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Watson and Watson – A Sherlock/Elementary Crossover Story

April 27, 2020

“This is all so strange, don’t you think?” John Watson asked. He kept his eyes peeled for any sign of trouble, a little nervous.

“This is a pretty standard lockpick,” Joan Watson said with a shrug. “but that’s probably not what you’re referring to.”

The two Watsons had met not but a few hours earlier when they were both following leads about the kidnapping of their partners. Upon finding out that they were both working with the famous Sherlock Holmes, they just had to team up. It was intriguing that they just happened to be entirely different iterations of Sherlock Holmes. It also deeply confused John that he had been in London earlier in the day but was now in New York City. He had not remembered any air travel. Now they were hot on the trail of whoever was behind this.

“You’re absolutely correct,” John said. “How can there be two men named Sherlock Holmes? Both are consulting detectives from England.”

“Both are assholes with a heart of gold?” Joan asked with a smile, trying to focus on picking the lock.

“What are the odds?” John asked. “Honestly?”

“The odds are pretty slim,” Joan agreed. “Is his brother’s name…?”

“Mycroft,” John said. “Yes, it is. I feel like we’re entering the realm of science fiction.”

“You’re not wrong,” Joan said. “but we’re fairly different, right?”

“We’re both J. Watson,” John said. “That’s not enough for you?”

“I’m an ex-surgeon and ex-sober companion,” Joan said. “What’s your background?”

“I was a medic in Afghanistan,” John said. He did not seem to want to expand on that. “Now I’m kind of a writer.”

“So, we’re both ‘Doctor Watson’,” Joan said. “But we came at it from different angles. Plus there are the obvious biological differences.”

“That goes without saying,” John said.

Joan finally got the lock open. “Maybe that wasn’t as simple a lock as it looked,” she said. “We’ll have time to explore the implications of all this once we’ve recovered the Sherlocks.”

They moved inside the office and split up to start searching. There were papers and files everywhere so there was enough to keep them occupied. Each had different strengths that had been honed by their partnerships with Sherlock Holmes. Somewhere in the back of their heads, both Dr. Watsons knew that the Sherlocks were somewhat different from each other. It would be interesting to study them when they were together after they were rescued. After a while, John could not help but talk again.

“Who do you suppose is behind this kidnapping?” John asked. “I’m sure your Sherlock has no shortage of enemies just like my Sherlock.”

“Definitely true,” Joan said. “It might be Moriarty. This is appropriately complicated.” Although, in the back of her head Joan wondered if this was one of Sherlock’s tests meant to further her education. Somehow this seemed too strange for even Sherlock Holmes to dream up.

“Moriarty?” John asked, stunned. “He’s still alive?”

“She’s still alive,” Joan said. “and very dangerous.”

“She?” John asked. “Your Moriarty is a woman?”

“Another difference, I guess. She and Sherlock actually used to date,” Joan said. “She was Irene at some point.”

“Irene Adler?” John asked, exasperated. “That’s quite a shock.”

“It was,” Joan said. “I take it that your Moriarty is dead?”

“Honestly, I’m not sure sometimes,” John said. “There have been a lot of posthumous recordings. He doesn’t stay away for long considering he’s supposed to be dead.”

“That sounds like a Moriarty. It also sounds like you live as complicated a life as I do,” Joan said. “Still, it’s all worth it right? Helping people? The thrill of the chase?”

“I like to think so,” John said. “Not something I ever went looking for, though, and I actively tried to avoid it at one point.”

“Avoid it?” Joan asked. “What do you mean?”

“Working with Sherlock caused disruptions in my marriage for a while,” John said. “but Mary has passed.”

“I’m sorry,” Joan said. “This work makes it hard to date much less get married.”

John nodded and they went back to searching. Suddenly, Joan came up with a piece of paper and looked over at John.

“Do you recognize the name Eurus?” Joan asked.

John went pale. “Unfortunately, I do,” he said. “Have you not heard of Eurus Holmes yet?”

“Eurus who!?” Joan nearly yelled.

<Once again, Elementary was a suggestion from my friend Liz but I know she likes Sherlock too>

Media Update 11/14/19

November 14, 2019

The Prodigal Son

I was a fan of the psychological crime franchise Silence of the Lambs, where the minds of killers are explored. The same goes for Mindhunter and various other series. The idea of the son of a serial killer consulting with his father on criminal cases sounded really cool. Add onto that the brilliant performance of Michael Sheen as the manic and congenial serial killer in question. His son is played by Tom Payne and he is also delightfully eccentric in a completely different way. Television legend Lou Diamond Phillips plays the police lieutenant who is Payne’s mentor and wise leader. Payne must also deal with the rest of his family played by Halston Sage and Bellamy Young, a sister and mother who are also still dealing with the past. There is also a fun ensemble in the police as well, filled out by Frank Harts, Keiko Agena, and Aurora Perrineau. The characters really drive the show but there is also an underlying mystery and an exploration of abnormal psychology that I am so interested in. I definitely recommend this.


I had heard good things about this show and I had already fallen in love with Cobie Smulders from her time in The Avengers. In this show, former military intelligence (played by Smulders) decides to act as a private investigator. Smulders is tough and hilarious and instantly a character I wanted to spend time with. She cares for her brother played by Cole Sibus who just might be the smartest character on the show and hands down the best portrayal of Downs Syndrome I have seen on television. Jake Johnston plays Smulders’ bar owner friend who is often the comic relief on the show although everybody is fairly snarky. Michael Ealy plays a cool-headed and calculating detective who believes in Smulders. His boss is a no-nonsense detective played by Camryn Manheim. There is also Tantoo Cardinal who plays an enigmatic casino owner and representative of the local Native American population. She is not exactly a villain but is instead a neutral party who has fingers in all of the pies. It is clear that the series is drawing from some great source material and I cannot wait to see where the fun goes next. I definitely recommend it.


I had originally dismissed this series because the BBC series Sherlock was so good and another American remake did not interest me. Except, then I started to hear that the show was really good. So, I finally decided to give it a shot. This series reimagines the relationship between Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. This time, Dr. Watson is Joan Watson an ex-surgeon hired on to be Holmes’ sober living companion after a stint in rehab. Jonny Lee Miller plays Holmes, a man with a mysterious past and a manic spirit tempered by a vast intellect. He is easy to like no matter how much he tries to get people around him to leave him alone. Watson is played by Lucy Liu, Holmes’ human connection to the world who has her own secrets. She is stern but immensely likable. Aidan Quinn plays the gruff lieutenant who ‘befriended’ Holmes a long time ago. Jon Michael Hill plays the young detective who is the lieutenant’s best man and often gets paired with Holmes. He doubts Holmes’ methods but comes to rely on them too. I was wrong. The show is not a retread of the BBC series and they found a way to make the material fresh and own it. I definitely recommend this show as well.

Weekly Music:
Nine Inch Nails – CLOSER (Featuring the Muppets)

Qveen Herby – Vitamins

Kesha – Raising Hell

The Muffs – Weird Boy Next Door

Donny Benét — Working Out

Weekly Update:
– This week’s theme is “Private Eyes”
– I watched Teen Titans: Judas Contract
– I watched Batman: Gotham by Gaslight
– I watched Justice League vs. Fatal Five
– I started watching Veronica Mars Season 4
– I started watching The Good Place Season 3
– I watched more Brooklyn 99 Season 2
– I watched more Bob’s Burgers Season 6
– I watched more Blindspot Season 2
– I watched more Stargate Atlantis Season 1
– I watched more Charmed Season 1
– I watched more Scream Season 1

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