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Media Update 7/4/19

July 4, 2019

The Lincoln Lawyer

When I originally saw the trailer for this movie, I knew it was a movie I wanted to see but not one that I would jump on. Now that I am in a legal profession, the movie became more attractive to me. Also, it is adapted from the same world of novels that the television series Bosch is adapted from. This means that it is well researched with interesting characters and twisting and turning plots that make for a good story. Matthew McConaughey plays a slick lawyer who always gets his client off or at least gets them a good deal. He is the kind of lawyer who is friends with everybody except for the cops. William H. Macy plays his investigator, a likable guy who knows where all of the bodies are buried. Marisa Tomei plays an Assistant District Attorney who just so happens to also be Matthew’s ex-wife. Ryan Philippe plays his client, a rich boy with a spotless record but a real mystery. There are also great small roles from Michael Pena, John Leguiziamo, Josh Lucas, Bryan Cranston, and Michaela Conlin. The movie feels like a film noir version of a legal drama riding high on the charisma of McConaughey and Phillipe and the clever plot. I definitely recommend it.

How to Get Away With Murder

This was one of those shows that I never watched because I did not have a cable hookup but I had heard good things about it. I finally took the leap, watching it on Netflix. The show follows students in a law school in a Criminal Law 101 class where they are treated like sharks in the making. Their teacher is played brilliantly by Viola Davis. She is always several steps ahead of her students and often has masterful tricks to pull for her clients. Each episode, she tasks her students with helping to find solutions on her cases in order to prove their worth. She does not care what depths they have to go to in order to get the information she needs. The show follow five students the nerdy one, the quiet girl, the brash girl, the flirty gay guy, and the frat guy. (At least, that’s the crew in the first season). There is also what appears to be a season long (or series long) mystery that is forming and each episode reveals new bits of evidence and facets of that. I am really interested to see where the show goes because it is very compelling so far. I definitely recommend it.

Roman J. Israel, Esq.

I have not really heard anybody talking about this movie which is strange considering it is headed up by Denzel Washington. I feel like the movie might be hampered by a downer first half and Denzel Washington’s quiet, mumbly performance. Denzel plays an activist criminal defense attorney who is thrust out of his comfort zone after decades of honest service to clients. After years of being the man behind the curtain, he finds it hard to operate in court or in communication with clients and other attorneys. Still, he carries the fire of activism in his heart and tries to spread that flame to others. The movie is really about how truly good men are often not rewarded or appreciated in their own time. It also shows how easily good men can fall. If you can get through the first bits and into the meat of the story, you just might enjoy this moving story about justice, injustice, and the price of both. I recommend it.

Music of the Week:
St. Vincent – Masseduction


Ally Brooke – Low Key (feat. Tyga)

21 Savage – a lot ft. J. Cole

Royal Deluxe – I’m a Wanted Man

Weekly Update:
– This week’s theme is “Defense Attorneys”
– I watched more Game of Thrones Season 3
– I watched more Arrow Season 7
– I watched more Legends of Tomorrow Season 4
– I watched more Santa Clarita Diet Season 3
– I watched more The Flash Season 5
– I finished Star Trek: Voyager Season 2
– I started watching Designated Survivor Season 3
– Happy Independence Day!

Media Update 8/9/18

August 9, 2018


This movie is listed as a body horror action film and that was exactly what it was. What you see in the trailer is the gist of what the movie delivers. However, there is more to it than meets the eye. This movie is about a man who suffers a tragedy and he is given his life back through technology. The body horror comes in two ways, telling you about either does not spoil much of the movie. The first is that the movie deals with the surgical modification of the human body to combine it with mechanical parts. The other is the possession of a human’s body. On top of all of that, there are some impressive gore effects. The movie is a simple little story but the psychology of it is very effective and very chilling. Mixed in is a little dark comedy to keep it from getting too dark too fast. Logan Marshall-Green plays the lead character and he is the perfect actor for this role. His physical acting is especially great as he struggles with control issues. Simon Maiden plays the artificial intelligence and he is both creepy and funny at different times, almost a mix between Freddy Krueger, Rain Man, and a toddler. The movie makes some twists and turns that I did not expect and I was definitely left stunned at certain points. I definitely recommend this one.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

I was one of the few people of my friend group who enjoyed watching Jurassic World and to this day I cannot understand why. The first movie in the new trilogy was similar to Star Wars: The Force Awakens in that it felt nostalgic but it also felt innovative. It started to explore new facets of the original’s themes on man’s genetic tinkering and its effect on the Earth. I had no idea where this sequel could go after the first one was so crazy. This one further explores the dangers of genetics and greed but also explores the theme of animal rights and conservation. It does all of this by somehow upping the stakes even higher and leaving me wanting even more. I cannot wait to see where this franchise goes next which is something I did not expect to say. Once again, Chris Pratt was awesome and charismatic. Bryce Dallas Howard got a lot more of a character arc in this one and I want to see her grow even more in the third one. Newcomers Daniella Pineda and Justice Smith were both funny and cool characters who I was glad to meet. The real shocker was Isabella Sermon who is one of the best child actors I have seen and I was actually excited to have her around. I definitely recommend this movie.

Dallas Buyer’s Club

I will be honest here and say that I actually tried to watch this movie twice in the past few weeks. The second time was this past weekend and I just could not finish the movie. I do not think it is a bad movie. I can see why the Academy Awards liked the movie and why it got so much press. The movie is about the AIDS crisis at its height in the eighties when the disease was ignored or mismanaged. It follows an oil worker who gets HIV and is highly troubled that he got a “gay disease”. While he seeks out different treatments, he is exposed to the LGBTQ community and he starts to change his ways. Matthew McConaughey is great as the irascible cowboy who sees a way to treat his disease and profit at the same time. Jared Leto is kind of fun but I wish they had cast an actual trans actor even though Leto is always dedicated to his craft. There is also Jennifer Garner but she does not really do much but she is good as a representative of the medical field. I just could not stand McConaughey’s character. He was too good at being an asshole. Also, it was uncomfortable sitting there and watching his body fall apart which is probably the point but I just did not want to do it. Also, the movie is irresponsible in its message of rejecting the opinions of medical professionals and the FDA to buy and try unapproved/untested medicines. I do not really recommend this movie.

Music of the Week:

Kesha – Dinosaur

Drake – Nonstop

Rachel Platten – Fight Song

Yours Truly – High Hopes

Arch Enemy – Enemy Within

Weekly Update:
– This week’s theme is “Making Improvements”
– I finished Agents of Shield Season 5
– I finished NCIS Season 15
– I finished Blue Bloods Season 8
– I started watching Glitter Force Doki Doki Season 2
– I finished Arrow Season 6
– I finished The Flash Season 4
– I watched more Barry Kramer on YouTube

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