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A Little Bit of Booking

January 30, 2017

I was digging through my files to look for some drafts to post today and I found some very old stuff.  I put a lot of work into writing all sorts of stuff about a sports entertainment company that I invented.  I put a lot of work into it and I thought I would post a sample of some of the booking for the first two shows.  I am not sure it makes sense but I have always wanted to do something with this since I put so much work into this on lunch hours.  I may do a little more with this at some point but I am not sure.

10 Man Half and Half Battle Royal
for First Contender’s spot for the Heavyweight Championship
Paul Manning (w/ Missy Clarke), Billy Washington, Leo Knight,
Johnny Tsunami and Miller Sinclair.
“Cowboy” Carver, Judge Soren, Tigre Puro, The Void (w/ Raven)
and Tom Morris

– Comes down to Paul Manning vs. Judge Soren – Victory: Paul Manning
– Paul Manning nearly breaks Johnny Tsunami’s back- Out for three weeks
– The Judge eliminates the Void – Starting their feud
– Leo Knight eliminates Miller Sinclair – Setting up claim for Impact Championship

Heavyweight Championship Match
Adam the Wolf vs. Sylvester Storm (c) (w/ Diana Covington)

-Diana intercedes with the Dotted Line
-Up until then Adam had it sewed up with the Wolfcry
-Afterward, he receives the 300 dollar kick to the back of the head

“Smashing” Sammy Burke and “Flying” Fred Donner vs.
The Brothers of Sorrow (w/ Natasha)

– Short-ish match that shows the ferocity of Burke and Donner
– Fred counters the Zero Point into a small package
– Ends with the Power Plant followed by the Sky Dive on Omen

“Stunning” Libby Sawyer vs. Raven (w/ The Void)

– Raven tries to bring The Void with her but the ref sends him back
– Raven almost pulls out a win with the help of her cane but Libby kicks out
– Libby hits the Tornado DDT for the win

Match for the Anything Goes Championship
Anything Goes Rules
Tommy Turino vs. Caleb Calloway

– Tommy Turino is outclassed through most of the match
– Tommy hits Calloway with a chair three times but Calloway keeps coming
– Calloway Delivers a Gorilla Press Slam into the chair
– He hits Turino five times with the chair
– Finally, he launches him through a table with a Release German Supplex for the pin

Show Two, Cycle A

Tigre Puro vs. Mark Hawthorne
Roberto Malone Kevin Crystal (w/ “Cowboy” Carver)

– Debut Match for Mark Hawthorne and Kevin Crystal
– Debut of The South together as a team
– Tiger Cutter from Tigre Puro on Mark
– South Ride on Tigre Puro and Dismissal on Malone for win

Burke and Donner vs. LePage and Domser
Tag Team Championship Match

– Burke and Donner play it clean while the Corporate Tag Team cheats when possible
– Burke nearly gets murdered in a double team outside of the ring
– Donner faces off alone against LePage and Domser
– In the end, Burke manages to get back for the hot tag only to get destroyed for the pin

Billy Washington vs. “Cowboy” Carver
Anything Goes Rules

– Classic Speed vs Power bout
– Washington dominates the bout
– Carver makes a comeback and nails Washington with the Overeasy

Adam the Wolf (w/Fairy) vs. Paul Manning (w/Missy Clarke)
First Contender’s Match

– Spear following communication snafu between Missy and Paul
– Missy slaps Adam to set up German Power
– Adam reverses it to a sunset flip
– Fairy superkicks Missy off the apron
– Adam hits the Wolfcry twice for the win

The Void (w/ Raven) vs. Judge Soren

– The Void throws Soren around in the early outset
– Soren is the more technically capable
– He blocks the Darkshot and turns it into the Execution
– After the match Void puts him through the announcer table
– Through another table
– Then finally the Chains of Fear mid-ring

Leo Knight vs. Miller Sinclair (W/ Diana Covington)

– Miller gets the upper hand when Knight misses with the Knight Kick
– Miller hits the Power Play but only for a two count
– Knight pulls off a chop block followed by a german suplex
– Miller tries to reverse it for the Contract Play
– After suspenseful minute Knight reverses it to the London Cross
– Ed LePage distracts ref for Diana to hit the Dotted Line on Knight
– Miller rolls up Knight for the finish


Derek Porter

April 4, 2015

<A spotlight hits the top of the ramp and unfamiliar music starts up as moving lights start to sweep around the audience, the ramp and the ring.>

Tom Harper: Who’s music is that? We didn’t have any new guys scheduled for tonight. Rachel! You usually know what’s going on. Let us know what’s happening.

