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Media Update 12/5/19

December 5, 2019

The Mandalorian

The Star Wars franchise has always had side projects, but it feels like they are getting better and better lately. Two of the most recent side projects are Solo and Rogue One. They successfully mixed Star Wars with a heist film and a war film respectively. The Mandalorian is a weekly television show that feels like it blends Star Wars with a western. The show is set post-Empire and the Mandalorians are scattered to the winds as a people. The show follows a Mandalorian bounty hunter who has a code of honor and is the best of the best. The show feels like something new in a familiar universe. There is plenty of humor but also that core of seriousness that most westerns have. Pedro Pascal does such a great job acting even though his face is always covered by a helmet Boba Fett-style. There are all sorts of enigmatic characters that I am interested to see what they are there for or who continues throughout the show. The only complaint I have is that there are no female main characters so far. I definitely recommend it.

The Great Mouse Detective

I am a huge fan of Sherlock Holmes and this movie is Disney’s take on the story through the filter of original characters who are all Holmes-adjacent. Barrie Ingham is such a delight as Basil of Baker Street, an absent-minded but brilliant mouse detective who loves the thrill of the hunt. Val Bettin plays Dawson, the Watson analog, who is smart but his real strength is his good heart. Susanne Pollatschek is the young girl who is the client and is inquisitive and adds a lot of energy to the movie. Alan Young uses his Scrooge McDuck voice as her father. Candy Candido plays a hilariously stupid thug. Finally, the wonderful Vincent Price plays the Moriarty analog and he is so delightfully wicked. He honestly steals so many scenes just like some of the greatest Disney villains. The movie is a good little mystery but its strength is the likable characters and the goodness at its heart. I recommend it.

The Emperor’s New Groove

This is one that I had heard was way better than it was given credit for. The movie follows an arrogant and selfish emperor played by David Spade who goes on a journey of self-discovery. The movie definitely draws from the same spirit as The Emperor’s New Clothes. Somebody must speak against power when power goes too far. The movie is basically two slapstick buddy comedies in one. First, you have David Spade who must journey with John Goodman in order to survive. Second, you have Eartha Kitt hanging out with Patrick Warburton and opposing our protagonists. Kitt especially steals every single scene she is in. There is a reason why she is considered a legend but she is obviously having a great time in her role as an evil sorceress. The movie felt like a version of the Road pictures starring Hope and Crosby back in the day. I definitely recommend it.

Music of the Week:
Mcbaise – She’s a Big Boy

Tessa Violet – Crush

Poppy – Concrete

Te Quemaste – MTZ Manuel Turizo X Anuel AA

Bad Wolves – I’ll Be There

Weekly Update:
– This week’s theme is “Disney+” #NotSponsored
– I watched more Brooklyn 99 Season 3
– I watched more Bob’s Burgers Season 7
– I watched more Blindspot Season 2
– I watched more Prodigal Son Season 1
– I watched more Stumptown Season 1
– I watched more Elementary Season 1
– I watched more Carmen Sandiego Season 2
– I watched more The Crown Season 3

Media Update 11/28/19

November 28, 2019

The Runaways

I am a huge fan of this comic book since it was the first new thing Marvel attempted in a long, long time. The comic is about a group of kids who find out that their parents are supervillains and go on the run to try and stop them. It was the first thing in Marvel that I had read that did not really stem from previous continuity. It introduced brand new characters that had virtually nothing to do with the rest of the Marvel Universe. It made the series a very self-contained, standalone sort of story at first. However, they were gradually sewn into the fabric of the universe in a natural way. The show is similar but provides enough differences to really keep things interested. There are strong performances from both the adults and the children. Out of the adults, I really enjoyed Ryan Sands, Brittany Ishibashi, Angel Parker, James Marsters, and Annie Wersching. Of the kids, I really liked Greg Sulkin, Ariela Barer, Rhenzy Feliz, and Virginia Gardner. However, everybody is awesome. I definitely recommend the show for mystery and drama.

