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Aftershocks: Demon Days Pt. 5

October 27, 2015

Aftershocks 2

Two figures appeared from the shadows under a dead tree on a hilltop not far from the school. The first figure was dwarven with red hair and lots of facial scars. The second figure had slicked-back blond hair and a long leather coat. They both looked agitated and disappointed but the blond one was especially frustrated.

“Charles.” The blond one said. He was tall and mostly human-shaped but way too pale to pass for anybody normal.

“William.” The short one said. He was a cruel mockery of the human form, his body parts exaggerated in all the wrong places. He was more like a doll than a real person.

“The attack failed, Charles,” William said, beginning to pace in the moonlight. His face twisted itself up into a demonic form.

“Relax, William. There’s plenty of time to get the job done.”

“I wanted to get my hands dirty. Specifically, I wanted to get them bloody.” William said with a sneer on his face.

“We both will. Soon.”

“Sooner now that Ley is back in the fire,” William said with a shiver. That wasn’t a fate he would have wished even for that asshole.

“Yeah, that’s true. Speaking of, we should probably get back and report.”

“Right. Back down below we both go.”

The duo slipped back into the shadows. The smell of sulfur drifted out on the night air.

* * *

Principal Wood sat patiently behind his desk, his arms folded. He had driven the girls home the night before but had called them to his office as soon as he could the next morning. Lydia had given him the vaguest of excuses for breaking into the gym but she could tell he wasn’t buying it. Nancy had not been any help, preferring to stay silent, but Lydia couldn’t blame her. Even now Nancy was reserved and wore a blank, closed off expression. Her arms were hugged tight to her body and she was staring at an empty corner of the room. Lydia wished that the two of them could have talked more but the Principal had interrupted that. At least Rob had disappeared at some point.

“I’m serious. I want an explanation from both of you.” Principal wood said and he leaned in slightly.

“I promise you wouldn’t believe it if I told you,” Lydia said with a shrug. “Just give us detention.”

“Ms. Brewster. Believe me when I tell you that I have seen plenty of strange things. I might surprise you with how much I believe.” Wood said with the faintest little smile.

Lydia felt like his eyes were looking straight through her. The two of them stared at each other over the desk. Maybe he would believe her. Maybe she didn’t have to stumble through this alone with her best friend and a ten-year-old kid who might never show up again. Adults never seemed to believe or, like her father and mother, tried to pretend that it wasn’t real with drugs and therapy. She had communed with ghosts and nearly married what was apparently a really important demon.

“Like what?” Lydia asked.

“Like I smelled a lot of sulfur in that gym before I turned the ventilation fans on. Was it demons?”

Lydia’s eyes went wide and she could feel Nancy suddenly come to life next to her. “Wait, how did you know!?” Nancy nearly shouted.

The Principal laughed a deep, satisfied laugh. “I’m not one of them if that’s what you’re thinking. I’ve just fought a couple of them through the years.” He said and Nancy started to respond but Lydia silenced her by putting a hand on her shoulder.

“Maybe it was demons. Maybe we’re not ready to talk.” Lydia said, trying to keep her face neutral.

“I can help you but only if you can trust me enough to talk to me. If it was demons, the school is still standing and they’re no longer there. That might mean I have you to thank. I don’t really see the need to give you detention. However, if you were to show up after school anyway, maybe we could discuss the matter a little further. I just want to help you girls out.”

Lydia smiled and looked over at Nancy who gave a half-hearted little smile. “Maybe that will happen,” Lydia said. “But don’t hold your breath. Come on, Nancy. We have to get to class.”

Before the girls could get through the door, Principal Wood spoke up. “Be careful, ladies. I’ve seen what happens when a young woman goes up against a demon alone.”

Lydia pushed Nancy through the door and smirked without turning. “Yeah, we win.”

Aftershocks: Demon Days Pt. 4

October 20, 2015

Aftershocks 2

Several of the lights had been fried and it was a little darker now. Lydia pushed herself to her feet and pulled out a candle. With a force of will, she let the candle go and it floated into the air and lit itself. It followed her as she crossed the room and climbed into the bleachers. She leaned over and looked down at Rob. He blinked up at her and gave a weak smile.

“Are you alright, Rob?”

“I think I’m going to make it.” He said and reached his hand up carefully and Lydia helped him to his feet.

“Maybe we should get you to a hospital? Although, it looked like you had a somewhat feathery landing there.” Lydia said, gesturing the wings as best as she could.

