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Harley Quinn and the Joker’s Daughter (Movie Pitch) Pt. 2

January 21, 2023


Harleen Quinzel fka Harley Quinn (Jennifer Tilly) – Former devotee and henchwoman to the Joker who is now trying to get back to her original life plan of psychiatry. She wants to help people and keep her head down but has a flair for creativity and performance.

 Joker’s Daughter aka Dina {Bella Higginbotham) – A young woman who claims to be related to The Joker in order to gain some credibility in the criminal underworld.

Jewelee aka Julia Clarke (Jennifer Stone) – A former criminal and the wife of Punch. She has moved on and gotten her life back together (for the most part) but misses the excitement of crime.

Punch aka Paul Clarke (Joe Keery) – A former criminal and the husband of Jewelee. He is clingy without a job to go to and is kind of los in lifet.

 Enigma aka Evelyn Nashton (Joy Sunday) – The actual daughter of The Riddler who uses her considerable intellect to help people rather than hurt them. 

Lady Clayface (Chelsea Peretti, Ali Wong) – The victim of a freak accident with the original Clayface, she can shapeshift like her body was made of clay. She can also impersonate anybody or anything. Harley is helping her with identity issues related to her abilities.

The Toyman (Christopher Meloni) – A genius inventor and criminal who is tired of being overshadowed by the rest of Batman’s rogue’s gallery. He wears a mask resembling a doll’s head and often speaks softly.

Amygdala aka Aaron Helzinger (Derek Mears) – A muscular mountain of a man who has little control over his impulses but is easily controlled by Toyman. In his excitable state, he can barely form words let alone sentences. 

Blockbuster aka Mark Desmond (Charlie Rawes) – A steroid-infused thug who is also controlled by Toyman. He is a little more intelligent than Amygdala. 

Bob  – An ex-stooge for The Joker who survived when The Joker attempted to kill off his henchmen. He is captured by Toyman and tortured for information on The Joker’s resources before being killed and left as a message..

Batwoman (Kristen Stewart) – A costume crimefighter and cousin to Batman. She is stretched thin with the rest of the Bat Family off on a mission.

Pamela Isley fka Poison Ivy – Formerly an ecoterrorist as Poison IVy but now operates more as an activist after reforming coinciding with becoming Harley’s roommate and girlfriend.

The Joker (Jackie Earle Haley) – The boogieman of Gotham’s criminals. He has been missing for quite some time but his presence is still felt by many.

Interior – Mayor’s Office, Interior – GCPD, Exterior – Street, Interior – Bar

Toyman takes over the airwaves. He asks Gotham where their heroes are. Gone. They once feared the Joker but where is he? Gone. Toyman is the new Joker. He’s better than Joker. He’s far more reasonable. Toyman has the power and he has the bombs. If the city of Gotham does not want to play nice, he can blow up any target he wants. And he will blow them up. He will follow through. No jokes. Bombs are already in place across the city. A list of demands will be transmitted and those demands better be met or there will be hell to pay.

Interior – Harley’s Hideout

Harley’s crew has just finished watching the broadcast. They are banged up and bandaged but still alive. They had a really close call. Harley tells the others that they have passed the point of no return. Toyman did not succeed in killing them but he tried really hard. He might think he succeeded but the instant he finds out he failed, it is execution on sight. The next time he will make sure to get the job done. If they run, they will never stop running. She did not want to get involved and she feels guilty for getting them into it. Everybody speaks up and says that they are there for her. It is personal for all of them now. It is time to suit up and wreck Toyman’s day. Dina points out that it has been shown that Harley cannot stop her from getting involved. Harley reluctantly agrees to take her along.

Enigma captured the truck’s license plate and her system’s algorithms have been going down the rabbit hole and gathering information. It has mapped out the financial and logistical structure of Toyman’s empire. He has done a lot in a very short time. Toyman has a data distribution center that he is likely using to remotely control his dollbots and drones across Gotham and possibly what he would use to set off the bombs. Harley says that dismantling that center would leave his operation confused and it would be fun. But first, they are going to need to gear up.

Interior – Multiple Locations

Paul and Jewlee go to their storage unit and dig out their old costumes. Enigma loads up on gear and pulls out a mask designed similarly to her father’s. Harley pulls out her old costume and shakes her head. She and Dina set about throwing new costumes together. Lady Clayface sits back and eats popcorn. She changes her form to include a costume in time for the lineup.

Interior – Box Truck

The group bonds as they drive toward the data center. Dina enjoys being a part of the group and Harley is clearly happy for her. They all have a lot in common being on the wrong side of the law but being good people at heart. 

Interior – Data Center

Their truck backs into the loading dock and several security guards start approaching. The door of the truck explodes, sending everybody flying. Harley’s gang pokes their heads in after the misdirection. Harley pulls a large piece of shrapnel out of the face of a dollbot. Harley congratulates Enigma on her bomb and asks how she knew they would all be dollbots. Enigma shrugs and states that she didn’t. The crew shrugs and sets about their plan. Punch and Jewlee will accompany Enigma to the control center. Harley, Dina, and Clayface will run interference.

Harley, Dina, and Clayface move to make as much noise as possible as they head toward the source of the most movement in the building. Their plan is to draw as much attention as possible to keep security off of Enigma’s group. As the three start to fight through the dollbots, Harley has to admit that she missed this. She also admits that Dina is doing a great job. Clayface is also thriving by cutting loose and allowing her form to continuously change. Harley remarks that Clayface might maintain better control by experimenting more. A rocket launcher hits Clayface and scatters her, leaving Harley and Dina to go on alone. Harley has seen Clayfaces go to pieces and come back together before.

Punch and Jewelee are bickering as they move with Enigma through the air vents. Enigma pleads with them to stop and focus but they cannot let it go. In the heat of the moment, both reveal their insecurities. They go silent and all business much to Enigma’s relief. They fight through their own gauntlet on the way to the control center. When they get to the control center, Enigma can no longer take the tense silence and begs the two to talk it out. As she hacks into Toyman’s systems, the two agree to confront their issues head-on. As they make up again, the two start making out much to Enigma’s annoyance/amusement. She struggles with Toyman’s system and looks over and spots a wall of photos of Batman’s rogue’s gallery. She spots her father’s picture and curses him before going back to it.

Dina and Harley step into a room and are confronted with five Jokers. The Jokers insult both Harley and Dina. They make fun of Harley’s past infatuation and her repeated imprisonment. They then start to make fun of Dina’s claimed parentage, disowning her. Just as the two seem they cannot take anymore, a sixth Joker appears. He mocks the Joker in general and how, as scary as he was, he was a failure too. He always lost to Batman. Always. The sixth Joker winks which causes Harley to laugh and then Dina laughs. The sixth Joker is revealed to be Clayface and the three wreck the Jokerbots in a moment of true therapy.

Harley’s team meets up with Enigma’s team, sealing the door behind them. They spot Punch and Jewelee still making out. As Enigma gets close to shutting things down, Toyman shows up on screen. He declares that this is not over. Harley tells him he’s right because they are coming for him next. Dollbots are slowly destroying the doors behind them. Toyman says that they will die. Enigma tells him that there is one problem with that. She is smarter than her father. She shuts down the data center. The operation was a success. Now to go after Toyman himself. Enigma traced his signal when he tried to gloat. They have his location. It is in a sub-basement below the facility.

Interior – Toyman’s Hideout

Toyman is throwing things around and yelling in anger. He reminds Amygdala and Blockbuster that they work for him as long as he has control. He holds up the remote control and uses it to bring them in line. He vows to rebuild once they eliminate Harley and her gang.

Interior – Elevator

Harley’s gang is huddled together in the elevator as it descends, licking their wounds and getting ready for the last fight. Harley declares that she is going to end Toyman for this which makes Dina apprehensive. 

Interior – Toyman’s Hideout

The elevator dings open and Harley’s crew is met by Blockbuster and Amygdala. The fight begins as the crew tries to take on these lumbering behemoths. Eventually, most of the crew is able to hold the two men back. Harley and Dina get past them and into Toyman’s inner sanctum. There they find Toyman has gotten into a mechanized suit. He shoots at Dina and Harley and the fight begins. Harley is able to goad Toyman into revealing the remote to his henchmen. At least Joker used emotional manipulation, she teases. She manages to get the remote away and smashes it.

Back out in the entrance, Amygdala and Blockbuster suddenly stop fighting. They try to gather their wits and when Harley’s gang go to attack them, they beg off. They explain that they are free of Toyman’s influence and that Harley’s gang can do whatever they want with Toyman. They are officially clocking out. They walk over to the elevator and leave.

Dina and Harley are still fighting Toyman who is surprisingly spry. Toyman knocks Dina into a wall and Harley goes into overdrive and beats him with her mallet. She raises the mallet above her head for the killing blow but Dina calls out for mercy. Harley brings the mallet down and breaks open Toyman’s mask. She did not kill him but he is dazed as he looks up at Harley.

“There he is. There is the pathetic Joker wannabe. You wanted so badly to be the Joker but you couldn’t be a quarter of The Joker on your best day. But do you wanna know a secret? The Joker was a loser. What does that make you? Less than a loser. The truth is, he was holding me back. You couldn’t even do that right. You’re not even worth killing.”

Cut to Harley and Dina having tied up Toyman. Enigma warns that the police are on their way and Harley blows a kiss to Toyman as they leave, laughing.

Interior – Harley’s New Office

Another group session. Everybody has been decompressing and debriefing from the adventure. Harley says that the adventure was crazy but it might have been good for them. Unconventional therapy, maybe. The others are open to doing it again sometime. Harley says they have to lay low. Everybody but Dina has a record. Enigma states that they did a good thing. The Batfamily does good and nobody bothers them. The difference is they have the trust of the cops. Maybe they can do it again if they are needed.

The meeting breaks up and Harley and Dina talk. Dina is done with the Joker and Harley states that they will continue to keep each other to that promise. Dina states that she is going back to school and got a job and an apartment. Harley is happy for her. Things are going to be better from now on.

Post-Credit Scene – Exterior – Gotham Street

Harley is walking into her car and stops in her tracks. She calls out whoever is following her to show themselves. Batwoman steps out of the shadows, impressed that Harley knew she was there. Harley has developed a sixth sense when it comes to superheroes over the years. She is disappointed that she didn’t rate a visit from Bats himself. Batwoman actually volunteered to visit. She does have a message from the Batfamily. They know what she did and they hope that Harley and her crew have truly turned over a new leaf. They need to stay out of trouble. Harley says that she’ll try but no promises. She turns to go but Batwoman asks to speak to her. She has a problem that she needs Harley’s help with. A family problem.