The Gifted

I was not sure what to expect when I started watching this show but I knew that it was adjacent to the X-Universe. The show takes place in a sort of dystopian future after the X-Men and the Brotherhood of Mutants have disappeared. What is left is a human populace who are incredibly scared of mutants and a mutant populace constantly on the run. The show follows both mutant and human characters as they try to navigate an increasingly dangerous world. I have already seen interesting (and less used) mutant characters like Polaris, Blink, the Strucker children, Sunspot, and Thunderbird. There is also a really cool take on the Sentinels. One of my favorites (Amy Acker) also has a great role as a human caught up in everything and so far is the character most driving the plot. I love where the show is going so far. For one, as a law nerd, I definitely like how they are trying to dip their toes into civil rights, confinement, and probable cause. The show is grim without being completely dispiriting. I recommend the show, especially for X-Fans.

My Hero Academia

I had been hearing really great things about this anime but I am kind of a dub guy (especially since I am a fan of a lot of American voice actors through Critical Role). Finally, I have access to the dub through Hulu and this is the perfect week to catch it. The show is about a school for superheroes, in a world where people have “quirks” which is kind of another name for superpowers. Superpowers are normalized with about 80% of the population being super in some way. Superheroes save the day as a career path and obviously schools sprung up to teach people how to be better and more successful heroes. The show has some deep drama and definitely does a good job covering anxiety, ambition, and the cost of following one’s dreams. However, they also manage to keep things light and fun with all of the heroics. Like many anime series, there is a good degree of slapstick although albeit with a dark edge sometimes. I really like the world they built even though it is similar to other comic book and television series. I definitely recommend it.

Music of the Week:
Kesha – My Own Dance

The 1975 – Girls

Halflives – Mayday

Young Thug – Hot ft. Gunna & Travis Scott

Baby Shark (Trap Remix)

Weekly Update:
– This week’s theme is “Young Heroes”
– I watched more Brooklyn 99 Season 3
– I watched more Bob’s Burgers Season 7
– I watched more Blindspot Season 2
– I watched more Charmed Season 1
– I watched more Prodigal Son Season 1
– I watched more Stumptown Season 1
– I watched more Elementary Season 1
– I watched more Carmen Sandiego Season 2
– I started watching Justice League Action
– I started watching The Crown Season 3

Media Update 11/21/19

November 21, 2019

The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance

I have been a Jim Henson fan since I can remember but it was only in the last year that I finally watched The Dark Crystal. The movie is dark but funny and fantastical. It has so much heart and the production design is so wonderful and beautiful, even the ugly bits. Unlike the Muppets and even Fraggle Rock, the movie world never felt like it was all puppets. I was excited to see that world again even though I was wary about what a prequel would be. I did have faith that whatever they came up with, it would be good and I was right. The series is an ensemble piece, following various characters as they try to navigate a mystery plaguing their world. The series keeps things light but there is some true darkness in the story, just like the original movie. With a bigger budget, the production design is even better. They spent the additional budget remaking a lot of what made the original good and then expanding it. The cast is full of brilliant voice actors/puppeteers both famous and new and praise definitely goes all around. I definitely recommend it.

Mission Impossible: Fallout

I have been a fan of the Mission Impossible franchise for a long time. The movies have always been action-packed with Tom Cruise at his best with a fun supporting cast. Tom Cruise may be problematic in real-life, but his Ethan Hunt is always an interesting character. Part of that is his dry wit but a lot of it is the crazy plans he always comes up with to save the day and his stunts are mind-blowing. Ving Rhames returns, charming and funny. Simon Pegg is always fantastic as well. Rebecca Ferguson returns and is basically allowed to be the female Ethan Hunt. Angela Bassett is a hard but interesting woman. Alec Baldwin is always entertaining and funny. The interesting new addition is Henry Cavill. I had seen him in Man of Steel and Justice League and he was not very impressive. However, this role was more like his excellent work in The Man from UNCLE. He gets to be a smarmy badass. The mystery has some neat twists and turns and, like most Mission Impossible movies, it really ramps up in the third act and gets really fun. I definitely recommend it.

The Commuter

When I first saw the trailer for this movie, I thought it looked pretty good. Ever since Taken, Liam Neeson has regained a badass reputation as an action star. However, this movie is more like Nonstop or Unknown (in fact it has the same director as the latter). It is a train-based mystery that turns into a thriller/action movie. I really liked the pacing of the movie as it steadily built up steam and then went all out near the end. Liam Neeson is the perfect person for a detective-like role as he is friendly but also believable as a tough guy. He is surrounded by a huge ensemble cast of interesting characters played by people like Vera Farmiga, Jonathan Banks, Sam Neill, Florence Pugh, Andy Lyman, Patrick Wilson, and many more. The movie is kind of a combo of Nonstop and Murder on the Orient Express. I definitely recommend it.

