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Suicide Squad: Emperor Joker (Movie Pitch) Pt. 2

May 21, 2022

Gotham City Streets

Task Force X walks toward their destination, trying to stay alert and quiet. They have paired up to walk in a rough column. Flag and Deadshot are taking point and sniping at each over who is the better shot. Flag asserts that he is the more successful. Deadshot says that medals don’t mean shit in the real world, real legacy is in the stories people can tell about you. Boomerang walks with Fauna Faust and Copperhead and tries to hit on both trying to make something happen. Both Faust and Copperhead argue over who gets to kill him and bond. 

Harley walks with Grundy and is pouring her heart out about the conflict over Joker. She loves Joker and wants this for him. However, she also notes that Gotham isn’t much fun anymore. She also has to worry about her head exploding if she doesn’t cooperate. At the same time, she wonders if cooperating and hurting The Joker would be worse than death anyway. It does not help to see his face all over those people’s faces. He is her world and she is sure that everything will be fine when they find Mr. J. He will know what to do. Grundy can barely get a word in but that’s alright as he couldn’t form the words anyway.

There is an ambush of Joker zombies who crawl out of the wreckage of shops on either side of the street. The fight is harder this time as the zombies are more feral but also have a more coordinated attack. Repeatedly, Harley is forced to fight while loudly complaining about having to fight Joker’s minions. Flag sees how badly the mission is going.

There is a roaring sound which they realize is the laughter of thousands of Joker zombies rapidly approaching. This prompts the team to run. Grundy and Deadshot want to stay and fight (Grundy out of stubbornness and Deadshot to die a glorious death) but Flag makes them run. They flee desperately with Harley shouting out for Joker to save her. He does not.

The Joker’s Throne Room

The three Jokers are frustrated that they have not found the remnants of the powers and confirm that there is resistance in the city. This perks up Joker who loves a challenge. He taunts Batman with the hope that he might be rescued. This sets all of the Jokers in the hall to laugh. There is no hope. He will put down any resistance and turn these rebels into his playthings. It is time to send his newest plaything to make sure of it.

The Iceberg Lounge

The team ducks inside of the bar and Grundy picks up the massive front desk and puts in front of the door and holds it as the Joker army pounds on the door. Deadshot jumps behind the bar and flips a switch and heavy metal shutters close off the club from the outside which allows Grundy to rest. Deadshot claims to have worked with The Penguin before. It pays to work with the bad guys, they know how to protect themselves. Deadshot, Boomerang, and Faust push a Joker zombie impaled by an umbrella off of the bar and start mixing themselves drinks. Copperhead is two years sober and does not want to ruin that. Harley grabs a bottle and drinks by herself in a corner.

Flag insists that even though they are pinned down, the mission must continue. The villains question why they should fight. Joker has already won. Flag appeals to their humanity, noting that it isn’t right to abandon Gotham and possibly the world to Joker. This is rejected. Flag appeals to their lives. The villains shrug and call his bluff to go ahead and activate the bombs inside of them. Flag threatens them with the detonator but to no avail. Flag brings up how they have been beaten and arrested over and over by the heroes. They have a chance to do what the heroes could not and beat this new Joker. The villains begrudgingly agree to the appeal to their egos.

Harley outright refuses to kill the Joker. She insists that she can talk Joker down and make this right. Faust gets in her face and asks her to name one time that Joker has ever listened to her. Harley sputters but is unable to bring up a time when her relationship with Joker was not one way. The others do not trust her and want to leave her behind. Harley gets mad and claims if they are going, they will need Harley. She knows Joker and she is going to prove what she says to them.

At that point, there is an impossibly loud banging on the shudders. Everyone is freaked out when fingers poke through a hole in the shutter and peel open a hole. A familiar S is seen through the hole and then the face of Supergirl can be seen but it is painted with a Joker smile. Super Jokergirl taunts Task Force X to come outside and play. Before Flag can stop her, Harley goes outside to confront the interloper. Harley shouts that she will not be replaced even by Supergirl. Supergirl speaks as if she is Joker and dismisses Harley’s jealousy. Joker berates her for being part of the team causing him grief. Harley insists that she came to be by his side. The Joker states that he does not need her and does not fear Task Force X. Most of all, he does not fear Harley Quinn. Supergirl grabs Harley and tosses her back through the hole and Harley hits a large sofa and hits the wall and blacks out.