Harley Quinn and the Joker’s Daughter (Movie Pitch) Pt. 1

January 14, 2023


Harleen Quinzel fka Harley Quinn (Jennifer Tilly) – Former devotee and henchwoman to the Joker who is now trying to get back to her original life plan of psychiatry. She wants to help people and keep her head down but has a flair for creativity and performance.

 Joker’s Daughter aka Dina {Bella Higginbotham) – A young woman who claims to be related to The Joker in order to gain some credibility in the criminal underworld.

Jewelee aka Julia Clarke (Jennifer Stone) – A former criminal and the wife of Punch. She has moved on and gotten her life back together (for the most part) but misses the excitement of crime.

Punch aka Paul Clarke (Joe Keery) – A former criminal and the husband of Jewelee. He is clingy without a job to go to and is kind of los in lifet.

 Enigma aka Evelyn Nashton (Joy Sunday) – The actual daughter of The Riddler who uses her considerable intellect to help people rather than hurt them. 

Lady Clayface (Chelsea Peretti, Ali Wong) – The victim of a freak accident with the original Clayface, she can shapeshift like her body was made of clay. She can also impersonate anybody or anything. Harley is helping her with identity issues related to her abilities.

The Toyman (Christopher Meloni) – A genius inventor and criminal who is tired of being overshadowed by the rest of Batman’s rogue’s gallery. He wears a mask resembling a doll’s head and often speaks softly.

Amygdala aka Aaron Helzinger (Derek Mears) – A muscular mountain of a man who has little control over his impulses but is easily controlled by Toyman. In his excitable state, he can barely form words let alone sentences. 

Blockbuster aka Mark Desmond (Charlie Rawes) – A steroid-infused thug who is also controlled by Toyman. He is a little more intelligent than Amygdala. 

Bob  – An ex-stooge for The Joker who survived when The Joker attempted to kill off his henchmen. He is captured by Toyman and tortured for information on The Joker’s resources before being killed and left as a message..

Batwoman (Kristen Stewart) – A costume crimefighter and cousin to Batman. She is stretched thin with the rest of the Bat Family off on a mission.

Pamela Isley fka Poison Ivy – Formerly an ecoterrorist as Poison IVy but now operates more as an activist after reforming coinciding with becoming Harley’s roommate and girlfriend.

Dr. Harleen Quinzel had enough of being Harley Quinn, constantly dodging the Bat Family and usually ending up in Arkham no matter how hard she tried. On top of that, she had devoted herself to The Joker but he never fully returned her affection and instead constantly abused her. She shed that toxic relationship and earnestly worked toward redemption and eventually regained her degree. She hung up her shingle to practice psychiatry and although she was struggling, she was happier.

The Joker had mysteriously gone quiet a year ago but Gotham was far from quiet. Villains and gangsters still ran the criminal underground. 

Gotham City – Second Bank of Gotham 

Police have surrounded a bank with a robbery in progress. The negotiator team taps into the security cameras as they talk to the robber.  A young woman wearing a handpainted mask reminiscent of The Joker looks directly into one of the security cameras. She declares herself to be The Joker’s Daughter and that she would be bringing her father’s chaos back to Gotham. After the young woman slips up, the cops rush in. She holds her own against the first handful of cops until somebody hits her from behind and she blacks out.

Interior – Abandoned Underground Bunker

We watch the interior of a large metal roll-up door for a moment before we see the sparks from somebody using a cutting torch device to cut a rectangle in the door. As the shape completes, there is a loud guttural noise as a fist slams into the door and knocks it down. As smoke drifts up from the door,  the forms of Amygdala and Blockbuster are silhouetted in the newly made entrance. We see them both step into the light, both of them monstrous. A commanding yet childish voice tells them to step aside. As the towering villains step aside, we see Toyman step into the light. Toyman remotely turns the lights on and we see that the place has Joker graffiti everywhere. This is the place. Time to get to work. 

Interior – Harley’s Office

She comes to, sitting in a plush armchair. As her vision comes back into focus, her gaze lingers on a plaque reading “Dr. Harleen Quinzel”. She sees degrees framed and hanging from the wall but also her discharge papers from Arkham. Dr. Quinzel is sitting behind that desk and smiles at the young woman and informs her that she saved her from the cops. The young woman complains that she would have been fine. Harley knows when she sees somebody over their head. The young woman freaks out when she realizes her mask is gone. Harley has it and can hand it and the young woman to the cops at any time. Besides, Joker is nobody to take after. 

The young woman declares that she is legitimately The Joker’s Daughter and that Harley is a quitter. Harley loses her cool and calls the woman a liar and she would know. The woman doubles down on her claim but it is not like they can do a DNA test. Harley calms down and finds out that the girl is basically homeless. With Pam out of town, Harley offers to let her crash at the apartment. She will tell this young girl all about The Joker. The girl’s name is Dina.

Interior – Harley and Pam’s Apartment

Harley and Dina order Chinese and talk into the night about Joker and Gotham as promised. They seem to bond just a bit. In the morning, Harley wakes up Dina and tells her that she has to go into the office and that Dina should come along. When Dina protests, Harley points out that she can turn her in to the police at any time. Dina calls her a narc but relents. 

Interior – Harley’s Office

Back at the office, Harley brings Dina into a group therapy session. It is here that Dina is introduced to some of Harley’s patients. The bulk of her patients are ex-villains like herself. Paul and Julie are former puppet-themed criminals Punch and Jewelee but came to Harley first for marriage counseling. Enigma came to Harley to deal with issues with her own father. Sondra is still coming to grips with her powers. We get short flashbacks of each patient here. Harley has Dina introduce herself and the other patients react to her claim of being the daughter of The Joker. Julie and Paul hate the mental image. Enigma states that Dina should not want to be the daughter of a villain. Sondra thinks Dina must be crazy. Harley defends Dina but also agrees with the group. She relates her own story as Harley Quinn with a flashback.

Exterior – Gotham City

Toyman stands on top of a roof overlooking Robinson Park with Amygdala, Blockbuster, and several doll robots. The city is unveiling a new outdoor theater pavilion. They are interrupted by two police officers doing a security check. Toyman watches passively as they are swarmed and silenced by the doll robots before they are killed. Toyman sets off an explosion, destroying the new outdoor theater and scorching a large section of the park. Toyman laughs as the fireworks are reflected in his doll eyes.

Interior – Harley’s Office

An alert on Paul’s phone interrupts the session but as his wife and the others yell at him he insists they will be interested. He shows the news of an attack on Robinson Park. Harley recognizes the tech used as coming from one of the Joker’s stashes. Dina gets excited about her father’s apparent return but Harley points out that if it was the Joker, he would be front and center and hogging the camera. Somebody else has done this. Dina is apoplectic and urges that something has to be done. She has to defend her father’s honor. Harley states that Joker never really had any use for honor and that the Bat Crew will handle it. As if on cue, the news anchors remark on the Bat Family being involved in a huge battle near Coast City. Harley curses.

Interior – Noonan’s Bar

Toyman struts into the toughest bar in Gotham and announces himself. He takes credit for the bomb in Robinson Park and promises more to come. He tells those assembled that she is the new King of Gotham’s underworld and they should run and tell their bosses. Forget the Joker, it is a new age.  If anybody crosses his crew, they will pay the price. The criminals start to hassle Toyman, asking what crew is going to back him up. He snaps and kills with his gadgets. Amygdala and Blockbuster appear. An impromptu barfight starts up and Toyman’s men make short work of their opponents while smashing up the bar. Toyman sits on the bar and just laughs as he watches. When the dust settles, he orders the two behemoths to go get the rest of the bombs.

Interior – Harley and Ivy’s Apartment

Harley gripes that Ivy loves Robinson Park and she is going to be so pissed. Dina tries again to push Harley into going after whoever is using the Joker’s bombs. Harley reiterates that it is not her problem. She is not a hero. She is a normal citizen. Dina says that she will never be normal again. Dina was such a fan of her as Harley Quinn. Dina wanted to be her.  But now Harley is just a traitor who turned on The Joker. Harley asserts that she did not betray The Joker, she just walked away. Her life with Joker was miserable. Dina asks if it was all bad because in the news footage, it looked like Harley was having fun. Harley admits that there were fun parts but after a while, those fun parts did not include The Joker. He never returned her feelings and then she realized that those feelings weren’t real. They were an addiction. Harley realizes that she is the only one who could investigate this. The cops don’t know about The Joker’s hideout. She insists that Dina stay put while she checks it out. She puts a tracking device on Dina to make sure she stays put.

Interior – Joker’s Bunker

Harley and Enigma show up to investigate. It is immediately apparent that somebody has been there. The place is a mess. Harley confirms that something is missing. She should have anonymously reported the bunker to the police. She supposes she didn’t out of a twisted sense of loyalty and fear of getting sucked back in. Enigma points out that she got sucked in anyway. It is because she let Dina push her into it. Enigma points out that maybe Harley wanted to be pushed into it. An adventure without The Joker. Joker had the keys to the place and had no need to break in so he has not returned. Enigma’s scans confirm that three people entered from footprints in the dust on the floor. They keep looking around and Harley finds her old gear and blows the dust off it. She reaches out and traces her fingers along the handle of her old mallet.

Interior – Harley’s Office

Dina is lounging at Harley’s desk. She is going through Harley’s personal files on The Joker and is curious. She gets up to clear her head when there is a knock on the door. She opens the door to find Punch and Jewelee standing there. They are there for emergency marriage counseling. Dina points out that Harley is out but lets them in. Dina points out that Julie and Paul clearly love each other like crazy, the only thing missing is their adventures. They’re stuck in a rut. She has just the solution but it is a little crazy. 

Interior – Sondra Fuller’s Apartment

Sondra opens the door to Dina, Julie, and Paul. Dina asks for Sondra’s help as she has a feeling that Harley and Enigma are going to be in over their heads. Sondra talks about fighting so hard not to be a monster that she cannot get involved. Dina points out that Harley was there for Sondra. Punch and Jewelee point out that a monster wouldn’t help Harley. She’s not just Lady Clayface, she’s their friend Sondra. They need to find Harley but Dina has a solution for that.

