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Zayquan Swords

January 6, 2016

They were called the Zayquan Swords which was a little weird since swords were beyond antiquated. It was the year 2365 and the closest equivalent was a plasma cutter but nobody had wielded a blade for a long time. Regardless, the Swords were soldiers for justice in Neo-Charm because justice had been nowhere to be found. Nobody had authorized them, they had made the decision on their own. They raided a few corporations for the ordinance, armor and parts. Nobody had trained them but they still fought crime better than the police had in decades.

Friga woke up in the underground barracks and she was a mass of aching, throbbing, stinging pain. She had lost flesh and limbs to the Ring Rings over a year ago on her first patrol. She still felt those injuries even though everything had been replaced with machine parts. Phantom pain was a son of a bitch but it lessened a little as she stood up. She took a breath before replacing and reactivating her contact lenses. It was good to see clearly for a moment. To see things like a real human being. She slipped them in and tapped the interface at her temple and the heads up display faded into view overlaid over everything in front of her.

She stood and placed her right arm and right leg into the box next to her locker. The machine automatically bolted her battle armor to her prosthetics. It then bolted her pistol holster to her right leg. She grabbed the rest of her battle armor and slipped it over her left leg and arm and strapped it in place. Friga grabbed her pistol and slipped it into place and she finally felt whole again.

* * *

Friga came back to awareness and she was standing on the ledge of the roof at Durham and Gough. She would never get used to the autowalk function her implants provided but it did allow for extra sleep which she needed lately. Besides, this is what she lived for. The hunt. It was like a mix of all othse fairytales about giant cats in jungles and the ones where superheroes fought crime. A rush of air from an exhaust port blew back her hair and it was exhilarating. The time piece on her HUD said it was just after one in the morning. A great time to fight crime.

She lept down from the building and made sure to land with her weight on her fake leg. The leg hissed a little as the shock absorbers took the weight. She started to make her way down the street. She was too confident to be cautious. She had been through the worst injury she could have gotten already and still lived. Anything after that was a piece of cake. Besides, this was duty and there was no time for cowering.

As Friga made her way down the street there was a young woman’s scream that came from one block down and four blocks over. She ran in that direction and pulled her pistol easily as she made her way over. The pistol whined a little as it powered up and it just started to glow long before she turned the corner. Domino technology at its best.

There was a spindly looking android crouching in the street. On second glance it was clear the android was crouching over the woman who had screamed. The sound file matched the fingerprints Friga could see from where she was. The problem was that she was no longer screaming. Friga pointed her pistol.

“Back off, you defective junk! Leave the girl alone!” Friga shouted. She squeezed the trigger and a bolt of energy slammed into the android. The android’s head sparked and Friga fired at its outside shoulder. It spun away from the girl and impacted against a wall. She looked at the girl and there was some sort of jagged metal circuitry stabbed into her face. “What did you do!?” She screamed at the robot.

“Upgraded her.” The android said in a disinterested tone.

“Waht the hell does that mean?” Friga yelled. She tapped the comm node near her ear. “Corner of Bank and Castle! I need medical now. Female in distress. Urgent.”

“You would make a fine upgrade. Give me your face. I will add more technology to it.” The android said.

“You stay away.” Friga said, aiming her pistol again.

“Trust in the Forge. Trust leads to enlightenment.” The android said as he shambled toward Friga. Friga sighted down her pistol and fired again. The android’s right shoulder exploded into a shower of sparks and its right arm hit the pavement.

“Back off!” Friga yelled. When the android only drew nearer, she opened fire yet again. She was through giving this thing the benefit of the doubt. Besides, it wasn’t as if the thing had any rights. Her shot slammed into the android’s center mass this time and parts flew everywhere. It fell down and then it was very still on the ground. Friga supposed that they could plug in its memory core later and interrogate that.

The woman was getting to her feet and Friga rushed to help her. The circuitry that had been imbedded into her face was completely gone and there were no wounds or scars. There wasn’t even any blood. Strange.

“What was that about? Are you ok, miss?” Friga asked. She held on the woman to try and steady her. The woman’s eyes suddenly lit up as if backlit by some device.

“I am fine. I have seen the light now.” The woman said in a cheery tone. An oddly cheery tone.

“What are you talking about? Medical is inbound. They’ll check you out.” Friga offered.

“I’ll show you the light.” The woman said. She suddenly took a swing at Friga, her fist hitting Friga’s robotic arm. The woman’s hand should have shattered but instead Friga’s arm was nearly broken in half. It was shock that let the woman keep the upper hand as Friga was tackled to the pavement. The two of them wrestled back and forth and Friga was astonished at the woman’s strength. In desperation, Friga shoved some exposed wiring from her arm into the woman’s neck. There was a shower of sparks and the woman spasmed and let go. Friga pushed her off.

“Where is medical!? I need them here ten minutes ago!” Friga shouted into her comm. “Something is new is going on and we’ve got to get to the bottom of it. Now.”

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