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Media Update 8/11/22

August 11, 2022

Escape Room: Tournament of Champions

I really enjoyed the first Escape Room which had great production design so I knew I would eventually watch the sequel. This one follows soon after the first movie, with the survivors being thrown into another mysterious game. Taylor Russell returns to be the star of the movie and she is great at carrying the movie. They do a good job of making the other characters feel full and rounded instead of just cannon fodder. The real star here once again is the production design and the tension of the escape rooms. They really designed the heck out of these things and it shows. I would love for this series to continue in some way. It is a great franchise but it could be amazing if it continues even after the current arc is over. I recommend this movie.

Tron: Legacy

The aesthetics of the original definitely rocked my world as a kid and I have been playing KH Dream Drop Distance lately so it was time to watch this movie. The movie picks up years after the events of the first movie with Kevin Flynn’s son trying to find his father. Jeff Bridges returns and oddly puts on one of his best performances in his career, in my opinion. He is also a lot of fun to watch in general. Olivia Wilde plays a manic pixie dream girl but is also fun to watch. Garrett Hedlund is serviceable as young punk action star. Michael Sheen devours scenery whole and is delightful. The movie has a strong story but the visuals are even stronger. It captures the feel of the original but updates everything to look even better. The score is also done by Daft Punk so that’s amazing. I recommend this movie.

Devour (2005)

I stumbled upon this movie on Prime and I couldn’t resist as a fan of Supernatural. A young man is enticed to play a strange and violent game that starts to take over his life. Jensen Ackles stars and is great at being a young punk who is somehow both likable and despicable. 

Dominique Swain plays the best friend with benefits. Teach Grant play the unbalanced friend who introduces the game. Shannyn Sossamon plays a nurse who wants to help the main character figure out the mystery. The movie is very strange and the visuals are violent and trippy. The plot is somehow confusing even when it ends up not being that complicated. I feel like a lot of it was done just for shock value. I do not recommend this movie unless you are a hardcore Jensen Ackles fan and you like B horror movies.

Music of the Week:

Bella Poarch – Dolls

Jackson Wang – Cruel

NBA Youngboy – Proof

Pharrell Williams – Cash In Cash Out

Mashup of the Week:

jake bourey – Holla Back Girl If Ya Hear Me

Weekly Update:

This week’s theme is “Deadly Games”

  • I watched a ton of YouTube and Twitch: Barry Kramer, Gabi Belle, Attorney Tom, Impact Wrestling, All Elite Wrestling, Cruel World Happy Mind, Emily D. Baker, Wendigoon, Conaco, LS Mark, Maggie Mae Fish, Rina de Coro, Deerbits, LegalEagle, NWA
  • I watched more Riverdale Season 5
  • I watched more Umbrella Academy Season 3
  • I watched more The Flash Season 8
  • I watched more Top Secret UFO Projects: Declassified
  • I watched Evil Toons
  • I watched The Incredible 2-Headed Transplant (Rifftrax version)
  • I watched The Galaxy Invader (Rifftrax version)
  • I watched the House on Sorority Row (Rifftrax Version)
  • I watched Sisters of Death (Rifftrax Version)

Media Update 8/4/22

August 4, 2022

Summer Camp (2015)

This movie seems to be very overlooked as I do not see a lot of hoopla for it online. I never heard of it even as an avid horror movie fan. There is not even a Wikipedia article for the movie which is kind of par for the course. Four American counselors show up to prepare for a summer camp session in Spain to teach local kids English. Things get chaotic when something gets into their environment. The four main characters have really great chemistry together and really carry the movie along well. Diego Boneta plays the somewhat nerdy, kind-hearted guy. Andrés Velencoso plays the playful ladies’ man. Maiara Walsh plays the bouncy, playful girl. Jocelin Donahue plays the straight-laced serious girl. The movie had a lot of twists and turns that I did not expect and the pacing was pretty much perfect. I recommend this movie.


This is also somehow an obscure movie. While it has a Wikipedia page, I cannot find a good trailer on YouTube for it but I can find the whole movie there for free. This was a purely independent movie in the eighties so that makes sense. A group of young people at a wilderness survival training camp have to deal with the vengeance of a local gone crazy. This is definitely an ensemble piece with few standouts but the hokey acting was great. The deaths were a lot of gory fun. I also like the costuming for the movie’s villain. I recommend this movie.

