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Media Update 11/11/21

November 11, 2021

Only Murders in the Building

I have recently gotten into the true crime genre, but I took a step back when I saw how ghoulish some fans have gotten. I like how this show treats the genre and points out the failings of true crime fans who get too invested. There are also some interesting side mysteries that are even more interesting than the main mystery. The show is about three strangers who get involved in a murder in their apartment building. Out of the three, I would say that Selena Gomez is the star which is really saying something. She is so good at being a curious young woman with a hard exterior. Steve Martin is really great as the lonely and curmudgeonly old actor. Martin Short is familiar as a whimsical but sad former theater producer. The three have such good chemistry together and, although I’m only on episode three, I can see how well they weave a story together. Each episode is so well-crafted that it was hard to tear myself away. I recommend this show.

The Sopranos

I never really watched this the first time around so I thought I would give it a try. For those under a rock, The Sopranos is the story of a mob boss who starts suffering from panic attacks and starts therapy. It is an interesting combination of family drama, comedy, and crime shows. James Gandolfini is absolutely magnetically charming as the lead, Tony Soprano. Lorraine Bracco is so clever as the therapist who is trying to deal with an out-of-the-ordinary patient. There is a whole huge cast of characters backing the show and all of them add so much to the story. The show is shot beautifully and even the weakest parts of it are entertaining. I recommend this show.

Gangster Squad

I have a soft spot for team-up movies. Not only Marvel movies but stuff like the Oceans franchise, The Italian Job, The Untouchables, and so on. I remember looking forward to this movie when I saw trailers but the release was marred by real-world gun violence. I lost track of it but I am glad I found it again. This movie is about a gang of cops who join together to engage in black ops against the mob in LA. It has an all-star cast. Josh Brolin plays a hard-nosed soldier turned cop. Ryan Gosling plays a carefree goofball cop with a mission. Emma Stone plays a damsel in distress with a good head on her shoulders. Sean Penn plays a devilish gangster. Michael Pena, Anthony Mackie, and Giovanni Ribisi round out the cast. The movie has a great plot that slow burns and is mixed with action and a little bit of comedy. It has a great throwback feel to it. I recommend this movie.

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Tufos Mashups – Judas Feels Bad

Weekly Update:
This week’s theme is “Crime Time”
I started watching Doom Patrol Season 4

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