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Felix Graham: Osaka Adventure 2

September 15, 2015

Felix Osaka

“You know, you didn’t have to take a plane, right?” May asked as they got into the elevator. She reached for the button that nobody else could see. She had a nice little, self-satisfied smirk on her face.

“What?” Felix asked.

“Don’t tell me you’ve never taken the portals, Lucky.” She said, using that old family nickname.

“I hate you.” Felix said with a sigh and then a smile that took the truth from the words. “I’ve never had a reason to take one of those things and you know how much I hate flying.”

“Yeah, that’s why Ren bought the tickets. I love my husband, but he’s a bit of a prankster sometimes.”

“I’ll be on my guard in the future.”

The elevator doors opened and they walked toward the victim’s hospital rooms. Felix pulled the first chart down from the wall and started to flip through it. This was easy, this had become routine the last few years but here he was doing it in Japan. He went from room to room, chart to chart. He studied numbers, statements, x-rays, diagnostics. He set the last chart back in its bin.

“So what’s the word, dear cousin? You’re the expert.” May asked, her four foot sword had disappeared into a satchel at her side. There was no need to show the blade off in the middle of a hospital. If that need arose then they would be in a very bad place indeed.

“Well, I’m almost disappointed, May. The charts only show injuries from mundane explosions. These are aware doctors, I think they would have found more magical wounds. Don’t get me wrong, they’re in bad shape but even a first year med student could bring these people through the woods.”

“That certainly doesn’t get us any leads but I guess it makes these people lucky.”

“Well, bombing victims are rarely called lucky. However, I can let my light shine and they’ll be a little luckier.”

“Harsh truth, cousin. I’ll leave you to that while I check in with my husband.”

Felix walked past his cousin and into the first room. He focused his will and a circle of light formed on his chest, shining through his shirt. A beam of light stretched out to the first patient and he could feel wounds knit, bones heal and burns reverse. He smiled and took a deep breath to recover his will and moved to check the monitors attached to the patient’s body. The young elf looked better than her chart depicted now and he was pleased. He moved to do the same with the next four patients. He hadn’t had enough energy to bring them all to one hundred percent but they were in for a much better time of it now.

May was off the phone again in the hallway but there was a young girl talking to her. “Is this is one of the patients’ family members? Look, they’re all going to be ok. It’s not going to be easy but they won’t suffer as much now.”

The girl looked up at him. “That’s great. I actually work with your cousin and the Sentinel. We need to solve this problem.” The girl replied which brought a laugh from May which quickly became a poorly faked cough when the girl looked at her.

The girl had the fiercest eyes that Felix had ever seen, they were at once annoyed and proud. He thought at first that they were an elf trait but it was just the force of the girl’s personality. She was short and Felix guessed she might be a gnome but he didn’t want to assume. She wore professional clothes for a teenager and glasses with no lenses in them. She had a backpack slung over one shoulder.

“I’m not a stranger to having my foot in my mouth. I sincerely apologize.” Felix said. Sometimes he wasn’t able to catch words before he left his mouth and he had needed to apologize in the past. However, the apology here was mostly political as he couldn’t have known the girl was a Legend although he could see it now.

“I accept your apology.” The girl said, waving away the offense with a gesture.

I know you didn’t ask for me but I’d like to continue to help if I can.”

“You offer to help defend my native land along with your gaijin cousin? How can I refuse?” The girl smirked. “I am Makoto Hino. You could call me a private detective.”

“What are you? 15?”

“I am sixteen and I guarantee I’m smarter than you. Now, shall we adjourn to May’s car so we can meet up with the rest of our team?” The girl tossed her hair and gave Felix an impatient look. May continued to be unhelpful with a big grin on her face behind Makoto.

“You’re the boss. I’m just a guest here.” Felix responded and they headed back down to the parking lot.

Felix Graham: Osaka Adventure

July 29, 2015

Felix Osaka

When the plane touched down at the Osaka International Airport, I eagerly got off and headed through a terminal in a foreign land. I hate flying and the ogre in the seat next to me didn’t make the flight any easier. As soon as he realized I was Aware he talked my ear off about everything under the sun and somethings that weren’t. He was nice enough but I’m anxious enough during a flight. I didn’t need the additional stress.

After a quick trip to baggage claim, I stepped into the sun and got my first lungful of real Japanese air. It was not shockingly different from Baltimore but it was different from Sub Hopkins in all the best ways. I started to look around and I eventually laid eyes on Ren Akiyoshi which was not a good sign. I don’t have anything against Ren but I was expecting his wife and my cousin, May. Her absence meant something was happening because she had talked up and down about how excited she was that I was coming.

This was supposed to be a short vacation before I settled down to establish a practice in Columbia. I had found office space and Grace Testa had agreed to be my assistant. Even now she was setting up the office and getting everything in place for our grand opening. Ever since my Legendary epiphany in Sub Hopkins I was eager to get things started but May and her husband were legends too and wanted to see me. They had paid for the ticket so there was no way I could say no. Besides, I like visiting family.

“Greetings, Felix. How was your flight?” Ren asked, a sly little smile on his face. Ren was hard to read sometimes but May always said he was a good guy.

“It was a flight. It’s common knowledge I don’t like flying. Why do you always talk like that, Ren?” He had intentionally pushed a few buttons but I couldn’t help but smile.

“In an exagerrated manner? It amuses me. Shall we go to the car?”