Rachel Wyatt: I know about as much as you, Tom, as frightening as that thought is.

<Derek Porter steps into the spotlight and he’s wearing a blazer with no shirt and wraparound sunglasses. He looks seriously at the audience and then busts into an arrogant smirk before heading towards the ring. >

Tom: What is Derek Porter doing? What’s this music and where’s his brother?

Rachel: Shh he’s about to talk.

<Derek held up his hand as soon as he got halfway down the entrance and he pulled a microphone out of his pocket. He looks around and then speaks as she makes his way into the ring>

Derek Porter: My name is Derek Porter and you think you know me. You all think you know me but I’ve been lying to you and I’ve been lying to myself all this time. I’m not a smiling, high fiving Porter boy. I should never have been a member of the Crash Brothers. It was a dumb idea and it was the stupidest tag team in the history of this company. I did it to make my dad happy but you know what? That was a mistake.

My dad. Jerry Porter. Legend. <Said with some sarcasm> So much of a legend that he never won a single belt. At least my brother and I won the tag belts a few times. My dad never amounted to anything in his whole career. I’ve only been here two years and I’ve gone farther than he ever did. There’s just one obstacle in my way. My brother. Like my dad, my brother doesn’t even have half my talent. Without him in the way, I can take this company by storm.

The Porters are done as a tag team. I am the future now. My future includes holding every belt I can get my hands on. Now, I want management out here so we can start planning the future. My future.

<Instead, his brother Jerry Porter Jr. stomps through the curtain and makes a bee line for the ring with no music playing. He looks understandably angry as he rolls into the ring and grabs a microphone>

Jerry: Have you lost your mind? Dad taught us everything we know. I can’t stand back there and here you run him and me down. Either we go to the back and talk about this or you and I throw down right here and right now.

Derek: I’ve got nothing to say to you. I’ve said just about all I’m gonna say.

Jerry: I don’t want to hit you, Derek. We’re brothers.

Derek: Well you know, that’s interesting. Do you want to know why that’s interesting? It’s because – <Mid sentence Derek belts his brother hard with a surprise right, sending him sprawling to the canvas. He rolls out of the ring and grabs a chair and climbs back into the ring. As Jerry starts making it to his feet, Derek blasts him in the back of the head with the chair leaving Jerry in an unconscious heap in the middle of the ring. Derek tosses the chair aside and leaves the ring with a microphone>

Derek: I have no brother. You know what? I think I’ll find the management myself.

<Derek threw down his microphone and walked toward the back>

“Heartbreaker” Courtney Valentine

January 16, 2015

I wanted to put this one to bed since it has sat in my draft folder for months.  I rewrote this short storyline ending with Courtney Valentine becoming “Heartbreaker” Courtney Valentine because I still think that’s a cool moniker.  Last time we saw her she had become a villain but I thought I’d attempt a different take.  It took a while to finish.  The announcers don’t speak too often mostly because I often wish the announcers for the WWE would shut up more.  Character’s entrance music is mostly for mood, so don’t pay too much attention to the lyrics.

Courtney Valentine
*                             *                                *

Week 1

<Courtney Valentine’s music plays as she heads to the ring.  She casts an annoyed glance back at her boyfriend Mikey Collins who is scanning the arena.  She shakes her head and marches confidently to the ring>

Announcer 1 (Cal Clarke): Looks like Seth Aron has gotten into the head of “Mr. Action” Mikey Collins, Mikey looks a bit jumpy.  I can’t figure out which Seth wants more, Mikey’s title or Courtney

Announcer 2 (Kate Pollard):  You don’t have to be so obvious, Cal.  Can we focus on Courtney Valentine for at least half a second?  She looks ready to go for her first contender’s match.

<Princess Viktoria’s music starts and she struts to the ring with her assistant Stefani in tow>

Cal:  She better be because here comes Princess Viktoria.