Interior – Joker’s Bunker

A truck backs into the bunker and Amygdala and Blockbuster get out. He lumbers over to load more bombs into the truck. Enigma and Harley hide and watch. An accidental sound draws Amygdala and Blockbuster’s attention and when they find Enigma, Harley attacks from behind with the mallet. The two women fight with the behemoths shrugging off their attacks. A drone appears with Toyman’s face on the screen and he is annoyed that the bomb retrieval is taking so long. Toyman activates robotic dolls that crawl out from under the truck. Harley and Enigma are very outnumbered now. 

The drone fires a rocket at them but a brick wall suddenly forms and blocks the shot. The wall is Sondra who immediately engages in a fight with Amygdala. Dina, Jewelee, and Punch join the fray and fight against the dollbots. Everybody gets in each other’s way and the fight is very dicey. Blockbuster loaded the truck while everybody else was busy. Near the end of the fight, something on the back of Amygdala’s neck sparks. Toyman’s crew gets in the truck and drives away. Dina tries to pursue but Harley holds her back, telling her they are in no condition to keep going.

Interior – Toyman’s Truck

Toyman is over the moon at besting one of The Joker’s greatest sidekicks, the great Harley Quinn. Still, he is upset that anybody would dare oppose him. He tells Amygdala and Blockbuster to deliver the bombs. He has business to take care of.

Interior – Joker’s Workshop

After regrouping, Harley decides that they should finish looking around before anonymously reporting everything to the cops. Harley is grateful for the help but it’s still not their fight. She does wonder how they found the place and Dina tells her to check her pocket. It’s the tracking device that Harley gave Dina. Harley is annoyed but impressed. They spread out to check things out. Dina is in Heaven as she tours the workshop of her alleged father. That delight turns to horror as she screams when she discovers a dead body nailed to the wall. She throws up as the others catch up to her. Harley confirms that this was an ex-Joker henchman named Bob. That must have been how they found the place. Bob was sick but he didn’t deserve to die like that. Dina is shaken. Harley comforts her but also explains that this is the kind of thing Joker did all the time, even to his own henchmen. 

Interior – Harley’s Office Building

After they are satisfied with their search, Harley tells everybody to come back to her office for a group session. They need to talk this out. When they get up to the floor where Harley’s office is, Dina looks pale and heads for the bathroom again. Everyone stops in the hallway as Harley goes into the bathroom after her. Dina is looking in the mirror. Harley watches her and gently tells her that some people aren’t cut out to be villains. She needs to find her own path. Dina frowns and keeps her mouth shut but when Harley looks away, she seems to really think about it. As they continue toward the office, they hear a loud noise. A missile impacts Harley’s office and a huge explosion knocks them all off their feet as parts of the building fall from above.

Batgirl (Movie Pitch) Pt. 2

September 17, 2022

Cast of Characters:

Barbara Gordon/Batgirl – Age 20 – A young woman who has a strong sense of justice and is trying to find a sweet spot between Batman and Commissioner Gordon’s methods. 

Played by: Leslie Grace, Jenna Ortega, Isabella Ferreira

Alysia Yeoh – Age 20 – A young transgirl and Barbara’s best and closest friend.  

Played by:  Ivory Aquino, Harisu, or an unknown probably.

Garfield Lynn/Firefly – A former special effects master in Hollywood but now resorting to crime.

Played by: Brendan Fraser (Original casting), Andrew Dunbar, Alan Tudyk

Commissioner Jim Gordon – Gotham’s top cop who stops at nothing to get justice but also values his family very much.

Played by: Kyle Chandler, Ben McKenzie, Hugh Dancy

Elena Gordon – A charity fundraiser and activist who loves her family.

Played by: Mia Maestro, Eva Longoria, Justina Machado

Yolanda Montez – Age 32 – A young trainer and fighter at Wildcat Gym.

Played by: Alexa PenaVega, Natalia Cordova-Buckley, Génesis Rodríguez

Luca Mercurio – An up-and-coming runner for the Gallante Crime Family.

Played by: Giulio Berruti, Michael Angarano, Giacomo Baessato

Yeoh Apartment – Interior

Barbara shows up and Alysia’s mom tells Barbara that she needs to eat, she’s a growing girl after all, and to get Alysia to eat too. Barbara says she’ll see what she can do. She goes up to Alysia’s room. Alysia is happy to see her friend and shrugs off the bandage on her arm. She would have been far worse off if Batgirl had not saved her life. Barbara winces at “Batgirl” but it is clear that Alysia is Batgirl’s biggest fan. She says that she has been keeping the truth from her best friend, her only real friend. 

Alysia: You don’t have a crush on me, do you? Because I love you more like a sister.

Barbara says it’s not that. She admits that she has been spending her time fighting crime on her own. Alysia is confused and starts to laugh it off until Barbara holds Alysia’s footage up. Alysia sees the look in Barbara’s eyes and stops laughing. “You’re Batgirl!?” Barbara brings up the whole Murciel thing but Alysia says that it doesn’t matter what her name is. It matters what she does and who she is inside. Alysia brings up again that when she wanted to come out as trans, she came out to Barbara first. She did that because she trusted Barbara and believed that Barbara would never hurt her because Barbara is a good person. When people pushed her down and called her names, Barbara was always there to pick her up.

Alysia’s mom brings them food. While they are eating, Barbara frets about the arsonist. The pattern says that the next arson will happen in a few weeks. Alysia points out that not even Batman does it alone. She needs more friends. Barbara is not interested in bringing anybody else out in the field. Alysia says that this is not what she meant. For example, Alysia can be another set of eyes and help cover for Barbara when she has to disappear. Also, she saw Barbara fighting and she seriously needs some help. Barbara says that her father had her take self-defense classes and Judo for years. Alysia says that it’s time to level up.

Wildcat Gym – Interior

Alysia introduces Barbara to Yolanda Montez. Yolanda agrees to train Barbara in mixed martial arts but seems a bit stone-faced at first. Yolanda is from a neighborhood where people get hassled by Jim Gordon’s cops. They have a training montage where the three girls get to know each other better and Yolanda warms up to Barbara. Barbara is also obviously improving. Yolanda tells Barbara as much before Barbara leaves the gym at night. Barbara spots a couple of goons outside of the gym. She suits up and swoops in to rescue Yolanda from getting mugged. Barbara does great in a real-world application of her new martial arts skills and Yolanda helps end the fight. 

Gotham Abandoned Building – Interior

Barbara feels more confident as she heads out to stop the next predicted arson. She creeps into the building with Alysia on a Bluetooth call. Barbara bemoans not having the flashy gear that Batman has. Alysia says there’s no way they can afford that stuff on their allowance. Barbara surprised Garfield who is setting up the job. Barbara tries to talk Garfield, who introduces himself as Firefly, out of going through with it. Garfield refuses and tells her to get out while she still can. When she persists, he blurts out that they have his sister, Bridgit. Sensing that he has given too much away, Garfield goes on the offensive again. Barbara does well until Garfield pulls out a flame thrower and nearly barbecues her. In the fight, Barbara tries to hold onto Garfield but instead rips a chain off of his neck. She once again is forced to flee and she is sent out onto the street by an explosion. A frustrated Barbara runs as firefighters, the police, her father, and Batman all show up. Batman spots her but lets her go when he sees how upset she is. He tells Gordon that he doesn’t think they’ll be seeing Batgirl again.

Garfield Lynns Workshop – Interior

Garfield realizes that his necklace is gone but disregards it when the door opens. Mr. Mercurio walks into the workshop while Garfield is working on his gear. He tells Garfield that Mr. Gallante is very happy with Garfield’s work. They are going to make a lot of money and Garfield can share in those profits. They can always use another enforcer and Firefly would strike fear into the hearts of all of the Gallante Family’s enemies. Garfield says he just wants his sister back. That’s all that matters to him. Mr. Mercurio relents and says that after the next job, there will be a happy reunion. There is a catch, though. If Batgirl shows up again, Mr. Gallante wants her dead as a warning to the Bat and the rest of the city. Mercurio introduces Garfield to new gear to make that happen. Garfield affirms that it will do the job well.

Gordon Apartment – Interior

Alysia visits Barbara at home who has spent the day in her room with the cover story that she is sick. It is not a total lie as she did have some smoke inhalation the night before. Alysia comforts her friend and tells her not to obsess over the setback. Nobody got hurt again. Barbara admits that she has been spending her day trying to track down Bridgit. She reveals that what she got off of Firefly was a locket with a young girl’s picture in it. That picture and the name Bridgit are not enough. Alysia brings up that the police are really good at finding people. Barbara and Alysia eventually talk Barbara into getting the information from her dad’s office.

GCPD Station – Interior

Alysia and Barbara show up at the police station. Barbara stops in to see her dad but he is dealing with a lot. She leaves Alysia to keep her father busy while she “goes to the bathroom”. She heads to the computer mainframe and manages to trick the technicians out of the room. She scans the locket and manages to find Bridgit’s identity and her connection to Garfield Lynns. She also finds out that the police have been interested in Bridget as she has been seen dating Luca Mercurio. 

She realizes that the kidnapping is probably bogus. She runs out of the room to avoid the technicians. As she does, she sees that a door is ajar in evidence lock up. She carefully slips inside and finds gear from Gotham’s greatest criminals. She reaches out to touch Mr. Freeze’s gun and an alarm goes off. She sweeps the gun into her bag and runs out. Commissioner Gordon shoos the girls out so that they can deal with this new problem. Barbara feels guilty that she stole from her father.

Gordon Apartment – Interior

Alysia comes over for family dinner and the girls are a bit nervous when Jim Gordon casually questions if they saw anything while they were at the station. They saw nothing, of course. Alysia agrees to cover for Barbara as she goes out to stop Firefly. Barbara suits up and heads out into the night.

Abandoned Building – Interior

Garfield is setting up his next burn, this time in a more populated area. Barbara appears and tells him that he needs to stop. He can end this. This isn’t like the last few times. If people get hurt, there’s no coming back from that. People are likely to die this time. He tells her that he would do anything for his sister. If somebody is going to die, it’s going to be Batgirl first. If she wants to stop him, she’ll have to kill him. They fight again with Garfield really trying to kill her this time. Barbara manages to use the freeze gun to put out Garfield’s fancy new flame equipment.

It is at this point that she manages to trap him and show him the information about Bridgit. Garfield does not want to believe at first. What if Barbara is wrong about her not being in danger? Then Barbara will help him rescue her. He needs to turn himself in. Garfield says that she is right. He doesn’t want to hurt anybody and he doesn’t want to do this anymore. 

