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Felix Graham: Osaka Adventure 10

November 12, 2016

Felix Osaka

The warehouse was dark and combat was rough and dangerous. Blades were swung, blows were struck and magic was thrown this way and that. Felix found himself scrambling out of harm’s way just as often as he headed into danger to heal a wounded companion. Time and again he was defended by May who would not let any of these wolves in sheep’s clothing touch her cousin. The whole team was fiercely fighting the group that used to be animal rights activists. Felix was glad for their protection and knew that Osaka was glad for it too even if most of them were not aware of it.

At the same time, Felix was feeling more like a legend than he ever had. This is why he had left Sub-Hopkins. He had heard the call to heal and he had just known he was meant for field work. Here he was, facing off against some group of monsters in Japan, almost around the world from his home. They were fighting monsters in human skin inside while there was still a vicious looking dragon outside. Felix could still hear it fighting against Sentinel Daisuke Inoki’s forces as the building shook every so often.

One by one, the Oni fell. Remarkably, Makoto’s team was showing restraint and none of the enemy looked like they were getting killed. It was hard to tell at a distance and not knowing the monsters’ biology but they was still some vague motion and what could be interpreted as breathing. There were plenty of once formidable warriors in the fetal position on the floor in a darkened warehouse. Makoto’s warriors stood firm and steady thanks to Felix’s magic and their own skill and valiant stand.

Finally, there was only one Oni left standing. Well, she was not quite standing and was instead down to one knee. Her face was a grisly crimson mask from a cut on her forehead. May had the point of her sword pressed against the woman-thing’s chest. There was pure hate behind the Oni’s eyes while May was surprisingly absolutely calm.  May was inspiring to Felix, but she had been since they were kids.

“Go ahead and slaughter me, human!” The woman yelled. Her voice was strangely both sibilant and toned a bit too deep. May stayed as still as a statue, keeping the point of her massive sword in that threatening position.

“Human? Then what are you, creature?” Makoto asked.

“That is immaterial.” She replied, her gaze sliding to the side for a moment.

“And if we were curious?” Makoto asked. Felix was definitely curious and he knew the others felt the same way.  There had to be some sense to be made after a terrorist attack like these creatures had committed.  Answers made healing easier and they also made future defense all the more possible.

“Stay curious.” The creature spat blood and grinned.

“Maybe we should slaughter them like she asked,” May said.

“It does not matter. Go ahead. These mundane humans we are wearing are long dead already. They are just convenient disguises for my kind.” The woman-thing said.

“Your kind is finished. You will not endanger this country anymore,” Makoto said.

“The Council of Dragons is larger than those assembled here.” The woman-thing hissed.

“Council of Dragons? What’s that?” May asked. Felix could see practical Makoto taking a mental note and he did the same.  Felix thought about the dragon that was outside and the possibility that this Council meant there were more of them somewhere out there.  He thought back to the dragon encountered in Cockeysville, the one that had triggered is own awakening as a Legend.  What if there were people controlling that dragon and what if there were even more dragons out there?  The thought was chilling but there would be time to discuss it later.

The thing did not respond this time. Instead, the thing moved almost imperceptibly fast and threw a wicked little knife into May’s chest. Ren let an arrow fly but it was too late. Every Oni’s body suddenly burst apart like a water balloon and dozens of things flitted out of the warehouse. Makoto was already at May’s side. The creatures were gone and there was now only one pressing thing that mattered.

“Get ready, Doctor!” Makoto shouted as she gripped the knife’s handle. Felix nodded and Makoto braced her foot against May’s shoulder and pulled the knife out. Blood poured from May’s chest but Felix poured his magic in. He kept pushing back against the tide and he felt the wound begin to knit closed. The veins and arteries began to carry blood and muscle and tissue crept back into their appropriate places. May began to breathe again, her eyes blinking wildly. Ren was cradling her and she clung to him.

“Ren! Felix!” She managed to choke out.  For once, she looked so fragile but Felix knew that it was more mental than physical.  He had healed her almost back to full fighting form but she would need her rest before jumping back into the fight.