Ring Announcer: The following match is a number one contender’s match.  In this corner, from East Hampton, Massachusetts: Courtney Valentine!  <The audience and Mikey clap and cheer for Courtney>  And in this corner, from her estate outside of  Krakow, Poland: Princess Viktoria! <Princess Viktoria smiles and waves until she realizes she is being booed and starts screaming at the crowd before being calmed down by the referee.  She tosses her wrap in a huff at Stefani as Courtney smirks and hands her leather jacket to Mikey.>

<The match begins and Courtney fights hard, her huge heart clashing against Viktoria’s superior technical skill.  Just as it looks like Courtney is going to win, Seth’s music hits and Mikey rolls into the ring to defend his and Courtney’s honor.  The ref tries to push Mikey out of the ring and when that fails, he calls to the timekeeper and the bell ring>

Announcer: Your winner, by disqualification: Princess Viktoria!

<Courtney is filled with righteous anger and pushes Mikey who gives her a look like ‘What the Hell?’.  She angrily storms out of the ring and up the ramp, leaving Mikey to try and follow her.>

*                             *                                *

<Backstage, later in the show, Courtney and Mikey are getting ready in the back. Courtney looks angry.>

Mikey: You aren’t still angry.  Are you?

Courtney: Of course I am, Michael. Explain to me again why you were in that ring during my match?

Mikey: Seth was —

Courtney: Seth was making you look stupid.  You were ruining my shot at the gold, Mikey.  You need to get your head in the game.  You have a title defense coming up in two weeks.  I have my career to focus on too.  Forget Seth.  Forget him.  Think about you and me wearing gold side by side. OK?

Mikey: <Taking a deep breath> You got it, babe. It won’t happen again

<Suddenly, Seth walks into the dressing room>

Seth: Oops, sorry.  I thought this was my room.  Hello Mikey.  Courtney. <He grins>

<As Mikey stand up, Courtney beats him to the punch and slaps Seth across the face>

Courtney: You cost me my match!  Now get out and stay out!

<A stunned Seth walks back out of the room, whatever mind games he had planned are cut short. Mikey is stunned as well. Courtney turns on Mikey.>

Courtney: That’s how you deal with a bully. <She grins>

<Courtney grabs her jacket and heads out leaving Mikey stunned again>

Mikey: Wow. <He looks in her direction, impressed but a little put off>

*                             *                                *

Week 2

<Courtney is getting ready.  Mikey walks in with flowers. Courtney smiles.>

Courtney: Ok Mikey, you don’t have to try so hard.

Mikey: I just thought you deserved them for losing your title shot.

Courtney: Thanks. <She puts them in a large drink cup>  I’ll put them in something better later.  Right now I’ve got to get ready for my match.

Mikey: Yeah, I’ve got to get ready for mine too.

Courtney: Wait… you aren’t scheduled for a match.

Mikey: I’m going to call out Seth.  I’m going to finish this tonight.

Courtney: Mikey… no.  Just forget him.  That’s exactly what he wants.

Mikey: You have your fight and I have mine.  Relax, I’ve got this.  He won’t ever bother you again.

Courtney: Sure, Mikey.  I just… have a good match, ok?

Mikey: You too. <He heads out and Courtney sighs as she looks in the mirror>

*                             *                                *

<Mikey calls out Seth and Seth ends up knocking Mikey out so he does not accompany Courtney to the ring.  Courtney’s music hits and she is accompanied to the ring by her tag team partner of the night, “Fairy” Charlotte Marr.>

Ring Announcer:  This match is scheduled for one fall.  Coming to the ring from East Hampton, Massachusetts is Courtney Valentine and her partner from Baltimore, Maryland “Fairy” Charlotte Marr.

Kate Pollard:  Courtney and Charlotte look to be on the same page.  Courtney has got to have her eye on Princess Viktoria after the disqualification last time the two met.

Cal Clarke: That boat has sailed.  I wouldn’t be looking for a ‘Fairy’ tale ending for these two.  Especially since Mikey is not out here to support his girlfriend.

Kate: While support is nice it’s not necessary.  I’m pretty sure she’ll be fine without him.

