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Crew of the Frozen Star

March 7, 2013

Here follows a list of crewmembers for the Frozen Star, the ship that my character currently serves on.  There is a short description of each and James’ first impressions of the character as included in letters to his parents.  The characters below were not created by me.

Captain Hulluva – Hulluva is an energy creature known as a Der’rum who owns and captains the Frozen Star.  She was recently caught in a conflict between her father and her mother.  Her father was until recently a terrorist at large who transformed his daughter into a human against her will. She got better.

“The Captain looks at me like she’s known me a lot longer than she actually has.  Something to do with the recent travel through dimensions and time and space that they explained a few days ago.  Still, I feel the need to show her what this version of me can do.”

Luke Matchstick – Luke is an old friend of James’ from the academy.  Luke is hotheaded but fiercely loyal to ship and the crew.  He utilizes speed and energy projection powers and lately he specializes in fighting multiple enemies at once.  He wields a DITE weapon known in the form of a staff.

“Being around Luke again is interesting.  It is obvious he’s not the Luke I remember from school but I guess that’s to be expected.  He is just as quick to start a fight as he ever was.  Still, I’d walk through fire with anytime, anywhere.”

Karath –  Karath is a Owl-like humanoid called a Nah-Tem who acts as a sniper and enforcer for the crew.  She also has had an liquid hitchhiker creature in her head that enhanced her strength and reflexes and gifted her with superior weapons.  The creature might be gone, it might not only time will tell.  Lately she and James have started sparring with each other during the three week journey out to the wilds of space.

“There is a Nah-Tem soldier on board.  Her behavior seems erratic but nobody else seems too alarmed so I guess I’ll let it slide.  In that way, she reminds me of our Ei.  It’s good to have another soldier on board to have our back.”

Glorm –  Glorm is a lizard-like humanoid called a Tursk and the engineer of the Frozen Star.  Glorm has recently laid claim to the position of First Officer.  By all reports, Glorm is very intelligent.  Glorm’s problems seem to stem from a lack of patience which tends to bypass that intelligence sometimes.  Glorm wields a maul and just loves to bash people and things.

“The Tursk engineer does not make a good first impression.  However, I think he must be  smarter than he shows or else he would be a bad engineer.  I do have to respect his toughness even if it might just come from stubbornness or Tursk customs.”

Bob – Bob was a member of the Homogeny race, a race of sentient insects. He was the pilot of the Frozen Star and also the resident hacker until his recent death at the hands of mysterious forces.  Recently, the crew has been haunted by Bob in the form of all of the anti-hacking traps that Bob put in the system.

“The Homogeny pilot has a high opinion of himself.  To be fair, he actually seems really intelligent.  You know the old saying ‘It ain’t cocky if you back it up.’  The captain trusts him so that’s enough for me.  We’ll see if he continues to back it up.”

Sandee – Sandee belonged to a race of sentient turtles known as the K’arid.  She studied to be a xenobiologist and traveled through space to observe creatures in their natural habitats. She served as the Frozen Star’s science officer until dying alongside Bob recently.  Before that, she met herself in another universe.  Yeah, it was that kind of adventure.

“There is a K’arid scientist on board.  Xenobiology, I think.  She seems really friendly for a giant creature with armor and claws.  From what I gather, she is the ship’s doctor which is why she is working on some Kei infection they are alarmed about.”

Mal – Mal is a K’Arid doctor who seems to be very wealthy.  He dresses in nice clothes, his speech is just so.  He owns a lot of really nice, expensive things.  He was also recently accused of destroying a planet.  The crew is currently trying to exonerate him of those charges.

“We have a K’Arid passenger now.  I’m not sure what to think about him at all.  He’s got trunks full of rich stuff.  We never had that, so I am not used to it.  If I had money I would not be spending it on tapestries or antiques.  Of course, I have never had much money to spend so who knows.”

Cynthia Rose – Cynthia Rose is a former classmate of James and Luke but the class was so large that they never ran into each other.  Apparently, she had low marks in school but she made up for it by having a great record in military service.  She is part of the same piloting guild that Bob was in.  Recently, Cynthia has been covertly studying her new shipmates.

“The new pilot says she was in Luke and I’s class but I don’t remember seeing her around.  Believe me, with her style, I think I would have remembered.  She definitely can fly and she seems confident so we’ll just have to see what happens.  I hear she had a great record in combat.”

The Garen Family Tree

March 3, 2013

The Garen Family Tree

Above is the family tree for my character James Garen on his father’s side aka The Garen Family.  A lot of this is stuff that’s been floating around my head since I created the character, some of it I’ve come up with over the last week a few minutes at a time and some of it I came up with today as I watched Firefly on DVD.  I love doing this sort of thing, especially for a character who cares deeply for his heritage.

A Little More James Garen

September 21, 2012

Here is a little more of my character James Garen. The world of the game is set far in the future after the human race has been devastated and a portion of the population has developed what basically amounts to superpowers. My character has the ability to heal wounds at will and has super strength and athletic skill. Here’s a little bit of a description of him and four characters.

James Garen has mostly groomed, dark brown hair and determined but friendly brown eyes. He’s built solid at about 5’ 9″.

James was born into the Garen family and that meant he was practically born to be a soldier. His father was a soldier, his grandfather was a soldier and so on. James started his education in the family career path at the age of 10. At that point he spent just as much time practicing combat skills with his father as he did playing with his friends. When his Kei abilities first showed he shipped out and left his family behind. At the Academy, he fit in pretty well and met Luke who he grew to be friends with even though they used each other for punching bags. Straight out of the Academy he worked with his Dad’s old squad, the Star Sabers.