The Burning

I had heard of this one for a while but finally got access to it so I was happy to watch it since it is so heavily lauded with praise. A group of campers on a canoe trip get stalked by a disfigured camp caretaker with thoughts of revenge. This is the film debut of Jason Alexander, Fisher Stevens, and Holly Hunter. Alexander in particular has a huge role as the class clown camper that everybody looks to for moral support in the crisis. Brian Backer is arguably the hero of the movie as the awkward kid that nobody believes. Brian Matthews is a brave and strong head counselor. Larry Joshua plays the meathead bully. Michelle is the no-nonsense head female counselor. I really liked the brutal gore in the movie which had impressive practical effects. I recommend this movie.

Music of the Week:

Gorillaz – Cracker Island ft. Thundercat

Camila Cabello, Maria Becerra – Hasta Los Dientes

Conan Gray – Disaster

blackbear – queen of broken hearts

Mashup of the Week:

Lil Tarantula – I Knew You Were Trouble

Weekly Update:

  • This week’s theme is “Fun at Camp”
  • I watched a ton of YouTube and Twitch: Game Grumps, Barry Kramer, Gabi Belle, Attorney Tom, Impact Wrestling, All Elite Wrestling, Cruel World Happy Mind, Emily D. Baker, Super Horror Bro, GTLive, Wendigoon, Conaco, LS Mark
  • I watched more Riverdale Season 5
  • I watched more Umbrella Academy Season 3
  • I watched more The Flash Season 8
  • I watched more Legends of Tomorrow Season 6
  • I watched more Naomi Season 1
  • I started watching Found! Season 1
  • I started watching Top Secret UFO Projects: Declassified

Media Update 7/28/22

July 28, 2022

The Gray Man

I love a good action movie that pits a one-person army against impossible odds. A convict is given a choice to become a CIA dark ops killer or rot in jail. Years later, he is forced to go up against his own government. Ryan Gosling plays the titular gray man and is good at being both charming and ruthless. Chris Evans plays a military contractor and is hilariously weird. Ana De Armas plays a regular agent who gets caught up in everything and is just as badass and charming as usual. Jessica Henwick and Regé-Jean Page played great bickering bureaucrat villains. Billy Bob Thornton is a great, gruff but loveable jerk with a heart of gold. The movie has a lot of great action coupled with both drama and comedy. I recommend this movie.

American Crime Story: Impeachment

I remember this media storm but I was young and uncritical at the time but this true event helped shape my political path. I am grateful for this series because it allows me and others to reexamine the events without the trashiness that I remember. Shows like this are always best with accompanying fact-check articles and guides. However, the acting is also really good. Beanie Feldman is so good at portraying Monica Lewinsky as fragile and naive but also not without her flaws. Sarah Paulson is great as the bitter yet complicated Linda Tripp. Annaleigh Ashford plays the naive and nice Paula Jones. Clive Owen is a pitch-perfect Bill Clinton, sleazy yet powerful. The rest of the cast is awesome but a special shout-out to Cobie Smulders as Ann Coulter. She makes my skin crawl in all of the correct ways. I recommend this show.

No Time To Die

I have seen quite a few James Bond movies and Daniel Craig’s version felt like a breath of fresh air for the series. As Craig got tired of being in the series, I kind of felt the same about watching it but the moves were always full of great performances and action scenes. This movie is no different. Bond comes out of retirement to get his revenge on the organization that ruined his life. Craig is probably at his best here, portraying Bond with more heart and a lot of world-weariness. Léa Seydoux is great as the smart and tough doctor who Bond fell in love with. Rami Malek plays a creepy yet strangely sympathetic villain. Lashana Lynch shines as the snarky new 007. Ana De Armas has a really great brief role that made me love her even more. Naomie Harris, Ben Whishaw, Jeffrey Wright, and Ralph Fiennes return as their familiar characters. The movie was good and was a great close to the Craig version of 007. I recommend this movie.

Music of the Week:

Devon Cole – W.I.T.C.H.