<Princess Viktoria’s music hits and she struts to the ring with her partner “The Fifth Avenue Princess” Diane Covington and trailed by Stefani>

Cal:  Here come two A-listers.  The two princesses from either side of the pond showing cooperation.  They could buy and sell Charlotte and Courtney fifty times over.

Kate: I have a feeling they’re not for sale.

<The match begins and is pretty despite the heels taking Charlotte out of the game for quite a bit of the match.  It finally ends with Courtney pushing Ms. Covington off the apron and then hitting Viktoria with her Valentine’s Massacre finisher for the pin>

Cal: Wow, maybe she can beat Viktoria.

Kate: In a fair fight, anything can happen.

*                             *                                *

<Later in the show there is a shot of Courtney and a bandaged Mikey in the hallway before they notice the camera and they ask for privacy>

*                             *                                *

Week 3

<Mikey comes out to the ring and paces back and forth for a bit before accepting a microphone>

Mikey:  I have something to say.  Not to all of you <He points out at the audience> but to Courtney.  Two days ago she broke up with me.  Out of nowhere.  She gave me a lot of bullshit about why but we all know why.  I’ll get to you in a minute, Seth.   Courtney, I can’t believe  you would throw away all of the time we spent together.  After all the times that I supported you and you supported me, you just walk out and break my heart.  Fine.  We’re done.  Now Seth, you’ve crossed the line for the last time and I’m going to put you down at Jackpot even if I have to put my title on the line.  That’s right.  You and me for the Television title but I want it to be a street fight so come and get it, Seth.  <Mikey’s music plays as he stalks out of the ring and leaves>

*                             *                                *

<Later in the show Michelle catches up with Courtney Valentine backstage as she walks through the hallway. It has been announced that Courtney will get another shot at Princess Viktoria to determine who gets to face “Perfection” Dana Scott for the championship at the Jackpot PPV.>

Michelle: Courtney!  Can you comment on what Mikey had to say earlier?

Courtney: Well, I wanted to keep everything private but since Michael aired our dirty laundry, I guess that I do have a comment.  Like I told Michael, this decision has nothing to do with Seth.  It has to do with how we haven’t been communicating lately and how we’ve grown apart.  I want nothing to with Seth Aron.  I didn’t break your heart, Mikey.  At least I didn’t mean to.  But if you want to call me a heartbreaker then I can be that.  Call me “Heartbreaker” Courtney Valentine.  It’s time I crushed some more hearts and I’m moving on to you, Viktoria.  Then I think I’ll break Dana Scott’s heart.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to get to my match.

*                             *                                *

Week 4

<Courtney comes to the ring to new music and and announced at her request as “Heartbreaker” Courtney Valentine.  She defeats Viktoria fairly in the middle of the ring and is set to face Dana Scott for the gold at the PPV.  At the PPV, she wins the Women’s Championship and Mikey loses his belt.  They run into each other backstage the next night.>

Mikey:  Courtney!

Courtney: Oh hey… sorry about your belt.

Mikey: That’s ok.  I just wanted to say congratulations.  I thought about what you said and you were right.  I was kind of an ass.  I’m sorry.

Courtney: Mikey… thanks.  That means a lot.

Mikey: If you ever want to get a coffee and talk about it, you know my number.  Congratulations again, “Heartbreaker”.

Courtney: <Grins>  Thanks.  Good luck getting your belt back.

<The two part peacefully>

Seth vs. Mikey and Courtney

September 18, 2014

Alright, so this is the loose storyline that I spoke of in the Feminism post.  It’s not horrible but I’ve kind of lost interest in it.  I am writing a Courtney Valentine storyline but I don’t know when I will finish it.

*                     *                        *

Week 1

<Back from commercial, the last of Mikey Collins’ music fades out.  Mikey and Courtney Valentine, a couple, stand in the middle of the ring and Mikey has his Television Title belt with him.  He grabs a microphone from the side of the ring and walks back to the center of the ring. He raises the microphone and just at that moment Seth Aron’s music starts.  Mikey drops the microphone to his side with a “Really!?” expression. Seth walks out on stage with his own microphone in hand and a smirk on his face.>

Seth: Oh Mikey, nobody cares what you have to say.  Let’s be honest with ourselves.  <By this time, Seth has moved to the middle of the entrance ramp. He winks at Courtney>  Hey Courtney, how you doin’?

