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One for All – An Equestria Girls AU Story

April 17, 2020

Rarity was pacing back and forth across the floor, the clomping of her designer boots was pretty loud on the wooden floor. Of course, Rarity would still be the height of fashion even in a warzone. Of course, it was weird to think of their home as a warzone. She stopped walking to check her pistols again, each one accented with pearl, bronze, and purple paint. The clips were still full. She thought about checking her makeup but there was no mirror close enough. She must look a fright but she would have to let that compulsion linger.

“Would you stop pacing so much?” Applejack muttered. “You’re more nervous than a long-tailed cat in a room full of rockin’ chairs and you’re making me nervous. Well, more nervous.”

“Sorry!” Rarity practically yelled. “I mean, I’m sorry. You know nervous I get in these situations. I’m supposed to be a fashion designer, not a combatant.”

“Hey, I hear ya,” Applejack said. “I wish I was back on the farm but that aint’ where we’re at right now. Until Queen Chrysalis is defeated, nothing will go back to normal.

Pinkie Pie swung down out of the rafters. “When it does, there will be a huge party!” The noise was so sudden that it startled the other girls. “Anybody want a cookie?”

“No,” Rarity said. ” but thank you. I just couldn’t manage a bite. I wish we could go back out there and help Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy. They’re out there on their own.”

“Not completely on their own,” Applejack said. “My brother, Shining Armor, and Trixie are out there with them. They’re keeping those crystal zombies busy elsewhere. We have to stay here and protect Twilight. She’s the closest thing we have to a princess until we can rescue Celestia, Luna, and Cadence.”

“I know, I know,” Rarity said. “We’ve already lost so much. We have to hold onto hope that Twilight, Sunset Shimmer, and Zecora can find the right spell to end this thing.”

“Of course they will!” Pinkie Pie said. “They’re absolute best. We’ve got nothing to worry about.” She went back to cooking. Since the conflict had begun in earnest, she had been forced to do a lot of their cooking. She could not just cook cakes and pies, she had to cook more nutritious foods which she found boring. Still, she would do anything for her friends.

“Nothing to worry about!?” Rarity said and sat down on a nearby chair. “I need to sit down. Queen Chrysalis came back out of nowhere and ruined Princess Cadence’s wedding. Then she proceeded to successfully summon Discord, then she killed him, and took his power for her own.”

“We know,” Applejack said. “Then she created the spell that turned a lot of our friends into her creepy crystal zombies.”

“Sorry,” Rarity said. “It just helps to say it all out loud sometimes. It helps to remind me that it’s all real and I’m not just going crazy.”

Applejack put a hand on her friend’s shoulder. “Pinkie’s right,” she said. “We’re going to get through this. We got through everything before. We stopped Nightmare Moon. We stopped Discord. We’re tougher than heck.”

“We are,” Rarity said with a smile. “and we look damn good saving the day. We’ll have things back to sunnier days soon.”

“We just have to stay strong,” Applejack said. She picked up her shotgun. “and kick some butt.”

“I need some tea,” Rarity said. There was a pause as she realized that nobody was going to get it for her.

“I have no idea how to make tea,” Applejack said. “I’m more of a coffee gal.”

“It’s exceedingly simple,” Rarity said. “All you have to do is crush the leaves, pour the water, and then get the balance of sugar and milk exactly right.”

“Real simple,” Applejack said. “Sounds like a lot for just one cup.”

“To each their own,” Rarity said. “I could never get used to the mud you drink.” She smiled, teasing Applejack just a bit. Applejack caught on and let it slide with a smile.

“The stronger the better,” Applejack said. “I’ve gotten up before the sun most days of my life.”

“That sounds dreadful,” Rarity said. “but, again, to each their own.”

The back door opened suddenly and Zecora and Sunset Shimmer helped Twilight into the room. She looked absolutely drained and needed the support of the other two magic users. Despite here fatigue, Twilight was smiling. The smile looked a little off-kilter and deranged but it was a smile.

“Twilight!” Pinkie Pie said. “You should eat something.” She put a plate down on a table and Zecora and Sunset Shimmer helped her into a seat at the table. Applejack quickly poured some water and set it on the table too.

“Sorry,” Twilight said. “The spells we’re using take a lot out of me.”

“She wouldn’t let us be the focus,” Sunset Shimmer said.

“She refused to stop,” Zecora said. “That is until she dropped.”

“It’s worth it,” Twilight said, weakly reaching for a fork to eat her food. Pinkie also started setting food out for Sunset and Zecora as well. Hospitality mode came naturally to her.

“Worth it?” Rarity asked. “Worth running yourself ragged? You poor thing.”

“I think I’ve figured it out,” Twilight said.

“You’ve figured it out?” Applejack asked. “What did you figure out?”

“How to beat them all,” Twilight said. “with friendship.”


January 20, 2015

I had a birthday recently.  My birthday is December 29 so it falls between Christmas and New Years Eve/Day.  You have probably heard people talk about how much that sucks.  It does or rather it did.  Lately I don’t really like making a big deal about my birthday.  It’s not about getting older that bothers me but more the belief that I don’t think it’s worth people getting excited about.  I’m just little ol’ me.  I like the occasional happy birthday wish in person or on facebook but other than that I feel embarassed to celebrate too much.  It’s kind of a situation where I want to have my cake but not make the cake into a spectacle while I eat it.
There is a family tradition of not celebrating my birthday on the 29th which developed from the aforementioned bad timing of my birthday.  You see, I never really suffered from having my birthday so close to Christmas.  At least, it never felt like I suffered from receiving less presents.  My family always did a good job of delineating Christmas and birthday presents.  I never felt cheated out of any presents because my family was always very generous and I never really wanted too much.
The part that sucked is that when I was little, I wanted to celebrate my birthday with my firends.  On December 29, all of us children were still on winter break from school and a lot of the time my friends were either out of town or too busy with their family and could not attend any extra parties.  It was pretty frustrating having my birthday come around and not have a party.  Birthday parties were the only social events we had as kids.  Eventually we figured out that we could just have my birthday party in April or May before school ended.
I was remembering a pretty bad memory lately that did happen on or around my birthday.  It was the depths of December after a particularly bad snowstorm.  We had actually decided to do a party for me during winter break and miraculously we pretty much got the whole crew on board.  It was important to me that my best friends Arthur and Farris were there and it was equally important that my friend James (or he had another name. I forget.) from pre-school was there.
My mother got her station wagon (they were all the rage at the time) and agreed to pick all of my friends up and ferry us to the Sports.  Sports was the coolest place ever because it had a massive arcade, batting cages and miniature golf.  It had the X-Men stand-up arcade game (4 players!) based on the awesome Pryde of the X-Men animated feature.  It also had the Punisher stand-up which I haven’t seen anywhere else before or since.
Now, James didn’t go to my school so I didn’t see him as much so we had some catching up to do.  I was happy to comply but this started drama with Farris who wanted to know who the hell this other guy was who was pulling me away from my school friends.  I tried my best to appease both sides and felt kind of bad about it.  Then my mom got stuck in what must have been four inches of snow going uphill.  We all had to get out and push and I thought to myself what a crappy birthday this was turning out to be.
In the end we got cups of tokens for the arcade, ate pizza and played mini golf and everyone mostly got along fine.  The birthday party turned out great but in retrospect it was probably yet another reason we stopped celebrating my birthday in winter.  James (or whatever) and I eventually drifted apart and I spent more time with my school friends with much less drama.  It may not have been a perfect birthday but it was one of the only ones I can remember from back then.

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