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Valentine’s Day 2018

February 12, 2018


Why yes, I did learn how to make Animated GIFs. (Hard G 4 Life)

Well, dear readers, once again Valentine’s Day approaches. This holiday usually comes and goes rather quickly through my life, here and gone in a flash. After all, I have never had a girlfriend. I have had relationships but no actual girlfriend. As I posted before, this is not something that really troubles me when I think about it. For some reason, the holiday has gotten stuck in my head this year. It might be that all of the advertising for flowers, pajamagrams, chocolate diamonds, and chocolate covered berries. Maybe it’s all of the magical girl stuff I have been watching lately. Maybe it’s the sum of all of pop culture around this time pointing us toward showing affection to our significant others.

I remember hating Valentine’s Day when I was a kid. We had to bring Valentine’s Day cards into class and we had little mailboxes on our desks. I hated having to come up with a cheap valentine for each member of my class. I hated receiving all of them because I knew that everybody had to bring a card for everybody in the class. I was shy and unpopular and I was stuck between a desire for validation and wanting to hide in plain sight. I do remember liking seeing my favorite superheroes on the Valentine’s Day cards which I had my mother buy even though I’m sure not everybody in the class liked the X-Men. Of course, I had yet to find girls who liked the geeky stuff that I liked. I also thought the whole thing was kind of pointless as we were little kids and it really was not going anywhere. Thankfully, a lot of that disappeared in later years of school.

In later years, I saw boyfriends and girlfriends in school giving each other gifts. It was cute but it kind of ratcheted up a sort of pressure in me. At times, that made me want a girlfriend but not because I actually wanted to spend a lot of time with a girl, but because I felt I was supposed to. Of course, that is the dark side of Valentine’s Day. Those who have somebody feel content and those without somebody feel like something is missing. When I grew up a little more, I realized that the pressure came from within and not from society as I had originally thought. Once I let go of that pressure and embraced just being friends with people, I felt way better. Later, I found out that “aromantic” is an actual thing and it may be where I am at. So now, I am way more at ease with Valentine’s Day.

This year, whether you are with somebody, somebodies, or alone, I urge you to first learn to love yourself. That is something that I have struggled with in the past. I have struggled with anxiety and depression where I just knew that I was not good enough. Lately, I have been doing my best to turn that around. It is part of my larger goal to accentuate the positive instead of dwelling on the negative. It is something that Commander Holly (of YouTube and Dungeons Dragons fame) taught me. She yelled it out “If you can’t love yourself, how the hell are you going to love anybody else?” at the end of a Game Grumps Valentine’s video and I loved it. Ever since I heard that, I have tried to incorporate it a little more into my life each year.

Please don’t view this post as an indictment of regular Valentine’s behavior. Go out and buy jewelry or don’t. Go on a date or don’t. This year, I am naming you guys as my Valentine. I love waking up to notifications that somebody has subscribed to this blog or liked a particular post. I love you guys so that’s why I am giving you a little piece of my heart not just for Valentimes but also three days a week year-round (and more during April and October). Whatever you intend this Wednesday, I hope you have a good one.


Media Update 7/7/2016

July 7, 2016

Commander Holly Plays (With Friends)

Earlier this year I explained that I went to MAGFest 2016 partly for the Commander Holly meet up. Holly Conrad is one of the most positive people I have ever seen on the internet. Holly is a cosplay and prop artist who worked for quite a while doing a lot of great projects and continues to work in that field. Along the way, she married her Australian husbando  Ross O’Donovan, an Australian animator who now works for Game Grumps. She has since started to play games on her channel and they are so entertaining. She often plays alongside her husband Ross or her best friend Kati Schwartz who is a playwright out in Los Angeles. Rarely does she play by herself but that is great because she works really well with others. The power of her positivity is strong. It feels like she always stays happy and positive even when the game gets hard. She talks a lot about her life experiences, the fiction she likes and of course she talks about her birbs. Holly rescues pigeons and maintains over forty animals in the home she shares with Ross. She also does a lot of live streams on Twitch and uses the funds from the streams to help pay for the care and feeding of her birds and cats. I look forward to her videos every day.