Mikey: <Holding onto Courtney’s arm protectively> You stay away from her, Seth!  What the hell are you even doing out here?

Seth: I’ve come for your belt, Mikey.  I don’t think you deserve it.

Mikey: Come up here and prove it.

Seth: Gladly, Mikey.  Gladly.  But I just had a thought…

Mikey: What? You’re scared?

Seth: <A fake laugh as he climbs into the ring> Ha ha ha. <pause> Ho ho ho ha ha.  Hardly. You couldn’t beat me on your best day.  The truth is, I love to fight but more than that, I love to wrestle.  I don’t want to fight you, Mikey. I want to wrestle you.  I want to wrestle you for that belt. <He is closer to Mikey and points at the belt around Mikey’s waist>

Mike:  You’re not first contender… That’s not up to me. <Mikey backs off a little>

Seth: Who’s it up to, Mikey?  Her? <He pointed at Courtney who had been staying behind Mikey. He flashed her another smile> Looking good, Courtney.

Mike: You do not talk to her! Leave her alone! <He moved to charge Seth who moves out of the way and kicks Mike in the back of the knee before ducking out of the ring.  Courtney is checking on Mike who ignores her and shouts loudly without a microphone for Seth to get back in the ring.>

Seth: I’m coming for your belt, Mikey, and I’m gonna get it.

<Seth drops his microphone as his music starts up and he walks back up the entrance ramp.  Courtney tries to calm and comfort Mikey but it doesn’t look like she has much success as the segment ends.>

*                             *                                *

Week 2

<Courtney and Mike Collins are backstage.  Mikey is taping up his wrists and seems hyper focused on just that action>

Courtney: Babe, you need to calm down.  Your match is up next and you need to focus.

Mike: I just don’t like the way Seth looks at you. I think you need to stay back here.

Courtney: Mikey, you know I’m with you.  Forget about him.

Mike: Ok… I tell you what, he’s never getting a shot at my belt.

Courtney: Focus, Mikey.  You have a match up next. Alright?

Mike: Yeah.  Yeah, he’s not even worthy. <The segment ends as he starts taping up his other wrist a little more calm.  Courtney lets out an exasperated sigh as she pulls on her leather jacket.>

<Courtney walks Mikey out to the ring for a match with Curt Morris.  The match has gone back and forth but Mikey has kept an edge on the bigger man by utilizing speed and countering Curt’s power moves as often as he can. Courtney is cheering Mikey on at ringside as usual.  Seth Aron’s music hits and Mike turns to the entrance ramp to watch for him.  Seth jumps the guardrail on the other side of the ring and waves at Courtney, leaning against he apron to talk to her.  Mike turns around and sees Seth close to his girlfriend.  He goes to that side of the ring to yell at Seth to stay away from his girl.  By this time, Curt has recovered from a dropkick and turns Mike around and blasts him with the KO Punch and then hoists him up onto his shoulders and hits him with the Paycheck and gets the pin.>

<Curt immediately leaves with a grin and Courtney pushes Seth away from her and climbs into the ring to check on her fallen boyfriend who is totally out of it.  The last shot before commercial is Courtney looking over her shoulder at Seth before he smirks at her and climbs back over the guardrail to leave>

*                             *                                *

Week 3

<Mike walks to the ring with Courtney for his match but is constantly looking around. Even during the entrance of his opponent, Mark Hawthorne, he is still looking around for Seth>

Announcer 1: It looks like Seth Aron has really gotten into the head of “Mr. Action” Mikey Collins.

Announcer 2: Well, when another man is after your girlfriend, you have to be on your guard.

<The match begins and Mike starts focusing on the match more and more. After a while, Mike gets on a roll and it looks like he’s heading toward a win.  Suddenly, Seth’s music starts up and Mike looks around wildly, totally forgetting the match he is in again. Mark looks around but shrugs and pulls Mike in and hits him with a T-Bone Suplex before pinning him.  Seth is nowhere to be seen.  Courtney once again comforts her man in the middle of the ring.  Seth appears on the screen at the top of the entrance ramp.>

Seth: Hey, Mike, I couldn’t make it to the arena this week so I just wanted to drop you a line live via satellite.  You know, this can all end.  Give me the match.  Let me wrestle for that belt.  Think about it, Mikey. <The screen suddenly cuts off before the segment ends>

*                             *                                *

Week 4

<The segment opens to Mikey stalking down the hallway. He starts kicking open dressing room doors and looking inside, one after another.  Courtney is not with him.>

Announcer 2: Whoa!  What is he doing?

