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Media Update 10/24/19

October 24, 2019

Ginger Snaps

I had heard good things about this movie but I never quite caught it. This movie exceeded expectations as a slow burn horror movie with plenty of comedic overtones. This movie would have absolutely been my jam when it came out. I was a bit of a goth kid and the Fitzgerald Sisters would have been crushes for me just like Wednesday Addams and Lydia Dietz. They are so compelling and likable as adorkable goth sisters who are ostracized at school. The movie is also a fresh take on the whole werewolf mythos, viewing it through the lens of puberty and high school. It is basically what would actually happen in the story of Teen Wolf. The movie arguably stars Emily Perkins as the younger Fitzgerald sister, the smarter one. She is almost joined at the hip with her older sister Katharine Isabelle. The two of them really make the movie. Kris Lemche plays the friendly local drug dealer (it’s better than it sounds). The rest of the cast is also really good. A special shout out to Mimi Rogers who plays their mom who is just so perfect. The effects are also all practical and impressive as hell. I definitely recommend this movie.

Vamps (2012)

I love Krysten Ritter which was what put this movie on my radar. The movie really feels like it is a cousin of What We Do In the Shadows. It follows two female vampires trying to navigate the modern world. It also has a lot of references to horror movies past. Of course, Krysten Ritter is absolutely delightful, I could watch her read the phone book. She is joined by Alicia Silverstone who is wielding peak Clueless energy. This makes sense as it is directed by the same director as Clueless, Amy Heckerling. The two are nonviolent vampires living as single college girls in New York City. Sigourney Weaver plays the vampire who made them and she is delightfully wicked. Wallace Shawn and Dan Stevens play the modern-day descendants of Van Helsing, still looking for vampires. There are a lot of fun cameo roles from Taylor Negron, Todd Barry, Larry Wilmore, Richard Lewis, Zak Orth, Marilu Henner, Kristen Johnson, and Malcolm McDowell. The movie had that good fun, bouncy energy that Clueless has. It is funny and silly but it also has a bit of good drama. I definitely recommend this one too.

Jennifer’s Body

I had long heard about how this movie is really good despite not being a box office hit or having really sexist marketing which made me roll my eyes. Well, the director agreed with me on the marketing because she and everybody else involved really hated it. The trailer is not what the movie ended up being. This movie resonates on a similar frequency to Ginger Snaps, being a good balance of horror and comedy. It is written by Diablo Cody after her success with Juno. It stars Amanda Seyfried as a nerdy young high schooler who is trying to solve a supernatural mystery that involves her best friend. Her best friend is played, of course, by Megan Fox who does her best acting to date and looks like she is having so much fun. Johnny Simmons plays Seyfried’s boyfriend, a down to Earth presence in all of the craziness. There are smaller but great roles for Amy Sedaris, JK Simmons, Kyle Gallner, Valerie Tian, and Chris Pratt. I also really liked the villainous role filled by Adam Brody who plays the perfect douchebag. The movie is fun and spooky but also felt like it meant something instead of the skin flick that it was advertised as. I also recommend this movie.

Music of the Week:
Kodak Black – Halloween

Mike Bars x SwizZz – There Will Be Blood

In This Moment – Black Wedding feat. Rob Halford

Lana Del Rey – Serial Killer

BUTCHER BABIES – Monsters Ball


Weekly Update:
– This week’s theme is “Deadly XX”
– I started Blindspot Season 2
– I watched Uninvited (Rifftrax)
– I watched Carnival of Souls (Rifftrax)
– I watched Attack of the Puppet People (Rifftrax)
– I watched more The Blacklist Season 6
– I watched more Agents of SHIELD Season 6
– I watched more Carmen Sandiego Season 2
– I watched more Brooklyn Nine-Nine
– I watched more Scream Queens Season 1
– I watched more Blue Bloods Season 9
– I finished Gotham Season 6

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