“You’re alright now, May. Try and relax for a moment,” Felix said with an exhausted smile. Ren and May smiled back, grateful.

“I shall take care of her,” Ren said. “Maybe you should go and check on the dragon.”

“He makes a good point. Let’s go.” Makoto said and pulled Felix to his feet. She led Felix and Jun outside.  Felix hoped they would not have to face the dragon as the battle inside had been dangerous enough.

Felix Graham: Osaka Adventure 9

September 24, 2016

Felix Osaka

“Are you sure you tracked that thing here?” May asked as their car pulled onto a street far off of the beaten path. Felix had listened to May and Jun question Makoto the whole ride from the Sentinel station. Motoko had claimed that there had been some magical residue on the HVAC grate on the outside of the building. They had climbed into the car and left Daisuke and his Sentinel team behind.

“The trail is clear as day to one of my abilities,” Makoto said and Felix wondered what exactly those abilities were. It was the first time he had wondered what sphere Makoto belonged to.

“How much farther did this thing go?” May asked, still sounding a little skeptical.

“I believe the question you are looking for is ‘Are we there yet?'” Makoto asked with a sly smirk.

“Yeah, I guess so. Are we?” May asked.

In answer, Makoto got out of the car and started to walk down the street. They all climbed from the car and Felix looked up at the warehouse that was Makoto’s focus. Thankfully, the place was in a disused part of town so there was no traffic. Of course, no traffic could also be a good sign that some evil mojo was driving people away. Of course, Felix and the rest of the team had had to convince themselves that the people inside were not evil. Something mystical had possessed them, crawled inside their skin and did their best impression of a human being. Regardless, it was time to bring the Oni into custody one way or another.

“I half expected this mystery to end at Osaka Castle,” Felix said gently. He must have said it to fill the ominous silence.

“Don’t worry, Felix. We’ll take you there after this is all over. I promise.” May said with a smile and Ren nodded with a half smile that echoed hers.

“The tourist doctor. We will show you things that are not in your guide book,” Makoto said with what sounded like a slight chuckle.

“I would like that,” Felix said with a smile. He knew Makoto was probably making fun but he appreciated the sentiment.

“I’ll buy you all dinner if we can make this a happy ending,” Jun said quietly.

“Deal,” Makoto said.

Before the team could reach the building, a tall thin man stepped out of the building. He was not just tall for Japan, he was at least seven feet tall. Felix instinctively slipped behind everybody else and Makoto joined him. She let her stern face slip for a second and smiled reassuringly. The worry drained out of Felix and it was replaced with certainty. Somehow, this young girl was able to inspire undying loyalty. He smiled back and Makoto returned to the front line.

“State your business.” The mysterious tall man said. His voice seemed to reverberate up and down the street.

“We have come for the Oni. Come with us peacefully or come with us unconscious,” May called out with a thunderous voice and paused for effect before continuing. “or dead.” Everybody tensed as if ready for battle.

The man barely smiled, snake-like eyes darted from party member to party member with deliberate movements. There was a coldness behind those eyes. He was standing in front of a giant loading door. The door started to pulse in and out slowly as if the door was breathing. Then there was a mechanical sound as the door started to rise. Behind the man was a row of armed men and women who definitely looked like bespelled animal rights activists. Behind the Oni was a two-story tall dragon. Felix’ eyes went wide as he could feel the dragon’s breath on his face. He could also feel the cold, hard gazes of the Oni.

“I guess you are welcome to try, gaijin and friends.” The man said, his voice hissed inhumanly.

“They are not alone!” Daisuke Inoki called out. He had appeared from somewhere with a whole troop of his sentinel deputies.

“Father!” Jun called out in obvious relief.

Daisuke smiled fiercely. “Apologies, but it took us some time to catch up. I do not mean to insult you but it looks like you could use some help. How about we take the dragon and you take the Oni?”

“Agreed. We shall see whose team finishes first.” Makoto called out.

The man gestured and the dragon lunged out into the street. Felix and the team dodged out of the way. Daisuke and his crew eagerly began to engage the dragon. Felix followed the rest of Makoto’s team into the dim warehouse to take on the Oni.

