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Ten Things Video Games Taught Me About the Apocalypse Pt. 2

December 7, 2020
  1. Be Careful Who You Trust – Darksiders

The Darksiders franchise starts as an epic modern fantasy based on a lot of apocryphal mythology that is often tacked onto the Christian bible. You start as War, one of the four seraphim who are supposed to take part in the apocalypse. However, a conspiracy between demons and angels sparks the apocalypse early. In the aftermath, the Seraphim named War is blamed for the annihilation of the entire human race. It is then up to him and his siblings Death (Darksiders 2) and Fury (Darksiders 3) to try and fix things and also keep fighting the good fight. Just about anybody you encounter can betray you as both Heaven and Hell have their own agendas and often each individual angel and demon have a lot of side hustles or alternate endgames. Later, you also have to deal with ghosts, the undead, giants, constructs, and so much more, all of which have their own agendas. You have to rely on some of these creatures to obtain gear or power to attain your goals but you have to constantly be ready to be stabbed in the back. At that point, you cannot hesitate to use the skills they gave you to end them. Sometimes you even subjugate them, bending them to your will. So, that will be fun.

  1. Be Prepared for Travel to Be Difficult- Death Stranding

In the world of Death Stranding, the United States of America has been figuratively and literally destroyed. The world was invaded by creatures called BTs which are extradimensional creatures that normally lived in the space between life and death. (Strap in, this is Hideo Kojima uncensored so it is weird). When these creatures absorb dead human tissue, they create huge explosions called “voidouts” that create precipitation called “timefall”. Timefall severely ages and erodes just about anything it touches which basically eliminated all infrastructure in the country. Humans either survive alone in bunkers or in small cities called “knots” becoming the United Cities of America with the government shrinking significantly with the only real support being a giant corporation that delivers supplies and creates the temporary infrastructure to assist with that effort. They also rely heavily on the Internet to communicate with remote areas through holograms. As the main character, you spend a lot of time walking across difficult terrain because it is difficult to maintain infrastructure for vehicles. You either need to become self-reliant in isolation or be prepared to have a hard time making it to your destination. Get ready to take the long way around.

  1. Don’t Reject the Past – Final Fantasy X

In Final Fantasy X (and its sequel Final Fantasy X-2) the world has been destroyed by a reality-bending kaiju named Sin. Sin roams the world and destroys any settlement that grows too big with ruthless efficiency. Those who die whose souls are not properly sent to the afterlife turn into monsters which makes just about any travel outside of these small settlements very dangerous. People called the creature Sin because they assumed that they deserved punishment for misdeeds in the past. Advanced technology was deemed sinful and studying too far into the past was frowned upon. It was the arrogance of the cities of the past that brought about their destruction. However, the main characters are shocked to find out that the Church lied to them and there is a vast conspiracy that continues a cycle of destruction so that the upper class can maintain power over the lower class. (A little simplified but you get the picture). The point is that we need to always study our past in order to figure out how we should act in the present. If we try and forget our past we start to make too many assumptions and make a lot of the same mistakes. Keep a hold of the past.

  1. Learn Crafting and Building Skills – 7 Days to Die

In the world of this game, the United States has been destroyed (again!?) by the nuclear destruction of World War III leaving only small patches habitable for human beings. It also turned a lot of the human population into zombies. Zombies are relentless and everywhere and it is basically required for you to learn how to craft items and build defenses. You must find materials in the wild and the ruins of society and convert them into useful tools and stuff. Every seven days, a blood moon will appear which drives the zombies into a frenzy and causes them to lock onto your position and try to swarm you. If you do not have sufficient defenses built up, you will die and lose a lot of your progress. You also have a semi-realistic system of health which provides for thirst, hunger, bleeding, poison, and other realistic maladies. So you spend less of your time shooting zombies and more time searching abandoned houses for medicine and canned food, junkyards for scrap metal, and converting sporting good stores into fortresses. You need to learn how to identify defensible positions and to gather food, ammo, and drinkable water to weather both the boring times and the exciting times. You have to be ready for whatever the world is going to throw at you.

  1. Keep Your Options Open – Hatoful Boyfriend

In this version of the Earth, humanity was devastated by a mutated strain of the H5N1 virus (also known as bird flu) and is nearly wiped out. Humanity creates a counter-virus designed to destroy the birds that were the carriers of the original virus. That backfires as birds who survive the counter-virus develop human levels of intelligence. This leads to a war between birds and the shattered remnants of whatever humans are left. Humans lose that war and birds become the dominant species on Earth. After several attempts at human insurgency, a sort of apartheid is imposed by the birds. You play the game as a young human girl who is invited to attend a prestigious academy that was previously attended only by birds. As you start your sophomore year of high school you are given the choice to date eight different birds. Yes, this is a post-apocalyptic dating game where you are tasked with wooing and dating birds in high school. Welcome to peak-Japanese Manga culture crashing into the world of independent gaming. The spinoff DLC gets way more complicated and the stakes are raised to include the possible death and destruction of just about everyone involved. However, the point is that we are going to have to be open-minded about what happens next.

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