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Interview Questions 6

December 5, 2016

If you could be born into history as any famous person who would it be and why?

I would probably pick Houdini. Harry Houdini was a masterful magician and escape artist who delighted fans around the world. I love the art of stage magic since I was a little kid. A really good magic trick can fill your mind with wonder just as easily as actual magic would do if it were real. Houdini’s main trick was escaping from dire situations. He escaped from barrels filled with beer, straight jackets and even from burial. That is a fun trick to have up my sleeve. While I have stage fright, I do like entertaining people and perhaps being Houdini would spark a new side of me. He was also the president of the Society of American Magicians and that would have made good company. Houdini named himself after his idol Robert Houdin. Later, Houdini found out that his hero was a fraud and was able to survive and thrive. It inspired in him the desire to debunk and expose frauds who preyed on the weak and vulnerable. He exposed spiritualists who claimed they could communicate with dead loved ones. Exposing these horrible charlatans would have given me great pleasure and a feeling of accomplishment. Of course, if I was Houdini I would have died at age 52 but it would be on Halloween with a life well-lived.

Besides your family, who has influenced your thinking most? Why, and in what way(s)?

I would actually have to go with Mr. Pappas, my high school physics teacher. He was one of the first people to present me with options. My parents were Democrats and I went to a pretty liberal Quaker private school from first to twelfth grade. I met a lot of interesting kids in school who all came from different cultures and different walks of life. Even though there were a handful of Republican kids at school, I never thought I could be anything besides a Democrat. Mr. Pappas did two things to shake that firm belief. As a teacher at my school, he had a discount on tuition for his son. He decided to send his kid to the best public school in town instead. This was a clear message that maybe my private school was not the perfect golden palace of knowledge that I thought it was. He also handed me a copy of the Communist Manifesto and discussed it with me. Communist is a dirty word but we discussed it openly and honestly and I took a lot of the good elements to heart. I learned that being rich is not a virtue, it is a privilege. Using the power you have unselfishly is not only respectable but can also help everyone around you. Both of these actions made me think more critically about the world and convinced me that the status quo will not always be the status quo.

If you were at a business lunch and you ordered a rare steak and they brought it to you well done, what would you do?

I have learned over time that I prefer my steak rare or close to it. I especially like rare steak when it is prepared by a restaurant. Of course, this does not apply to dives but they do not usually prepare steak below medium anyway. Good restaurants prepare rare steak in a safe and flavorful way that is usually very tender. For the longest time, I was a no fuss diner and still prefer to act that way. If I ask for no tomatoes and there are tomatoes on my burger, I just take them off. I am not allergic to any food items and I do not mind managing my own food. Still, getting my steak overcooked is something that I would consider mentioning to the server. However, I would only mention it during a casual meal with friends or family. A business lunch is meant to be brief and the concentration should be put on business. Business lunches are also often supposed to be brief and professional. I would not interrupt a business lunch to complain to the server or the cooking staff about edible food. I know many people who mention these things in order to help the kitchen staff improve but I do not feel that is my place or my duty. I would focus on the task at hand and eat my well-done steak. I might ask for some sauce, though.

Interview Questions 5

August 22, 2016


Where would you go in a time machine?

 I am kind of split on this question. By the time I got into high school, I had the show business bug bad and I worked on a lot of theater. First, I was a volunteer and then after college, I worked professionally. Through high school, college and beyond, one name that constantly came up was William Shakespeare. Without looking it up, I would say that I have done at least ten different Shakespeare plays and I enjoyed each one. So, one of the times that I would go back to is the time of Shakespeare to see what it was all about. I would definitely attend a Shakespeare play and a Marlowe play as well (probably Doctor Faustus). I would see what it was really like when Kings and Queens still ruled the land before more advanced systems of government formed. However, as I have been studying the law and following the recent elections, a sudden thought has been sparked. They say that Democracy was first born in Greece. I would love to go back and see that Senate in action and compare it to today’s legislative bodies. To see legendary philosophers plying their trade as things we read about in textbooks are taught from the horse’s mouth. I could also see some ancient Greek theater as well which would be absolutely fascinating.