Gnome – Wenceslas

Cannons – Hurricane

Mckenna Grace- You Ruined Nirvana

Mashup of the Week:

B29 Mashups – Monet X Industry Baby

Weekly Update:

  • This week’s theme is “Secrets”
  • I watched a ton of YouTube and Twitch: Game Grumps, Barry Kramer, Gabi Belle, Super Beard Bros, Attorney Tom, Impact Wrestling, All Elite Wrestling, Major League Wrestling, Games Done Quick, Cruel World Happy Mind, Emily D. Baker, Super Horror Bro, GTLive, Wendigoon
  • I watched more Riverdale Season 5
  • I watched more Umbrella Academy Season 3
  • I watched more The Flash Season 8

Media Update 7/21/22

July 21, 2022

Venom: Let There Be Carnage

Spider-Man was always one of my favorites growing up and much of my allowance went to Spidey and Marvel. One of the characters that I always liked seeing was Venom because, once they got to the point where he was an antihero, he was funny and exciting. That is the spirit that this movie embraces. The movie picks up where the first movie left off with Eddie and Venom trying to navigate their relationship. Tom Hardy is incredibly sassy and fun to watch in the role. He also is great as Venom, giving the character both a know-it-all bitchiness and childlike naivete. The movie just works because of Hardy’s chemistry with himself but he has great chemistry with everybody. Woody Harrelson is a great hammy villain. Naomie Harris is wicked and interesting in her small part. The movie’s effects are fun to watch and easy to understand despite all of the moving parts and complexity. I recommend this movie.

Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers (2022)

I absolutely lived for Disney Afternoon in the eighties and one of the absolute best shows was Rescue Rangers. It was Disney’s version of shows like Magnum PI and A Team with the violence ramped down and the comedy ramped up. The characters were fun to watch. This movie cashes in on that nostalgia but it is so much more. It is a crazy mishmash that comments on the entire history of animation and revisits a lot of concepts originally brought up in Who Framed Roger Rabbit. John Mulaney is an excellent Chip, sarcastic yet clever. Andy Samberg is a great Dale, clueless with heart. Will Arnett always plays a great villain. Kiki Layne provides a lot of the heart to the movie. The movie is absolutely a technical achievement but also has great acting and is surprisingly deep. I recommend this movie.

Phantom of the Mall: Eric’s Revenge

As often happens with my third choice, this was a surprise even to me. A late eighties adaptation of the classic Phantom of the Opera story lead to a less than classic but cheesy good slasher film. Years after a young man died, somebody is haunting the mall where his house once stood and people are dying. Kari Whitman plays the kind ex-girlfriend and main character, finding herself at the center of an unwanted mystery. Rob Estes plays the dumb yet good-natured hero. Pauly Shore plays the most subtle role I have seen him in as the weird friend. Gregory Scott Cummins, Jonathan Goldsmith, and Morgan Fairchild are scenery-chewing villains. Derek Rydall plays the titular antihero. This is a cheesy and enjoyable movie. I recommend it.

Music of the Week:

Ashe – Angry Woman

Amon Amarth – Get In The Ring

Halestorm – The Steeple

Megan Thee Stallion – Plan B

Mashup of the Week:

J3ff_K1ng – Gimme more DARES

Weekly Update:

  • This week’s theme is “Together Until the End”
  • I watched a ton of YouTube and Twitch: Game Grumps, Barry Kramer, Gabi Belle, Super Beard Bros, Attorney Tom, Impact Wrestling, All Elite Wrestling, Major League Wrestling, Games Done Quick, Cruel World Happy Mind, Emily D. Baker
  • I finished Blacklist Season 8
  • I finished Ms. Marvel Season 1
  • I started Riverdale Season 5
  • I watched more Umbrella Academy Season 3

Media Update 7/7/22

July 7, 2022

Fallen (1998)

This movie had been on my list for quite some time because of the cast and the premise. A detective attends the execution of a serial killer but afterward, he sees signs that the killer might not really be gone. The movie’s strength is, of course, the performance of Denzel Washington as the lead character. He does a great job of being confident, and funny, but he also does freaked out really well. His fellow cops are all first-class actors. You have James Gandolfini, Donald Sutherland, and John Goodman who are all great at bouncing off of Denzel. The rest of the cast is mostly character actors who do a really good job at creating a creepy, paranoid atmosphere. I recommend this movie.

