was first a fan of The Next Generation since that is what came out while I was old enough. However, I did hold a little place in my heart for the original crew. When the reboot in 2009 happened, I was intrigued by the time travel plot especially since it was one that would not be repaired. So far, the fresh new takes on old subject matter have been pretty good although Into Darkness could have been better. This movie was exactly what I wanted it to be. It fell back on the great connections between these classic characters and the actors who played them. It also continues to give the character of Uhura (Zoe Saldana) more proactive things to do rather than just operate the radio. Characters are allowed to take different paths and the evolution of James Kirk (Chris Pine) is still interesting to watch. Throw in guest stars like a villainous Idris Elba and a kick-ass Sofia Boutella and this is an adventure I can get behind. It also felt more like a Star Trek film now that all of the characters are not at odds with one another. As usual, the effects were great and enhanced rather than distracted (unlike the first one). I definitely recommend it.

The Almighty Johnsons

This is an interesting show because it is similar to a recurring idea I first had as a kid. What would happen if a pantheon of gods walked among us in the guise of mere mortals? Of course, in my idea, it was the Greek gods and their was sci-fi aspects. This is not that. This is a New Zealand television show about five Norse gods who are reincarnate as five guys in New Zealand. They are born without that knowledge so they live as normal New Zealanders until they come of age and get their powers back. Except they have to go on a quest to get their full powers back before they slip away forever. The show is an interesting show for mythology nuts. The five main actors are happy-go-lucky guys who are pretty entertaining to watch. The special effects are on par with other low budget fantasy shows like Sanctuary, Hercules, or Xena. It is a pleasant enough diversion and I recommend it as good to play in the background.

Music of the Week:
Dream Theater – Forsaken

Cardi B- Bodak Yellow

Pomplamoose – I’m the S**t

Prof – The Season

The Shins – Simple Song

Weekly Update:
– This week’s theme is “Iconic Team-Ups”
– I finished Santa Clarita Diet Season 2
– I started Better Call Saul Season 3
– I finished Black Lightning Season 1
– I watched more of The Pinkertons
– I watched more Beauty and the Beast Season 1
– I watched more Stephen Colbert and the Joel McHale Show
– I finished Freaks and Geeks

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