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Knight of Dresden – A Dresden Files Story

April 13, 2020

Preparing the sword had taken Afu a long time but it was definitely worth it. He had carved it out of whalebone he had scavenged from a beached skeleton. It had been a difficult material to work with but it had been a good project for practicing his talents. Afu had grown up on the island of Somoa but his family had moved to Hawaii when he was in his teens. He had taken to boating like everybody in his family going back generations. He spent a lot of time alone on the small sailboat he had built with his dad. One day a sudden squall had dashed the boat against an unseen rock and he nearly drowned until the water around him froze and he was able to climb the ice back to this boat. He was left shaken by the event.

Somebody had sensed the inadvertent magical spell and he was approached by an old man who called himself Jimmy V. Jimmy looked like an old surfer, often encrusted with sand and salt. He was a wizard, though, and sought to take Afu under his wing and teach him magic. Jimmy had insisted, saying that the White Council would come after Afu if he misused magic even accidentally. Jimmy could not bear to see that happen. So Afu would visit Jimmy’s shack or the two would go on day trips around the islands so that Afu could get practical lessons in wielding the forces of magic. While they were on one of these excursions, chaos erupted.

During the conflict with a group of demon-possessed humans and their demon mistress, Jimmy and Afu met a woman who introduced herself as Molly Carpenter. She looked human but her magical aura was like nothing Afu had ever seen. Eventually, she revealed that she was the Winter Lady, a faerie-touched agent of the Court of Winter. During the final conflict, Molly had been injured and decided to convalesce in Hawaii. During that period, Afu spent a lot of time with Molly and listening to her stories. She spoke eagerly about days gone by and the countless adventures she had been on. Afu had only known a fraction of the magical world but Molly had seen it all.

Molly spoke glowingly of her father, Michael Carpenter. He used to be a Knight of the Cross, literally a warrior in the service of God who wielded a legendary holy sword. Molly obviously had great respect for the man even though Afu could sense that their relationship was a bit complicated. Molly also talked a lot about a man named Harry Dresden. When that topic came up, Jimmy confirmed that he had heard both good and bad things about Dresden but had never met him.  He had merely felt the shockwaves that Dresden had generated when Jimmy was merely a child. But Molly had confirmed only that Dresden had been a good man. He had saved her from falling into darkness and both men had been a positive influence on her.

So Afu had been inspired by the stories to get himself a sword. His faith was not strong enough to seek out a Sword of the Cross. Besides, he wanted to forge his own path like Dresden had. That was when he had the idea for the sword. He slowly carved the sword out of one solid piece of whalebone. He then meticulously carved many offensive and defensive runes into the surface. He then filled each and every single carving with resin. He had created a powerful magical weapon and tool. However, he wanted to be a defender. He wanted to protect those he loved and the innocent of the world.

That was why he left Hawaii, traveling first to mainland United States to seek out those like-minded magicians to carry on Dresden’s legacy. The legacy of a free-thinker who always did the right thing and always sought out the darkness to end its threat to the world.  That world was a wide-open place and Afu was excited to explore it. He would travel first to Chicago where Molly, Michael, and Harry had been from. He wondered what he might find in Harry’s old haunts.

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