Announcer 1: Mikey Collins is completely unhinged.

Announcer 2: You have to ask, is this exactly what Seth wants?

<Mike kicks open a door and looks inside.  He pauses>
Mike: What the hell?

<The camera moves to shoot over his shoulder.  A sign is taped to the mirror in the dressing room that reads “Have you checked your girlfriend lately?”>

<Mike sprints back down the hall and the camera does its best to follow him into another dressing room where Courtney is doing her makeup>

Mike: Courtney!

Courtney: Mike? What’s going on?

Mike: You’re ok… I thought he…

Courtney: Mike… I’m fine.  You really need to forget this Seth thing.  He just flirted with me once.  I told you he doesn’t have a chance.

Mike: He needs to be taught a lesson.

Courtney: He’s just trying to get to you. Don’t you trust me?

Mike: <Taking too long a beat> Of course, baby.  I just don’t trust him.

Courtney: Whatever, Mike. <She frowns and shakes her head as he heads back out of the dressing room>

*                             *                                *

<Later in the show, Mike goes back to the dressing room from before and kicks open the door.  Before he can get two steps into the room he comes flying back out into the hallway.  Mark Hawthorne and Chris Carver step out of the dressing room.  They take turns kicking him in the stomach.>

Mark: You just entered the wrong dressing room, boy.

Chris: We’re gonna have to punish you. Grab a partner and meet us in the ring.

Mark: See you soon. <The two of them laugh evilly and step over Mikey on their way down the hallway>

*                             *                                *

<Mikey and Charlie Martin come out to the ring accompanied by Courtney.  With the beating Mikey took earlier, he and Charlie are underdogs against the Southern Soldiers.  Just when Mikey has the upper hand, Seth is seen at ringside bothering Courtney.  Mikey bails out of the ring but before he can get to Seth, Chris Carver cuts him off with a boot to the head.  At the same time Mark Hawthorne takes out Charlie Martin in the ring.  Seth watches as the Southern Soldiers destroy Mikey and Charlie and then grabs Mikey’s title belt.  He smirks at Courtney who slaps him.  The two of them lock eyes and Seth just smiles harder and takes the belt with him up the ram>

*                             *                                *

<Backstage, Courtney is pissed and Mikey is being tended to by the doctor>

Courtney: He embarassed you, Mikey.  He embarassed both of us.  I could have handled him but you had to leave the ring.

Mikey: I was just trying to protect you, Court.

Courtney: Protect the belt, Michael.

Mikey: He has it.  I’m going to get it back.

Courtney: Let it go, Mikey.  Let the lawyers handle it.

Mikey: Courtney, I —

Doctor: I need you to clear the room, he’s moving arond too much.

Courtney: Fine. <Courtney walks out of the trainer’s room without another word>

*                             *                                *

<Mikey walks out to the ring, his music playing loud but he doesn’t wave to the fans or look anywhere but at the ring.  He grabs a mic and rolls into the ring>

Announcer 1: Mikey Collins looks angry.

Announcer 2: You know what? I don’t blame him.

Mikey: Enough is enough.  Seth, you’ve ogled my girlfriend and you’ve ogled my belt. Now you’ve stolen my belt.  I want it back.  If I have to fight you for it then that is what I am going to do even if I have to kick your ass to do it.  This Sunday we’re live in my home town of Philadelphia and I want you in a Philly Street Fight. No holds barred.  Weapons are legal.  Falls count anywhere.  You won’t be smirking so much when I’ve broken your jaw.

<Seth’s music hits and Seth takes the stage, looking out at the ring and Mikey.  He is wearing Mikey’s Television Title belt>

Seth: Michael Action Collins. While your idea does sound fun and I would love to hit you with any number of weapons, what’s in it for me?  What’s in it for me, Mikey?  Either you put this title on the line or I walk away with it.  Think how that makes you look to Courtney.