It is at this point that they hear the roaring of a jetpack and Mercurio shows up in advanced Firefly gear. He had a feeling that Garfield might not get the job done so he had the tech guys whip up some superior firepower. Garfield questions Mercurio about Bridgit. Mercurio admits that it is true and is surprised that they could keep the ruse going so long. It doesn’t matter. Mr. Gallante offered Garfield a permanent job and when he turned it down, he became a loose end. Garfield will die, Bridgit will be told it was an accident and will get over it eventually. 

Barbara frees Garfield and the two fight Mercurio and his advanced gear together. The two manage to bring the inexperienced Mercurio down and Garfield tells Barbara to go as sirens approach. He will tell the cops everything and let the chips fall where they may. Barbara leaves him to get arrested.

GCPD Station – Exterior

The batsignal is on. Batman shows up but it is Batgirl who greets him. She says Gordon is at the mayor’s office and will not interrupt them. She tells him about the resolution of the whole affair. She tells him that the Gallante crime family was behind it all as part of a massive real estate scam. She anonymously sent all evidence to the GCPD. Batman is impressed. He admits that he underestimated her. He had a feeling that he would see her again and gives her a case of equipment. He points out that equipment is only as good as the skill to use it. He offers to train her to use it. She is excited but skeptical. Batman points out that clearly, he cannot talk her out of this and she does show promise. He would feel guilty if something horrible happened to her and he could have helped prevent it by showing her the ropes. He tells her that he will be in touch. She bids him goodnight. He says: “Goodnight, Barbara.” and her eyes widen as she turns around and he is gone.

Batgirl (Movie Pitch) Pt. 1

September 10, 2022

Cast of Characters:

Barbara Gordon/Batgirl – Age 20 – A young woman who has a strong sense of justice and is trying to find a sweet spot between Batman and Commissioner Gordon’s methods. 

Played by: Leslie Grace, Jenna Ortega, Isabella Ferreira

Alysia Yeoh – Age 20 – A young transgirl and Barbara’s best and closest friend.  

Played by:  Ivory Aquino, Harisu, or an unknown probably.

Garfield Lynn/Firefly – A former special effects master in Hollywood but now resorting to crime.

Played by: Brendan Fraser (Original casting), Andrew Dunbar, Alan Tudyk

Commissioner Jim Gordon – Gotham’s top cop who stops at nothing to get justice but also values his family very much.

Played by: Kyle Chandler, Ben McKenzie, Hugh Dancy

Elena Gordon – A charity fundraiser and activist who loves her family.

Played by: Mia Maestro, Eva Longoria, Justina Machado

Yolanda Montez – Age 32 – A young trainer and fighter at Wildcat Gym.

Played by: Alexa PenaVega, Natalia Cordova-Buckley, Génesis Rodríguez

Luca Mercurio – An up-and-coming runner for the Gallante Crime Family.

Played by: Giulio Berruti, Michael Angarano, Giacomo Baessato

Gotham City

Gordon Apartment – Interior

Barbara Gordon’s alarm goes off and she wakes up having fallen asleep at her desk. She stretches and goes about her wake-up routine. She flips on a small television mid-broadcast of the news. The anchor reports on the arrest of The Riddler and the foiling of a complex plot thanks to an anonymous tip and data dump from The Riddler’s servers. Barbara absently says “You’re welcome” They do a report on the third fire in the Gotham projects. Barbara frowns and makes some notes before scooping up her laptop bag to head downstairs.

Commissioner Gordon and Elena Gordon greet their daughter in the kitchen. Elena questions her daughter about her hobbies and that she can’t spend so much time in her room. Barbara responds that she gets out enough but we can see that’s not true. She brushes the issue aside and tries to talk to her father who is enjoying his coffee. She asks him about the fires and says that something is weird about them. He appreciates her interest in current events but doesn’t want her to focus so much on the macabre elements of Gotham. Enjoy college. He once again expresses that he wished that Barbara had gone to a college out of town. Not that her parents hate having her around but Gotham is dangerous. Besides, Gordon has enough vigilantes in Gotham. Elena tells Jim not to go off about Batman again. Barbara hurries off to catch her bus.

Bus – Interior

Barbara sits down next to her friend Alysia Yeoh who is happy to see her friend. As Alysia talks, Barbara is more focused on her phone and the reports of the fires. Alysia gets her friend’s attention and neither are looking forward to another day in paradise. 

Gotham University – Interior/Exterior

We then see a montage of Barbara and Alysia making their way through a school day. Barbara is clearly bright but not really engaged in the social structure of school while Alysia seems to be more sociable. 

At lunch, Alysia tries to get Barbara into joining the school paper. She’s really good at computers and really smart. She could be a great writer. Alysia could be her photographer. They could be a team. Barbara claims to be too busy. Alysia complains that they never seem to hang out and Barbara’s not in any clubs. So what is she up to? Barbara tries to brush the question off. Alysia points out that Barbara was the first person at school whom Alysia told her secret to. Barbara admits that truth but says she needs some time.

Gordon Apartment – Interior

Barbara tries to send an anonymous tip in through a voice changer but the dispatcher at the police station does not believe her. She pulls open a compartment in her closet to reveal that she has put together a Batgirl costume. “Maybe mom’s right, maybe it’s time to get out of my room,” Elena calls her for dinner. The two eat and talk and once again Barbara’s dad is working late. Barbara goes back to her room to suit up.

Gotham City – Exterior – A Run-Down Building

Barbara checks out the building from a nearby rooftop. She makes notes in a voice recorder about her hunches before heading down the fire escape over to the building in question.

Condemned Building – Interior

Barbara creeps through the building. She hears a sound and goes to investigate. It is Alysia, tagging a wall. Barbara is surprised and nearly yells at her friend. She regroups and switches on a voice changer to talk to her. Alysia sees this as an artistic outlet she doesn’t get and tells her friend to get out of there. It’s not safe. It’s an order, not a discussion. Alysia slinks off.

Barbara hears another noise and interrupts a masked Garfield Lynns. Lynns is startled and threatens Barbara, telling her to get out. He has a flame thrower and seems to have rigged the building. He asks who Barbara is. She says Murciel. He is momentarily confused because she looks like a Batgirl. She says something about it being an homage but then gets back on track. He needs to give himself up to the police. He says she does not understand and that he has to do this.

A sound alerts Lynns and Barbara that Alysia is taking pictures. This sets Garfield off and he attacks them both with the flamethrower. Barbara saves Alysia as flames whip around them. The two of them struggle but Barbara eventually manages to shove Alysia through a gap in the flames and out into the alleyway. Barbara can’t escape that way so she goes after Lynns. Garfield keeps setting off charges as Barbara tries to fight him. They reach the roof and Barbara fails to stop Garfield from activating his jetpack and escaping. A black shape swoops in and rescues Barbara.

Gotham City – Exterior

Barbara is deposited on a rooftop. She looks around and spots a pair of eyes in the shadows. Barbara fangirls a bit over Batman but then gets serious. Batman asks her what the hell she thinks she is doing. She says that she knew which building would be hit next. She did not exactly have Batman’s number and the police would not believe her. Batman: “Including your father?” Barbara is shocked that Batman knows who she is. He asks who she is. She introduces herself as Murciel once again and apologizes for biting his style. Batman says he has this covered and to stay out of it. Barbara says that his solution is just to beat the guy up. That’s what Batman does. She has taken down dozens of criminals without even throwing a punch. There has to be a middle ground. Besides, Batman arrived too late while she was there before it started. She walks out on Batman.

Batman and Gordon meet. Barbara remotely switches on her father’s phone to listen in. Gordon is upset at another big fire. So far the buildings have been abandoned but firefighters have had to struggle to keep neighboring buildings from catching fire. Batman says that the signatures for the arsons have not matched, making it hard to pinpoint an MO. Gordon points out that Batman was sighted at a bank robbery shortly before the fire. He can’t be in two places at once. Batman stubbornly says that he has things handled. Gordon mentions spotting Batman talking to somebody just now and if he has a new recruit. Batman says that she is a complication but that he has dealt with it.

Garfield Lynns Workshop – Interior

The arsonist, Garfield Lynns, returns to his workshop and unmasks himself and leaves his gear on a workbench. He sighs and takes a long look in the mirror. A thin man in a suit, Mr. Mercurio,  steps into the room along with two big guys for muscle. Garfield tenses for a moment but then relaxes. He tells the man that he burned down the building just like they wanted. The man points out that Garfield nearly lost to a girl. Garfield angrily tells him that girls can do anything that boys can do and that he got the job done. He nearly killed two people this time but he got the job done. Speaking of which, when is going to end? It ends when Mr. Galantes says it ends. Until then, Garfield will do as he’s told. The man leaves and Garfield angrily slams his fist onto his workbench.

Gordon Apartment – Interior

Barbara wakes up in her bed this time and stretches. She is definitely sore from the battle the night before. She’s thankful that it’s Saturday and she doesn’t have to go to school. She switches on the news. Gotham City is abuzz with an appearance of a new hero named Batgirl. Barbara groans that they got her name wrong. “It’s Murciel!” The news shows one of Alysia’s pictures and Barbara is freaking out. The news does point out that neither Batman nor Batgirl was able to stop the building from burning and nobody is in custody. Jim Gordon shows up on camera and tells them with annoyance that the police are exploring several leads. Barbara finishes getting ready and runs out, telling her mother that she is off to see Alysia.

Friday the 13th: Jason in Time (Movie Pitch) Pt. 2

August 20, 2022

See Pt. 1 here.

Crystal Lake Area – Exterior

Renata talks with her superiors. The FBI is under the impression that this and the events of Jason Goes to Hell can be attributed to a Jason copycat. There is a history of Jason copycats. The one that was destroyed in 2003 is never coming back. It is medically impossible. Renata tells him that she knows what she saw. They tell her that she just bought into the legend and to stay on mission.

The mission goes poorly. They come upon Jason Reborn and get into attack position. They begin to fight but Nanotech Jason suddenly appears and flanks the group. As the agents regroup, the two Jasons regard each other. There is an air of recognition but also confusion. It looks like they might actually fight each other when the FBI attacks. The two Jasons work independently and thrash the FBI agents. Nanotech Jason grabs Renata by the neck and throws her off of a cliff. 