I learned about Jack (real name Sean) from watching Markiplier collaborations and found out that Jack has a YouTube channel that is rapidly rising in popularity. Like Mark and the ultra-famous Pewdiepie he is a “Let’s Player”. He has millions of subscribers and, while that does not guarantee quality, I can definitely see why people have flocked to watch his videos. Jack is from Ireland while most YouTubers I watch are from the California area. Jack is incredibly energetic. If you clicked or will click the video above you will be nearly assaulted by Jack’s intro which strikes kind of like lightning. Jack also has a strong positive attitude but it’s often kicked into a higher and faster gear. Jack goes through a lot of videos making jokes, laughing and goodheartedly yelling at enemies. Jack also does a lot of charity, harnessing his high subscriber base for good causes. In fact, his now signature green hair comes from agreeing to dye his hair if enough donations were made. So far from what I’ve seen, Jack does not simply pick the popular games and is pushing himself to play some nostalgic titles or stuff he wants to play. Whatever he plays he makes the most out of it and tends to downplay the negative to have fun.

Game Theory

Matthew Patrick is a fellow former theater guy who got out of school and theater and the jobs were not forthcoming. Unfortunately, I can relate to this completely. As a way to keep busy and to add to his resume, he started to produce videos for the internet. He decided to apply his analytical brain to his old passion of video games. Slowly over time he changed from simply Matthew Patrick to become MatPat, an expert in the ways of YouTube and video games. He pulls apart every little detail in games to come up with theories on what is really going on in them. For instance, he calculated the actual monetary value of Fallout 3’s bottlecaps translated into our world’s economy. He also was able to decode the Five Nights at Freddy plot line from little shreds of evidence and proved that Princess Peach may be behind all the troubles in the Super Mario games. In later days he has started live streaming on a regular basis alongside his wife Stephanie who, while not as experienced with video games, is equally smart as hell. They are both so positive and with a patented “Clap and a Half” they work at deciphering the video games they play live for their audience. They have casually created dozens of memes for their audience to latch onto. I always look forward to the next bit of content from them. They just started a new show called Game Lab where they try to physically do the things video game characters to see if they are possible. You should definitely check him out even if you do not like “Let’s Players”.

Music of the Week:
Portishead – Glory Box
NoFX – The Separation of Church and Skate
MC Esoteric ft. Trademarc – Worst Things First
Megadeth – Symphony Of Destruction
Utada Hikaru – Simple and Clean

Weekly Updates:
– I am halfway through season 3 of Person of Interest and it has been even better
– I am starting to really focus on my annual Halloween project
– This week’s theme is “The Power of Positivity on Youtube”
– I have watched less content this holiday week
– Maybe I can sneak away to watch something good
– I am kind of working on doing more WILPW
– I have so much to talk about in this feature. Stay tuned.
– I kind of want to see Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates and that frightens me
– I blame it on my celebrity crush on the wonderfully awkward Aubrey Plaza

Magfest 2016

February 21, 2016

So for the past two days I attended Magfest 2016 down at National Harbor, MD in the Gaylord National Harbor Hotel. This was my first time going to Magfest and I was really excited to be on a little adventure, something I could not have done a few years ago. I listened to Welcome to Night Vale, Ninja Sex Party and TWRP on the way down and I was pumped. I knew I would have to keep a head of steam up until at least midnight if I was going to accomplish everything I wanted to do. The National Harbor was as beautiful as I had been led to believe and when I stepped into the Gaylord I was blown away with how huge and beautiful it was.

The fandom factor was in full effect as it looked like the entire hotel had been taken over by fictional characters of every description. The cosplay was one of my favorite parts of attending the con. People put so much effort and skill into good cosplay and it was really cool to see. At times that I was tired or overwhelmed, I saw a character I enjoyed walking around and I smiled. That sort of thing has such a powerful effect. Here’s a short list of great stuff I saw: Mojo Bubbles, The Kingdom Hearts Cast, The Undertale Cast several times over, Carmen Sandiego, Waldo, Classic Harley Quinn, Mario Maker, Artemis and this gaggle of Ricks right here.