Mikey: Whatever it takes to get my hands on you, Seth.  This Sunday I’m breaking your neck and earning that title back.

Seth: We’ll see, Michael. We’ll see.

<The show goes off the air with Seth raising the title belt into the air which cues his music>

<Philadelphia. The Jackpot pay-per-view event.  Seth’s music plays as he walks down to the ring with the belt and relinquishes it before waiting for Mikey.  He is his usual confident, borderline cocky self.  He makes a show of relinquishing the belt to the referee, bowing and scraping and trying to ensure its safety before Mikey’s music hits.  Mikey comes out with Courtney and storms down the ring, leaving Courtney to make here way by herself.  The match is brutal and the two hit each other with everything they can get their hands on.>

<Courtney stays out of the way, showing concern for Mikey.  After Mikey’s forehead is busted open by a chair shot, Courtney goes to him, yelling at him to stop the match.  He shakes his head and she kicks him hard in the groin with her boots.  A pained Mikey falls to his knees with a “Why?” expression on his face.  Courtney turns away from him and takes off the chain belt draped over her hips.  She hands it to Seth who wraps it around his fist.  He punches Mikey with the chain and then pins him easily for the win.  Seth’s music hits and although he’s bruised and sore, he escorts Courtney to the back>

Announcer 1: What did we just see!?

Announcer 2: Behind every good man there’s a good woman and now there isn’t one behind Mikey Collins.

Candi Darling Promo

August 1, 2014

<Candi Darling is seen walking backstage, carrying a baseball bat, her championship belt and a microphone.  She doesn’t look too concerned, especially given that opponents of the Wolves get ambushed constantly. It is important to note that she is completely alone. She looks right at the camera and stops in her tracks.  She pauses for a moment just giving the camera a curious look as if she had never seen one before.  As usual, she looks and sounds completely unbalanced.  She slowly walks to the camera and grabs hold of it for a big close-up.>

Candi: I think people deny what they really are. We are who we are.  We are the new normal.  You hurt her. You made us unhappy.  We want to be happy.  We have spirit, yes we do.  We have spirit, how about you?  <She has gotten uncomfortably close to the camera by this point>

<Suddenly, Candi lets go of the camera and looks to her right at an interviewer who is not there. The cameraman slowly backs up to reveal this>

Candi: I’m so glad you asked. Everybody is so fired up and I want to do my best.  Sure, there will be blood… but I think we’ll all have a lot of fun with it.  This?  This is my favorite bat.  <She admires the baseball bat for a few moments of silence.>

<In walks Michelle Ross who still has her arm in a sling from Maggie Sinclair’s attack.  Candi stops and turns and smiles at Michelle>

Michelle: Um… <Afer a beat of staring silence> Candi, you do know that you’re facing Maggie Sinclair tonight.  How do you feel about facing one of the Wolves?

Candi: She’s a wolf?  I thought she was a girl.  I guess that changes things. Yes. Yes.  Yes…. Yes.

Michelle: <After a brief beat> Maggie Sinclair is absolutely vicious. <She touches her bad arm gently with her good arm.> Aren’t you afraid to be facing her tonight?

Candi: Oh Meesh, Meesh, Meesh, Meesh, Meesh… <She gently presses fingers against Michelle’s sling. The gesture is somehow very intimate. Candi’s words are calm and almost playful.> I’m vicious too. I’m brutal. I’m violent.  <She gently pulls Michelle in close by the sling. Michelle whimpers slightly> I understand.  She hurt you… but I’ll make sure she never hurts you again.  Never hurts anyone again. <She pulls her even closer, their faces inches from each other> Never again. <She suddenly smiles at her before skipping off toward the ring, baseball bat still in hand. Michelle just stares after her, stunned.>

Announcer 1: Wow… what was that?

Announcer 2: That’s a determined competitor headed to the ring for her match.

Announcer 1: Or a psycho.

Announcer 2: A little bit of both.

