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A VILE Phone Tap – A Carmen Sandiego Story

April 26, 2021

Sean Pumpkinclanger woke up on his cot at the ACME listening station. He stretched and moved over to the kitchenette area to grab an MRE for breakfast. He had been stationed there for almost a year but he would not complain. It was an honor to serve in one of the greatest agencies in the world. Better than the FBI, better than Interpol, better than anything else you could think of. He was the last student of Greg Lee before his retirement and he carried that truth like a badge of honor. He had first run into ACME while visiting his grandmother and he had known what he wanted to be. Now he was an ACME agent and he would do his duty.

On the other side of the bunker, his equipment came alive with a loud beeping. He rushed over, carrying his food with him, and put on his headphones. It was coming in on an old feed but it was definitely a phone tap. His heart started pounding as the line clicked on and the recording started. This was the first call in a while so Sean was so excited.

“Carmen,” a woman’s voice said. “I’ve got the loot. The Gates of Versailles are ours. They were definitely a golden opportunity.” The computer kicked into gear and analyzed the voice as belonging to Barb Dwyer. Her file came up on Sean’s screen. She was a tough biker chick turned VILE agent. That meant that the ‘Carmen’ on the other end of this call was the ultimate quarry. It was Carmen Sandiego.

“Excellent gate crashing, Barb,” Carmen said. “The original gates may have been broken when the peasants revolted, but these replicas are worth a pretty penny. Speaking of storming, I need you to storm across the Rhine and head to an area famously associated with the tales of the Brothers Grimm.”

“Grim?” Barb asked. “Sounds like that could make for some really killer ink.”

“Killer ink is right but I’m not talking about tattoos,” Carmen said. “You really need to read a book, Barb.” Sean wondered to himself why so many VILE operatives were so dumb and yet managed so many fantastic heists. Without Carmen, they would probably all be lost.

“Why would I read a book when they make movies of everything,” Barb asked. While she was not wrong, it did feel pretty ignorant.

Carmen sighed. “Listen, where you’re going you may need a flashlight because this place’s name is very dark,” she said. Sean was penciling his thoughts on a piece of paper while he listened and he was starting to get what Carmen was trying to hammer into Barb’s dense head.

“Darkness sounds good to me,” Barb said. “Makes it easy to lay low. Just as long as I can find a repair shop for my bike. I think the cobblestone at Versailles knocked something loose.”

“Head for the town of Baden-Baden,” Carmen said. “You’ll find what you need there but remember to lay low or you’ll get caught.”

“Sounds Baden to the bone to me,” Barb said. “Just my style. How long until we meet up?” Sean’s eyes went wide. A meetup? This was big news. The information on this recording could lead to Carmen’s capture and the potential dismantling of VILE. Of course, Carmen had been caught before but she had always escaped.

“Soon enough,” Carmen said. “unless you screwed up, of course.”

“I got away clean,” Barb said. “ACME has nothing on my bike.”

“Keep your head down,” Carmen said and the line went dead.

Barb Dwyer had slipped up. She had used an old channel to contact her boss and now Sean had to get this information to ACME. The detectives needed to get on the chase and track down Carmen. He started sending a message to command with the phone tap attached. “VILE agent Barb Dwyer in the Black Forest. Baden-Baden, Germany. Carmen may be en route.”

Senior Agent Greg Lee had taught him well. He knew it was the Black Forest from his studies in European geography. Barb would stick out like a sore thumb in Baden-Baden. There was no way that Dwyer would keep her bike idle with all of that countryside to drive through. He hoped that the agents would have little trouble tracking her and letting her lead them to Carmen. He smiled brightly as he pressed send.

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