Copycat (1995)

This is a movie that I thought I had seen but apparently not. An academic is attacked by a serial killer and barely survives, years later she must fight her agoraphobia to help track a new serial killer who is copying the modus operandi of past killers. Sigourney Weaver is excellent as the annoyed yet interested academic who is drawn back in. Holly Hunter plays the hard-nosed police detective who will stop at nothing to catch the unsub. Dermot Mulroney plays the more compassionate cop, the guy who always plays good cop. It is a good twisting and turning mystery with a lot of interesting surprises. I recommend this movie.


This is a movie whose trailers I distinctly remember along with the Internet ads which makes sense considering the subject matter. A killer has set up a website where the more views the site gets, the faster a contraption kills a human being. Diane Lane plays the brilliant yet obsessive FBI agent specializing in cybercrime. Colin Hanks plays her puppy dog co-worker who is young and idealistic. Billy Burke plays the charismatic field agent who is in charge of getting actual boots on the ground. The movie has a slow burn with some great acting. I recommend this movie.

Music of the Week:

Night Spins – Bad Drunk

Tate McRae – What Would You Do?

Jack Harlow – Nail Tech

Dorothy – A Beautiful Life

Mashup of the Week:

There I Ruined It – Hey – Lo

Weekly Update:

  • This week’s theme is “Serial Killers”
  • I watched a ton of YouTube and Twitch: Jesse Cox, Game Grumps, Barry Kramer, Gabi Belle, Super Beard Bros, Attorney Tom, SuperHorrorBro, Impact Wrestling, All Elite Wrestling, Major League Wrestling, Games Done Quick
  • I finished watching Stranger Things Season 4
  • I watched more Archive 81 Season 1
  • I watched more Blacklist Season 8
  • I watched more Legends of Tomorrow Season 6

Media Update 6/30/22

June 30, 2022

Ms. Marvel

I was a huge fan of the 2014 release of Ms. Marvel as part of a fresh new look at what a Marvel superhero could be. Kamala Khan was the first Muslim superhero while also being a super relatable teen girl. Even I, a white guy, saw myself in Kamala’s nerdy and clumsy energy. She was a delight. This is the story of a young Muslim living in New York City who obtains superpowers and must deal with her heritage, her culture, the US government, and more. Iman Vellani is absolutely adorable and does an excellent job capturing the spirit of the title character. She is somebody I really love spending time watching. Zenobia Shroff and Mohan Kapur are so great as Kamala’s strict yet loveable parents. I also really love Yasmeen Fletcher as Kamala’s extremely clever and brave cousin. Between the dialogue and the visuals, this show is so beautiful. It is funny, touching, and exciting. I recommend this show.

Class of Titans

This one was recommended by a friend and I was pleasantly surprised. A group of teens discovers that they are descended from Greek heroes and are destined to form a team to save the world from the mad Titan Cronos. I had a similar idea in the early 2000s. So did Rick Riordan who came out with the first Percy Jackson book the same year as this cartoon came out (2005). The show is very much a 2000s Canadian animated show. However, I was surprised at how much depth the show has. It reminded me kind of like a mix of Percy Jackson, X-Men Evolution, and Captain Planet. I was also surprised how much mythology they mention both as part of the main plot and in throwaway gags. I recommend this show.


I had never heard of the character of Naomi McDuffie from DC Comics before this CW show was announced. It is connected to the Arrowverse yet also standalone. The show stresses mystery and navigating relationships instead of action. It is a fascinating mystery so far. In a world where the DC heroes we know are comic book characters, Superman suddenly appears and changes everything for a young girl. Kaci Walfall is great as the titular character, a young woman who thinks she has everything figured out and then her world is shaken. Mary-Charles Jones shines as the motormouth best friend. The whole cast is great as Naomi deals with her military parents and her friends and potential romantic partners. I am interested to see where this goes and I am already sad that it was canceled in the great CW bloodbath. I recommend this show.