Harley’s Nightmare

Harley wakes up face down on the sofa but finds that she is in a different room. A television blares to life and she sees herself with Joker. She is excited at first but she sees Joker repeatedly abandon her to be caught by Batman. She sees herself thrown into the same cell over and over. She sees former colleagues of hers at Arkham talking about her. They think Joker is a monster but Harley is just pitiful for what she has become. Pages from her calendar fall around her like snow.

The Iceberg Lounge

Task Force X desperately fights against Supergirl as she tears apart the club. Flag tries to assemble the team desperately for a coordinated attack but nobody can find Deadshot. Supergirl pins Flag against a wall and just as she is about to probably punch through his head, Harley shouts at her from the DJ booth. She cranks the volume which messes with Supergirl’s super hearing. Flag slaps a plastic explosive onto Supergirl and shoves her away. Boomerang sets off the explosive which sends Supergirl flying. Faust supercharges Grundy with magic and Grundy is able to go toe to toe with the Girl of Steel for the moment. Deadshot emerges and fires a shot into Supergirl’s chest. “Kryptonite bullet from the armory. Not much but it should hurt bad. Copperhead scratches Supergirl, making her dizzy with poison. Harley delivers the coup de grace with a baseball bat. “Did we just kill Supergirl?”

The team, bloodied but not broken, heads toward Joker Tower (formerly Wayne Tower). They fight their way into the tower where they find a small creature. Mr. Mxy says that he came to Earth to mess with Superman only to find that Superman was dead. When he went to mess with Batman instead, he was tricked and captured by the Joker. Harley convinces him to come with them to get his power back. Mxy agrees. On the way, Harley and Mxy have a talk about messing with people and causing chaos. Harley questions whether it’s worth it to mess with people if you’re not getting anything out of it.

They reach the top of the tower and find the Hall of Jokers. The three Jokers start to fight Task Force X and they are barely breaking a sweat holding off the villains. Harley confronts the real  Joker for abandoning her when she had given herself fully to him. He states that he does not need her anymore. “You never needed me, you needed Batman. You two deserve each other.” Harley points at Batman. “You broke your toy. Now you’re nothing without him.”

In that moment of doubt, Mxy seizes his power and starts to pull it out of the Joker. Harley spots Deadshot about to put a hole in Joker’s head and instead shoots Joker in the side with the gun that he gave her. Joker crumples to the ground, powerless but alive thanks to Harley. Joker claims that he is going to kill Harley but Harley smiles and dumps him. She goes to leave but looks back, a moment of doubt passing over her face before she walks away.

Amanda Waller’s Office

Waller’s technician informs her that the world has been put back together following the Joker incident. Joker is back in Arkham Asylum, Batman has been spotted patrolling Gotham, Supergirl is back in National City, Task Force X has been returned to Belle Reve, and Gotham’s dead have been returned to life. Nobody but Waller and her staff seem to remember what happened. Waller chalks that up to Mxy erasing people’s memories but was unable to breach Waller’s defenses. The technician shows Waller a note from Harley Quinn stating that she wanted Waller to remember that she owes Harley. Harley is in the wind and Waller decides to let her go free for now.


Already Cast

Harley Quinn – Margot Robbie

Amanda Waller – Viola Davis

Rick Flag – Joel Kinnaman

Captain Boomerang – Jai Courtney

Supergirl – Melissa Benoist

New Cast

Deadshot – Jacob Anderson, Karl Urban, Shameik Moore

Fauna Faust – Stephanie Beatriz, Camila Mendes, Ramona Young

Copperhead – Aparna Brielle, Janina Gavankar, Dilshad Vadsaria

Solomon Grundy (voice) – Travis Willingham, Matthew G. Taylor, Paul Wight

The Real Joker – Bill Skarsgård, Ben Whishaw, Matt Smith

The Laughing Joker – Ike Barinholtz, Josh Ruben, Andrew Scott

The Serious Joker – Iwan Rheon, Noah Segan, Rami Malek

Batman – Nicholas Hoult, Anson Mount, Taron Egerton

Mr. Mxyplyk (voice) – Danny Devito, David Tennant, Sam Riegel

Director: David Ayer, Kathryn Bigelow, Michelle MacLaren


Suicide Squad: Emperor Joker (Movie Pitch) Pt. 1

May 14, 2022

This movie would have taken the place originally occupied by David Ayer’s Suicide Squad which was released to middling success. It is inspired by a video by the YouTube channel Renegade Cut during their ruminations on the DCEU.