Music of the Week:
Rickshaw Billie’s Burger Patrol – The Cincinnati Tilt

Sean – Ataraxia

Doja Cat – Bottom Bitch

Calpurnia – City Boy

Joywave – Like a Kennedy

– This week’s theme is “Questioning Allegiances”
– I finished Veronica Mars Season 4
– I started watching Brooklyn 99 Season 3
– I started watching Bob’s Burgers Season 7
– I watched more Blindspot Season 2
– I watched more Stargate Atlantis Season 1
– I watched more Charmed Season 1
– I watched more Scream Season 1
– I watched more Prodigal Son Season 1
– I watched more Elementary Season 1
– I watched more Blue Bloods Season 9

Media Update 11/14/19

November 14, 2019

The Prodigal Son

I was a fan of the psychological crime franchise Silence of the Lambs, where the minds of killers are explored. The same goes for Mindhunter and various other series. The idea of the son of a serial killer consulting with his father on criminal cases sounded really cool. Add onto that the brilliant performance of Michael Sheen as the manic and congenial serial killer in question. His son is played by Tom Payne and he is also delightfully eccentric in a completely different way. Television legend Lou Diamond Phillips plays the police lieutenant who is Payne’s mentor and wise leader. Payne must also deal with the rest of his family played by Halston Sage and Bellamy Young, a sister and mother who are also still dealing with the past. There is also a fun ensemble in the police as well, filled out by Frank Harts, Keiko Agena, and Aurora Perrineau. The characters really drive the show but there is also an underlying mystery and an exploration of abnormal psychology that I am so interested in. I definitely recommend this.


I had heard good things about this show and I had already fallen in love with Cobie Smulders from her time in The Avengers. In this show, former military intelligence (played by Smulders) decides to act as a private investigator. Smulders is tough and hilarious and instantly a character I wanted to spend time with. She cares for her brother played by Cole Sibus who just might be the smartest character on the show and hands down the best portrayal of Downs Syndrome I have seen on television. Jake Johnston plays Smulders’ bar owner friend who is often the comic relief on the show although everybody is fairly snarky. Michael Ealy plays a cool-headed and calculating detective who believes in Smulders. His boss is a no-nonsense detective played by Camryn Manheim. There is also Tantoo Cardinal who plays an enigmatic casino owner and representative of the local Native American population. She is not exactly a villain but is instead a neutral party who has fingers in all of the pies. It is clear that the series is drawing from some great source material and I cannot wait to see where the fun goes next. I definitely recommend it.


I had originally dismissed this series because the BBC series Sherlock was so good and another American remake did not interest me. Except, then I started to hear that the show was really good. So, I finally decided to give it a shot. This series reimagines the relationship between Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. This time, Dr. Watson is Joan Watson an ex-surgeon hired on to be Holmes’ sober living companion after a stint in rehab. Jonny Lee Miller plays Holmes, a man with a mysterious past and a manic spirit tempered by a vast intellect. He is easy to like no matter how much he tries to get people around him to leave him alone. Watson is played by Lucy Liu, Holmes’ human connection to the world who has her own secrets. She is stern but immensely likable. Aidan Quinn plays the gruff lieutenant who ‘befriended’ Holmes a long time ago. Jon Michael Hill plays the young detective who is the lieutenant’s best man and often gets paired with Holmes. He doubts Holmes’ methods but comes to rely on them too. I was wrong. The show is not a retread of the BBC series and they found a way to make the material fresh and own it. I definitely recommend this show as well.