Rob looked at her sharply. “Wait, so you saw those too? Any sign of them now?” He asked and turned in place so she could get a good look. There wasn’t a single feather now.

“No. They’re gone. If you’re alright, I need to check on Nancy. Come with me so I know you’re OK.” Lydia said and it wasn’t at all a question.

“Alright. Lead the way.” He said with a shrug and picked up his shotgun.

They walked out of the gym and into the night. Nancy was sitting on one of the swings in the swingset, a silhouette against the full moon. The demons probably used the magic of the full moon for such a massive demon summoning. It was the only thing she could think of that made sense at the moment. Lydia had no idea who the King of the Demons was but she guessed that the title was pretty self-explanatory. If he cared about her and Nancy then they must have felt threatened. If they felt threatened before, then how would they react to Ley being defeated? There was no way they were out of the woods even with the addition of Rob.

Of course, she was thinking about all this instead of walking the few feet to talk to her best friend. She didn’t know what to make of the transformation she had seen. If she were a little more truthful with herself, she would admit that she was scared. Scared that she would say the wrong thing and scared that Nancy might not be Nancy anymore. That was the scariest thought. Nancy was the first person to truly embrace her after the incident. Sunny Nancy could not be evil. It was that last thought that allowed Lydia to move her feet forward. She walked toward Nancy slowly, the candle still following her.

“Did I hurt anybody?” Nancy asked before Lydia had reached her. She asked without turning around so she couldn’t see it when Lydia shook her head. Lydia closed the gap and stood next to her friend and tried to be brave. What she had seen was scary but she had to believe that her friend was still in there. She just had to.

“Just that Ley demon and that’s a good thing, Nance,” Lydia said and reached over to stroke her friend’s back gently. She could see the tears on Nancy’s face and her normal hands clinging to the chains of the swing.

“I’m scared, Lydia. Of me.”

“Nancy, I know you. You wouldn’t hurt anybody. I believe in you.”

“I don’t know about that.” She said and turned to face Lydia, tears still flowing. “I think part of him is still inside of me.”

“I know, Nance. I know.” Lydia said and pulled her friend into a hug and the two girls stood hugging in the middle of the abandoned playground in the moonlight. Lydia could feel Nancy’s tears on her own cheek and only hugged her tighter.

“Ladies, can you explain what happened here tonight?” A voice said. Nancy and Lydia both looked up to see the muscular form of Principal Wood.

Aftershocks: Demon Days Pt. 3

October 13, 2015

Aftershocks 2

The gym was quiet and the three of them fell just as silent when they entered, listening to their footsteps echoing back from the walls. That had been a while ago. Now the sun was beginning to sink outside and it was already just after seven. They had arrived on time but leave it to demons to be late to the party. It was irritating and the atmosphere was thick with magic and anticipation. Lydia could feel the growing shadows grating against her protection spell like a bad rim on the road. Lydia was starting to get pissed and she could tell Nancy and Rob weren’t pleased either. Rob paced back and forth, full of nervous energy. Nancy absently chewed on the sleeve of her sweater.

When it happened, it was like stop motion from a movie in the late eighties. Monstrosities seemed to form from thin air or the shadows. They climbed all over the bleachers, arranging themselves like some unholy choir. None of them made a single sound but every single one had eyes for the three would-be demon slayers. Their looks were confident and not a bit wary of what was going to happen next. Some of them had tails, some had wings, some had multiple limbs but all of them had vicious claws and teeth. They looked like something out of an off-brand horror film but the fact that they were real was absolutely chilling. Rob stopped pacing and all three of them slowly moved closer together.

A man stepped out of the far wall and smiled big. Well, he was not a man exactly. There was definitely something demonic and evil about him even though he looked mostly human. His dark hair hung a little long, his eyes were white and without pupils and something was off about his jaw. Lydia looked at her watch and it was now 7:06. She grunted and unsheathed her sword.

“You’re late.” She said, approaching the middle of the basketball court.

“I think I’m right on time.” The lead demon said, unleashing a less than disarming smile.

“Who are you? Why are you even here?” Nancy asked, a little bit of hysteria struggling in her voice. It was not unlike the panic of a trapped bird.

“I am called Ley. The King of Demons sent us. When the King says hail, you hail to the king. He doesn’t take the fall of trusted lieutenants lightly. The thing is, we didn’t invite you, short stuff.” The demon said and pointed directly at Rob.