He parted amiably from the Sabers when he was taken on board the Phoenix Bane. He crewed with the Phoenix Bane for a long time. He formed friendships with Jules Meles and Captain Caliver and served well on the Bane until the death of Jules and the Captain. He was stranded on the space station Tsion when he was forced off the ship by former crewmates who teamed up with known criminals.

When James’ internal kei abilities began to manifest he was excited at the new adventure ahead of him but a little sad to leave his tight knit family behind. He writes home often and also to other members of his family who are also abroad. He’s proud to be out and representing a family name that has served on a lot of ships and on the frontlines of many battles. The dufflebag he carries with him has the family name and crest stitched onto it. He’s good at following orders and loyal to whoever hires him, provided they’re not killing babies or anything.

Eileen “Dead Ei” Garen – She was always the most reserved of the Garen siblings. She’s timid around new people but, like her father and brothers, was always good at taking orders like a good soldier. She lacks the Kei abilities of her oldest brother, James, but has superior accuracy with firearms and has found work as a sniper. Working in solitude has only increased her social difficulties. She has the dubious honor of being the first person to shoot James in order to stop him from accidentally harming her other brother Lane.

Lane Garen – The middle child of the three Garen siblings. He was James’ first sparring partner and missed his brother when James was shipped off to the Academy. His arm and collarbone were broken in several places when James’ Kei abilities first surfaced. It would have been worse if James had not been stopped by their sister Ei. He ended up on a security detail working for the GSC. He is one of the few Garens without combat experience.

Jules Meles – Born with an inquisitive mind, Jules was never going to be anything but a scientist. She bonded instantly to computers adn was programming and building them at an early age. In exchange for her computer skills and Nen-I abilities, she gained passage on the Phoenix Bane and exposure to any technology they might encounter. Sadly, she died during the station attack when she was trampled by a crowd frightened by a crazed Kei user. James was rather protective of Jules and it is a great regret that he was not there to prevent her death.

Captain Kaliver – An unassuming, middle-aged Nah-Tem man. He won the Phoenix Bane in a card game and took to mercenary work with a passion. He was adept with the gift of talk and a knack for utilizing resources even when they were scarce. He trusted James as he saw honesty and loyalty which most of the rest of the crew (and Kaliver sometimes) lacked. James put a lot of people in med bays and six feet under in loyal service to Kaliver. Kaliver died at the hands of a crazed external Kei user during a Der’rum station attack.

Fight to the Finish

August 27, 2012

This is the first of little bits of backstory for my character for a tabletop game I’m in. James Garen is a mercenary who used to be a soldier. This is the story of the day his superpowers first emerged.

* * *

The grin on Lane’s face was unbearable as  he and James stepped into the wide circle they had drawn in the dirt.  Lane had won the last time they had fought and they both knew it.  It had been driving James crazy that his younger brother had been holding that win over his head for days.   James was going to make that end today.  Even if their father wasn’t there to watch, James knew he kept track of their record.  He would show their father and Lane who was the best.  His gaze shifted from his brother’s face to the house behing him and then to Ei cleaning her rifle up in the treehouse they had built half a dozen summers ago.

“Are we going to do this or are you scared that I’ll beat you again?” Lane’s words brought James’ back to the moment.

James nodded and put up his fists. “You could back down too but I know you won’t.  You’ll lose.” Lane lunged first, his fist launched right where James’ head was.  James had been ready for him and countered with a body blow that drove Lane back a step or two.  Lane gave him an ugly look, he countered with a smile.  They closed again and barely blocked his brother’s right hook and countered with his best left jab.  Lane dodged by backing up again, backpedalling easily.

Again and again they closed on each other, their exchanges full of counters and dodges.  Neither of them were landing any lasting damage, no clean shots.  They knew each other two well.  They had fought each other two many times.  James knew he was probably going to have to take a hit in order to get an opening for a finishing blow.  Either that or tire his brother out until he could just pound him into submission.  Neither plan seemed particularly easy but those were the strategies James saw.  Whatever it took, James had to win.

A feeling James had never felt ran through his body.  He suddenly felt powerful so powerful.  He felt invincible like nothing could ever stop him.  Lane was moving so slowly that it was way too easy to dodge his attacks.  James found himself grinning and then laughing as he reveled in the easy way he dodged his brother.  He even had time to notice the confusion on Lane’s face.

Finally, James grabbed his brother’s incoming fist and pulled, feeling his brother stumble forward. He held onto his brother’s wrist and kicked his brother across the back sending him face first into the dirt.  He saw his way to a submission victory but why did it feel like all of this was taking so long? He planted his foot on his brother’s shoulder and pulled his wrist back.   He just wanted to hyper extend his brother’s shoulder a little, make him tap out.   He didn’t hear the sick sounds of Lane’s shoulder dislocating, followed by his shoulder blade breaking and then his arm.  He didn’t hear Lane’s howls of pain and he certainly didn’t hear Ei begging him to stop.

Suddenly there was the echo of a shot he hadn’t remembered hearing.  He groaned as he felt the pain spread through his shoulder and looked to see the bullet hole.  He looked up at Ei, the barrel of her rifle still smoking.  Her eyes were so wide and she had the rifle ready to fire again.  He looked down at Lane, writhing in pain in the dirt, cradling his damaged right arm. James couldn’t quite think straight. What had just happened?  He stumbled back from Lane, his heart pounding in his chest.  They’d never hurt each other like this before and Ei had actually shot him.

James ran, he just started running.  He ran through the wilderness until he couldn’t run anymore.  He rested against a tree and finally felt rational thought return.  He had to go back home soon.  He couldn’t just live out here in the forest.  He had no idea how he was going to make things right again with Lane or Ei.  What would his mother think?  Worse, what would his father think?  He knew one thing for sure .  Nothing was ever going to be the same.

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