Weekly Music:
Nine Inch Nails – CLOSER (Featuring the Muppets)

Qveen Herby – Vitamins

Kesha – Raising Hell

The Muffs – Weird Boy Next Door

Donny Benét — Working Out

Weekly Update:
– This week’s theme is “Private Eyes”
– I watched Teen Titans: Judas Contract
– I watched Batman: Gotham by Gaslight
– I watched Justice League vs. Fatal Five
– I started watching Veronica Mars Season 4
– I started watching The Good Place Season 3
– I watched more Brooklyn 99 Season 2
– I watched more Bob’s Burgers Season 6
– I watched more Blindspot Season 2
– I watched more Stargate Atlantis Season 1
– I watched more Charmed Season 1
– I watched more Scream Season 1

Media Update 11/7/19

November 7, 2019

What We Do In the Shadows

I was a big fan of the movie when I watched it last year and when I heard it was going to series, I was really happy. Even when I heard that the original cast was not coming back, I was still looking forward to it. I love the world that they built in the original and I love the chance to see more of it. The series is once again a mockumentary about a house full of vampires. Kayvan Novak plays Nandor, a Turkish vampire who is obsessed with protocol but is very awkward in social situations. Matt Berry (a favorite of mine) plays Lazlo, an English noble vampire who is perverted and boorish. Natasia Demetriou is so good as Nadja, a playful dreamer of a vampire. The surprise of the show is Mark Proksch who plays a nerdy psychic vampire named Colin who does not fit in. Also, a great part of the ensemble is Harvey Guillén who plays familiar Guillermo, a long-suffering human servant and buttmonkey. Each episode takes kind of a sitcom plot and messes with it and parodies it as we watch the shenanigans ensue. I definitely recommend this show.

The Exorcist

Obviously, the Exorcist is a classic horror movie. It takes a very grounded situation and injects the demonic and the supernatural in a way that makes it believable and compelling. This extends to the television show as we are presented with a new story of demonic possession but with a few new quirks. We are also once again presented with an old priest (Ben Daniels) and a young priest (Alfonso Herrera) trying to navigate Church politics while also facing off against the forces of darkness. I am still on the first season but I love the family we are following. The mother, barely holding it together, is played by the wonderful Geena Davis. The father is played by Alan Ruck, confused and suffering from mental problems. The older sister who is dealing with her own personal tragedy is played by Brianne Howey. The younger sister is played by Hannah Kasulka, trying to hold her family together. I definitely recommend this show.


I feel like this show was able to capture the fun energy of the original Scream but give it some new life. The show, like the movie, is very meta and the characters look at everything with a genre savviness that colors all of their actions. It follows a high school in a small town where everybody knows everybody. Years before, a teen mass murderer struck the town. Now, a killer is stalking the teens again and wears a mask similar to the original killer. Is it the same person or is it a copycat? The show is a mystery that explores teenage social structures but also tackles subjects like cyberbullying, digital media, and peer pressure. It is an interesting take on the niche subgenre that Wes Craven popularized. While it is not as wacky as Scream Queens, it has a lightness that keeps the story moving. I recommend this show too.


Music of the Week:
Lindsey Stirling feat Amy Lee – Love Goes On and On

The Struts – Tatler Magazine

Ashnikko – STUPID Feat. Yung Baby Tate

Lizzo – Good As Hell (feat. Ariana Grande)

Night Club – Candy Coated Suicide


Weekly Update (for this and last week):
– This week’s theme is “Halloween Hangover 2019”
or “Horror Movies Made Into TV”
– I started watching The Good Place Season 3
– I started Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 2
– I started Bob’s Burgers Season 6
– I watched more Blindspot Season 2
– I watched Manos: Hands of Fate (Rifftrax)
– I watched Evil Bong 420
– I watched more Carmen Sandiego Season 2
– I watched more Scream Queens Season 1
– I watched more Blue Bloods Season 9
– I finished The Blacklist Season 6
– I finished Agents of SHIELD Season 6
– I finished Supergirl Season

Media Update 10/24/19

October 24, 2019

Ginger Snaps

I had heard good things about this movie but I never quite caught it. This movie exceeded expectations as a slow burn horror movie with plenty of comedic overtones. This movie would have absolutely been my jam when it came out. I was a bit of a goth kid and the Fitzgerald Sisters would have been crushes for me just like Wednesday Addams and Lydia Dietz. They are so compelling and likable as adorkable goth sisters who are ostracized at school. The movie is also a fresh take on the whole werewolf mythos, viewing it through the lens of puberty and high school. It is basically what would actually happen in the story of Teen Wolf. The movie arguably stars Emily Perkins as the younger Fitzgerald sister, the smarter one. She is almost joined at the hip with her older sister Katharine Isabelle. The two of them really make the movie. Kris Lemche plays the friendly local drug dealer (it’s better than it sounds). The rest of the cast is also really good. A special shout out to Mimi Rogers who plays their mom who is just so perfect. The effects are also all practical and impressive as hell. I definitely recommend this movie.