“Well, tough luck, Chinnigan,” Rob said and Ley glared and touched his prominent chin. “You’ve got me.” He smiled and looked at the girls. “Us. Are we going to fight or what?”

“Come get some,” Ley growled.

Ley didn’t move but the demons surged forward all once like a tidal wave with teeth. Lydia held her hand up and they slammed into her protection spell, knocking her back a few feet. That’s when the battle started. Lydia began swinging her sword and almost immediately lost sight of the others. She had to hold onto the belief that they were still alive. She really didn’t have much experience with a sword so she just kept slashing and avoiding the demons. After a while, her muscles started to burn and she knew she couldn’t keep this up much longer.

Lydia glimpsed Ley through the crowd and he was leaned against the wall, watching the action. Seeing him so nonplussed was really disheartening. She suddenly tripped over a tiny demon she hadn’t seen before and the fall felt like it was in slow motion. Right before she landed she spotted Rob, blood flying everywhere as a claw gouged his forehead. There was a sudden blinding light and Lydia covered her eyes and hoped the demons wouldn’t take advantage of the moment. When she looked again, Rob was standing in a clear space, free from demons. Glowing white, feathery wings had sprouted from his shoulders.

Rob drew his shotgun and started to pull the trigger over and over again. A bright light erupted from the shotgun with each shot and demons simply disintegrated when it hit them. Half of the remaining demons tried to scatter and the other half tried to rush Rob. Neither tactic was of any use as both groups of demons disappeared in a hail of white light. Rob stood triumphant, wings spread wide and a distant look on his face. He looked much older than he was in that moment and Lydia wondered what the hell was happening. With all the demons gone, Ley finally stepped away from the wall and rushed Rob. He hit Rob with surprising force that sent Rob flying across the gym and into the bleachers.

Ley started stalking toward Lydia, an axe suddenly in his hands and a sadistic smile forming on his face. It was at this point that Lydia realized that she had not gotten back to her feet after the shock of seeing Rob transform for the lack of a better term. She tried to push herself up but knew that she wouldn’t make it to her feet before Ley arrived. The axe started to come down and Lydia held up her hand in the dim hope the protection spell would still work. The axe didn’t make contact and Lydia opened her eyes in time to see it flying through the air. Nancy was standing there and giving Ley a very defiant look. Lydia had never seen Nancy angry but there she was seething with anger.

“Get away from her, You Bastard!” Nancy cried out and the sound almost sounded like she had a microphone. Then Nancy started to scream and her arms got visibly longer and her hands formed into nasty claws. Ley just looked stunned and blinked at Nancy like a mouse looks at a snake just before the end. Nancy swung her hand and the claws bit into Ley’s neck and swung with the other one and off came his head.  Ley and his head tumbled to the ground and for a moment Lydia saw his wide-eyed expression of shock before the body parts dissolved into a jet black goo and then evaporated. Before Lydia could get to her feet, Nancy ran from the gym and out of sight.

Aftershocks: Demon Days Pt. 2

October 6, 2015

Aftershocks 2

The parking lot was empty when Lydia and Nancy showed up. They hadn’t talked on the way and both of them had a look of determination on their faces. They had the look of two people who had dealt with demons and had come back changed forever. Lydia began to move her hand to cast the protection spell. In her other hand, she carried a baseball bat because her magic could only stretch so far. Nancy had no weapon but had sworn that she would be fine. The two of them looked at each other, nodded and started across the parking lot toward the gym.

A car suddenly screamed across the parking lot. It came to a stop with its bumper grinding against one of the concrete barriers that bordered the parking lot. Lydia started toward the car and felt Nancy following her. She was sure this was a trap. A boy in a long tan coat jumped out of the driver’s seat. He had short black hair and a serious expression on his face. He seemed not to notice the two girls standing a few feet away as he moved to root through the trunk.

“Hey kid, you shouldn’t be here,” Lydia called out. She tried to look casual with a baseball bat in her hand but that was just impossible.

The kid, who must have been no more than ten, looked up sharply. “You’re the ones who shouldn’t be here. I’ve got private business inside.”

Nancy smirked. “That’s the high school. You want the middle school down the street.”

The boy looked at them sharply. “Look, there are demons inside of that gym. I’ve followed the signs and I know what I have to do.” The boy’s eyes were so fiercely blue that Lydia almost wanted to take a step back. The boy turned his attention back to the trunk.