Gotham City

Harley is running through a warehouse and is pursued by Batman moving in the darkness like a shadow. He tells her she might as well give up as he has stopped The Joker’s plan. It’s over.  She declares that she’ll never give up when it comes to Joker and shoots at him to no effect and she is caught. As she is being led away by the cops, she locks eyes with Joker who looks away. She is hurt deeply.

Louisiana – Belle Reve Prison – Harley Quinn’s Cell

We start on a zoom-in of a wall calendar as Harley crosses out days in time-lapse. Months go by. She starts scratching out the pictures and tearing the pages out when a month has finished. The camera rotates to a close-up of Harley’s face as we see Amanda Waller approach the cell. Harley does a Hanibal Lecter impression which only gets a slight smirk from Waller. Waller taunts Harley over The Joker not coming to spring her from prison. Harley tells Waller to get to the point as she is in no mood to play. Waller needs Harley’s help to take on The Joker. Harley flatly refuses. Waller states that she has no choice and that Harley should think about how Joker has treated her and how this was her chance to step out from Joker’s shadow.

The team is gathered for a briefing. We get a roll call of the rest of the team roll call style Deadshot (Floyd Lawton), Captain Boomerang (Digger Harkness), Copperhead (Naavya Prasad), Bronze Tiger (Ben Turner), and Fauna Faust. We get Harley’s thoughts on each as she sits in the back of the room. Waller reveals that she holds paperwork to reduce the sentences of everyone who cooperates and survives the mission. If they refuse, she also has planted explosives in the base of their skulls and will not hesitate to execute each of them and start over. The team is rounded out by Solomon Grundy. In Harley’s words, a frickin’ zombie.

 Waller introduces Colonel Rick Flag who tells everybody that he does not care what they did in the past. He only cares about completing the mission. If everybody plays along, things will go fine. Waller reveals that the team will be heading toward Gotham. She shows footage of a Gotham City that is absolutely destroyed to the shock of everyone and a mix of confusion and jealousy in Harley. Waller reveals that the target is the Joker which makes everybody nervous. The Joker has come in contact with an extra-dimensional being and has become frighteningly powerful. He must be taken out before he becomes even more powerful and his madness and destruction spread across the globe. The mission is clear: Kill the Joker. Save the World.

Gotham City – The Joker’s Throne Room

The Joker paces back and forth while talking about his history with Batman before he turns and shoots Batman dead through the forehead. After a beat, we see more of the room and realize that there are actually three Jokers in the room. One is the “real” Joker that we saw earlier but there are two other incarnations. One is a giggling goofball a la Cesar Romero’s Joker and the other is more deadly serious. The Jokers talk about how boring it is to kill the Bat. There’s no challenge in it anymore. Joker waves his hand and the bullet falls out of Batman and he lives again. Chains snake down to ensnare the Bat and lift him up. The Jokers discuss whether they should summon up Robin or Gordon or somebody else to kill in front of Batman. But no, they’ve already done that. They need to find that little pipsqueak with all of the power so Joker can finish the job. Then he’ll have more tricks he can pull off. As we look around the throne room we see that there are many incarnations of Joker from throughout the comics, television, and movies in shadow as the audience.

Harley’s Dream

We see Harley’s origin story through her own eyes. We see her graduating from medical school.  We see her falling for The Joker as a psychiatrist. We see her struggle with her own mental health and eventually go with The Joker when he escapes Arkham. We see her baptism in chemicals. We see her and Joker side by side terrorizing Gotham. She is so happy.

Task Force X Transport

Harley is jolted awake on the plane. She watches the others with skepticism. The group chatters amongst themselves. (Except for Grundy who can barely form words). The villains start talking about Gotham City which only Captain Boomerang has not terrorized. Eventually, Harley tells the others the story of The Laughing Fish. This brings up the subject of The Joker. Deadshot brings up that “When supervillains want to scare each other, they tell Joker stories.” The others agree that nobody will miss the Joker when he’s gone but stop short when they see Harley’s angry face. She tells them off and stands up for “Mistah J”.

Alarms go off and rockets are headed toward the transport. The rear door is blown open and Harley runs toward the opening to shout that she is in the transport and that Joker should stop firing. It obviously does not work and the transport starts going down. Everybody rushes to grab their gear and parachutes before jumping out. No parachute for Grundy who does not make it out of the transport. 