Vamps (2012)

I love Krysten Ritter which was what put this movie on my radar. The movie really feels like it is a cousin of What We Do In the Shadows. It follows two female vampires trying to navigate the modern world. It also has a lot of references to horror movies past. Of course, Krysten Ritter is absolutely delightful, I could watch her read the phone book. She is joined by Alicia Silverstone who is wielding peak Clueless energy. This makes sense as it is directed by the same director as Clueless, Amy Heckerling. The two are nonviolent vampires living as single college girls in New York City. Sigourney Weaver plays the vampire who made them and she is delightfully wicked. Wallace Shawn and Dan Stevens play the modern-day descendants of Van Helsing, still looking for vampires. There are a lot of fun cameo roles from Taylor Negron, Todd Barry, Larry Wilmore, Richard Lewis, Zak Orth, Marilu Henner, Kristen Johnson, and Malcolm McDowell. The movie had that good fun, bouncy energy that Clueless has. It is funny and silly but it also has a bit of good drama. I definitely recommend this one too.

Jennifer’s Body

I had long heard about how this movie is really good despite not being a box office hit or having really sexist marketing which made me roll my eyes. Well, the director agreed with me on the marketing because she and everybody else involved really hated it. The trailer is not what the movie ended up being. This movie resonates on a similar frequency to Ginger Snaps, being a good balance of horror and comedy. It is written by Diablo Cody after her success with Juno. It stars Amanda Seyfried as a nerdy young high schooler who is trying to solve a supernatural mystery that involves her best friend. Her best friend is played, of course, by Megan Fox who does her best acting to date and looks like she is having so much fun. Johnny Simmons plays Seyfried’s boyfriend, a down to Earth presence in all of the craziness. There are smaller but great roles for Amy Sedaris, JK Simmons, Kyle Gallner, Valerie Tian, and Chris Pratt. I also really liked the villainous role filled by Adam Brody who plays the perfect douchebag. The movie is fun and spooky but also felt like it meant something instead of the skin flick that it was advertised as. I also recommend this movie.

Music of the Week:
Kodak Black – Halloween

Mike Bars x SwizZz – There Will Be Blood

In This Moment – Black Wedding feat. Rob Halford

Lana Del Rey – Serial Killer

BUTCHER BABIES – Monsters Ball


Weekly Update:
– This week’s theme is “Deadly XX”
– I started Blindspot Season 2
– I watched Uninvited (Rifftrax)
– I watched Carnival of Souls (Rifftrax)
– I watched Attack of the Puppet People (Rifftrax)
– I watched more The Blacklist Season 6
– I watched more Agents of SHIELD Season 6
– I watched more Carmen Sandiego Season 2
– I watched more Brooklyn Nine-Nine
– I watched more Scream Queens Season 1
– I watched more Blue Bloods Season 9
– I finished Gotham Season 6

Media Update 10/17/19

October 17, 2019

Beyond Re-Animator

This is the third and final (so far) movie in the franchise based on an HP Lovecraft story. This one was released eighteen years after the original movie and 81 years after the release of the original story. This movie is set in 2003 with Dr. Herbert West serving a life sentence after his experiments are discovered and his lab partner makes a plea deal. A boy who witnessed one of the original experiments becomes the prison doctor and wants to restart the experiments for the good of humanity. Jeffrey Combs is back as Dr. West and his very serious demeanor results in a lot of dry, witty humor. He has great chemistry with his partner in crime played by Jason Barry. There is also the necessary human villain who is played diabolically by Simón Andreu who was a real scene-stealer. Throwing a wrench into everything is a reporter played by Elsa Pataky who is just such a great actress for horror. Once again, the movie is full of good intentions going tragically wrong. The movie is a rollercoaster of weirdness as were the other movies which leads to awesome effects and so much gore. I wish they had continued the franchise but this was a fitting end if it is truly done. I recommend it for lovers of gory, quirky horror.