The Flash

Which super power would you like to have?

As a guy who grew up reading comic books and watching genre movies and television, I have thought about this question for a long time. When I was really young, I was totally undersized due to a medical abnormality that I was born with. I was the shortest kid and that included being shorter than every single guy and girl my age. In fact, my brothers quickly overtook me in height and are both still taller than I am. So, I dreamed of having super strength. The idea of being able to benchpress a car was attractive for somebody who was so small. While I really did not get bullied much in school, the idea of using that strength in gym class and wowing people was a nice idle fantasy. Later, I wanted the power of flight because I was a frustrated teenager. I wanted freedom. I do really well on my own and the idea of being able to go wherever I wanted without a car was really attractive. Finally, near the end of high school and into college I was walking a lot. While walking is a nice activity, sometimes it can just take too long to accomplish. I want super speed. Even today I would love to have super speed powers. It would save me all the time in my mundane tasks and leave me more time to do all the thinking tasks. I want to be the fastest man alive.

Coke Pepsi.jpg
Pepsi or Coke?

This is a hard one and in order for me not to pick a cop out answer, I will attempt to actually make a decision between the two. I am one of the few people who likes both. Now, lately, I have been shocked to talk with people who absolutely hate Pepsi and love Coca-Cola. I can understand brand loyalty. When I was little, a Coca-Cola was a treat and I felt happy when I got to drink one. My family is from the American South where Coke is king. We come from Georgia originally which is the heart of Coca-Cola’s global kingdom and most of our family never moved north of the Mason-Dixon line. So I grew up drinking Coca-Cola and I can’t remember when I first tasted Pepsi. I think I do not remember it because I was so underwhelmed. I was not underwhelmed with the product itself but I could not tell a significant difference. In the leaner times, we had replaced Coke with Shasta and I could definitely tell the difference there. For me, Pepsi tastes a little bit sweeter but is mostly just like Coca-Cola. So when waitstaff asked me if I minded drinking Pepsi at restaurants I would cheerfully tell them that it was more than acceptable. In college, Rutgers had a distribution deal with Coke so there was not a choice and I often had a bottle of coke within arm’s reach. After college, in the wilds of New Jersey, I started buying bottles of Pepsi and mixing it with orange soda. I really liked that. Where I live now, there is a Pepsi distribution plant within walking distance so the Pepsi symbol is a friendly sight I associate with home. However, now that I think about it, Coke feels more like home to me. It makes me think of my family heritage and where we came from.

Interview Questions 4

August 1, 2016

I have heard from a few people that they would be more likely to hire somebody if they were an Eagle Scout. I was not in the Boy Scouts of America when I was a little boy. On a side note, I am glad I never was because they turned out to be a bit of a bigoted mess anyway. I was in Indian Guides instead and I was not incredibly committed to it besides pranking the Boy Scouts on camping trips. So would I factor being an Eagle Scout into my decision if I was making the hiring decisions? Sure. However, there are other things that would impress me. I spent a lot of time growing up playing video games. If you told me you had beaten Battletoads or I Wanna Be the Guy then that impresses me way more than the ability to start fires in the wilderness and helping old ladies cross the street. So here are some interview questions I might ask (and would like to be asked) in an interview.


What’s your favorite Pokémon? Why?

For the longest time, my favorite Pokémon was Growlithe because the idea of having a friendly dog that breathed fire on command was awesome. When I worked in theater, I wanted an electric pokémon like Magneton because it could help me with electrics and could float to hand me things on ladders. I can still remember my original Elite 4 beating team and I think especially fondly of the three original starters and their evolutions. However, that was the past. Lately, I have been getting acquainted with the new generation and unlike the genwunners, I have loved the new stuff and adapted fully. I recently played Pokémon Omicron, a fan game, and fell in love with Hawlucha. I always had a flying type on my team in the past because they were so useful. I always loved the fighting type but never found much of a use for them because they always got wrecked. Hawlucha is different for me. Hawlucha flies and fights and is even a luchador. So, I would have to say Hawlucha would be my favorite because he represents skills I had mastered combined with skills I wish I had mastered.


