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Media Update 3/11/21

March 11, 2021

Channel Zero

I have been wanting to watch this show for years but I finally got back into a creepypasta mood and decided to go for it. I remember when Kris Straub first published Candle Cove and I was intrigued by a whole six episodes devoted to a few paragraphs of source material. They did a really good job hitting all of the notes and fleshing out the story a bit. A mysterious and terrifying children’s show has come back after decades and it is once again driving children to violence. The show smoothly adapts the intentional clunkiness of creepypasta and keeps the existential dread alive. The show casts some kids who are very good at being creepy little goblins. The visuals are very creepy, especially the puppets which are pretty much how I imagined they would be. The show also adds some very memorable new visuals that add to the story instead of take away from it. Paul Schneider is really good at playing a child psychologist trying to solve a mystery while slowly being unhinged by the demons of his past. Fiona Shaw is very good at the troubled mother of two twins who went wrong. I recommend this show.

Beware the Slenderman

I decided to watch this documentary and it had enough of an effect on me that I had to comment even though I rarely comment on documentaries. This is a documentary on the Waukesha stabbing incident that was inspired in part by the creepypasta known as Slender Man. Two young girls stabbed a third young girl and nearly killed her to appease Slender Man. The documentary does a really good job of exploring the Slender Man mythos and why it may be attractive to young preteens, especially girls. It explores how creepypastas proliferate and does a really good job of equating the Slender Man mythos with the tale of the Pied Piper of Hamelin. It also explores a bit about schizophrenia and how it can blur the line between reality and fantasy. Where it fails is focusing too much on the dad of one of the perpetrators and his troubling parenting style. He blames iPads for his daughter’s actions instead of her mental illness and seems to run his house like a prison. It was troubling. Anyway, it was a pretty good take on the run up to the trial hearing that decided whether the teens would be tried as adults or juveniles. I recommend this documentary.

The Rake

This is a low-budget movie about creepy pasta monster, the Rake which is a wendigo-like creature. The movie focuses a lot on the psychological effect of the creature and how it spreads like a virus through the survivors of its victims. The movie was not great but I expected that. I mainly went into it to explore the lore of the monster and see what the special effects look like. It also dealt with mental illness and trauma fairly well (for a bad horror movie). The pacing was slow and the drama between the characters was a little annoying but it was all worth it for the special effect at the end. I do not recommend this movie but you can watch it for free currently on Tubi and you can fast forward to the last ten minutes. Just sayin’.

Music of the Week:

The Offspring – Hit That

Miley Cyrus – Mother’s Daughter

Pup – Sibling Rivalry

Within Temptation – Supernova

Mashup of the Week:

DJ Bahler – Le Petit Mort


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