Felix Graham: Osaka Adventure 8

August 13, 2016

Felix Osaka

(Um, I accidentally posted this where 7 should have been somehow. So go to Part 7 here)

The Sentinel’s office sent several wagons out to collect all of the unconscious bodies quickly. Their response time was uncanny and when they were done, the street mostly looked like there had not been a battle there shortly before. While they hauled away bodies, Ren and May walked around and policed Ren’s arrows. Daisuke Inoki made a personal appearance and oversaw everything with an annoyed but impressed look on his face. Felix got the idea from the way Jun and the other Sentinel staff acted that The Lion rarely showed up on scenes like this himself. Maybe he used to but they looked too wary and too surprised for him to be a regular fixture in the field anymore. He was certainly intimidating and nobody paused in their work or stepped out of line while he was there.

Makoto brought them all back to the Sentinel’s office, her face was deep in concentration for most of the drive. She announced that they had successfully kept the fight a secret and that they now had a lead to follow. This was pretty much what Felix had guessed since they now had actual prisoners instead of an elusive former protest group. If they could not find the Tengu, the obvious choice was to interrogate the mercenaries to get a read on their location so the threat could finally end. Tensions were high at Sentinel headquarters but the new prisoners were interrogated one by one. Felix checked once again on the health of the prisoners to make sure that they were fit for questioning. Not a single one of them knew much, the information was obviously compartmentalized and not trusted with simple mooks.

Frustrated, May had gone to take a walk but there was still the large swordsman who had first attacked to question. Makoto called Felix and Jun to the observation room where Ren was already silently waiting. He had been there with May for hours before she stormed out and he seemed rooted to the spot. Daisuke had allowed Makoto to do the questioning since the little teen had a scarily authoritative demeanor. Also, she was the leader of their little band of legends and it said a lot that Ren and May showed her so much deference. She sat on the other side of the table from the large man who sneered at her as he was bolted into a seat. He did not look much less intimidating without the sword in his hand. He was definitely the tallest Japanese man Felix had seen.

“You will release me and my men. We were only carrying out a contract.” The man said, struggling against his bonds. His words were softly translated by Ren for Felix’ benefit.

“We most certainly will not. Your contract was undoubtedly to murder my team of legends before we could ask any more questions. We tend to take that personally.” Makoto responded. Her words were also translated by Ren.

“Your team fought admirably. We will stay silent and take our punishment if that is the way it shall be.” The giant swordsman said with another arrogant sneer.

“We would like very much to know the location of The Tengu. We have a receipt to deliver.” Makoto said. She was remaining utterly calm although she was perhaps a little annoyed.

“I will never give up an employer. It was bad luck we were caught but we have pride in our contracts and we will not give up our employers.”

“Was it luck that you were defeated? Or perhaps we were just better than you. The Tengu were certainly smarter than you, sending pawns to keep themselves safe.” Makoto said.

“We are not merely pawns.” The man said and Felix could have sworn that he was pouting.

“You could have fooled us. My swordswoman easily bested you and now that you are off the board, you have left your masters hidden but unprotected.” Makoto said with a little shrug. Felix could feel the looming presence of Daisuke enter the observation room along with May.

“Arrogant little worm,” the man said. He pulled at his arm restraints and they easily came undone. Instead of attacking Matoko, he plunged a thumb into his own eye and a fountain of blood was unleashed. Felix ran from the observation room and into the interrogation room and stood next to a horrified Matoko.

Felix focused on the bleeding man and let his healing light shine and the wound started to heal quickly. The guy started to laugh and suddenly his other hand was free and he began to tear at his face. Blood splattered everywhere as the swordsman tore at his face and laughed. Felix found it hard to keep up with the damage and he feared that his magic would fade soon.

“Somebody get a hold of him! Stop him!” Felix shouted and both May and Daisuke were suddenly there to struggle with the mad swordsman. The damage to his face was gruesome but he was still laughing loudly.