“How do you know about the demons?” Lydia asked softly.

The boy paused and looked at them again. “Wait, did you know about the demons too? Oh wait, you’re witches aren’t you?”

Lydia barely stopped herself from bugging her eyes out. “Who are you, kid? What are you?”

“My name’s Rob. I just know things because of my dad or at least that’s what my mom says.” The boy said and obviously didn’t want to talk about that as he went back to the trunk. “I know I’m supposed to take those demons out too.”

“It’s dangerous to go alone,” Nancy said, hugging her arms around that same sweater. “There’s a lot of them in there. I saw them in my dreams. We can help you.”

Rob looked them over and shrugged. “I’ve never actually done this before. I could probably use your help but I don’t really trust you yet.”

“God, you’re really honest. Fair enough. What’s in the trunk?” Lydia asked. Rob stepped aside and let Lydia and Nancy look into the trunk. Inside there was what looked like an arsenal. There were axes, swords and a lot of guns.

“Holy shit, you’re a little kid. How’d you get a car and all these weapons?” Nancy asked, probably a little too loudly. Lydia put a hand on her shoulder and she calmed down a little, giving Lydia a sheepish little smile.

“Inherited from dad,” Rob said with a noncommittal little shrug. “Are we going to kill demons or what?” He grabbed a shotgun out of the car and checked the ammo.

“We’re going to kill demons,” Lydia said as she switched her baseball bat out for a sword. “Let’s go.”

Aftershocks: Demon Days Pt. 1

October 2, 2015


Aftershocks 2

Lydia Brewster got up from her seat in History class when the bell rang and rubbed her eyes. It was tough trying to adjust to a new town and a new school but after a while, it had been necessary. After fighting off a demon and dealing with a semi-related haunting, it had been hard to sleep at night. She had found ways to cope. Her first thought had been alcohol and pills but that’s what her mother did and she wasn’t going to be her mother. The only option was to learn how to fight back in the future and not rely on dumb luck. By day she was a relatively attentive high school student, by night she was an amateur witch. The magical arts were starting to feel natural like a nice, warm security blanket.

She turned the last digit on her locker combination and opened it up to change out books for the next class. She was in a daze, tired from a late night of reading and trying out some new defensive spells. Thankfully her goth look covered up the dark circles under her eyes. She barely reacted when Nancy thrust her head from the shadows deep in Lydia’s locker.

“Good Morning, Lyds!” She said, a little too energetic for Lydia’s taste.

“I told you not to call me that. Also, it’s afternoon, Nancy.”

“I know, I just like saying ‘Good Morning’ a lot”

Nancy’s bright blonde locks and blue eyes and tendency to wear actual colors made her quite the contrast from Lydia. Her personality was also way sunnier than Lydia could ever muster even on her best day. However, the two of them still had a lot in common. Both of them had had brushes with demonic entities and both of them had magical skill. Of course, Nancy had a tendency to flaunt hers without realizing it such as teleporting into Lydia’s locker instead of waiting next to it like a normal person. Lydia grabbed her arm, squishing against that same ratty striped sweater she always wore and pulled her out of the locker before anybody could see.

“It’s no use arguing with you. What’s going on, Nancy?” Lydia proceeded to change her books out as she intended now that the obstacle was removed.

“Dreams. Nightmares.” Nancy replied, suddenly serious.

It was always dreams and nightmares with Nancy. Ever since Nancy’s defeat of an evil demon, she had manifested magical abilities and nagging prophetic dreams. In the short time that the two had known each other, they had learned to take the dreams seriously. Nightmares could only mean something bad on the horizon.

“What are we dealing with? It’s not one of them, right?” Lydia asked.

“No. It’s not both of them either.” She looked around as if anybody would pay attention to the two of them. They were usually ignored and usually liked it that way.

“Cute. That’s what it isn’t. What is it?”

“Demons are coming. Demons plural, Lyds. What are we going to do?” Nancy asked, desperation in her eyes.

“We fight them, Nancy. Like before. When are they coming?”

“Um… 6 o’clock, I think. The gym.” Nancy said

“Then I’ll see you at 6 o’clock. Be ready to rumble.” Lydia said and turned to walk to class, slamming her locker before walking away. She could feel the warmth of Nancy’s smile behind her and she couldn’t help but smile too. Demons coming and the only two people who could save the day were smiling. It must be a ridiculous amount of brain damage.

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