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Media Update 11/3/2016

November 3, 2016

Luke Cage

I had been waiting for this show since Mike Colter appeared as Cage in Jessica Jones. He was so charismatic and strong (in every sense of the word) that I was curious about his story. I was glad that he was getting some distance from Jessica as both of them needed time to sort out their own damaged lives. What I did not expect is that his story would leave Hell’s Kitchen and end up in Harlem. It is a neighborhood with a rich cultural history and it is obviously tied to the black community. They created a great story about Luke Cage and Harlem both rediscovering who and what they are. It is not only about Luke Cage figuring out how to be a hero but also rediscovering what it means to be a person in the world. Harlem struggles to figure out its identity at the same time. I loved the story of Misty Knight, a cop who struggles against a system that is too slow to bring justice. She always sees the big picture. Once again we see Rosario Dawson as the Night Nurse and I would actually kill for a solo show about her. The villains were dynamic and interesting in the same way that Kingpin and Kilgrave were. And yet they were more human and painted with a few shades of gray. Nobody is purely good or evil. It is what you do that shows the world who you are. I cannot recommend this enough.


I had not watched anything from the BBC in quite a while maybe over a year or more. I like British television because it is different from the formulas used in the US. I have wanted to watch this show because I have loved Idris Elba in everything I have seen him in. He has such an incredibly strong presence and charisma that he dominates most scenes that he is in. This show was a little different. He is still a very strong character but he is also really good at showing incredible weakness. He is an incredibly flawed police detective who is battling a darkness deep inside. The show tackles some incredibly dark stories but it does not feel like it spirals too far into a depressing tone. I am even more impressed by Idris Elba after watching a little bit of this show. He makes the character of John Luther so multi-faceted and interesting but also makes me feel for the character and worry about him. I really like the two main cops that work with him. His partner is played by Warren Brown and does a really good job of playing a young cop in over his head by partnering with such a force of nature. Saskia Reeves plays his boss in Series 1 and is great at balancing a no-nonsense attitude and dealing with a brilliant but flawed lead detective. I immediately liked Ruth Wilson as a young sociopathic woman who plagues John after becoming obsessed with him. The show is very interesting and I will definitely continue to watch it and I definitely recommend it.

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back

I liked the first Jack Reacher movie quite a bit. The idea of a badass ex-military guy working with a lawyer was interesting to me. I also really like movies or television shows where the main character is such a force of nature that the mere mention of his name puts the bad guys on alert. That effect can also be seen in John Wick and by the end of Luke Cage. This one felt better than the first one. Now that we had been introduced to the character, we learn more about him and who he is and what he believes in. We also meet so many interesting secondary characters. The movie has two awesome female co-leads and I really liked the villains a lot. The story takes a lot of interesting turns and there was stuff I expected would happen and other stuff I could not have predicted. I love to be surprised when I watch things and this movie definitely did it in the best kind of way. There was a dry sense of humor to the movie that Tom Cruise helps with his subtle reactions to things. Cruise is very much suited to this role because, like Ethan Hunt, it is a battle hardened and aging hero experiencing new situations. Cruise is not quite in the twilight in his career but he has seen some miles and this movie fit him like a glove. I hope there is a third movie in the series. I definitely recommend this movie.

Music of the Week:
Sykotik Sinfoney – Manic Depresso

Bruno Mars – 24K Magic

The Agonist – Business Suits and Combat Boots

Dunson – Tremendous

Green Day – Bang Bang

Weekly Updates:
– This week’s theme is “Heroes on the Streets”
– I finished Arrow Season 4 and it was great
– I finished The Flash Season 2 and it was also great
– I finished Legends of Tomorrow Season 1 and I want to see more
– I continued watching Gotham Season 2 and it’s good
– I started watching Once Upon a Time Season 6

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