Music of the Week:

Rina Sawayama – This Hell

Spiritbox – Rotoscope

Neck Deep – STFU

Megan Thee Stallion – Plan B

Mashup of the Week:

Tablaro – Around Without Me

Weekly Update:

  • This week’s theme is “Teen Heroes”
  • I watched a ton of YouTube and Twitch: Jesse Cox, Game Grumps, Barry Kramer, Gabi Belle, Super Beard Bros, Attorney Tom, SuperHorrorBro, Impact Wrestling, All Elite Wrestling, Major League Wrestling, Wait in the Wings
  • I finished Batwoman Season 2
  • I started watching Stranger Things Season 4
  • I watched more Archive 81 Season 1
  • I watched more Blacklist Season 8
  • I watched more Legends of Tomorrow Season 6

Media Update 6/23/22

June 23, 2022

Death Drop Gorgeous

I saw this pop up on Shudder and I was intrigued. The title is a play on the term “drop dead gorgeous” but instead references the “death drop” which is a stylized pose in drag shows. This movie is about a drag club where gay guys start getting murdered one by one. As one might suspect, the acting and plot are very campy. Still, the movie definitely has a good heart and actually has a decent message. The drag queens are very fun and the non drag characters are the actual protagonists. There is not much gore in this one but the deaths are fairly brutal but also mischievously fun. Michael McAdam steals so many scenes as the faded star Gloria Hole and she is an absolute delight. Michael Alhern, Christopher Dalpe, and Brandon Perras do triple duty as co-directors, co-writers, and actors in the movie. The rest of the cast is so good. I recommend this movie.

Daughters of Darkness

I had heard a lot about this movie and I lucked out that it just dropped on Shudder so it was meant to be. A newly married couple ends up at an empty hotel in a resort town in Belgium. However, they are shortly joined by a mysterious woman and her female companion. Delphine Seyrig steals all of her scenes as the enigmatic yet playful Countess Bathory. Danielle Oumet is likable and pitiful as the newly wed bride. John Karlen is easy to dislike as the hotheaded and pushy aristocratic husband. Andrea Rau is so interesting as the young “companion” of the Countess. The whole movie has a dreamy feel to it and there is a ton of subtext and not much gore. It is more of a character and tone piece with a ton of subtext and coding without saying the obvious parts too loudly. It is a stylish production that takes advantage of the beauty of the three actresses and a beautiful hotel. I recommend this movie.

Fear No Evil – Prime

While this movie is not explicitly gay, there are some definite undertones that can be interpreted as coming out of the closet. Lucifer repeatedly is born into physical form on Earth and three angels (Mikhail, Rafael, and Gabriel) have sworn to God that they will kill Lucifer to prevent his takeover of Earth. Lucifer is in the body of an awkward 18-year-old teenager. The movie is clunky and kind of has a hard time figuring out who the main character is but has a lot of neat moments. It is kind of like a campier version of The Omen. Stefan Arngrim plays Lucifer as both reserved and incredibly campy and I found him a lot of fun. Elizabeth Hoffman plays the troubled human form of Mikhail, an old lonely yet wise woman and she is fun when things go off the rails. 

Kathleen Rowe McAllen plays a dreamy teenage girl who is mysteriously drawn to this whole thing. I recommend this movie for the campiness.

Music of the Week:

Thou – The Changeling Prince

Dai Burger – Bite The Burger

Trace Lysette – SMB

Worriers – Yes All Cops

Mashup of the Week:

Viclis – Nightsquare

Weekly Update:

  • This week’s theme is “Queer Horror”
  • I watched a ton of YouTube and Twitch: Jesse Cox, Game Grumps, Barry Kramer, Gabi Belle, Jarvis Johnson, Super Beard Bros, Attorney Tom, Rina DeCoro, Chad Chad, SuperHorrorBro, Impact Wrestling

Media Update 6/14/22

June 16, 2022

Our Flag Means Death

I have been through a few periods in my life where I have obsessed over pirate history. Part of that was influenced by being a pirate descendant and playing Sid Meier’s Pirates. Regardless, I have read books and researched the true stories of legendary criminal figures. So when I heard they were making a show about Stede Bonnet, I was excited. He was not a good pirate but was a good boss. Of course, the show is created by Taika Waititi and Rhys Darby who work so well together. This is basically a historical rom-com with several characters going on journeys of self-discovery. Rhys Darby is delightful as the aristocratic Stede Bonnet who likes the idea of being a pirate but not any of the actual pirate activities. Taika Waititi is great as the gruff yet secretly sensitive Blackbeard, a great brooding performance. The rest of the cast is full of loveable misfits, throwing out many funny asides while being fully rounded characters. The show is infinitely quotable. I recommend this show.

