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Nantucket Trip Pt. 2

July 5, 2009

Okay. So, in this next part, the times are all too vague to actually write down because time ceased to exist. Or I didn’t look at the clock on my phone anymore. Either of those two excuses. So here are a series of events that happened.

– My brother Alex and I sat around in our guest room. We divided the beds up though, knowing us, it wasn’t with power saws. I got the bed on the floor and he got the proper one. We chatted for a while and debated whether or not we had time for naps.

– Naps cleverly averted by scheduling, we headed into town to get some late lunch and spend some birthday time with our mom. After realizing that most places on the water were quite closed we finally ate at a place called “The Tavern”. What they lost in an original name they won out in cooking a good burger. Halfway through the meal we switched waitresses too due to a shift change. Not a bad thing, just never had that happen before.

– Got back to the house and took showers and got dressed for the night. I always feel somewhat false in good clothes.

– We sit around waiting for the ladies to get ready. The groom and his groomsmen fool around in the front hall until they’re chased off so the bride can safely move around.

– Off to the wedding. We get three blocks before we realize that we have no idea how to get there. Through a combination of cell phone trickery and a call to the wedding planner we get the correct directions there.

– Chaos.

– Wedding pictures begin. Everybody seems to have a camera and they begin to snap pictures of everything and everyone, flashes are going off everywhere. It’s a total whirlwind of activity. There’s a literal whirlwind outside as the wind is gusting up something fierce.

– The rain starts right as the wedding starts. Nobody seems to care. All the ladies eyes are wet too and some of us guys got a little misty eyed too. The wedding went off with only a few hitches but nobody seemed to mind and instead laughed it off and kept going.

– Food! We all sit down to a meal which is very delicious. I had New England Clam Chowder (in Nantucket is simply called Chowder), Salad, Filet Mignon, Mashed Potatoes, Lobster Pasta and Asparagus. Then the wedding cake. The conversation was jovial except for talking about theater business which I really don’t like talking about. I like talking about the art more. The isenglass kept the wind off of us and space heaters kept us warm. I lost total track of time at this point.

– We drive through the storm back to the house. It’s around 11:30 or so when we get home. Not only was it raining when we got home but the sprinklers were on in the yard. I thought “the heck with it” and ran through the sprinklers and inside.

Trip Diary: Nantucket Pt 1

June 23, 2009

I was invited to a wedding and my mom’s birthday up in Nantucket, MA for Monday and I decided to give you a taste of what it’s like to be me. This is part 1.

6 PM (6/21/09) –       Done with the performance and photo call for the day.  The equipment is powered down, the lights are out and the doors are locked.  Faced with packing and planning.  Would I be any less on edge if I had known my plans earlier? I do not know.  Will wind down and then get back to work.

1 AM (6/22/09)   –     I need to get to sleep very, very soon.  Anyway you slice it, tomorrow morning is going to suck.  It’s going to suck big time.  All for the greater good.

6:15 AM –  I stumble out of bed and as I suspected it’s bad.  Need crowbars to open my eyes but I’ll settle for some caffeine and adrenaline.  Time for a shower.

6:49 AM – I’m driving!  Always feels good to start the trip.  Calms my nerves to actually be making progress.  First full song on the radio is “Call Me the Breeze” by Lynyrd Skynyrd.  Couldn’t think of a more suitable song for driving.

7 AM  – Realities of the drive set in and I realize there’s another hour to go if I don’t hit major traffic.  I am confused why AC/DC’s “Highway to Hell” has not played yet.  I am headed toward Newark afterall.  Ah well, the wheels on the car go round and round.

8 AM – Minimal traffic means I arrive in the parking garage way earlier than I expected.  I wistfully think that I probably could have slept another 45 minutes.  Then I decide to think of more pleasant things while I put my tie on while humming U2’s “Vertigo”. Security is next.

8:20 AM – I have made it through security.  Who, despite what I have heard, were very helpful.  Tips to get through security: 1. Wear a tie (probably should be a dude for this) 2. Be a coherent, intelligent individual.  That’s it.  The woman in front of me had a pint of perfume and several lotions.  I did not see what became of her.

8:30 AM – I finally calm down enough to eat.  I’m enjoying a Sausage, Egg and Cheese McGriddle.  Who would have thought that the kid who used to eat everything in sequence with military precision would enjoy this mish mash so much.  Then again I, I enjoy scrapple so my sanity is already in question.

8:40 AM – Yes, the food didn’t last that long.  I’m sitting at the gate a full 2 hours before my flight and I think I’ll read a book.

8:40 AM – 10:45 AM – Reading aforementioned book and exchanging texts with Alex.  Both of us are sending texts to our brother who is not attending the wedding or the day of our mother’s birth.  We sincerely hope that the texts woke him up and did not allow him to get back to sleep.

10:45 AM – I board the plane.  The gate changed overnight from C97 to C99 and there was a last minute change that moved the gate all the way up to C95.  As this group has the gates seven feet apart from each other in a semi circle, this was not a problem.  I walk onto the crosswalk as to not get chopped up or bowled over by the Matchbox cars that carry the luggage.  I climb aboard the plane and note that my seat is 3D, which is hilarious to pro-wrestling fans. I promise.

Noon – I’ve not flown for something near to 8 years.  I realize now why this was a good idea.  I can feel every pocket of air hitting our plane.  Don’t look down!  I nurse the coke the nice stewardess brought me while listening to my FauxPod and I thank the powers that be that I did not die on take off and leave a pro-wrestling reference as my last written thought.

12:30 PM – Landing was rough.  40 mph winds with a bit of rain.  Let’s just say that we tilted and then we bounced.  Mom and Len were there to meet me in the windswept parking lot.

12:45 PM –  Mom promptly gets lost trying to find the pharmacy, inadvertently giving me a tour of Nantucket.  She tells me startling tales of our geneology.  We finally stop at the pharmacy to pick up a few things and kill time waiting on Alex to land.

1:30 PM – Alex shows up and has as rough a landing as I did.  He says he liked it.  He’s crazy.

2:00 PM – Bass fishing video. Yeah.

2:20 PM – Small birthday party for mom.  She’s happy with all of her gifts.  Obviously, I’m concentrated more on my mom’s birthday than the wedding at the moment.  Give me a break, she’s the only mom I’ve got.

More to follow… I won’t leave it at a mere 20 hours.  Next episode we get to the wedding.  Too tired to continue typing at the moment.

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