What was the most fun you ever had beating a game?

I remember beating Super Mario World and being astonished that I actually beat a game probably for the first time in my life. The feeling was exhilarating and amazing and tiring and I did that in front of at least one of my brothers and that was awesome. It was probably the hardest game I ever beat. I struggled to beat many games after that. I rejoiced at beating Kirby’s Dreamland on long car rides as a kid and then beating the secret New Game Plus over and over until I could do it in my sleep. Games used to be harder than they are now but they have gotten better at presenting a great story which really engages me. I got misty when I beat Kingdom Hearts and saw that even though the heroes won, their journey was not yet over. That game was just challenging enough to drive me crazy but the story kept me going forward. However, I think that I had the most fun beating Psychonauts. The game was just the right mix of funny, disturbing and sad. The gameplay was innovative and there were so many different things you had to do. Some parts were hard as hell but they were satisfying. I also liked what it said about the life of the mind and emotions and what it is to be disturbed.

Hand Holding

What part of video games do you dislike the most?

While many parts of video games are designed to frustrate you in order to entice you to keep fighting so you feel like you have accomplished a victory, there is one in particular that I hate. I absolutely hate escort missions. Escort missions are a part of video games where your character must accompany a Non-Player Character from point A to point B. Sometimes that NPC is armed and able to help you out but often they are defenseless and need your protection. I do not object to the concept of these missions. Protecting somebody en route during a dangerous trip is frankly something that comes from real life. The problem comes with trying to manage a character that you have little control over. Their AI is not exactly dedicated to self-preservation and thus you have to risk yourself in order to protect them. It is often worse than herding a cat and more like herding a toddler high on sugar. Moreover, I hate failing these missions because you have to watch the person you were trying to protect die or get hurt. Over the years, the escort mission has improved but it still is an aggravating part of video games.

Interview Questions 3

March 7, 2016

These are actual interview questions I lifted off of the internet. All three of them were reported by Business Insider and Glassdoor.

What do you think of lava lamps? And Dilbert?

I actually think of both in about the same way. A lava lamp is something to look at and zone out. I can feel very zen as I watch the bubbles and colors shift and move over and over in endless cycles. It’s totally mindless and I think that is the appeal. Of course, a lava lamp feels like it is an outdated decoration and is a little tacky now. Dilbert is much the same. It is a mindless collection of colors that makes me zone out when I read it. The jokes are not funny and the characters are impossible to connect with. It is robotic and negative and not really how I want to see my work environment.

What is your favorite color?

Back in the day, I would have probably said black just to be difficult. I was the gothiest non-goth that ever was a teenager. As I got older I would have been more pedantic and would have pointed out that black is not a color, it is the absence of color. Before I was a teenager and now I have the same answer. My favorite color is blue. Just a straight up, rich cobalt blue. I know that sounds kind of boring but that is half the point. That color just makes me feel more serene and serene can be a great thing. It’s the color of the sky on a perfect day, preferably with white puffy clouds blocking direct sunlight.

What were you like as a child?

I was a quiet kid. I was an awkward person in my youth and I still have a few vestiges of that. When my brothers and any carpool regulars were causing a ruckus, I was the one who just sat silently on the way to school. That started when I was a baby and in the hospital on the day that I was born, I did not cry. Instead, I just stared at my mother like a Child of the Corn. I was always thinking and unfortunately, that led to social anxiety. I was so worried about crowds, meeting new people and public speaking that I often would hide from it. These days I am still scared but when I have to I do it anyway. I am much better at talking and getting to know people than I used to be.

Interview Questions 2

February 13, 2016

Alright, this one is the Disney edition.

Which Disney animated villain would you be? Why?