Camp Crystal Lake – Camp Lodge Interior

Tommy is flabbergasted at there being two Jasons and everybody else is too. However, Creighton presses Rowan on her lack of reaction to the second Jason. After intense grilling, Rowan relents and explains her story and the origin of Uber Jason. KM reminds Rowan of the timeline and Tommy asks about the timeline. He puts together that if Jason was captured in 2008 and frozen in 2010, he doesn’t end here. Rowan confirms this. Everybody is dispirited. She feels for them but she feels like they are doomed. Everybody splits up.

Tommy, Jessica, and Rowan sip whiskey together and talk about knowing Jason so intimately. Duke comforts Billy over the death of his friends. KM pulls Tina aside and lets her know that KM’s scans have revealed that Tina has a small blockage in blood vessels near her brain and that would account for her powers being blocked. Since the timeline is no longer a concern, she could repair that damage and restore Tina’s powers. Tina thinks about it and then agrees. KM places her palm on Tina’s forehead and humming noise and lights are produced. Tina says she feels much better. As she walks off, Tommy and Rowan ask KM what she did. KM says she did nothing. Tina had no physical damage and therefore KM deduced that the problem was psychological. Their odds of success go up dramatically if everybody is at full power.

Tommy rallies his troops and says that they have to fight. They can’t give up and just let the Jasons kill them all. If they let the Jasons win, many more people will die. A more confident Tina agrees and says that she is ready to go. Billy wants revenge for his friends. Everybody gets fired up and Rowan says that maybe the addition of her and KM will change things. Maybe changing the timeline is the right thing to do.

Tommy gets on the public address system and calls out Jason, telling him to come to mommy. The group moves toward the location of Jason’s shack. Inside is the shrine to Pamela Voorhes, including her head. It also has the body of his mother’s killer, Alice Hardy, and two other bodies. 

As Tommy sets the shack on fire, he thanks Ginny for revealing the location and contents of the shack. 

Jason Reborn shows up to find Billy beckoning him in front of the shack. Jason moves to kill Billy but Billy is fired up and starts beating the crap out of Jason with a baseball bat with nails in it. The others box Jason in. Jason kills Billy. Everybody opens fire on Jason with the energy weapons doing the bulk of the damage. Jason fights back but this time he is overwhelmed. He keeps looking back at the shack, emotionally torn between his mother burning and fighting for his own life. Tommy picks up Jason’s machete from the shrine and cuts open Jason’s back with it. Jessica stabs her dagger right between Jason’s eyes. Tina uses her powers and shoves Jason into the flaming shack. A flaming Jason runs out of the shack but he is decapitated by the sudden arrival of Uber Jason who then kicks Jason Reborn back into the burning shack.

Jessica pulls the dagger out of Jason Reborn’s head and kicks it back into the burning shack. Duke throws a grenade into the shack which enrages Uber Jason. That was his mother too. Jason swings his machete at Creighton and barely misses. Jessica lunges with the dagger but is caught by the throat and slammed into Duke. As a doctor, Rowan rushes to help them but is caught by Jason who begins to choke her out. A harpoon impales Jason from behind and Renata has arrived, still moving in an injured state. Jason pulls the harpoon out and the wound closes instantly. He resumes choking Rowan.

Jason’s fingers slowly release Rowan’s throat as we see that Tina is exerting her will. Rowan drops to the ground and rolls away. Tina uses her abilities to beat the crap out of Uber Jason, similar to their earlier fight. This allows the others a chance to recover. However, the damage from Tina’s attack is healed just as easily. Tommy goes to get Jessica and Creighton back on their feet. KM jumps on Uber Jason’s back. He fights hard to get her off and ends up knocking her head off with a back elbow. KM’s body glows and explodes and the nanotechnology falls off of Uber Jason. Creighton and Tommy take out Jason’s legs from behind. Renata shoots Jason through the forehead at point blank range.

Jason still struggles to get back to his feet but Tina holds him there. Jessica stabs him with the dagger and the souls of those Jason has killed swirl around them all. Tina shoves Jason into the still-burning shack. Everybody sits back and watches it burn. “Do you think that did it?” Tommy asks. “I hope so,” Creighton says. “I’m getting too old for this.”   Tina says “I don’t sense them anymore.”


Renata claims that this time, the government is going to listen to her about the threat of Jason Voorhees. Tommy, Jessica, Creighton, and Tina all agree to testify. Rowan says that she would testify but it complicates things that there is another her out there. They mourn the fallen but after a long moment of silence, they hear KM shouting. Her head survived again and Rowan happily cradles it. They ask Rowan and KM what they will do. Rowan says that the timeline has undoubtedly changed and she and KM come from a future that probably doesn’t exist anymore. As if on cue, Rowan and KM start to fade away. Rowan declares that it was worth it and that the new timeline should be much happier for everyone. She hurriedly tells Renata about the corrupt Dr. Wimmer and to investigate him and anybody else involved should Jason come back. The two of them completely fade away. Everybody else makes a promise to be there if Jason does come back. 

Casting: (If the movie had been filmed in 2004):

  • Uber Jason – Kane Hodder, James Preston Rogers, Matthew G. Taylor
  • Jason Reborn – Ken Kirzinger, Derek Mears, Glenn Jacobs
  • Renata Dario – Jordana Brewster, Marisa Ramirez, Dania Ramirez
  • Owen Argento – Rupert Evans, Dustin Milligan, Lochlyn Munro
  • Billy Campbell – Tyler Labine, Tuc Watkins, Stephen Dunham
  • Billy’s friends – Zoë Bell, Spice Williams, Jennifer Caputo, Nathan Jones, Mike Knox, Jason Arhndt

Director: Josh Becker, Bruce Campbell, Adam Marcus

Friday the 13th: Jason in Time (Movie Pitch) Pt. 1

August 13, 2022

Cast of Characters:

From Earlier Films:

Jason Reborn – After the events of Jason Goes to Hell in 2003, Jason has once again clawed his way to the land of the living thanks to Freddy Krueger

Uber Jason – The killer Jason Voorhees whose undead body merged with nanotechnology to become even more of an apex predator. 

Creighton Duke – The bounty hunter who helped kill Jason the last time. He barely survived his injuries from his last fight with Jason.

Ginny Fields – One of the original survivors of Jason back in 1984. She has since followed her dream of becoming a child psychologist.

Jessica Kimble – One of the two last blood relations to Jason Voorhees and survivor of Jason’s last known rampage.

KM-14 – An android from the future who fought Jason and barely survived. She is dedicated to stopping the threat of Nanotech Jason.

Reggie Winter – Fought a copycat Jason alongside Tommy but is ready to tackle the real thing.

Rowan LaFontaine – A scientist from the 21st century who was stabbed by Jason and frozen only to be defrosted in the future to face Jason. She is dedicated to stopping Jason.

Tina Rogers née Shepard – A young woman with psychic powers who once defeated Jason. 

Tommy Jarvis – He was a troubled young man who had encountered Jason twice but failed to kill him. Probably the foremost expert in surviving Jason Voorhees since most others are dead

New Characters:

Agent Renata Dario – An FBI agent investigating the Crystal Lake site after alerts went off.

Billy Campbell – A local interested in getting rid of Jason to avenge the dead who are not acknowledged as much. He believes that Jason is a sickness.

Officer Owen Argento – A security officer from the future tasked with disposing of Jason’s body in the sun. 

The year 2455 – On a Ship in Deep Space – Interior

KM-14 and Rowan LaFontaine have assisted in the effort on Earth 2 to clean up what was left of the remains of Jason Voorhees. They convinced the government of the severity of the situation by showing footage of Jason’s attack on their ship. Rowan insisted on accompanying the disposal mission to dump Jason into a nearby star. KM-14 accompanied her just in case things got out of hand again. While en route, a space anomaly causes power on the ship to fluctuate including the containment field around Jason’s remains. Rowan and KM-14 rush to that area. As they work with Owen Argento to assess the risk, the anomaly further activates and that section of the ship is completely destroyed.

The year 2006 – Crystal Lake – Exterior

The serene surface of the lake is disturbed by bubbling and then a large hand reaches above the surface. 

The year 2006 -Blairstown, NJ  – Exterior

Tommy Jarvis arrives at the house of Tina and Nick Rogers.  Tina is sitting out on the porch. He asks if she was expecting him but she simply smiles and says it is a nice day  She offers him some lemonade. Tommy is there because Tina would not answer his messages. She simply ignored them. She is done with Jason. Tommy points out that she gave Jason the toughest fight of anybody else. He thinks that Jason is back. They have a responsibility to end him. She refuses. Tommy asks her to at least reach out and see if Jason is back. Tina states that doing so might draw Jason to her. Tommy points out that she and Nick could have moved far away from Crystal Lake but they settled nearby. Tina relents and reaches out with her mind and confirms that Jason is back but she feels something is very wrong. Tommy asks if he is back at Crystal Lake. Tina says yes… and no. She cannot make sense of what she feels and that troubles her.  Tommy pleads with her to go to Crystal Lake with him. He has some people for her to meet. If 

The year 2006 – A secluded beach in New Jersey – Exterior

Rowan wakes up and stumbles to her feet in an unknown place, her vision blurry at first. The ruins of the spaceship section are half on the sand and half in the water. She searches for the others and finds Owen and pulls him out of the water. Thankfully, he did not drown. The two of them find KM and are able to reactivate her. She informs them that they are on Earth and not Earth 2. They are startled to find out that they have appeared in 2006. Owen marvels that this is what Earth looked like when it was still livable. They find that Jason’s containment field is empty. Rowan knows where Jason would go

A gym in Crystal Lake – Interior

Tina arrives and walks into a gym full of faces familiar to fans of the franchise. Creighton, Tommy, Jessica, Ginny, and Reggie have all been seen before. Billy is a new face. They settle into a circle of chairs. One by one, they talk about their experiences with Jason as the audience sees brief clips of the events of Friday the 13th Parts 1 and 2, The Final Chapter, A New Beginning, Jason Lives, and Jason Goes to Hell. Tommy fills in bits he has learned from Part 3 and Jason Takes Manhattan. He mentions that a fence has been erected around the whole area after a recent incident (referring to the conclusion of Freddy vs. Jason). Tommy introduces Billy who is a local and is there to represent the town of Crystal Lake, unofficially of course. Billy says that he’s got two others he plans to bring along.

A small town in New Jersey – Exterior

The time travelers have obtained clothes of the time and are walking down the street. They talk about making as few changes in the timeline as possible. Owen points out that the cat may already be out of the bag since Uber Jason won’t be concerned about the timeline. Besides that, they need to get to Crystal Lake. Rowan relents and they have KM steal a truck from a nearby lot. They drive off toward Crystal Lake.