The con had a huge arcade that I went to the first day over and over.  It was loud and heavily populated so it would become overwhelming.  I played Bad Dudes, Fist of the North Star, Galaga 3, Killer Instinct 2, Wild Gunman, Tron, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, Street Smart and Metal Slug for the first time.  Arcade games are so much fun even though they all are pretty much super short on story.  The gameplay usually makes up for it and it’s just easy enough to want to continue when you fail.  In this arcade, the games were free so I could try over and over until somebody looked like they wanted the machine.  Ten year old me internally high fived 33 year old me.  I also visited the Museum of Computers and got to play Dragonfire on Intellivision, a game system that was obsolete by my  second birthday.

I had a lot of fun hanging out and people watching and just enjoying the convention for what it was. I never once attended a panel but that was not what I was there for. I loved the energy of the convention. While waiting on a meet up with Barry Kramer, I got to chat briefly with some Game Grumps fans. Then Barry arrived and was promptly swarmed by us, the poor guy. I got his autograph and I was able to tell him how much I liked his work on Table Flip and Game Grumps.

Now it was time for the main event. I had come to the convention with several objectives but the number one mission was always attending the Ninja Sex Party/Tupperware Remix Party concert. So I went into the concert hall and watched the One Ups and they had a great set that was very chill but enjoyable. After that, I stayed put near the stage and chatted with NSP fans for a full hour. When I looked behind me at that point the place was mobbed and I was lucky to be about five people from the stage. I felt so lucky even though I was short and knew I would still have trouble seeing everything.

We flipped off Brian Wecht during the sound check and happily chanted at him as he and TWRP did their thing. TWRP hit the stage and, although I wasn’t as familiar with them, their mini set was absolutely electric. I need to pay more attention to them. Then NSP hit the stage and one of the loudest reactions I have ever heard nearly blew the roof off the place. NSP joined TWRP on stage for “The Decision” and “If We Were Gay” and we all sang along. Then they started in on there upcoming cover album with “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” and “Take On Me”. Finally they jammed out to “The Hit“, the first TWRP song that featured NSP.  At some point in the evening, Danny informed us that 5000 people were in attendance. It was so awesome. I stumbled out of the concert hall like I had achieved victory and limped off and drove to my hotel room.

I relaxed a little the next morning in my hotel room wih some free breakfast, the first real meal I had had in a while. I slide back over to the convention and did some more people watching and exploring as I thought about the day before. I started to wait outside the autograph area for Danny and Brian to show up for autographs. While I was waiting there, the Game Grumps fanart I was carrying attracted some interest. I got into a great discussion with a girl with pink hair and two Grump/NSP fans from Puerto Rico. We reminisced over great moments in Grump history and the concert the night before. After three and a half hours of waiting, they opened and closed the line and I did not get an autograph. It was disappointing but there were thousands of people who were also disappointed so I sucked it up.

I ate a big meal at a sports bar inside the hotel and rested my poor tortured feet and legs for a bit. Then I went and sat in a hallway and did some writing for the blog and played Pocket Mortys for a while. More people watching happened. Finally I rolled on over to the Commander Holly tweetheart meet up and I had a lot of fun. I met Kati Schwartz and let her know that she inspired me because she is a writer and I am a writer too. I met Kati’s friend PattNardz I chatted with some tweethearts and then guess what happened? Ninja Brian himself wandered into the meetup and graciously signed my poster. That was the perfect topper for the weekend and I drove back to Baltimore to crash in my own home.

Here is the Game Grumps poster with the three signatures I was able to get. There’s Barry’s signature, Brian’s signature and Kati’s signature hiding down near the bottom.  Thanks to @OnstaMonster for the art!



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