I would have to go with Hades. He keeps a calm demeanor despite being a literal hothead who explodes into violent rage at times. I have had my own anger problems in the past and I know what that fiery rage feels like. I am putting all of that behind me so I won’t let it impair me like Hades. He has a subtle sense of humor that sometimes borders on morbid. I have a sense of humor which can sometimes get dark though I realize I have to curtail that in polite comedy. I love a good laugh as it can quickly bond strangers together and make everyone feel good. He is also tall and I have always been somewhat envious of people who are physically tall. He has magic powers as he is a god and is in tight with the Titans. In a world where I could be King of the Dead, I no longer fear death. He is also good at making plans as evidenced by his near victory over Hercules. I always want to get better at strategy. Like Hades I would strive to better my situation and not be shelved by the other gods.

Who is your favorite Disney Princess? Why?

My favorite Disney Princess is actualy Mulan since I finally watched the movie recently. I had a lot of misconceptions about the character before I watched the movie. Mulan defies a lot of expectations about her but that is not what she sets out to do. She wants to find a good arranged marriage because that is what is best for her family and herself. She’s not excited about the idea but at no point does she rebel against it and even tries her best in her own way. When push comes to shove she does what she feels is right by upholding her family’s honor. Instead of relying on brawn, she puts her intelligence and creativity to the task and excels at combat. She even puts her duty above romantic attraction for a time. Even when she is disgraced and banished she still manages to steel her courage and ride to the rescue. In short, Mulan is a good example of honor, intelligence and determination.

Which Disney location would you most like to live in? Why?

Given the choice I would love to live in Atlantica which is the underwater setting for a lot of The Little Mermaid. Atlantica is nestled safely deep under the sea, specifically the Atlantic Ocean. The ruler of Atlantica is the fair and just King Triton. King Triton is a confident ruler who protects his subjects with intelligence, trust and a magical artifact. Although he is a monarch, he is not completely unwilling to admit that he is wrong and tries his best to rectify the damage he indirectly causes. That is the kind of decisive but thoughtful ruler that I would like to live under. Atlantica is also quite musical as what looks like half the population joins in Under the Sea. That song also illustrates how happy everyone is to live where they are even if they are part of the servant class. That’s an amazing approval rating if only one character out of nearly a hundred is dissatisfied.  On top of that, the deep sea is still a mystery to us humans and I would like to explore that some.

Interview Questions

February 1, 2016

There is a certain class of questions which I call interview questions although I suppose they could also be questions used in a show like The Dating Game.  They are designed to reveal something about your personality and thought processes while being really weird.  I thought I’d post some that I had to answer recently.  If I find some other fun questions I might do this again.  It’s good practice and it’s really fun to come up with the answers.


Do you prefer a good book or a good movie?

Although I love a good movie (and sometimes a bad one), I prefer a good book. A good book is a more intimate and personal experience. The images, sounds and memories the written word can evoke are unique to each person who reads a book. I carry with me memories of every good book I’ve ever read which adds to my life experience. We can learn from fictional characters and, in the case of autobiographies, real people through books in a more thorough way than a movie provides.


Would you rather be a tree or a flower. Why?

I would rather be a tree. A tree is strong and usually not as delicate as a flower. Trees live for centuries if they are undisturbed. They provide shade and oxygen for human beings although I suppose that wouldn’t be my concern anymore once I was a tree.


Which mode of transportation do you prefer between trains, planes or automobiles? Why?

I love a good train ride. There’s a lot of freedom on a train that you just don’t get on other modes of transportation. You are free to sit back and enjoy the ride and see the sites outside of your window. You are also free to get up and walk around or eat without stopping your trip’s progress. The ride is steady enough to read a book without getting carsick and sometimes there’s wifi to access the internet. You can easily divide your time between work and recreation as needed. In a car you have to do all the work and planes are now swamped with security and feel far too cramped.


If you were a piece of candy, what kind of candy would you be? Why?

I would be a peep. Peeps are such a polarizing candy because most people I talk to either love them or despise them. I happen to like the texture and taste of them though I only eat them maybe twice a year because of their extremely high sugar content. If I’m going to be eaten, I would want it to be by somebody who is really going to look forward to it and enjoy it.

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