“Don’t worry about it, Doctor. This is but a vessel. We have been released and now we will release it to punish you all!” The Swordsman yelled. He slapped Daisuke and May away for a second to resume tearing at his face madly. The thing that was a man screamed and laughed and Felix could swear he saw something beyond the flesh and it was not a skeleton. It was something very different. And then, without warning, the man’s skull exploded and something shot out from it and disappeared into an air vent. Felix, Makoto, May and Daisuke were left bloody and confused in the middle of an interrogation room.

Felix Graham: Osaka Adventure 7

July 2, 2016

Felix Osaka

May and Makoto were on their fifth house by now and had moved pretty far down the street. This was good because it meant they were being pretty efficient. Unfortunately, it also meant that there was probably no success on find a lead yet. Felix did not know Makoto’s capabilities but her confidence and wisdom beyond her age bespoke of something Legendary. Besides, May and Ren not only vouched for her but also deferred to her even though she was half their age. That was impressive.

Even after their discussion, Jun was still tense and pensive as she stared out the window. Felix was relaxed. Back at Sub-Hopkins he had found his best success when he was relaxed but ready to act. You had to take moments of calm and pleasure when they came. A crossword puzzle, a drink at the bar or just sitting in the back of a car on a warm, Osaka afternoon. If you dwelled on what was coming you would go insane.

Of course, moments of calm never last forever. As Felix looked over to check on May and Makoto, a bear of a man lept from a tree branch above them. He swung a giant sword as he fell but his swing was opposed and blocked by May’s upward swing of her own sword. Even as the sound rang through the neighborhood, Makoto drove her staff into the man’s ribs. This is when that calm moment truly exploded into chaos.

Felix watched as Jun unlatched her door and then kicked it hard with both feet. The force swung the door out into the path of a man who had been running down the street with several other black-armored people. Jun slid out of the car and dropped the now-winded man with one punch. Felix could see that she had brass knuckles on each hand. She started to fight as best she could but there were a lot of tough-looking people surrounding her.

Of course, Makoto showed up pretty quickly to help even the odds. She swung her staff, punishing her targets with hard impacts. May was back where she had been, fighting the big guy and a few normal-sized thugs. Felix noticed that May had added a sheath to her sword which blunted her sword. He was kind of glad that this probably would not be a blood bath. These guys did not look like Legends even if they outnumbered Makoto’s little circle.

Felix watched as May swung her sword like a baseball bat as hard as she could. The sword slammed into three chests and three thugs went flying through a wooden fence. Makoto’s staff whirled around her and struck sensitive spots. Jun planted fists and feet into anyone within reach and ran to reach those who were not. Arrows whizzed from somewhere and pinned people down by their clothes. This made them easy pickings for the three fighting ladies.

In the end, the neighborhood was covered in still and hopefully unconscious bodies. As soon as the danger was past, Felix immediately slipped out of the car and started to check vital signs. Ren came down from wherever he had secreted himself carrying his bow and everyone started to search the perimeter and watch everybody on the ground. All the men and women who had just attacked them were all armored in black, built like MMA fighters and there was some kind of logo on their armor. Nobody recognized it immediately.

“Well, Officer Jun, it looks like you will be useful after all,” Makoto said, nudging a woman with her foot.

“My father trained me well but thank you for the compliment,” Jun said. Her brass knuckles glowed for a moment and shrank to single rings on her ring fingers.

“Don’t be modest, Jun,” May said. “You really were amazing. Sentinel training must be hard but it sure is effective.” She slid her sword and sheath impossibly into a slot at her hip and it was just completely gone.

“Arigato, May-san. You and Ren are very skilled at fighting as well.” Jun answered.

“Eh. I mostly learned from anime and video games but thank you.” May said. Jun laughed with disbelief but Felix knew it was probably somewhat true. May grinned over at Felix as if she was telepathic and Felix laughed too. She then turned and hugged her husband briefly.

“Lion cub,” Makoto said abruptly although this time, the nickname was a little more light-hearted. “Call in these hooligans to your father. We will be taking three of them with us.” There was no room for argument in her orders.