Demonic Toys: Personal Demons

Long-time readers should expect tons of Full Moon Features movies esepcially during October. Anyway, this is a sequel to the original movie which was about demons who possess toys. Only three of the original toys return and this time they are in Italy where they are caught up in a mansion mystery which involves evil witchcraft and specific demonic lore. The first movie involved an interesting but somewhat complicated time loop. This one is way more simple and they have had years to improve the puppetry and the kills. Wisecracking puppets is something I love in and out of horror but horror is especially good at it. There’s something about the aesthetic of killer playthings that Full Moon is particularly good at even if the writing and production values are otherwise cheesy. Still, this is a franchise that was gone before its time as well. There is a colorful cast of goofy characters and this one feels a lot like one of my all-time favorites called Dolls. However, it does have some new lore of its own based on the ‘personal demon’ theory which was somewhat fascinating. Really, I’m just here for soap opera actors getting menaced by nineties stand up comedian goofs by playthings. I recommend this one as well.

Ghoulies Go to College

This movie felt like a soft reboot of the Ghoulies franchise. The Ghoulies are demons of ill-defined shape that came out shortly before Gremlins so they are not a ripoff. However, they acted a lot like Gremlins in that they were murderous and could not speak English. This new movie has them able to speak and they are constantly doing routines which are a mash-up of the Three Stooges and Animal House. The movie takes place on a college campus in the midst of the yearly prank war between two frats. The highlight of the movie is Professor Ragnar who is played by great character actor Kevin McCarthy. He seems to have a great time chewing the scenery and steals every scene he is in. Evan McKenzie and Eva LaRue play the protagonists, two college kids just trying to figure out their lives and the sudden mystery on campus. Whereas the first two films had fairly ordinary kills, this movie ups the comedy by having all of the kills be cartoony. This actually made them more terrifying to me because a lot of them involve Looney Tunes style body horror. Still, it was a fun movie that took the franchise in its own direction away from any more Gremlins accusations. I recommend it.

Music of the Week:

Code Orange – Let Me In

King Vader – Don’t Disrespect Halloween

Cornbugs – Spot the Psycho

In This Moment – Big Bad Wolf

Call Me Karizma – Monster (Under My Bed)

Weekly Update:
– This week’s theme is “Sequels Week 2019”
– I watched more Slasher Season 2
– I watched more The Blacklist Season 6
– I watched more Gotham Season 6
– I watched Killjoy’s Psycho Circus
– I watched the Rifftrax version of “A Talking Cat!?”
– I watched more Marianne Season 1
– I watched more Agents of SHIELD Season 6
– I started watching Carmen Sandiego Season 2

Media Update 10/10/19

October 10, 2019

Dead Heat

I have no idea why I did not hear about this movie until this year. Once I found out about it, I absolutely had to watch it. The basic premise is that two cops are running down a lead on somebody who is using zombies to rob jewelry stores. One of the cops dies, they get brought back into a zombie, and you can now see the buddy cop possibilities now. Joe Piscopo (somehow in thousands of Eighties movies) plays the comic relief cop, the slob with a big mouth. His straight-arrow partner (and the lead protagonist) is played by Treat Williams and is the perfect foil for Piscopo. Lindsay Frost plays the femme fatale as part of the mystery. Clare Kirkconnell plays the scientist trying to help the cops figure things out, blindsided by her own companies apparent collusion in the plot. There are also great cameos from Robert Picardo, Vincent Price, and Keye Luke. (I cannot get through an October without seeing something with Vincent Price in it). The movie is very goofy but also very intriguing because it actually has a decent mystery and great actors. It also approaches zombies from a science fiction angle that was a bit refreshing. I definitely recommend it.


I have had this movie in my back pocket since it first popped up on Netflix. I find werewolves to be one of the most fascinating horror tropes but I kind of enjoy them more outside of horror. I just think it is a really cool ability/curse to have if you can control it. This movie is exactly what it says on the cover. The worst cop in a small town becomes a werewolf and shenanigans ensue. What I did not expect was some really likable characters played by good actors, none of whom I was familiar with previously. They also seemed to give the town a sense of world-building and really gave the character’s background. Nobody was exactly one-note and it was way more fleshed out than a lot of horror fare, especially for something that is very silly on its surface. Once things got going, I really enjoyed the ride. My only complaint is that it felt like the movie ended to quickly but there is a sequel so maybe I can get another fix. I also recommend this.

