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Media Update 11/12/2015

November 12, 2015

The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore

I’m finally getting around to talking about this show. The Colbert Report quickly became one of my favorite shows with its razor sharp parody and near perfect comic timing. So when Colbert was tapped as an obvious replacement for David Letterman who would take over that slot? The immediate announcement was that Larry Wilmore would be taking over the spot. Like Colbert, Wilmore had gotten his start on the Daily Show and was graduating to get his own show. Wilmore was the correspondent they often tapped when they needed a sarcastic black perspective when they weren’t using Jessica Williams. Most of his segments revolved around eventually flummoxing Stewart (and the audience) with white guilt. They were clever but they kind of pidgeonholed him. As host of the Nightly Show (a clever name for the show) he offers his comedic insight about the news as Stewart, Colbert and Oliver did before him. He puts his own spin on it and, yes, he does offer a unique opinion from a black man but that’s not all he does. The only part of the show I don’t like is the second part. It’s a roundtable discussion which doesn’t seem to be scripted and is often too messy and clumsy to be funny but maybe it will eventually find its footing. Definitely check it out after the Daily Show.


I hate Man of Steel. I made that clear when I reviewed the movie over a year ago and I still really hate that movie. When I found out that they wanted to set the Supergirl show in that world, I despaired a little. However, as I also reported here, when I saw the Supergirl trailer I got excited. The costume design of the show is by Colleen Atwood who did design work for Arrow and Flash. The show thankfully borrows as little as possible from the Man of Steel series of movies. They even make a point of not referring to Superman as Superman. The show is paced really well and it just has an overall sunnier disposition and I love that. More than that, I really like all the characters. The action and effects are all spot on. I just got this feeling that I get when I see a good comic book show or movie. I shout “See!? This is what I spent my allowance on all those years. I walked four miles for just a taste of this every Saturday!” I just sat there and smiled.

Ash vs. Evil Dead

I love the Evil Dead movies and Bruce Campbell. There’s such an indy comedy/horror quality to the trilogy that feels like it has a lot of heart without much money. I also loved the movie My Name is Bruce for breaking the fourth wall and portraying Bruce Campbell as an aging, selfish hero. This show felt like it married those two concepts and combined two great tastes. Ash has been through some tough days and it really shows how his character works. He’s only good at one thing and that’s being a hero. Otherwise he’s a selfish jackass who you don’t really want to hang out with. In hero mode, you’re drawn to him and that’s really fun. I also like that, despite the bigger budget, they were able to keep the feel of the Deadites from the movies. The Deadites are probably my favorite horror villains because they have no rules. They just do evil stuff and are constantly showing off new tricks just because they can. I can’t wait for more episodes!

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– I’m a little disappointed in the MST3K Kickstarter
– I finished Season 3 of Sons of Anarchy. Wow.
– I also finished Bones Season 10 and that was powerful. Should have ended there.
– I’ve been listening to a lot of Harmontown again. It’s so good.
– Blacklist continues to be excellent
– I think Criminal Minds is underrated.

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