De La Terreur, Mes Soeurs! (Terror, Sisters!)

I do not usually talk at length about short films but I am making an exception for this piece. I had seen the poster for it in the Shudder UI and I thought it was visually interesting. When I read the blurb, I thought it would be perfect for this June. The other day, I found out that it is only 27 minutes long but I decided to watch it regardless of whether I would review it here or mention it below in the weekly update. This short took me on a journey that was worth talking about. The story seems simple enough. Four transwomen imagine how they would get their revenge on the cis normative system/fix this cis-tem. Each woman’s idea is shown in full and allowed to play out. This leads to very surreal looks at the frustration and crushing oppression that trans people face daily. It can be silly, exciting, scary, and touching in turn. It is a great emotional snapshot of what it feels like to be trans. In a mere 27 minutes, I felt like I was let inside the heads of the four main characters and allowed to know what makes them tick. Actresses Nana Benamer, Naëlle Dariya, Raya Martigny, and Dustin Muchuvitz felt like people I would like hanging out with which is the point. I highly recommend this trippy short but know that it is in French.

Multiple Maniacs

As a proud Baltimorean, I know John Waters well. In fact, I used to live near his house and play in his backyard. However, there are still a few early movies of his that I have not seen. Of course, those are the ones that are the craziest. I decided to watch this fever dream of a movie as it was perfect for this week’s theme. The movie stars Divine as the insane diva of a sideshow full of sexual perversions. The movie largely follows her as she suffers and makes people suffer. Mink Stole plays a woman who opens her eyes to the joys of woman on woman sex. Graphically. Meanwhile, we follow Divine’s ex played by David Lochary and Mary Vivian Pearce who are plotting to kill Divine. The plot barely matters as the movie is a series of crazy happenings mixed in with commentary on human sexuality, perversion, and how we react to it. I recommend this madness but uptight religious types should stay away.

Music of the Week:

Demi Lovato – Skin Of My Teeth

Kiddy Smile – Sugar

Rita Ora – Finish Line

Against Me! – True Trans Soul Rebel

Mashup of the Week:

Mashups and Remixes by Rich – Numb In Havana

Weekly Update:

  • This week’s theme is “Be Gay Do Crimes”
  • I watched a ton of YouTube and Twitch: Jesse Cox, Game Grumps, Barry Kramer, Gabi Belle, Jarvis Johnson, Super Beard Bros, Attorney Tom, Rina DeCoro
  • I watched more Batwoman Season 2
  • I watched more Bob’s Burgers Season 12

Media Update 6/2/22

June 2, 2022

We Own This City

I have been putting off watching this because the subject matter is difficult for us Baltimoreans. This miniseries covers a slightly fictionalized account of Baltimore’s Gun Trace Task Force and the ruination of the Baltimore City Police Department as a whole. It is written and created by David Simon who, of course, created The Wire. The show switches between the past (where events depicting corruption occurred) and the present where investigators are piecing things together. Jon Bernthal is amazing as Detective Jenkins, an asshole who the city fashioned into a hero. Bonus points for him absolutely nailing the Bawlmerese accent. Wunmi Mosako is so warm and believable as an amalgamation of civil rights attorneys who helped expose the truth. Jamie Hector steals the show a lot as Detective Suiter, a tragic figure. I recommend this show.

