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Learn to Drive, New Jersey!

October 31, 2008

(Post Dated September 9, 2007)

Today’s entry is about driving in New Jersey.  See, the skills are a little lacking in this region driving-wise.  I come from Baltmore, Maryland where driving is about the same as many cities on the Eastern Seaboard.  Baltimore is pretty much ok as traffic goes.  Yes, it has its traffic jams and jellies but overall, I never had much problem getting from point A to point B.  I knew a lot of the back roads and shortcuts which made things easier.  Driving is much less stressful if you travel the road less traveled.  Also, people are fairly courteous in Baltimore and I found myself being afforded leeway in strange times.  For instance, I was waved on by countless good samaritans who seemed to honestly believe that (surprise surprise) they would get to their destination no quicker by not being polite.

I’m sorry if this offends people I know but the people I care that I offend are not the offenders here.  New Jersey drivers are not polite. New Jersey drivers are not even safe drivers for the most part.  Drivers around here are aggressive and blessed with this misplaced sense of entitlement.  Yesterday I started to play Bad Driver Bingo. It was either that or get angry or cry.

Witnessed yesterday in one 15 minute drive:

— Two ladies who nearly wrecked me in the same parking lot by driving down the center of the road.  If I had not been paying attention I would have hit their cars or swerved into a parked car.  Just because you are in a hurry does not preclude your responsibility to drive safely.

— Minivan tailgaited me for several blocks.  I looked in my rearview mirror and saw that it was a lady on her cellphone.  Shut the phone off. Is it an emergency or are you having a chat that can wait?

This may not seem so bad but it unnerves me.  Because of a stomach bug and a tight work schedule I am not so well rested lately.  I already have to deal with raccon rings near my eyes, I do not need to worry about getting into a wreck on top of that.  This is not meant to be a negative post. I do not want negative posts on this blog.  This is a cry for responsibility and actually giving a flying fig about yours and others’ safety.  Oh and I’m aware that traffic in DC and New York City can be infinitely worse.  North Jersey doesn’t have the excuses of these cities. Suck it up and drive safely. Thank you.

This post was made more than a year ago. Know what? I totally still agree with it. I hate driving in New Jersey. Especially the afternoon.  In fact, I’ve almost stopped driving altogether because of bad traffic. That and gas prices. Ugh. More positive post next.

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