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Media Update 8/9/18

August 9, 2018


This movie is listed as a body horror action film and that was exactly what it was. What you see in the trailer is the gist of what the movie delivers. However, there is more to it than meets the eye. This movie is about a man who suffers a tragedy and he is given his life back through technology. The body horror comes in two ways, telling you about either does not spoil much of the movie. The first is that the movie deals with the surgical modification of the human body to combine it with mechanical parts. The other is the possession of a human’s body. On top of all of that, there are some impressive gore effects. The movie is a simple little story but the psychology of it is very effective and very chilling. Mixed in is a little dark comedy to keep it from getting too dark too fast. Logan Marshall-Green plays the lead character and he is the perfect actor for this role. His physical acting is especially great as he struggles with control issues. Simon Maiden plays the artificial intelligence and he is both creepy and funny at different times, almost a mix between Freddy Krueger, Rain Man, and a toddler. The movie makes some twists and turns that I did not expect and I was definitely left stunned at certain points. I definitely recommend this one.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

I was one of the few people of my friend group who enjoyed watching Jurassic World and to this day I cannot understand why. The first movie in the new trilogy was similar to Star Wars: The Force Awakens in that it felt nostalgic but it also felt innovative. It started to explore new facets of the original’s themes on man’s genetic tinkering and its effect on the Earth. I had no idea where this sequel could go after the first one was so crazy. This one further explores the dangers of genetics and greed but also explores the theme of animal rights and conservation. It does all of this by somehow upping the stakes even higher and leaving me wanting even more. I cannot wait to see where this franchise goes next which is something I did not expect to say. Once again, Chris Pratt was awesome and charismatic. Bryce Dallas Howard got a lot more of a character arc in this one and I want to see her grow even more in the third one. Newcomers Daniella Pineda and Justice Smith were both funny and cool characters who I was glad to meet. The real shocker was Isabella Sermon who is one of the best child actors I have seen and I was actually excited to have her around. I definitely recommend this movie.

Dallas Buyer’s Club

I will be honest here and say that I actually tried to watch this movie twice in the past few weeks. The second time was this past weekend and I just could not finish the movie. I do not think it is a bad movie. I can see why the Academy Awards liked the movie and why it got so much press. The movie is about the AIDS crisis at its height in the eighties when the disease was ignored or mismanaged. It follows an oil worker who gets HIV and is highly troubled that he got a “gay disease”. While he seeks out different treatments, he is exposed to the LGBTQ community and he starts to change his ways. Matthew McConaughey is great as the irascible cowboy who sees a way to treat his disease and profit at the same time. Jared Leto is kind of fun but I wish they had cast an actual trans actor even though Leto is always dedicated to his craft. There is also Jennifer Garner but she does not really do much but she is good as a representative of the medical field. I just could not stand McConaughey’s character. He was too good at being an asshole. Also, it was uncomfortable sitting there and watching his body fall apart which is probably the point but I just did not want to do it. Also, the movie is irresponsible in its message of rejecting the opinions of medical professionals and the FDA to buy and try unapproved/untested medicines. I do not really recommend this movie.

Music of the Week:

Kesha – Dinosaur

Drake – Nonstop

Rachel Platten – Fight Song

Yours Truly – High Hopes

Arch Enemy – Enemy Within

Weekly Update:
– This week’s theme is “Making Improvements”
– I finished Agents of Shield Season 5
– I finished NCIS Season 15
– I finished Blue Bloods Season 8
– I started watching Glitter Force Doki Doki Season 2
– I finished Arrow Season 6
– I finished The Flash Season 4
– I watched more Barry Kramer on YouTube

American Psycho

October 12, 2015

I have a bias against the rich and wealthy people of America. My family always had money but we were never rich, like most Americans we lived on a budget and we did our best. We had lean times and times that were not so lean. However, as I grew more politically aware and knowledgeable about the world I grew to resent the truly wealthy people. In a lot of ways they are like aliens that walk the Earth and somehow absorb our currency faster than normal Earth humans. Many of them lose touch with what it is to be human and their children are born never knowing the true value of a dollar. These people are scary. The mindset that there will always be more than enough money frees some of them from any regard for human life. They grow socially conservative and guard their money against those who desperately need it. Their concerns become trivial by average standards. This movie is full of these people and it is terrifying.

I’m a huge Christian Bale fan and I have been since I discovered him when he took the role of Batman in the Dark Knight trilogy of movies. He brings everything to a performance even in a bad movie. I’ve since tried to slowly consume all of his filmography bit by bit. I even lingered and watched the Shaft remake because he played one of the villains. He was even great in the Shaft remake, what more do you want from the guy? In this he’s incredibly creepy. He plays a wealthy young man who does something with business in the eighties. He is very successful but something is very, very wrong with him. He conforms to society but it is quickly apparent that he has deep psychological problems and is just going through the motions to cover them up. His speech pattern is very superficial and unnatural, almost always smooth but with a weird rhythm and tone to it. He ocassionally seems to have outbursts of incredible anger but the character he’s yelling at never reacts so you’re left wondering if that was just in his head. It’s a really good portrayal of a serial killer.

The movie lacks any sort of sense most of the time. The surreal atmosphere of the super rich coupled with the insanity of Bale’s character makes for a disjointed, uncomfortable plot structure. Half of the time there’s barely a reason for the next thing to happen and even Bale’s narration isn’t going to help you very much with his motivations. I really gave up trying to figure out exactly what was going on pretty early in the movie. Instead, I sat back and enjoyed the ride while letting little interpretations and theories bounce around in my head. The insane main character is not the only crazy part of the movie. The people around him tend to react very strangely in that they largely don’t react. He’s very strange, the kind of person I would desperately try to avoid at a party or any other engagement once I had met him. Yet, the world around him is permissive and nonchalant about his eccentricity. Maybe they’re afraid to dig deeper and find the madness underneath. When the madness finally does come out it’s like a volcanic eruption and it’s all the scarier.

This movie is very well put together. Unlike a lot of the movies I will have reviewed this month, there was an actual budget behind this one. The camera work and music feel more artistic and that helps add to the pretentious and shallow feeling that I got. The director, Mary Harron, has only directed four films in her career. However, she was also the co-writer for this one (and all her films) which earns her a lot of points in my book. She has worked on two films concerning Andy Warhol which explains some of the weirdness of the movie. Yes, I am aware that the movie is intended as a parody but parody often rings a bit true. The film is visually designed with a minimalist and simple eighties style. There is a lot of black and white and some other expanses of solid colors that just feel empty. She and her friend Guinevere Turner adapted the movie from the novel of the same name by Bret Easton Ellis. Ellis did a lot of true crime research for his novel which I admit I haven’t read. However, I do see that he did a lot of film work as well as novels and obviously his work translated really well into a great movie.

Really, I was surprised by how good this movie was. The atmosphere was creepy, the characters were offputting and every part of it really worked. The actors beside Bale are all really good and put in more subtle performances which happily clashes with Bale’s performance. Even Willem Dafoe puts in a subtle performance and that’s really saying something. I would suggest you checking this out if you can stomach a lot of gore and a little sex.

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