Cop Land

I had never really heard too much about this movie but I decided to check it out based on its all-star cast. The movie is about the investigation into a group of corrupt NYC cops who created a community for themselves in New Jersey. It is based somewhat on real-life stories. Sylvester Stallone stars as a sheriff and actually gives one of his best and most nuanced performances. The recently departed Ray Liotta is unhinged and fun to watch. Robert Deniro, Robert Patrick, and Harvey Keitel do great as well. The movie is full of really good performances but the script could have probably used a few more drafts. They just seemed to put too much movie into it. Some of it was padding and some of it was ambitious but too convoluted. I only recommend this movie if you watch it in the background or fast forward through the slow parts.

Amityville Cop

I cannot believe this movie was made last year. It feels like a straight to VHS movie from the late nineties or early 2000s. The story here is that a demon-possessed cop has come back to destroy the city he was once supposed to serve and protect. It seems like it was trying to be Maniac Cop meets Brooklyn 99. Like most “adult” animation these days, the characters have one personality trait and they hit it over and over. There is not much plot to speak of and character development is just not there. Still, some of the makeup effects are neat. Also, SPOILER but it has nothing to do with Amityville except as a codeword for “spooky”. I do not recommend this one.

Music of the Week:

Bloodywood – Dana Dan

Def Leppard – Fire It Up

Falling In Reverse – Voices In My Head

The New Respects – Trouble

Mashup of the Week:

TheTaskmaster – Green Peppers

Weekly Update:

  • This week’s theme is “ACAB”
  • I watched more of Scream Queens Season 2
  • I watched more Bob’s Burgers Season 12

Media Update 5/26/22

May 26, 2022

Corona Zombies (2020)

I had learned about this movie through reading Charles Band’s autobiography. The behind-the-scenes story of the making of the movie sounded absolutely crazy to me. Band and his crew struggled to film everything they had to in the three days as California was rapidly locking down. They created a story where Covid-19 rapidly mutated into a zombie apocalypse on several continents. They then bought some old footage from some zombie movies and spent the rest of the time dubbing over that footage with new dialogue, purchasing footage from real-life news feeds,  and then cutting the movie together. The movie was released amidst the maelstrom that was early 2020 while rumors were wild. It is not in the best taste but I feel that it parodies a lot of the misinformation rather than adds to it. It’s hard to walk that line, though. The movie is a meandering mess but it is fun to watch in its badness. I recommend this movie.

The Covid Killer (2021)

This movie came out a little later but it was obviously filmed during the quarantine in New York City. The mean streets of New York are in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic and while people are just trying to survive, a killer stalks the streets and it is up to one cop to end the threat. The movie takes place over what feels like months in 2020 so little changes are introduced here and there. There is even a scene where the police captain instructs the detectives about wearing masks and social distancing. They then don’t wear masks for the rest of the movie. So, it’s true to real-life cops. While this movie is not super professional, it does have a reasonably coherent plot and plenty of gore. What really impressed me that the movie has an original soundtrack most of which is rapped by Jay Doggs. It also weirdly uses sound clips from the movie Joker (2019) which did not really feel like it connected to anything. I do not recommend this movie except as a curiosity.

Covid-21: Lethal Virus (2021)

This is a movie that I found in my research but the movie actually tried to evade me, possibly from shame. On IMDB and Amazon Prime the movie renamed itself to simply Lethal Virus which was probably a marketing move to shorten the title and ditch the Covid references. In fact, the only reference to “Covid” is in the title sequence from a newscaster. In the far-flung post-apocalyptic future of 2021, a new virus has emerged which is turning people into zombies. The government sends a scientific delegation to the impacted area to stop the spread of the infection. This movie was probably made in 2020 and 2021 and involves a lot of rural, outdoors filming. This one has the best acting of the trio with there being some chemistry between scientist Loretta Hope and backwoods survivalist Christian Stamm. I think this movie was less interesting to me because it was not poorly made in a comical way. I do not recommend this movie.

Music of the Week:

GIRLI – Hot Mess

Coi Leray & Nicki Minaj – Blick Blick!

BoyWithUke – Understand

Five Finger Death Punch – IOU

Mashup of the Week:

Oneboredjeu Mashups – Bitchrolled

Weekly Update:

  • This week’s theme is “Covid Horror in Bad Taste”
  • I watched a ton of Twitch and YouTube
  • I watched more Batwoman Season 2
  • I watched more Cursed Films Season 2
  • I watched more Scream Queens Season 2

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