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Media Update 8/11/2016

August 11, 2016

Jason Bourne

So I went to the Senator for a movie for the first time in a long while with my father. I like the Bourne movies well enough but unfortunately, I kind of forget their plots not long after seeing them. This is strange for me because I have a pop culture sponge mind that keeps those kinds of things safe in my mind’s vault. I cannot memorize phone numbers but I can remember all of that stuff. Still, I like the fight choreography and spy thriller action in the Bourne movies a lot. I also like when a character becomes an epic figure and a mere mention of their name answers questions and causes people’s eyes to widen. I also liked the Bourne Legacy because I might be one of the few fans Jeremy Renner seems to have these days. Anyway, this one was very much in the vein of the first three movies. There were a lot of locations and Bourne fought and shot people in all of them. Matt Damon was great as usual, though the role requires him to be pretty stoic. The real winner was Tommy Lee Jones who was at his charismatic best and did most of the talking in the movie. Also, Alicia Vikander was a very interesting character that, if there’s a sequel, we may happily see more of. My only problem was the camera work and edits were a little too shaky and quick in places. Still, I definitely recommend it.

The Man from UNCLE

So I was too young to see this show when it came out and I never saw any reruns. So I had no idea what the show was about but the trailer for the movie looked like a lot of fun. I really do like the sixties era spy movies on which this movie is based. Stuff like James Bond and George Smiley and so many others has a kind of iconic charm to it. This movie follows that style and also the understated, subtle performances that you might see in Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy but not as grim as the new Bond films. The movie stars Armie Hammer, Henry Cavill and Alicia Vikander again. Armie Hammer is really great as a soviet spy forced to work with an American and really transformed himself in the role. Henry Cavill is actually really fun while he’s not playing Superman and plays a really good charming rogue. I was relieved to see that Alicia Vikander is more lively in this movie which shows that her stoicism in Jason Bourne was part of her character. She is pretty funny in this movie and often steals the scene in the best ways. The movie is fun and light, kind of a mix between a popcorn movie and a more complex spy movie. It was a pleasant way to spend an evening and I would definitely recommend it.

Eye in the Sky

I started watching this weeks ago but the poor internet connection kept making Amazon both lose connection and then fail to save progress. It was frustrating but kind of funny considering that a lot of this film is about establishing communication links with places thousands of miles away. I sat down to watch this movie because my mom chose it but I thought the trailer had looked pretty interesting. This one follows a single drone operation run by a joint English and American military task force. It details the politics and realities of drone warfare in our world today. So you have the military trying to accomplish the tasks in front of them while politicians try to deal with and prevent the fallout from those actions. Alan Rickman was excellent in this one and that’s great because this was his last movie. He has his usual gravity and charm but for the character, it is just like any other day. Helen Mirren is excellent as well. Her character is powerful and drives the story forward. Finally, there was Aaron Paul who did not have as many lines but those lines counted. He’s a great actor. Throw in the ensemble backing them up and it ended up being a great movie that was surprisingly emotional. I definitely recommend it.

Music of the Week:
The Sword – Hammer of Heaven

The Blizzards – Trust Me I’m A Doctor

Raleigh Ritchie – Never Better

Tristam & Braken – Flight

Lor Scoota – No Turning Back

Weekly Updates:
– I am heavily assembling Halloween. I will work on it soon.
– I finished Season One of Limitless and it so great
– I finished watching the IT Crowd and I wanted more
– I’ve watched a little bit of Olympics but it’s not my thing
– I am kind of burned out on politics for a bit
– I also picked Penny Dreadful back up and it’s great
– This week’s theme is “Surveillance”


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