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Media Update 5/5/22

May 5, 2022

Jackie Brown

I had seen a little bit of this movie as a kid but I cannot remember how much because my parents shut it off and we probably returned it to Blockbuster Video. Now I can finally watch it on my own. It was well worth the wait. In this, a flight attendant finds herself stuck between a criminal and law enforcement and must concoct a plan to get out of trouble. Pam Grier is so good in the titular role. She is so clever, vulnerable, and funny. I now want to go back and watch some of her blaxploitation films. Samuel L. Jackson is on top of his game as a conniving criminal “mastermind”. Robert Forster often steals the show as a no-nonsense bail bondsman. Robert Deniro, Bridget Fonda, and Michael Keaton have memorable minor roles. The movie is full of twists and turns and excellent dialogue. It is not gory but it can be intense. I recommend this movie.

The Vault

I watched this movie on a whim and was thankful that I did. This movie is about a crew of divers who recruit a genius engineering student to get back a treasure that was taken from them. The movie stars Freddie Highmore in a role where he gets to use his actual accent. He is the genius engineering student and he does a good job as a fish out of water who is great at adapting. Astrid Bergès-Frisbey plays the female lead, a clever and funny con artist. Liam Cunningham is great as the almost fatherly leader of the group. Sam Riley plays a snarky spy-type character who constantly clashes with Highmore. The movie’s pace felt slow in the beginning as I warmed to the ensemble of characters but it really started picking up in the second half. The heist scenes were appropriately exciting and tense and well worth the wait. I recommend this movie.

Army of Thieves
These were the wacky hijinks that I was looking for. This is the story of how a bank teller becomes a criminal safecracker. This movie really rests on the shoulders of Matthias Schweighöfer who plays the quirky lead character. He also directs the movie. He is an instantly likable and absurd character. Nathalie Emmanuel is great as the jewel thief with an eye toward becoming a legend as well as getting rich. The movie follows the progress of three heists. It plays a lot with the traditional heist movie tropes while still keeping things feeling fresh. I recommend this movie and I will be checking out the sequel Army of the Dead.

Music of the Week:

Lizzo – About Damn Time

Olivia Rodrigo – brutal

PSY – That That

Bobby Shmurda – They Don’t Know

Mashup of the Week:

Matt OldbutGold – Lullaby for Gorillaz

Weekly Update:

  • This week’s theme is “Heist”
  • I finished Peacemaker Season 1
  • I finished The Mentalist Season 7
  • I finished What We Do In the Shadows Season 1
  • I watched more Nancy Drew Season 3
  • I watched more Batwoman Season 2

SteamWorld Heist and Quest

September 21, 2020

Steamworld Heist

I have always been a fan of the Wild West or at least the mechanics and look of the film Wild West. The genre is kind of defunct now but there are some great movies that belong to it. Firefly was the first thing I watched that linked the Wild West aesthetic with space travel. This game is about a gang of steam-powered robots who have formed a pirate crew made up of “Cowbots” in a world after the Earth exploded. You primarily play as Captain Piper Faraday, an expert sniper. At the start, all but two of your crew have been scrapped (killed). You must recruit a new crew and work toward raising your reputation as you progress from rascals to heroes. You spend most of your time trying to pull off heists which are really smash-and-grab boarding missions.

As you can see in the trailer above, the game’s combat is turn-based. Each character has a class and is able to use different weapons. Each character also has their own skills which add more to the strategy of the game. For example, Piper has the ability to inspire or heal the bots around her. Sally Bolt can fire again if her first shot kills a target. There are tons of weapons and gear you can get from shops (mostly bars and bodegas). The other main mechanic is that all aiming is done manually by the player. That leads to fun ricochet shots and trick shots that are fun to try and wrap your head around.

Steamworld Quest

Fantasy is obviously a huge genre for me but this game is one of the first I have seen to combine fantasy with steampunk. You play as Armilly a young steambot knight wannabe who has applied over and over to the Hero Guild with no success. She is joined by an alchemist named Copperina and a Handyman named Galleo. The trio sets out to rescue the entire Hero Guild and fight a new evil empire. They are later joined by a knight of legend, Orik, and two shifty rogues named Tarah and Thayne. You explore maps while engaging other bots in battle.

This is a turn-based system with an interesting card mechanic. Each turn you get a “hand” of cards each of which has a character’s skill or attack on it. You can play up to three cards per turn. If you play three cards for the same character, they do an additional fourth ability or attack. Additionally, some attacks and skills require “steam power” to be used while simpler skills and attacks build that steam power. It is a constant strategy problem of proper deck-building and resource management. You need to optimize your cards in order to make sure you always have moves to make.

Both Games

Both games obviously share the same art style and writing. The art is cartoony yet detailed which gives each character a unique look. The worlds both games travel through are full of little background details and NPCs that delightful. Both games are full of dialogue which is cute and funny as the characters are allowed to be weird, flawed, and somewhat real. The heroes are allowed to make mistakes and even the villains can be likable. Both are goofy games that are not that long but are infinitely replayable.

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