“Good idea. So what’s going on? What’s the crisis?” I asked. To his credit, Ren didn’t break stride. He did wait until we had slipped into his car to respond.

“The Tengu have taken three people hostage. They also ignited a warehouse and injured a lot of people.”

“Wow. Where do we start?”

“We will meet up with May. She has arrived on the scene and is trying to communicate with the local Sentinel at the warehouse. Also, she was looking forward to seeing you.”

* * *

When we pulled up in front of the smoldering remains of the warehouse, May was standing on the hood of a car and staring off into the distance. Even when we were little, we always called her Wonder Woman. During family vacations, she was almost always the leader of the kids. There she was, looking like the cover of comic book with a four foot broad sword hanging on her back. She grinned and deactivated her armor as she jumped down and gave me a hug.

“Felix! You’re finally here! Ready to help us kick some ass?” She said with a smile.

“Well, it’s kind of my first time with field work but I go where I’m needed.”

She smiled a thousand watt smile. “I’m glad you were needed here.”

“So, is the sentinel going to let us see the crime scene?”

“Yes, actually, but Ren is already inside doing that.”

I looked around and truly Ren had disappeared. “It must be nice being a ninja.”

“I think you’ll find it’s even nicer having one on your team. Come on, let’s grab a cup of coffee and we’ll check out the victims, Doctor.”

Dr. Felix Graham

July 18, 2015

We’re just starting a new campaign in a new system and a new setting.  It’s called Aeternal Legends and it’s available on Drive-Thru RPG.  Up until now, I’ve definitely been in control of combat characters so I thought it was time for something new. This is a world where only a percentage of the world can see the supernatural and a percentage of that percentage are born heroes called Legends.  When you’re a Legend, your path is clearer and problems that need solving always seem to be placed at your feet.

*    *    *

My name is Felix Graham but that’s not where this story starts. I wanted to do as little in life as I could get away with. My career goals began and ended with the new comic book store in the neighborhood. Instead of heading off to college with everybody else, I screwed around a bit first. I was happy with my first girlfriend, Kathryn, and I had snagged a job that let me read all day.

It was nearly a year later when my little sister Olly got hit by a car and entered into a coma. Obviously, my family was devastated and I was shaken out of my comfortable little life. Any time that I wasn’t at the store, I was sitting with my sister until visiting hours ended. Kathryn left for a job opportunity and we broke up shortly after. I regret it but I was so caught up with my family that I at least should have ended that better.

I can recall the moment everything changed vividly, six months later. I had fallen asleep in that same chair as always and my folks were at work. I woke up with exhausted eyes and I thought I saw shadows looming over my sister. To this day, I don’t know if it was real or not but I stood and saw a light shining from my chest and the shadows were washed away.

I woke up suddenly and I was back in the same chair as if I had never left it. My sister was sitting up in bed and rubbing her eyes. She shot me a grateful but confused smile. She was cured. Eventually, after calling my parents and the doctors I went to get everybody something to drink. That’s when I realized how open my eyes were.

I nearly ran into a nurse who glowed with saintly light. As I stumbled back I saw so many strange and wonderful things. It was like They Live without the sunglasses as I stumbled through the hospital in a panic. If my uncle Drew hadn’t just arrived I probably would have made more of a spectacle of myself. He confirmed that I hadn’t lost my mind and talked and laid out how the aware world worked.

Uncle Drew told me that he thought I had taken the first step or two onto a new path and I agreed. I had been impressed with the doctors and nurses that had tended to my sister and I made that my new mission in the strange new world I had entered. I managed to get into Towson University without much trouble. While I studied Pre-Med, I learned more about the aware world from anyone I could get talking but especially Uncle Drew.

After that, I left the borders of Maryland for the first time when I got into the Medical School at the University of Pittsburgh. The work was demanding but I kept my head down and studied hard like a man on a mission. There was darkness out there. I remembered those shadows swarming my sister and even if they were just a metaphor, shadows need to be shown the light. I graduated and recited the Declaration of Geneva along with all my fellow graduates. Of course, I silently edited it to include the other Clades.

I went back home for a visit where I got a letter explaining how I could further my medical training at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore. I was fully licensed but I was curious about this opportunity at one of the best hospitals in the world. I packed my bags once again and headed into the big city. My contact, Dr. Oyama, immediately corrected my assumptions about why I was there. I was not doing a residency at Johns Hopkins. I was instead doing it at Sub-Hopkins, an interstice under the famous hospital. It turned out to be a very brutal but rewarding experience, treating an aware population in a dimension below Baltimore.

Three years later I had become comfortable at Sub-Hopkins and much more experienced with treating conditions unique to the aware population. I was called out of bed to the emergency room to help out with a huge disaster. They carted in a Sentinel and three Legends who were heavily damaged. There had been a dragon loose in Cockeysville although it would later be called a gas leak. Two of them were still smoking when they arrived.

We worked all night but we still lost all but one Legend. As I checked her pulse in the morning, I felt like everything was suddenly clear again. If someone like me had been there, maybe they would have made it. They would have at least been more stable when they reached the hospital. No. Not someone like me. Me. I should have been there. I am a Legend. I tendered my resignation with the hospital immediately.

I had to get topside and into a better position to get where I’m needed. Maybe if I started my own practice I could get away for adventures. Maybe somewhere quiet but nearby. Somewhere like Columbia maybe?

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