Angel Heart

This movie apparently got a bad rap early on but has slowly grown in popularity into a cult hit. It has been listed as an influence of a lot of people such as Christopher Nolan and the makers of Bioshock Infinite. The movie is a so-called neo-noir film but it is also psychological horror. It stars Mickey Rourke as an extremely low-level private eye who gets hired by an enigmatic client to find a missing person. His client is played by an almost unrecognizable but fun Robert Deniro. What seems at first to be a simple but odd case quickly becomes a spiraling mystery that gets stranger and stranger. Rourke is great as a likable detective, just trying his best to figure things out because he is curious. Lisa Bonet also appears as one of his leads and a potential romantic lead. The movie is dark and gritty but strangely funny in places. Rourke is offbeat and quirky but believably so. The score drives the movie forward as the music really helps sew the movie together and keep the tension alive. I definitely recommend it (although it just barely escaped an X rating though I have seen worse stuff that was rated PG-13).


Music of the Week:

BLOODY HAMMERS – Let Sleeping Corpses Lie

Peter Hollens & Bailey Pelkman – Come Little Children & The Hanging Tree

North American Pharaohs-Monster of a Man


The Distillers – Drain The Blood


Weekly Update:
– This week’s theme is “Spooky Case Files”
– I started watching Slasher Season 2
– I watched more The Blacklist Season 6
– I watched more Gotham Season 6
– I watched more Supergirl Season 4
– I watched The Evil Bong 3
– I watched The Evil Bong vs. The Gingerdead Man
– I watched the Rifftrax version of Samurai Cop
– I watched more Marianne Season 1
– I watched more Charmed Season 1
– I watched more Agents of SHIELD Season 6

Media Update 10/3/19

October 3, 2019


I was attracted to this show for two reasons. The first was that Stephen King publicly endorsed it and the second is that it contains one of my favorite tropes which is stories entering the real world. The show is about a horror novel writer (extremely prolific like King) who is about to retire her extremely popular franchise when she discovers that they just might be real. The show does horror in a very psychological way. The show has such good anticipation and dread that when the horror happens it is almost a relief for a split second. There is plenty of blood but not much gore. The show is made in France and is entirely in French. Victoire Du Bois plays the lead role and I love her kind of punk rock aesthetic. For a writer, she is not extremely bright but she is backed up by her charming assistant played by Lucie Boujenah. She is also supported by her hometown friends with which she will have to explore her own dark past. Finally, we have the brilliant Mireille Herbstmeyer who is so brilliant as the title character, absolutely terrifying. I am only three episodes in but I know the mystery goes deeper and I am ready for it. I definitely recommend it.

Dark Night of the Scarecrow

I have seen this movie on a lot of top ten lists of sleeper hits and added it to my list directly off of a Bloody Disgusting list of television horror movies. This is a good old fashioned, regular horror movie which is fun to watch every so often. The story of this one is that a mentally handicapped man is murdered for a crime he did not commit and months later a scarecrow starts stalking the men who committed his murder. The good thing about movies like this is that they make the upcoming victims utterly unlikable. Much of the movie is watching them squirm as they are stalked and killed. There are no real surprises, nothing really for me to spoil. The highlight of the movie is the young girl played by Tonya Crowe who was the friend of the murdered innocent soul. The movie also features the legendary Charles Durning who apparently did all of his stunts for this. The movie has good editing and good pacing and is just a solid horror movie. I recommend it as a relaxing break in your Halloween routine.

Body Bags

This is a movie that I have seen everywhere as well and for good reason because it is co-directed by horror legends Tobe Hooper and John Carpenter. I had considered it two years ago when I was doing a post on horror anthologies. This is a horror/comedy anthology movie with three parts. Each part is bookended by scenes from a morgue where a technician does a little epilogue and introduction for each story. John Carpenter plays our host and he is very funny and good at resetting the mood between each story. The segments are called “The Gas Station”, “Hair”, and “Eye” and each are very different horror-flavored stories with different tones and themes. Tobe Hooper also appears along with famous horror directors Wes Craven, Sam Raimi, Greg Nicotero, and Roger Corman all as cameos. The actual actors are no slouches either with great appearances from David Warner, Robert Carradine, Alex Datcher, Debbie Harry, Stacy Keach, Sheena Easton, Mark Hamill (!), Twiggy, and Charles Napier. The movie is good hokey fun, especially with the Carpenter scenes. I definitely recommend it.