Camp Crystal Lake – Exterior

Tina and Tommy get through the fence and arrive at Camp Crystal Lake. They sit and talk for a moment as they contemplate the dilapidated buildings of Camp Crystal Lake (with graffiti saying Camp Blood) and all of the memories there. Tina points out that there must have been good memories before Jason. Tommy says that if they remove Jason, there will be nothing standing in the way of the good memories coming back. The curse of Crystal Lake will be over. Tina reveals that she is a bit rusty with her powers. Tommy assures her that it will be alright but that he’s counting on her.

Everybody else pulls up in two cars. They climb out of the car and Tommy gives a pep talk as de facto leader. They all have what it takes for a final confrontation with Jason. 

Somewhere in New Jersey – Exterior

A group of teens is having a party in a clearing. Two young lovers walk off into the woods and the guy blindfolds the girl. [The film audience is vicariously blindfolded] After a few beats she hears a horrible scream. She lifts the blindfold to see her boyfriend impaled on a tree branch next to her. She screams and looks around wildly and sees red eyes light up in the shadows. Cut to her running into the clearing when she is hit behind by a thrown machete. Uber Jason strides into the clearing and starts to slaughter teens as they try and flee. The violence is sudden, chaotic, and gory. There are no survivors.

Camp Crystal Lake – Exterior

The support group is walking along the trail. Renata shouts at them to freeze and announces herself as an FBI agent. They are a highly suspicious and well-armed group in a site deemed off-limits by the FBI. Tommy admits that she is right but points out that it is off-limits because of Jason. Renata brushes this aside. Tina says that Jason is back. Renata blurts out that Jason Voorhees is dead. Tina insists that he is back and Jessica backs her up. Tommy asks Renata what she is doing at the camp. Not that it is their business but she is there to check on several tripped motion sensors. Isaiah jokes that this was a fast response. Renata states that, unless the group had been down by the water, it was not them. Everybody looks at each other and Renata runs off toward the lake telling the group to stay put. Tommy says there’s no chance of that and Creighton helps rally the group toward the lake.

Renata finds Jason Reborn standing by the lake, staring out at the still water. She tells him to freeze and stand down. He turns as the others arrive. Renata is annoyed but also a little grateful. They aim their weapons at Jason but he approaches anyway. Renata gives a warning but Tommy’s crew just starts firing. The battle begins and the group is terrorized by an absolutely feral Jason Voorhees. Tommy calls on Tina to put a stop to it but her powers falter. Ginny, Reggie, and Billy’s two friends are killed in the battle.  As things look grim, a truck plows into Jason but the impact merely staggers him. Owen and KM pop out and fire their weapons at Jason. The energy weapons kick up a lot of smoke which allows Jason to disappear. The others are stunned but they are beckoned into and onto the truck. At the last moment, Owen is stabbed from behind by Jason and the rest of the group drives away.

Camp Crystal Lake – Camp Lodge Interior

Tommy points out that Jason is smarter than he looks and will have retreated temporarily to regroup and assess the new threat. They barely made a scratch and Jason could have easily killed them all. They take a moment to mourn those who did die. The group realizes that the newcomers have disappeared.

In another room, Rowan and KM talk again about being in the past and that they have to be careful. Rowan knows that the group fails to end Jason because of the incident that led to her being frozen in the first place. She laments that they have to deal with two Jasons now. Their priority target remains Uber Jason. KM does not like the odds of success.

They are interrupted by Tommy and Jessica who ask them to join the group. They are grateful for the rescue but suspicious of these newcomers. Tommy reveals that most people there are survivors of Jason. Rowan says that applies to her and KM as well. Owen was just along for the ride. 

Renata has no idea what she has gotten into. The others tell her the basic story of Jason. He was a kid who died in the lake, he rose again as an adult zombie, and each time he falls, he rises again even more powerful. Renata claims that the FBI destroyed Jason. Jessica walks her through his resurrection. He is way more powerful than the government could ever know. Rowan blurts out that the government will know about it but is able to play it off as a plan to let the government know the entire truth about Jason. The group agrees but Tommy insists that it won’t be necessary if they do their job right. Rowan hides her reaction, knowing that they will not succeed.

Tommy pulls Tina aside and asks her what went wrong out there. Tina tells him again that she is rusty as she abandoned her powers after fighting Jason last time. Tommy tells her that they need her badly, more than he thought. Jessica overhears and interrupts and yells at Tommy for hinging his plan entirely on Tina. She points out that the mystic dagger combined with her blood is supposed to be the only thing that really works. Tommy points out that only 3 years have passed but Tommy put Jason down for five. Jessica points out that Tommy also brought Jason back too. Tina yells at them to stop and a surge of power goes through the room. Tommy and Jessica smile and Tommy says that they might have a chance after all.

Creighton bursts in to tell them that Renata has run off. Renata’s FBI backup has arrived and she went off with them to track down Jason. KM is able to alter some old camp radio equipment so that they can listen to FBI communications.

Suicide Squad: Emperor Joker (Movie Pitch) Pt. 2

May 21, 2022

Gotham City Streets

Task Force X walks toward their destination, trying to stay alert and quiet. They have paired up to walk in a rough column. Flag and Deadshot are taking point and sniping at each over who is the better shot. Flag asserts that he is the more successful. Deadshot says that medals don’t mean shit in the real world, real legacy is in the stories people can tell about you. Boomerang walks with Fauna Faust and Copperhead and tries to hit on both trying to make something happen. Both Faust and Copperhead argue over who gets to kill him and bond. 

Harley walks with Grundy and is pouring her heart out about the conflict over Joker. She loves Joker and wants this for him. However, she also notes that Gotham isn’t much fun anymore. She also has to worry about her head exploding if she doesn’t cooperate. At the same time, she wonders if cooperating and hurting The Joker would be worse than death anyway. It does not help to see his face all over those people’s faces. He is her world and she is sure that everything will be fine when they find Mr. J. He will know what to do. Grundy can barely get a word in but that’s alright as he couldn’t form the words anyway.

There is an ambush of Joker zombies who crawl out of the wreckage of shops on either side of the street. The fight is harder this time as the zombies are more feral but also have a more coordinated attack. Repeatedly, Harley is forced to fight while loudly complaining about having to fight Joker’s minions. Flag sees how badly the mission is going.

There is a roaring sound which they realize is the laughter of thousands of Joker zombies rapidly approaching. This prompts the team to run. Grundy and Deadshot want to stay and fight (Grundy out of stubbornness and Deadshot to die a glorious death) but Flag makes them run. They flee desperately with Harley shouting out for Joker to save her. He does not.

The Joker’s Throne Room

The three Jokers are frustrated that they have not found the remnants of the powers and confirm that there is resistance in the city. This perks up Joker who loves a challenge. He taunts Batman with the hope that he might be rescued. This sets all of the Jokers in the hall to laugh. There is no hope. He will put down any resistance and turn these rebels into his playthings. It is time to send his newest plaything to make sure of it.

The Iceberg Lounge

The team ducks inside of the bar and Grundy picks up the massive front desk and puts in front of the door and holds it as the Joker army pounds on the door. Deadshot jumps behind the bar and flips a switch and heavy metal shutters close off the club from the outside which allows Grundy to rest. Deadshot claims to have worked with The Penguin before. It pays to work with the bad guys, they know how to protect themselves. Deadshot, Boomerang, and Faust push a Joker zombie impaled by an umbrella off of the bar and start mixing themselves drinks. Copperhead is two years sober and does not want to ruin that. Harley grabs a bottle and drinks by herself in a corner.

Flag insists that even though they are pinned down, the mission must continue. The villains question why they should fight. Joker has already won. Flag appeals to their humanity, noting that it isn’t right to abandon Gotham and possibly the world to Joker. This is rejected. Flag appeals to their lives. The villains shrug and call his bluff to go ahead and activate the bombs inside of them. Flag threatens them with the detonator but to no avail. Flag brings up how they have been beaten and arrested over and over by the heroes. They have a chance to do what the heroes could not and beat this new Joker. The villains begrudgingly agree to the appeal to their egos.

Harley outright refuses to kill the Joker. She insists that she can talk Joker down and make this right. Faust gets in her face and asks her to name one time that Joker has ever listened to her. Harley sputters but is unable to bring up a time when her relationship with Joker was not one way. The others do not trust her and want to leave her behind. Harley gets mad and claims if they are going, they will need Harley. She knows Joker and she is going to prove what she says to them.

At that point, there is an impossibly loud banging on the shudders. Everyone is freaked out when fingers poke through a hole in the shutter and peel open a hole. A familiar S is seen through the hole and then the face of Supergirl can be seen but it is painted with a Joker smile. Super Jokergirl taunts Task Force X to come outside and play. Before Flag can stop her, Harley goes outside to confront the interloper. Harley shouts that she will not be replaced even by Supergirl. Supergirl speaks as if she is Joker and dismisses Harley’s jealousy. Joker berates her for being part of the team causing him grief. Harley insists that she came to be by his side. The Joker states that he does not need her and does not fear Task Force X. Most of all, he does not fear Harley Quinn. Supergirl grabs Harley and tosses her back through the hole and Harley hits a large sofa and hits the wall and blacks out.

Harley’s Nightmare

Harley wakes up face down on the sofa but finds that she is in a different room. A television blares to life and she sees herself with Joker. She is excited at first but she sees Joker repeatedly abandon her to be caught by Batman. She sees herself thrown into the same cell over and over. She sees former colleagues of hers at Arkham talking about her. They think Joker is a monster but Harley is just pitiful for what she has become. Pages from her calendar fall around her like snow.

The Iceberg Lounge

Task Force X desperately fights against Supergirl as she tears apart the club. Flag tries to assemble the team desperately for a coordinated attack but nobody can find Deadshot. Supergirl pins Flag against a wall and just as she is about to probably punch through his head, Harley shouts at her from the DJ booth. She cranks the volume which messes with Supergirl’s super hearing. Flag slaps a plastic explosive onto Supergirl and shoves her away. Boomerang sets off the explosive which sends Supergirl flying. Faust supercharges Grundy with magic and Grundy is able to go toe to toe with the Girl of Steel for the moment. Deadshot emerges and fires a shot into Supergirl’s chest. “Kryptonite bullet from the armory. Not much but it should hurt bad. Copperhead scratches Supergirl, making her dizzy with poison. Harley delivers the coup de grace with a baseball bat. “Did we just kill Supergirl?”

