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Media Update 6/25/2015

June 25, 2015

Not much new to discuss this week as I’ve been watching a lot of the same stuff that I’ve mentioned before. However…

Jimmy Buffet: Workin’ and Playin’ Concert Tour

Last Saturday we took my mom to see Jimmy Buffet in concert in Bristow, VA in honor of her 60th birthday which was last year. Several plans fell through when trying to find the appropriate way to celebrate but, thanks to my brother Alex, we were able to celebrate in style anyway.

The adventure started by driving out to Bristow and the Jiffy Lube Live Pavillion. My mom put together a lot of barbecue and we proceeded to tailgate along with pretty much everybody else in attendance. Of course, my mom also made what I call “Orange Margaritas” which are full of ground up oranges, limes, lemons and what tastes like roughly all of the alcohol. I was buzzed after one cup. The tiredness I had felt from the humidity vanished and I took it upon myself to find my brother who had driven separately.

After using the power of Bon Jovi to reunite with Alex, we all continued to chow down on barbecue and drink margaritas. About fifteen minutes later there was a tornado warning and we barely got back into the car before a torrential downpour swept through the area. With no twitter updates from the venue, we were left with the dilemma of whether we should try to head inside or stay in the car. Eventually, the rain slacked off and we headed to our seats which were safely covered from the rain.

Eight o’clock hit which is when the concert was scheduled to start and Jimmy and some of the Coral Reefers hit the stage to lots of cheers but no pomp and circumstance. Jimmy launched into his version of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” in honor of our near misses from tornadoes and the passing storm. Afterward, he announced a delay of about fifteen minutes. This was super classy as he gave us a little treat instead of having somebody make the announcement over a PA system.

The concert eventually started and it was really great. Jimmy Buffett is a great performer and seems like a guy who just loves to entertain and have a good time. He actually played a lot of songs that I hadn’t heard before and covers of other musicians I had heard before. Notably, he played “5 O’Clock Somewhere” by Alan Jackson which makes sense as Jackson has played Margaritaville in concert. I sang along to the songs I knew and bounced to the rhythm and I had a great time and so did the rest of the family.

The place had a real party atmosphere and I definitely was entertained by the crowd sometimes as much as the entertainers on stage. I’d like to shout out to three guys in particular. The first I call “White Guy Dancer” who was directly in front of me. He danced to every song with a lot of passion but no skill or rhythm. The other two guys I call the “Buffet Bros” who looked younger than me with shaved heads. They did loosely choreographed dance routines to each song and fist pounded each other like true bros. They were weird but harmless.

If I had any complaint, it was that the vocals were mixed a little too low as I would have loved to hear the lyrics of the songs I was unfamiliar with. It was super fun and I was exhausted by the end, riding home with my ears ringing but knowing my mom was happy with her present.

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