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March 1, 2021

I have started to mess around with mods (short for modifications) for a game that I love called Stardew Valley. Mods are usually fan-made programs that you somehow attach to a game to change the content inside. Most of the mods that I have seen are merely cosmetic changes. This is the first time that I have really messed around with mods as I usually just play games as they were designed. I have mostly cool with whatever game designers give me and also I was always afraid that I was going to crash the game accidentally. Lately, mods have become more accessible so I decided to jump on the train with everybody else.

To remind people, Stardew Valley is a cute little game that starts with simulating farm life and then continues on to other gameplay. You run the growing of crops, raising livestock, foraging, fishing, and chopping lumber. You also descend into the mines to locate ore, jewels, artifacts and also fight monsters. It is also a social game with a full town full of people who you can get to know bit by bit. There are ten different love interests (5 female, 5 male) who you can date, marry, have a child with, and divorce. There is a calendar full of events to attend.

I was watching Deerbits play the game with the new multiplayer mode with a ton of mods and I really had to look into it. The first one I picked was a mod that turned all of the male potential love interests into young women. I have dated the guys in-game but I was intrigued to have almost a whole village full of women and to see how their storylines felt with them being women instead. Their portraits, sprites, and all dialogue options for all references are changed and the men all transition into women seamlessly. It also changes both Willie (the grizzled old fisherman at the docks) and Rasmodius (the mysterious old wizard in the woods).

So far, nothing I had done had really changed the game beyond how I looked at certain characters. I tried out a few more options, getting bolder with each choice. The second one I picked simply muted the rooster that cries out at the beginning of each day. I don’t know how anybody can stand that noise in real life much less in a game. I made it so my character could wear eight stat-boosting rings instead of just two, making combat a little easier.

I finally buckled and got a mod that subtly changed dialogue and story options. There is a character named Clint who comes off as a sadsack man who is plagued by both toxic masculinity and shyness. He has a crush on one of your potential love interests and spends most of the game pining after her. Even if you marry her, he will mention his crush on her. This mod subtly changes his dialogue to keep his anxiety but has him being a little less clingy on poor Emily. I have been messing with some odd stat-changing stuff as well.

However, the main one I have been thinking of is a mod that allows for poly romance options. You can date a lot of people at once and then marry multiple people. It’s something that I support in real life (although would never do). It is something I would be intrigued to see in-game. I do not know if I want to complicate gameplay at this point with it but I might try it out in late game.

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