The team, bloodied but not broken, heads toward Joker Tower (formerly Wayne Tower). They fight their way into the tower where they find a small creature. Mr. Mxy says that he came to Earth to mess with Superman only to find that Superman was dead. When he went to mess with Batman instead, he was tricked and captured by the Joker. Harley convinces him to come with them to get his power back. Mxy agrees. On the way, Harley and Mxy have a talk about messing with people and causing chaos. Harley questions whether it’s worth it to mess with people if you’re not getting anything out of it.

They reach the top of the tower and find the Hall of Jokers. The three Jokers start to fight Task Force X and they are barely breaking a sweat holding off the villains. Harley confronts the real  Joker for abandoning her when she had given herself fully to him. He states that he does not need her anymore. “You never needed me, you needed Batman. You two deserve each other.” Harley points at Batman. “You broke your toy. Now you’re nothing without him.”

In that moment of doubt, Mxy seizes his power and starts to pull it out of the Joker. Harley spots Deadshot about to put a hole in Joker’s head and instead shoots Joker in the side with the gun that he gave her. Joker crumples to the ground, powerless but alive thanks to Harley. Joker claims that he is going to kill Harley but Harley smiles and dumps him. She goes to leave but looks back, a moment of doubt passing over her face before she walks away.

Amanda Waller’s Office

Waller’s technician informs her that the world has been put back together following the Joker incident. Joker is back in Arkham Asylum, Batman has been spotted patrolling Gotham, Supergirl is back in National City, Task Force X has been returned to Belle Reve, and Gotham’s dead have been returned to life. Nobody but Waller and her staff seem to remember what happened. Waller chalks that up to Mxy erasing people’s memories but was unable to breach Waller’s defenses. The technician shows Waller a note from Harley Quinn stating that she wanted Waller to remember that she owes Harley. Harley is in the wind and Waller decides to let her go free for now.


Already Cast

Harley Quinn – Margot Robbie

Amanda Waller – Viola Davis

Rick Flag – Joel Kinnaman

Captain Boomerang – Jai Courtney

Supergirl – Melissa Benoist

New Cast

Deadshot – Jacob Anderson, Karl Urban, Shameik Moore

Fauna Faust – Stephanie Beatriz, Camila Mendes, Ramona Young

Copperhead – Aparna Brielle, Janina Gavankar, Dilshad Vadsaria

Solomon Grundy (voice) – Travis Willingham, Matthew G. Taylor, Paul Wight

The Real Joker – Bill Skarsgård, Ben Whishaw, Matt Smith

The Laughing Joker – Ike Barinholtz, Josh Ruben, Andrew Scott

The Serious Joker – Iwan Rheon, Noah Segan, Rami Malek

Batman – Nicholas Hoult, Anson Mount, Taron Egerton

Mr. Mxyplyk (voice) – Danny Devito, David Tennant, Sam Riegel

Director: David Ayer, Kathryn Bigelow, Michelle MacLaren

Suicide Squad: Emperor Joker (Movie Pitch) Pt. 1

May 14, 2022

This movie would have taken the place originally occupied by David Ayer’s Suicide Squad which was released to middling success. It is inspired by a video by the YouTube channel Renegade Cut during their ruminations on the DCEU.

Gotham City

Harley is running through a warehouse and is pursued by Batman moving in the darkness like a shadow. He tells her she might as well give up as he has stopped The Joker’s plan. It’s over.  She declares that she’ll never give up when it comes to Joker and shoots at him to no effect and she is caught. As she is being led away by the cops, she locks eyes with Joker who looks away. She is hurt deeply.

Louisiana – Belle Reve Prison – Harley Quinn’s Cell

We start on a zoom-in of a wall calendar as Harley crosses out days in time-lapse. Months go by. She starts scratching out the pictures and tearing the pages out when a month has finished. The camera rotates to a close-up of Harley’s face as we see Amanda Waller approach the cell. Harley does a Hanibal Lecter impression which only gets a slight smirk from Waller. Waller taunts Harley over The Joker not coming to spring her from prison. Harley tells Waller to get to the point as she is in no mood to play. Waller needs Harley’s help to take on The Joker. Harley flatly refuses. Waller states that she has no choice and that Harley should think about how Joker has treated her and how this was her chance to step out from Joker’s shadow.

The team is gathered for a briefing. We get a roll call of the rest of the team roll call style Deadshot (Floyd Lawton), Captain Boomerang (Digger Harkness), Copperhead (Naavya Prasad), Bronze Tiger (Ben Turner), and Fauna Faust. We get Harley’s thoughts on each as she sits in the back of the room. Waller reveals that she holds paperwork to reduce the sentences of everyone who cooperates and survives the mission. If they refuse, she also has planted explosives in the base of their skulls and will not hesitate to execute each of them and start over. The team is rounded out by Solomon Grundy. In Harley’s words, a frickin’ zombie.

 Waller introduces Colonel Rick Flag who tells everybody that he does not care what they did in the past. He only cares about completing the mission. If everybody plays along, things will go fine. Waller reveals that the team will be heading toward Gotham. She shows footage of a Gotham City that is absolutely destroyed to the shock of everyone and a mix of confusion and jealousy in Harley. Waller reveals that the target is the Joker which makes everybody nervous. The Joker has come in contact with an extra-dimensional being and has become frighteningly powerful. He must be taken out before he becomes even more powerful and his madness and destruction spread across the globe. The mission is clear: Kill the Joker. Save the World.

Gotham City – The Joker’s Throne Room

The Joker paces back and forth while talking about his history with Batman before he turns and shoots Batman dead through the forehead. After a beat, we see more of the room and realize that there are actually three Jokers in the room. One is the “real” Joker that we saw earlier but there are two other incarnations. One is a giggling goofball a la Cesar Romero’s Joker and the other is more deadly serious. The Jokers talk about how boring it is to kill the Bat. There’s no challenge in it anymore. Joker waves his hand and the bullet falls out of Batman and he lives again. Chains snake down to ensnare the Bat and lift him up. The Jokers discuss whether they should summon up Robin or Gordon or somebody else to kill in front of Batman. But no, they’ve already done that. They need to find that little pipsqueak with all of the power so Joker can finish the job. Then he’ll have more tricks he can pull off. As we look around the throne room we see that there are many incarnations of Joker from throughout the comics, television, and movies in shadow as the audience.

Harley’s Dream

We see Harley’s origin story through her own eyes. We see her graduating from medical school.  We see her falling for The Joker as a psychiatrist. We see her struggle with her own mental health and eventually go with The Joker when he escapes Arkham. We see her baptism in chemicals. We see her and Joker side by side terrorizing Gotham. She is so happy.

Task Force X Transport

Harley is jolted awake on the plane. She watches the others with skepticism. The group chatters amongst themselves. (Except for Grundy who can barely form words). The villains start talking about Gotham City which only Captain Boomerang has not terrorized. Eventually, Harley tells the others the story of The Laughing Fish. This brings up the subject of The Joker. Deadshot brings up that “When supervillains want to scare each other, they tell Joker stories.” The others agree that nobody will miss the Joker when he’s gone but stop short when they see Harley’s angry face. She tells them off and stands up for “Mistah J”.

Alarms go off and rockets are headed toward the transport. The rear door is blown open and Harley runs toward the opening to shout that she is in the transport and that Joker should stop firing. It obviously does not work and the transport starts going down. Everybody rushes to grab their gear and parachutes before jumping out. No parachute for Grundy who does not make it out of the transport. 

Gotham City – Alleyway

The group lands in an alley and regroups and gears up. Harley pulls out the pistol that Joker first gave her and a baseball bat. They get coordinates from Waller and her team. Faust is shielding them from Joker’s powers but they will have to move fast. They see somebody digging frantically in the trash and Harley approaches. Everybody but Harley is ready for a fight. Harley taps the guy on the shoulder and he turns around. He has a crude Joker face and he laughs. The laughter attracts a hoard of similar Joker zombies. 

Captain Boomerang: “They’re like the bloody fish!”  

Waller confirms that they’re non-living. The Joker zombies attack and the team (sans Harley) combat the zombies. Deadshot makes it a competition with Flag. Grundy emerges through a brick wall and joins the fight having dug himself out of the wreckage of the transport and beelined for the team. The battle is fierce and everybody gets a chance to shine. Harley is frustrated and a little scared that she actually has to defend herself. The battle ends with her shaking one of the zombies and telling The Joker that she’s coming for him. It’s actually mostly a loving statement but there is just a hint of a threat there. Harley is starting to reach her limit but the team distrusts her.

Part 2 Coming Soon

Wonder Woman: The Key Stone (Movie Pitch)

April 27, 2022

(This is a sequel to a proposed Wonder Woman 2 that can be found here which makes this Wonder Woman 3)

It’s 1977, almost 40 years after Diana made a commitment to protect Man’s World with the assistance of ARGUS. To occupy her time she has decided to take jobs as an expert in authenticating and restoring ancient artifacts. This is a way to keep ahead of dangerous magical artifacts making their way into the wrong hands and instead kept safe while being used to educate people about the ancient world. It also allows her to travel the world with ARGUS.

Gateway City

Diana Prince leaves her apartment to walk to work with happy purpose. As she walks to work she sees the good in humanity and the life of the city. Suddenly, she senses something is amiss. An armored car is traveling at unsafe speeds through traffic and it is out of control. Diana ducks into an alley and Wonder Woman jumps and runs ahead of the truck, using her lasso and strength to clear the way and save people from harm. She lands on the roof of the armored car and opens a back door and slips inside. She is immediately attacked by some sort of snarling cat person. Wonder Woman knocks the cat person out of the back of the truck. As the truck hits a curb and starts to flip, she is able to toss the driver and guards to safety.

As she recovers from the crash, she looks to see a giant eye peeking through the back of the truck. She is startled when a large woman’s voice asks if she can hand over the artifact as the truck is lifted into the air. Diana spots a large lock box bolted to the truck’s floor and replies in the negative. Diana leaps from the truck and finds that it is being held by a woman several stories high. Diana lunges at the woman but is swatted away. The woman seems to hear something and complains about ‘standing down’. She drops the truck and starts running with Diana giving chase. Diana tries to follow but somehow loses the large woman around a corner. Diana calls ARGUS agent Paula von Gunther who starts to look into the two women.

