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He. Is. Beowulf!

November 27, 2008

I watched Beowulf tonight as I was working. Man I laughed and laughed… which is not what the people who made this movie intended.  I don’t know quite how to explain what was wrong with this movie.  For one the CGI was terrible. Why go to the trouble of overlaying computer graphics on that level over stuff you already filmed? If you want to make such a grim and graphic story compelling, don’t make the characters look like plastic.  I expect this from video games.  It felt like a video game.  The acting struck me as unintentionally hilarious as well.

To more accurately portray my feelings on the movie in real time, here is what I typed into IRC (delusioned and Charlie make cameos)

(9:30:21 PM) KingMengi: Not much better hopes for Beowulf but… at least it’s mockable
(9:31:33 PM) KingMengi: It’s like one big video game cutscene….
(10:04:55 PM) KingMengi: This movie? Rediculous
(10:06:18 PM) KingMengi: Thank God for artfully placed leg…
(10:11:25 PM) KingMengi: lol… zomg this is cracking me up
(10:13:32 PM) KingMengi: I. AM. BEOWULF!
(10:23:04 PM) deadduck: beowulf is … meh
(10:23:37 PM) KingMengi: Yeah but there are parts that are just hilarious unintentionally
(10:25:04 PM) KingMengi: It could also be sleep deprivation
(10:30:07 PM) KingMengi: Boobies! :D
(10:40:42 PM) deadduck: heh
(10:41:08 PM) deadduck: i think it would have been better had it not been CG
(10:41:17 PM) KingMengi: Yeah
(10:41:26 PM) KingMengi: It looks like a video game
(10:41:43 PM) KingMengi: I feel like I should have a controller in my hand waiting for the cutscene to end
(11:06:12 PM) KingMengi: Dragon scene. Straight out of Shadow of Collossus
(11:12:09 PM) KingMengi: Ok nevermind. The dragon scene is kind of awesome.
(11:16:52 PM) KingMengi: He. Was. Beowulf!
(11:17:26 PM) KingMengi: I guess it was my turn to do running commentary on a bad movie tonight
(11:19:13 PM) KingMengi: Jolie ain’t that hot, folks… stupid Danes
(11:19:21 PM) Swashtech: lol.
(11:20:06 PM) KingMengi: Wow that was comical in all the wrong places

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