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Media Update 9/16/2015

September 17, 2015


So I love tabletop roleplaying. I’m currently in a group but I loved it even before I was able to play anything because the mechanics are fun, the writing can be awesome and anything can happen. My love of the games was heightened when I discovered people putting podcasts and videos of their adventures online. Wil Wheaton used to be a part of my favorite D&D podcast as Aoefel, the high elf avenger. When he joined the podcast he impressed me with how much homework he had done, almost rivaling the gamemaster himself. Now he has started his own tabletop rpg show on Youtube which is pretty awesome. The show is shot on a stage where the four players and gamemaster can be shot as they roleplay, roll dice and crack jokes. This footage is blended with concept art, animation and post-production on some voice effects. The result is the closest thing I’ve seen to stepping into somebody else’s game. You really get a feel for the action, the story and the characters as if you were right there. It’s the first polished show I’ve seen done with tabletop gaming and it’s really beautiful and fun.

Hurricane of Fun

Speaking of fun, I finally finished watching the Wet Hot American Summer prequel this week. The prequel and the original movie are insane but also insanely hilarious. The prequel fleshed out an already surprisingly dense web of plot from the first movie and was full of amazing moments, some of which surprised me and some that I happily anticipated. The foundation of both the movie and the mini-series is built from the comedy troupe known as The State. I somehow missed The State when they were on television but I love a lot of their alumni. I’m particularly fond of Ken Marino who ended up as a memorable part of the Veronica Mars recurring cast. The documentary in question is pretty awesome. There are no voiceovers and the editor was obviously trying to reduce their voice. They focused on showing a lot of footage of the cast bonding behind the scenes. Immediately it’s clear that the cast shanghaied the camera man a lot to use for their own purposes. As everyone involved is a improv comedian in the middle of improv comedians, they did a lot of fake interviews, impromptu skits and trolling each other. In fact, they play an improv game throughout that I’m pretty sure doesn’t exist and was created only to troll people who don’t know its secret. Definitely a good watch.

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– I’m finishing seasons left and right which leaves me at a loss
– I am still really excited about Halloween and it’s getting bigger as I go
– I am skipping the second Republican debate because I was frothing at the mouth last time
– I definitely notice if I feel tired that I don’t want to try anything new
– Accordingly, I should try to get more sleep

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