Credit Sequence: Newspaper articles and photos pass by of Wonder Woman saving the day

Diana Prince shows up at the museum and apologizes for being late. She is quickly summoned into a meeting with the museum’s director. When she arrives, the director is in conversation with Maxwell Lord. He starts to introduce himself and Diana responds that she knows who he is, a shady businessman. Lord scoffs at that and wants to get back to business. He wants to check the status of the artifact that was supposed to be transported that day. He donated to bring it all the way from Metropolis and wants to make sure it is safe. The Director relates that the transport was attacked but thankfully Wonder Woman prevented its theft or damage but Diana needs to examine it as soon as it arrives within the hour. Lord proposes transporting the artifact to his building as it is more secure but the Director does not think that is appropriate although the offer is appreciated.

In Maxwell Lord’s office, he is yelling at somebody for failing him and how he needs that artifact. It is revealed that he is yelling at the large woman (Giganta) and a Dr. Minerva. Dr. Minerva is angry at being talked down to and transforms into Cheetah through the use of an artifact. She is the cat woman from earlier. A young woman (Troia) appears and says that Lord should have just sent her. Lord reminds all three that they owe him. He saved Minerva’s career, saved Giganta’s life, and literally created Troia. He wants the three to break into the museum and get him the artifact. He is through playing games, it is time for results.

In Diana’s lab, she studies the artifact with the newly arrived Paula looking over her shoulder. It is the Key Stone, a potentially powerful item that can unlock magical power. Diana is even more curious why Lord was so focused on this artifact. What does he have planned? They discuss what should be done about the artifact. They agree that Maxwell Lord should be kept from it. They also worry that the thieves that attacked earlier could easily strike again. Diana researches the Key Stone more and sees that it is at the height of its power later that night due to the alignment of the planets.

The buzzer sounds but it is pretty late for visitors. Doctor Minerva talks her way into Diana’s study, claiming to be Maxwell Lord’s expert there to protect his investment in the museum. As they talk about the artifact, Paula scans Dr. Minerva and reveals that Dr. Barbara Minerva moved from artifact study to artifact theft and was presumed disgraced and barred from the profession as a plea deal. Minerva transforms into Cheetah and starts fighting Diana. Diana gets the upper hand but Troia appears out of nowhere and sucker punches Diana. Cheetah and Paula fight, Troia and Diana fight. The artifact is passed back forth between the four. Troia is a match for Diana’s strength and speed, unnerving Diana. The two villains escape with the artifact after Troia collapses part of the ceiling on Paula. After a beat, Diana gives chase but is punched through the open door by Giganta.

At Lord’s building, he congratulates his henchwomen on getting the artifact but still snarkily insults them. He and Dr. Minerva start to prepare the ceremony. It is explained that he plans to unlock his magical potential by siphoning power from Mount Olympus. Bored and frustrated, Troia and Giganta break into one of Lord’s labs. Giganta tells the story of the magical artifact that saved her life and gave her the ability to change her size. Troia discovers that Lord had her created while studying a woman who looks like Wonder Woman. What does this mean? Are she and Wonder Woman related somehow?

Wonder Woman and Paula break into the lobby of Lord’s building where Giganta, Cheetah, and Troia are waiting for them. Wonder Woman tries to give them a speech about how they do not have to fight and that Lord is using them. Cheetah and Giganta agree but point out they are getting paid, Troia hesitates. The fight begins and both sides dig in. Paula sets off a flashbang which allows it to be two on two. Paula tangles with Cheetah while Wonder Woman fights Troia. Eventually, Paula locks Cheetah in an office.

Wonder Woman fights Troia and Troia questions what Diana is. Diana reveals her proud Amazon heritage and her oath to protect humanity from monsters and the worst of itself. Troia can use her powers for good. Troia rejects that and tearfully attacks and Wonder Woman eventually puts Troia through a wall, knowing the girl can take the punishment.

Wonder Woman returns to the lobby to fight Giganta and finds that Giganta has cornered Paula. Paula distracts an enraged Giganta and Wonder Woman eventually throws a statue of Lord to knock her out, finally getting payback for all of the giant’s sucker punches.

An enraged Troia charges into the lobby and Wonder Woman is ready for her. Troia has comparable strength, speed, and agility but Diana has been doing this a lot longer. This time Diana knows just what the young girl will do and she takes her out in graceful Amazon style. She then subdues the young girl by bending a pipe around her. This time, she should stay down.

Wonder Woman and Paula rush to face off against Maxwell Lord. Lord explains that he has siphoned power from Mount Olympus itself. He has extensively studied the Gods and their workings on Earth including the Amazons. He observed Wonder Woman in the press and put two and two together. Now he will have power surpassing hers. Diana tells him that was an unfortunate choice. She is the Godslayer and stealing her father’s power won’t help Lord. The two of them clash with Paula struggling to find a way to reverse the process. Diana powers up and finally puts the beat down on Maxwell Lord just in time for Paula to reverse the process.

Diana visits Troia in ARGUS holding. She notes that as strong as Troia is, she could have broken the pipe and gotten away. Something in Troia wanted to get caught. She assures Troia that Lord and his henchwomen are going to prison. They will never touch Troia again. Diana is there to give Troia a second chance. Troia may have all of Diana’s abilities, but she has none of the training. Diana offers to teach her. Troia accepts.

New Characters:
Troia – Shahadi Wright Joseph, Jada Harris, Brooklynn Prince
Cheetah – Damaris Lewis, Morena Baccarin, Stana Katic
Giganta – Bella Thorne, Bella Heathcote, Dreama Walker
Maxwell Lord – Michael Madsen, Simon Baker, Damian Lewis

Possible Directors: Ava Duvernay, David Leitch, Alexandra La Roche

Movie Pitch – Wonder Woman and The Four Horsewomen

February 12, 2022

(This is a movie I wrote to replace Wonder Woman 1984 in my headcanon)

It is 1939, over twenty years after Diana slew Ares and helped thwart and apprehend Doctor Poison. After attending the funeral of Steve Trevor and believing that her mission was over, she bid farewell to the human world and traveled back to Themyscira. Her return was bittersweet but she was happy to be among family again. After some time it became clear that Diana’s place in Themysciran society had shifted. Her killing of a god and the reveal of her true parentage both made her a celebrity and also caused people to be nervous around her. Few wanted to spar, conversations sometimes died when she entered the room. Even her old mentor/aunt Antiope and her friends Artemis and Phillipus treat her differently. Restless, she leaves the island again to wander the world.

Diana travels the world, learning more about the human world. This time, her travels extend beyond just Europe and she learns so much more. She travels simply, backpacking with her gear and lasso tucked away. When needed, she leaps into action to save the day but never sticks around. After Steve, she is not quite ready to be part of a team again. She also does not want to be worshipped like her godly predecessors. She visits old friends, Sameer, Charlie, and Chief. She briefly visits a reformed Doctor Maru who has spent her days developing medical technology under government supervision. Diana is horrified but not surprised that another World War seems to be in the wind even after the death of Ares.

Etta Candy reaches out to Diana and summons her to the War Department as a favor to Steve and his old military ties. Etta has become a small business owner, using her defiant and strong personality to make it in man’s world. Britain is calling on her to once again fight, this time against the Axis of Evil. The Allies want her to lead a force to Castle von Gunther to investigate what the Nazis are doing with a group of kidnapped scientists. Diana refuses help as she doesn’t want anybody to get hurt and she remembers how Ares disguised himself as Sir Patrick. She will go alone and make her own decisions on the matter.

Diana travels to the Castle and sneaks in. She discovers that German noblewoman Paula Von Gunther is conducting experiments on German citizens to create empowered soldiers. Diana goes to free the scientists and discovers she has been mistaken. Not all of the scientists are captives, and their chief scientist Baron Blitzkrieg is the one really in charge. He and his Four Horsewomen (including Paula) quickly overwhelm Diana with their superpowers. They take her alive and plan to study her to aid their experiments. During captivity, Paula visits Diana to try and turn her to their cause but Diana has more of an effect on Paula. Paula reveals that she and the other Horsewomen were kidnapped and forced to cooperate with Blitzkrieg’s experiments.

Antiope, Artemis, and Phillipus of the Amazons show up to rescue Diana, freeing her and bringing the fight to Baron Blitzkrieg and his small army. Diana, Artemis, and Calliope fight through the castle, making quick work of the Nazi thugs. They then face off against the Four Horsewomen in a brutal and chaotic battle. After a bit, Paula seems hesitant and throws down her arms. The battle continues without her and, in the end, Paula saves Diana by attacking Devastation and officially changing sides. The three Amazons and Paula then face off with Baron Blitzkrieg who has supercharged himself.

After the battle, Diana leaves the kidnapped scientists, collaborators, and the unrepentant remaining Horsewomen to the Allies to sort out. She and the Amazons decide to take Paula back to Themyscira to train her powers. Paula happily declares that Blitzkrieg had been right about one thing, Diana is a real “wunder”. Diana makes peace with her fellow Amazons and they tell her that her place is in Man’s world now and not because she no longer belongs in Themyscira but because she has a calling that they understand. Diana feels a bit more hopeful and resolves to help the Allies against the Nazi menace. In furtherance of that, she meets with Charlie, Chief, and Sameer and agrees to sign on as a founding member of their new organization called ARGUS.


Already cast:
Antiope – Robin Wright
Hippolyta – Connie Nielsen
Phillipus – Ann Ogbomo
Artemis – Ann Wolfe
Etta Candy – Lucy Davis
Chief – Eugene Brave Rock
Charlie – Ewen Bremner
Sameer – Saïd Taghmaoui
Dr. Maru/Dr. Poison – Elena Anaya
Diana Prince/Wonder Woman – I can’t recast her, can I?

New Characters:
Paula Von Gunther/Warmaster – Formerly a young socialite, taken over by the Nazis and changed into a weapon of war and leader of the Horsewomen – Emily Osment, Olivia Ross, Sasha Pieterse
Devastation – The oldest member of the Horsewomen who fights with an almost feral style – Renae Moneymaker, Zoe Bell, Heather Bonomo
Armageddon – The largest member of the Horsewomen, a hot-headed and aggressive powerhouse – Demi Bennett, Kayla Rossi,
Genocide – The youngest member of the Horsewomen, sardonic and heavily disfigured from the experiments – Monica Beadnell, Heidi Moneymaker, Kriana Stanton
Baron Blitzkrieg – An unhinged and inhuman monster who is undyingly loyal to the Third Reich. He has been gifted Castle Von Gunther but results are expected. – Jason Isaacs, Thomas Kretschmann, August Diehl

Possible Directors: Julius Avery, Gareth Edwards, Babak Najafi, Duncan Jones

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