“Hai!” Jun said in agreement. “If we are taking prisoners, you will probably need these.” She tossed Makoto a bag of zip ties and then pulled out a walkie-talkie to contact her father’s office.

“Doctor Graham,” Makoto yelled. “How are the patients?”

“I’m impressed. Not a single one of them is deceased. There’s really nothing they can’t sleep off. I even healed the worst of it.” Felix said.

“May the universe save us from good samaritans,” Makoto said with a sardonic smirk.

Felix Graham: Osaka Adventure 4

January 30, 2016

Felix Osaka

“The Sentinel will see you now.” Jun said with a small bow. She was a quiet, unassuming officer but she had introduced herself as Jun Inoki and that made her daughter of The Lion. It had effectively shut down any more talk about Daisuke Inoki himself. Jun had cut her hair very short, nearly a buzz. Felix wondered if Daisuke had wanted a boy and this was Jun’s way of endearing herself to her father. The theory was supported by seeing her in pants after Felix had walked by several female officers in skirts. He wondered if it was Daisuke’s or Jun’s idea.

They filtered into the Sentinel’s office and faced the huge desk on one side of the room. Behind the desk sat the Lion of Osaka himself. He was huge and battle-scarred but it looked like a lot of scars disappeared into his well-trimmed beard and long hair. His green eyes were remarkable, at the same time fierce and knowing. Here was a man who had been a protector for a long time. Felix felt himself straighten up his posture to what he imagined was close to military form.

“I would ask you to sit but I believe we do not have the luxury of time. This issue is most pressing and I am grateful for the assistance of legends in our midst.” Daisuke said, his voice rumbling deep and frankly a little scary.

“We agree, Sentinel. We’re here to discuss the matter with you. We intend to pursue the Tengu and rescue the hostages. We would deliver any survivors to you.” Makoto said. The words were formal and practiced. For such a young legend, Makoto sure was used to talking to the authorities. Felix felt a pang of jealousy that she was better at this and less than half his age.

“So, like petitioners of old, you ask permission to hunt in our territory. I can respect that. After the danger of the explosion, I’m much more open to sending in legends rather than my own officers.” Inoki said. The comment was brutally honest but Felix suspected this was almost always true. Danger was part of the package that legends accepted that most normal people wouldn’t ask for.

“Do you have any information for us, sir?” May asked. She somehow kept the fire and urgency from her voice and was very respectful. She had her sword hidden away in some extradimensional pocket. You don’t walk into a Sentinel’s office with a sword that big out in the open.

“My information is much the same as yours. The Tengu were a nuisance. An aware activist group that managed to just barely stay out of jail. I am willing to give the most complete membership list we have and their last known addresses.” Inoki said. He didn’t move so Felix assumed that list would come from a subordinate.

“This is most helpful, Sentinel Inoki. We will start our search immediately.” Matoka said. “Shall we check in with your desk sergeant for that information?”

“No. That information has been handled by Officer Inoki, here. She will be acompanying you.” Inoki said as if the command came from the heavens. Felix hadn’t even noticed Jun had entered the room with them and from everybody else’s expressions he wasn’t the only one.

“Do you think that’s smart? We’re legends. We can move a lot faster without somebody dragging us down. No offense.” May asked and said the last to Jun directly.

“What May-san meant to ask was whether this is a condition for cooperation between us?” Makoto asked, jumping in before either Inoki or May could say another word.

“If it has to be.” Inoki said, standing. “I intended for you to have ready access to our information and resources and the authority to question civilians. Is this not something you desire?”

“Of course, my apologies, Inoki-san. I am just impatient to solve this trouble before it gets further out of hand.” May said, this time jumping in before Makoto could speak.

“I’ll take that as a promise that it won’t get further out of hand then. You’re free to take my daughter and find the terrorists responsible.” Inoki said and sat down.

Makoto shot May an annoyed look and Felix could see past her to see an amused smirk on Ren’s face. Felix leaned in with a smile as they were all leaving to speak to his cousin. “You still have such a big mouth.”

“Shut up, Felix.” May said but he could see her smile as she turned her head away.

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