Gotham City – Alleyway

The group lands in an alley and regroups and gears up. Harley pulls out the pistol that Joker first gave her and a baseball bat. They get coordinates from Waller and her team. Faust is shielding them from Joker’s powers but they will have to move fast. They see somebody digging frantically in the trash and Harley approaches. Everybody but Harley is ready for a fight. Harley taps the guy on the shoulder and he turns around. He has a crude Joker face and he laughs. The laughter attracts a hoard of similar Joker zombies. 

Captain Boomerang: “They’re like the bloody fish!”  

Waller confirms that they’re non-living. The Joker zombies attack and the team (sans Harley) combat the zombies. Deadshot makes it a competition with Flag. Grundy emerges through a brick wall and joins the fight having dug himself out of the wreckage of the transport and beelined for the team. The battle is fierce and everybody gets a chance to shine. Harley is frustrated and a little scared that she actually has to defend herself. The battle ends with her shaking one of the zombies and telling The Joker that she’s coming for him. It’s actually mostly a loving statement but there is just a hint of a threat there. Harley is starting to reach her limit but the team distrusts her.

Part 2 Coming Soon

Wonder Woman: The Key Stone (Movie Pitch)

April 27, 2022

(This is a sequel to a proposed Wonder Woman 2 that can be found here which makes this Wonder Woman 3)

It’s 1977, almost 40 years after Diana made a commitment to protect Man’s World with the assistance of ARGUS. To occupy her time she has decided to take jobs as an expert in authenticating and restoring ancient artifacts. This is a way to keep ahead of dangerous magical artifacts making their way into the wrong hands and instead kept safe while being used to educate people about the ancient world. It also allows her to travel the world with ARGUS.

Gateway City

Diana Prince leaves her apartment to walk to work with happy purpose. As she walks to work she sees the good in humanity and the life of the city. Suddenly, she senses something is amiss. An armored car is traveling at unsafe speeds through traffic and it is out of control. Diana ducks into an alley and Wonder Woman jumps and runs ahead of the truck, using her lasso and strength to clear the way and save people from harm. She lands on the roof of the armored car and opens a back door and slips inside. She is immediately attacked by some sort of snarling cat person. Wonder Woman knocks the cat person out of the back of the truck. As the truck hits a curb and starts to flip, she is able to toss the driver and guards to safety.

As she recovers from the crash, she looks to see a giant eye peeking through the back of the truck. She is startled when a large woman’s voice asks if she can hand over the artifact as the truck is lifted into the air. Diana spots a large lock box bolted to the truck’s floor and replies in the negative. Diana leaps from the truck and finds that it is being held by a woman several stories high. Diana lunges at the woman but is swatted away. The woman seems to hear something and complains about ‘standing down’. She drops the truck and starts running with Diana giving chase. Diana tries to follow but somehow loses the large woman around a corner. Diana calls ARGUS agent Paula von Gunther who starts to look into the two women.

Credit Sequence: Newspaper articles and photos pass by of Wonder Woman saving the day

Diana Prince shows up at the museum and apologizes for being late. She is quickly summoned into a meeting with the museum’s director. When she arrives, the director is in conversation with Maxwell Lord. He starts to introduce himself and Diana responds that she knows who he is, a shady businessman. Lord scoffs at that and wants to get back to business. He wants to check the status of the artifact that was supposed to be transported that day. He donated to bring it all the way from Metropolis and wants to make sure it is safe. The Director relates that the transport was attacked but thankfully Wonder Woman prevented its theft or damage but Diana needs to examine it as soon as it arrives within the hour. Lord proposes transporting the artifact to his building as it is more secure but the Director does not think that is appropriate although the offer is appreciated.

In Maxwell Lord’s office, he is yelling at somebody for failing him and how he needs that artifact. It is revealed that he is yelling at the large woman (Giganta) and a Dr. Minerva. Dr. Minerva is angry at being talked down to and transforms into Cheetah through the use of an artifact. She is the cat woman from earlier. A young woman (Troia) appears and says that Lord should have just sent her. Lord reminds all three that they owe him. He saved Minerva’s career, saved Giganta’s life, and literally created Troia. He wants the three to break into the museum and get him the artifact. He is through playing games, it is time for results.

In Diana’s lab, she studies the artifact with the newly arrived Paula looking over her shoulder. It is the Key Stone, a potentially powerful item that can unlock magical power. Diana is even more curious why Lord was so focused on this artifact. What does he have planned? They discuss what should be done about the artifact. They agree that Maxwell Lord should be kept from it. They also worry that the thieves that attacked earlier could easily strike again. Diana researches the Key Stone more and sees that it is at the height of its power later that night due to the alignment of the planets.