Music of the Week:
Shakira – She-Wolf

Poppy – Scary Mask ft. FEVER 333

Panic! At The Disco – It’s Almost Halloween


LEATHERFACE – “Friends with no Faces…”

Weekly Update:
– This week’s theme is “Television Horror”
– I watched the Rifftrax versions of “Ice Cream Man” and “Birdemic”
– I started watching Gotham Season 5
– I started watching The Blacklist Season 6
– I watched more Marvel’s Agents of Shield Season 6
– I watched more How to Get Away with Murder Season 1
– I watched more Supergirl Season 4
– I watched more Charmed Season 1
– I finished Lucha Underground Season 4

Media Update 9/26/19

September 26, 2019

Child’s Play (2019)

I have been a huge fan of the Child’s Play franchise since I first saw the original 1988 movie. The movie took an interesting concept of a child’s plaything becoming a murderer (or vice versa actually). When I found out that there would be a new sequel that was rebooting the franchise, I was a little worried. The original franchise was just getting interesting again. Thankfully, this new movie is a separate entity that takes a science fiction angle rather than supernatural. I love the new take on Chucky, a product of no wisdom but high intelligence. Also, no moral center, of course. Chucky is voiced brilliantly by Mark Hammill and the practical effects are so good. The real standout in the movie is Andy, played by youngster Gabriel Bateman who is already a horror movie veteran at age 15. His mother is played by Aubrey Plaza who does a really good job of playing the overworked mother who is also the fun mom, trying her best. This version was an interesting take with more of a thriller/slasher feel to it. It also involved the human characters more in the story. Andy being older allowed for him to have more agency in the movie and definitely informed where the story went. I definitely recommend it.

Life After Beth

I much prefer zombie movies when there is a gimmick to them, something that sets it apart from the normal zombie movies which are often just long slogs of despair. This is kind of like a zombie romantic comedy in the best way. A young man gets dumped by his girlfriend but that changes when she comes back from the dead. Aubrey Plaza plays the titular Beth and it is a role she was born to play. Plaza excels at playing weird/crazy characters and Beth is certainly an insane (but fun) role. She is joined by Dane DeHaan who is the protagonist and the boyfriend driven deep into insanity. John C. Reilly, Paul Reiser, Molly Shannon, and Cheryl Hines play their parents who are quirky and are also driven to insanity. There is also a small but great part for Anna Kendrick. What I love so much about this movie is how they treat zombies. Zombies are just as confused about their condtion as everybody else is and it is delightful. The movie has so many twists and turns that it was fun to see where things were going to go. It is definitely a quirky movie. I recommend although it is not for the squeamish.

The Little Hours

This is from the same director as Life After Beth and while it has different subject matter, it has a very similar energy to it. This movie is sort of a parody of The Decameron which I had vaguely heard of before (it’s basically Italian Canterbury Tales). The story is set at a convent which is presided over by a priest played by John C. Reilly. Among the nuns in the cast are Aubrey Plaza, Kate Micucci, Allison Brie, and Molly Shannon. Dave Franco plays a man on the run who tries to hide at the convent and the story then breaks into a farce as the three young ladies each interract with Franco. There are also cameos from Fred Armisen, Nick Offerman, and Paul Reiser. The story is wild and I could barely predict what was going to happen next. Part of that comes from the dialogue and much of the movie being a work of improv. The actors were given a loose outline for the movie but not a script and they just went at it. This movie shows how good each of the actors is at off the cuff, offbeat humor. There is not a dull moment in the movie and I was either laughing or crying out in surprise most of the movie. I definitely recommend it.

Music of the Week:
Mandy Moore – When I Wasn’t Watching

He Is Legend – White Bat

Post Malone – Take What You Want ft. Ozzy Osbourne, Travis Scott

Blanco Brown – The Git Up

Mars Argo – Using You

Weekly Update:
– This week’s theme is “Aubrey Plaza”
– I started watching The Blacklist Season 6
– I watched more Marvel’s Agents of Shield Season 6
– I watched more How to Get Away with Murder Season 1
– I watched more Supergirl Season 4
– I watched more Charmed Season 1
– I watched more Lucha Underground Season 4
– I watched more Offhand Disney
– I watched more BTE
– I finished iZombie Season 5

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