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Media Update 1/23/20

January 23, 2020

Rizzoli and Isles

I am not sure what I was expecting but it was probably something softer and cheesier. I was struck immediately about how dynamic and charming this show is. I also appreciated that the show did not bother with an origin story but drops the viewer right into the action. The show follows the partnership between homicide detective Jane Rizzoli and Medical Examiner Maura Isles. Rizzoli comes from a blue-collar family while Isles is uber-rich and stylish. Yet, I am fascinated by their close relationship that has been forged by fire. Angie Harmon is great as hard-nosed cop Rizzoli. She does not come off as a tomboy stereotype most of the time and is actually a good, flawed character. I empathize more with Sasha Alexander as the introverted science geek who is happy with the simple things but is still trying to connect to the world. The rest of the cast is pretty good as well, doing their job in moving the action along so that we can get more scenes between the main characters. I recommend this show.


Booked as a modern cowboy show, this show follows Timothy Olyphant as a US Marshal transferred back to his home state of Kentucky. I had heard about this show for a long time but I had set it aside. However, thanks to Santa Clarita Diet, I have become a big fan of Timothy Olyphantastic (nickname credit: Kevin Smith). He is such a charming guy with a good sense of comic timing. Here, he plays things cool and subdued as a steely-eyed cowboy. He definitely carries the show. Nick Searcy plays Olyphant’s mentor figure and boss. Erica Tazel is delightful as a no-nonsense marshal who helps keep the white guys in check. Jacob Pitts is the young marshal who used to be an Army sniper partnered with Olyphant. Joelle Carter plays a fairly brassy young woman who used to be friends with Olyphant. Walton Goggins plays a dumb yet manipulative white supremacist criminal, Olyphant’s nemesis who used to be his friend. I recommend the show even though the pacing is slow.

The Glades

This show follows a Chicago homicide cop who is unfairly fired and takes a settlement and a transfer to Florida. He is played very glibly by Matt Passmore. After the first episode, I was ready to hate him and close the door on the show. However, the character started to grow on me in a similar manner to Shawn from Psych did. However, the writing just is not as fun and interesting as Psych. Kiele Sanchez plays a snarky nurse who ends up being a major character. Carlos Gomez plays a grumpy coroner. Michelle Hurd plays a no-nonsense boss. Uriah Shelton plays a young boy (and the nurse’s son) who the main character becomes close to. The show is quirky and interesting but not as good as I thought it could be. I don’t really recommend it but if you are looking for pleasant background noise, it can fit that.

Music of the Week:
The Babes – Rock ‘N’ Roll Gang

Lil Uzi Vert – Futsal Shuffle 2020

Bishop Briggs – CHAMPION

JINJER – On The Top

Ningen Isu – Heartless Scat

Weekly Update:
– This week’s theme is “TV Cop Shows”
– I watched more Stumptown Season 1 (Oops it wasn’t over)
– I watched more Brooklyn 99 Season 3
– I watched more Ducktales Season 1
– I started Bob’s Burgers Season 9
– I watched more Blue Bloods Season 9
– I watched more The Gifted Season 1
– I have been watching VODs of AGDQ 2020
– I started watching Wait in the Wings and Jarvis Johnson on YouTube

Media Update 2/16/17

February 16, 2017

Blue Bloods

Do not let the title fool you, this show has nothing to do with nobility or the upper crust of society. It is mostly about what it is like to be a cop and in a cop’s family. The show follows a family that includes a former police commissioner, the current police commissioner, a detective, a police officer and an assistant district attorney. I thought nothing of this show until my mom showed me an episode or two while I was visiting her. Of course, that means I watched some later season episodes first but I do not usually sweat that sort of thing. I started to watch this show from the beginning and I really like it. While I am familiar with Tom Selleck’s previous work, I have not really watched it. He is great as a level-headed, fatherly police commissioner and is a great anchor of the show. Donnie Wahlberg plays his son who is a hot-headed, rule-bending detective. His other son is a rookie police officer in Season one but graduated from law school previously so he is very intelligent and a natural cop. His daughter, played by Bridget Moynihan, is a brilliant lawyer who often has to butt heads with her hard-headed father and her rule-bending brother. Every episode includes all of them and their spouses and children sitting down for Sunday dinner where the issues of the episode are discussed from multiple viewpoints. It really is a pretty interesting show and I definitely recommend it.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

I had seen gifs (pronounced like gifts) of this show several times on Tumblr and Twitter and I know there are a lot of fans of it. I had been interested in the show since I found out that Andy Samberg was on it. Samberg is one-third of The Lonely Island and a very funny comedian. Unfortunately, he has allied with Adam Sandler but outside of those movies, he is great. This show looked a bit stupid but the gifs I saw made me think I had judged it too quickly. I would compare this show to one of my favorite short-lived cop shows, The Unusuals. It is about a misfit precinct that somehow still closes cases trying to adjust to a new no-nonsense captain and fight crime. Samberg is a flippant, goof of a detective. That character can be annoying but becomes less so knowing that he often gets his comeuppance and ends up looking like a fool. Terry Crews plays a police sergeant who is now gunshy and it is a fun twist to see a friendly giant as a police officer. Stephanie Beatriz plays a tough, intelligent detective who has to put up with Samberg. Andre Braugher is great as a tough police captain who is the first gay captain with a command and wants to prove himself. The show is pretty funny so far and I will definitely watch more of it once I get access to more than the first three episodes. I recommend it.

Ripper Street

The identity of Jack the Ripper is a mystery that still exists today. As time goes by, it is less and less likely that that mystery will ever be solved. In the time directly after those murders, Whitechapel must have been a very scary place to work or live. That is largely what this show is about. In the shadow of those horrible murders, a cop vows to make the streets safer and protect the city from the possible return of The Ripper or anyone like him. He enlists a surgeon who used to work for the US Army and The Pinkertons (and almost worked for Johns Hopkins) to be a medical examiner and forensics expert. The cops also form an unspoken agreement with a local brothel to get information about what is happening in the underground of Whitechapel. After the Ripper, the prostitutes have a vested interest in keeping killers off the streets of London. It is a brutal time period when forensic science was primitive and beating information out of suspects was not exactly frowned upon. As one expects, it is a dark and dirty series. They deal with their own broken lives and an area shattered by the legend of the Ripper. I have only seen a few episodes, but I like the chemistry of the cast. I definitely recommend it.

Music of the Week:

Garbage – Special

Big Sean – Bounce Back

Memphis May Fire – Carry On

The Specials – Ghost Town

Halsey – Ghost

Weekly Update:
– This week’s theme is “Fighting Crime on the Streets”
– I continued Season 4 of Haven
– I watched more Law and Order: SVU
– I loved Lady Gaga’s Halftime Show
– I started watching The Librarians from the beginning
– Sorry that this is late, I fell asleep and forgot to post

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