The buzzer sounds but it is pretty late for visitors. Doctor Minerva talks her way into Diana’s study, claiming to be Maxwell Lord’s expert there to protect his investment in the museum. As they talk about the artifact, Paula scans Dr. Minerva and reveals that Dr. Barbara Minerva moved from artifact study to artifact theft and was presumed disgraced and barred from the profession as a plea deal. Minerva transforms into Cheetah and starts fighting Diana. Diana gets the upper hand but Troia appears out of nowhere and sucker punches Diana. Cheetah and Paula fight, Troia and Diana fight. The artifact is passed back forth between the four. Troia is a match for Diana’s strength and speed, unnerving Diana. The two villains escape with the artifact after Troia collapses part of the ceiling on Paula. After a beat, Diana gives chase but is punched through the open door by Giganta.

At Lord’s building, he congratulates his henchwomen on getting the artifact but still snarkily insults them. He and Dr. Minerva start to prepare the ceremony. It is explained that he plans to unlock his magical potential by siphoning power from Mount Olympus. Bored and frustrated, Troia and Giganta break into one of Lord’s labs. Giganta tells the story of the magical artifact that saved her life and gave her the ability to change her size. Troia discovers that Lord had her created while studying a woman who looks like Wonder Woman. What does this mean? Are she and Wonder Woman related somehow?

Wonder Woman and Paula break into the lobby of Lord’s building where Giganta, Cheetah, and Troia are waiting for them. Wonder Woman tries to give them a speech about how they do not have to fight and that Lord is using them. Cheetah and Giganta agree but point out they are getting paid, Troia hesitates. The fight begins and both sides dig in. Paula sets off a flashbang which allows it to be two on two. Paula tangles with Cheetah while Wonder Woman fights Troia. Eventually, Paula locks Cheetah in an office.

Wonder Woman fights Troia and Troia questions what Diana is. Diana reveals her proud Amazon heritage and her oath to protect humanity from monsters and the worst of itself. Troia can use her powers for good. Troia rejects that and tearfully attacks and Wonder Woman eventually puts Troia through a wall, knowing the girl can take the punishment.

Wonder Woman returns to the lobby to fight Giganta and finds that Giganta has cornered Paula. Paula distracts an enraged Giganta and Wonder Woman eventually throws a statue of Lord to knock her out, finally getting payback for all of the giant’s sucker punches.

An enraged Troia charges into the lobby and Wonder Woman is ready for her. Troia has comparable strength, speed, and agility but Diana has been doing this a lot longer. This time Diana knows just what the young girl will do and she takes her out in graceful Amazon style. She then subdues the young girl by bending a pipe around her. This time, she should stay down.

Wonder Woman and Paula rush to face off against Maxwell Lord. Lord explains that he has siphoned power from Mount Olympus itself. He has extensively studied the Gods and their workings on Earth including the Amazons. He observed Wonder Woman in the press and put two and two together. Now he will have power surpassing hers. Diana tells him that was an unfortunate choice. She is the Godslayer and stealing her father’s power won’t help Lord. The two of them clash with Paula struggling to find a way to reverse the process. Diana powers up and finally puts the beat down on Maxwell Lord just in time for Paula to reverse the process.

Diana visits Troia in ARGUS holding. She notes that as strong as Troia is, she could have broken the pipe and gotten away. Something in Troia wanted to get caught. She assures Troia that Lord and his henchwomen are going to prison. They will never touch Troia again. Diana is there to give Troia a second chance. Troia may have all of Diana’s abilities, but she has none of the training. Diana offers to teach her. Troia accepts.

New Characters:
Troia – Shahadi Wright Joseph, Jada Harris, Brooklynn Prince
Cheetah – Damaris Lewis, Morena Baccarin, Stana Katic
Giganta – Bella Thorne, Bella Heathcote, Dreama Walker
Maxwell Lord – Michael Madsen, Simon Baker, Damian Lewis

Possible Directors: Ava Duvernay, David Leitch, Alexandra La Roche

Qurac Mission – A DCEU Suicide Squad Story

April 20, 2022

Lyle Bolton slammed the door shut and slumped down as he leaned against the wall. This had been somebody’s apartment at some point but it was half-destroyed. The Quracan Civil War had gotten beyond intense. Usually, nobody cared about this sand trap except for a few terrorist attacks on Metropolis back in the day. The only reason the US Government cared now was that the civil war was threatening oil reserves. The direct involvement of US Armed Forces could have ignited another World War so, as usual, they had come crawling to Amanda Waller.