Robert Storm/William Cardona/Cass Calloway Promo

July 11, 2014

I posted a little bit of this before but I have a huge project that I have spent a lot of time on.  I created my own fake wrestling company with an ever-expanding roster.  I love writing pro-wrestling promos and exploring characters.  I do realize that my characters owe a lot of their inspiration to the entertainers and story lines I always loved.  I don’t care.  Actually, some of the characters I wrote appeared in my head before I saw performers just like them.  For instance, I wrote Paige before I saw her on NXT.  Well, not exactly but close enough.

*                            *                                  *

<With no fanfare or announcement, William Cardona, Esquire steps out onto the stage with a microphone in hand and starts down the ramp and towards the ring>

Cardona: Ladies and Gentlemen, if I could have your attention just for a little while.  I know this wasn’t scheduled and I will try to keep this brief.

<A chorus of boos and chatter make it so anything the young lawyer would say would most likely be inaudible.  Cardona, who is now in the middle of the ring, gives the crowd a ‘Really?’ look and rolls his eyes.  He mocks checking his watch and taps his foot.  He finally makes the ‘Wrap it Up’ signal with his hand.  The boos grow louder.  Cardona seems to signal something to the timekeepers area and speaks into the microphone which is now louder>

Cardona: That’s about as warm a welcome as I can expect in a place like Miami, I guess.  I can’t wait to get out of this town so I can take a long, long shower and feel clean again.  <More boos>  Anyway, what was I saying? Oh yes.  I William Cardona Esquire, as a duly appointed representative of Storm Industries, stand before you in your time of need.  Believe me, your troubles have not gone unnoticed and our heartfelt sympathy is with you.  This situation with these ‘Wolves’ is bad.  If you think that a weak-willed boss like Ms. Trisha Cowan can manage damage control then I’m afraid you are sadly mistaken.  However, you can all start writing your thank you letters now because I have the perfect solution: my client, Robert Storm.

<Cardona points up the ramp as the lights go out and a single spotlight picks out a man in a suit sauntering into the light before fireworks go off and Robert Storm raises his hands in the air like a homecoming hero. Cardona applauds in the ring as he watches his client walk down the ramp and try to shake hands but the audience isn’t really buying it>

Storm: That’s right. I have returned. <Boos> You. Are. Welcome!  <He raises his arms in the air to more boos>  I have returned to save this company from those wolves at the gate and I am not asking for one thing in return. Trust me.  I hate to point out that I told you. I told you. I. Told. You.  You cannot trust Adam Wolf.  Well, I’m here to reassure you that I have experience with Adam. I can offer my expertise and my help. I don’t even want anything in return. Nothing at all. <Storm and Cardona share a look where they all but wink at each other>

<Storm and Cardona look up sharply as their time in the ring is interrupted by the music for Cass Calloway. Cass is carrying a microphone and as the music fades down and the crowd quiets back down, he speaks.>

Cass: I’ve got one question for you, Storm, with all due respect, of course.

Cardona: All questions, especially from inferior wrestlers, should be addressed in writing to Mr. Storm’s legal counsel first.

Storm: I’ll make an exception this time, William.  I’m feeling generous.  Ask your question, Cass, I won’t even complain about how rude it is to interrupt.

Cass: Alright, who asked you?  Who asked you to come and “save” us?

Storm: Nobody asked me to.  I just decided that I owed it to the good people who enjoy the product and services we provide.

Cass: Sounds generous but I think you’re just upset about the Wolves crowding in on your territory.

Storm: My territory. Cass, the only thing I’ve ever wanted was fair and honest competition.

Cass: That’s funny. That’s really funny.  Paul Storm, you’re a bully and a cheat and a liar.

Cardona:  Mr. Calloway, you are crossing the line into actionable slander.

Cass: Again, apologies, I wouldn’t want to get sued.  Everybody out there knows the truth anyway <He points out at the crowd>.  Though, if you’re looking for a fight, you don’t have to look any further than me.
<Suddenly he was in Storm’s face and Storm didn’t shy away>

Storm: If I have to prove that I’m the man for the job then yes. The match is on. I could use a warm-up match.

Cass: You and me. In the center of that ring and you know what?  Let’s make it right now.

<Cardona tries to say something to Storm off microphone but Storm waves him off>

Storm: You’re on.  Get a ref down here! <Storm starts to strip off his jacket and dress shirt as Cass Calloway’s music hits and he and a referee start heading towards the ring. Cardona scurries out of the ring quickly>

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