Waller was the queen of the black ops and, although it wasn’t pretty, she had taken credit for organizing teams that had eliminated the threats of The Enchantress and Starro. She had quickly formed a new version of Task Force X (aka The Suicide Squad) to confront this new threat. With Rick Flag dead, she had pardoned Bolton for his crimes in Gotham as Lock-Up. She had made him a black ops agent of the government and put him in charge of the expendable inmates chosen for the third incarnation of Task Force X. Bolton had tried to tamp down the word “suicide” but things had gotten grim.

“You’re in charge, Bolton,” Giganta said. “What are we supposed to do? I can get big but I can’t really get bulletproof. If I hadn’t pulled Grundy out of the fight, he would have gotten himself blown apart.”

“Grundy come back,” Solomon Grundy said. “Always come back.”

“Quiet, Grundy,” Giganta said but not too harshly. The thing didn’t really have a mind to speak of and so it was a thing to be pitied.

“She has a point, Bolton,” Bronze Tiger said. He had his arms folded but was always ready as the very picture of martial arts discipline. It also made him more imposing but he was up against a woman who could grow to 250 feet and a ten-foot-tall undead monster so he was already third place.

“Let the coach talk,” Sportsmaster said. “Or I’ll put you in the penalty box.” Sportsmaster was the opposite of Bronze Tiger, slumped in a beat-up old armchair and completely relaxed. His mask betrayed nothing of his true emotions but his body language spoke volumes of his cocky yet crafty mind. Bolton absolutely loathed the man and it seemed most of the group agreed.

“There would need to be two of you,” Bronze Tiger said. “Where did your wife get off to anyway?”

Sportsmaster tensed at that but then thought better of it. “Cheshire is on mission,” he said. “Don’t you worry about that.”

“Can we get back to the point of what we’re supposed to do now?” Giganta asked. 

“Absolutely,” Bolton said. “This is just a minor setback. Just a bit of gunfire. We’ll call in for intelligence and move on from there.”

He pulled out the satellite communicator and hit the button.

“Come in Waller,” Bolton said. “Bolton calling.”

There was a tense silence. “Waller here,” Amanda Waller said with a voice devoid of patience. “Is mission accomplished? I’m showing the team in an apartment complex.”

“Mission specs were incorrect,” Bolton said. “A regiment of insurgents is between us and the targets. Film Freak and Stirk are dead. Cheshire and Copperhead are MIA.  Can’t dismantle your BS insurgent government if we can’t get to it, ma’am.”

“Let me have a look at this,” Waller said. “No, not there, near the team. Damn, I actually miss Economos. Yes, I’m showing a regiment. The mission is still a go. Find some way to complete it. Cheshire and Copperhead are still showing vital signs if that helps.”

“I’m open to ideas,” Bolton said. 

There was a clanging sound in the ceiling.

“What was that sound?” Waller asked.

“Something is in the vents,” Sportsmaster said.

“Or someone,” Giganta said.

“Grundy attack?” Grundy asked.

“Hold Grundy,” Bolton said.

The grate on a vent flew off and the colorful form of Harley Quinn burst into the room.

“Ta-dah!” she shouted with a big grin on her face.

Waller sighed. “Don’t tell me,” she said.

“Harley Quinn?” Bolton asked. “What the hell are you doing here? How did you get here?”

Harley shrugged. “I didn’t have anything else going on,” she said. “I figured I could stop the end of the world again. I go where I’m needed.”

“You were not needed,” Waller said. “We hadn’t even recaptured you yet. Damn it! You didn’t bring the Joker with you, did you?”

“I’m done with that creep for good,” Harley said. “You didn’t get the memo?”

“There actually was a memo on that, Ms. Quinzel,” Waller said. “You blew up a chemical plant.”

“I did!” Harley said. “Thanks for noticing. Now, I have an idea how to get past those guys out there.”

“Permission to tie her up?” Bolton asked.

“Very rude, Mr. Lock-Up,” Harley said. “I remember you.”

“Permission denied,” Waller said. “As much as I hate to admit it, her plans actually work. Let’s hear her out. Things can’t get any worse.”

“Hey!” Harley said. “Don’t underestimate me.”

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