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Felix Graham: Osaka Adventure 6

April 7, 2016

Felix Osaka

May and Makoto were on their fifth house by now and had moved pretty far down the street. This was good because it meant they were being pretty efficient. Unfortunately, it also meant that there was probably no success on find a lead yet. Felix did not know Makoto’s capabilities but her confidence and wisdom beyond her age bespoke of something Legendary. Besides, May and Ren not only vouched for her but also deferred to her even though she was half their age. That was impressive.

Even after their discussion, Jun was still tense and pensive as she stared out the window. Felix was relaxed. Back at Sub-Hopkins, he had found his best success when he was relaxed but ready to act. You had to take moments of calm and pleasure when they came. A crossword puzzle, a drink at the bar or just sitting in the back of a car on a warm, Osaka afternoon. If you dwelled on what was coming you would go insane.

Of course, moments of calm never last forever. As Felix looked over to check on May and Makoto, a bear of a man leaped from a tree branch above them. He swung a giant sword as he fell but his swing was opposed and blocked by May’s upward swing of her own sword. Even as the sound rang through the neighborhood, Makoto drove her staff into the man’s ribs. This is when that calm moment truly exploded into chaos.

Felix watched as Jun unlatched her door and then kicked it hard with both feet. The force swung the door out into the path of a man who had been running down the street with several other black-armored people. Jun slid out of the car and dropped the now-winded man with one punch. Felix could see that she had brass knuckles on each hand. She started to fight as best she could but there were a lot of tough-looking people surrounding her.

Of course, Makoto showed up pretty quickly to help even the odds. She swung her staff, punishing her targets with hard impacts. May was back where she had been, fighting the big guy and a few normal-sized thugs. Felix noticed that May had added a sheath to her sword which blunted her sword. He was kind of glad that this probably would not be a blood bath. These guys did not look like Legends even if they outnumbered Makoto’s little circle.

Felix watched as May swung her sword like a baseball bat as hard as she could. The sword slammed into three chests and three thugs went flying through a wooden fence. Makoto’s staff whirled around her and struck sensitive spots. Jun planted fists and feet into anyone within reach and ran to reach those who were not. Arrows whizzed from somewhere and pinned people down by their clothes. This made them easy pickings for the three fighting ladies.

In the end, the neighborhood was covered in still and hopefully unconscious bodies. As soon as the danger had passed, Felix immediately slipped out of the car and started to check vital signs. Ren came down from wherever he had secreted himself carrying his bow and everyone started to search the perimeter and watch everybody on the ground. All the men and women who had just attacked them were all armored in black, built like MMA fighters and there was some kind of logo on their armor. Nobody recognized it immediately.

“Well, Officer Jun, it looks like you will be useful after all,” Makoto said, nudging a woman with her foot.

“My father trained me well but thank you for the compliment,” Jun said. Her brass knuckles glowed for a moment and shrank to single rings on her ring fingers.

“Don’t be modest, Jun,” May said. “You really were amazing. Sentinel training must be hard but it sure is effective.” She slid her sword and sheath impossibly into a slot at her hip and it was just completely gone.

“Arigato, May-san. You and Ren are very skilled at fighting as well.” Jun answered.

“Eh. I mostly learned from anime and video games but thank you.” May said. Jun laughed with disbelief but Felix knew it was probably somewhat true. May grinned over at Felix as if she was telepathic and Felix laughed too. She then turned and hugged her husband briefly.

“Lion cub,” Makoto said abruptly although this time the nickname was a little more light-hearted. “Call in these hooligans to your father. We will be taking three of them with us.” There was no room for argument in her orders.

“Hai!” Jun said in agreement. “If we are taking prisoners, you will probably need these.” She tossed Makoto a bag of cable ties and then pulled out a walkie-talkie to contact her father’s office.

“Doctor Graham,” Makoto yelled,”How are the patients?”

“I’m impressed. Not a single one of them is deceased. There’s really nothing they can’t sleep off. I even healed the worst of it.” Felix said.

“May the universe save us from good samaritans,” Makoto said with a sardonic smirk.

Felix Graham: Osaka Adventure 5

February 27, 2016

Felix Osaka

The car ride was pretty quiet. Nobody really wanted to talk in front of the newcomer. Jun was nice enough and Felix felt kind of bad for her. Just a little while ago he was the newcomer and he felt he had gotten a little flak from Makoto. Jun getting the silent treatment and all the objections in front of her father was probably too much. Still, everybody was briefed and on the same page so there was not much to talk about.

They arrived in the neighborhood of the first group of addresses. Members of the Tengu were ordinary aware people and these were ordinary houses and apartments. Sure they might have an extra room or two not accounted for on the building plans but even that was pretty ordinary. The car pulled over and stopped by the curb and May shut the engine off. May was the first person to move toward her door but Makoto stopped her.

“You are with me, May-san. We shall go door to door and we find a lead no matter what. Ren, you are on overwatch. Let nobody see you. I know that you can accomplish this. The Doctor and the Lion Cub will stay put here in the car until further notice.” Makoto said. She pulled some sort of short iron rod from the center console. She turned around to look at Felix and Jun in the backseat but her eyes were unfocused as if she was looking at something else.

“Excuse me, Makoto. I am supposed to help you gather intelligence and eliminate this threat from Osaka. Would I not be of more use knocking on doors? Perhaps with the Doctor or I could pair with you.” Jun asked. She was very rigid and direct. This was obviously behavior that had been drilled into her by Sentinel training. In contrast, Makoto and Ren were stoic but somehow more relaxed. Felix felt that he and May were the same, able to be formal but generally causal people. That may have come from an American upbringing.

“You are still in uniform, Sargent. I do not want to scare anyone.” Makoto said and climbed out of the car without another word.

“Besides, we may need you as back up.” May said. “Just sit tight. I’m sure we’ll need you eventually. Keep her company, cousin.” Then May slipped out of the car herself. Ren was already just gone and Felix had not noticed at all.

Jun looked miffed although a stronger word might have been needed. It was harder for Felix to tell with somebody who kept their face so neutral. They sat on opposite sides of the back seat with Jun on the street side. Down the street, Felix could see May and Makoto walking up to the first door. From what he had seen of the list, it looked like there were quite a few houses in this area.

“So, you’re usually in the middle of the action?” Felix asked.

“No.” Jun answered. “My father has made sure that if I am not filing then I am on safe but prominent assignments and details. ” She sighed and watched out the window, here eyes following May and Makoto’s movements.

“I’m used to only being there just after the damage has been done.” Felix said.

“You are a healer, correct?” Jun asked.

Felix nodded. “I am strictly a healer. I have no training in combat and, so far, no experience in investigation.”

“No experience? No experience at all?” Jun asked with a very slight but still existent smile.

“Well, I am an avid reader. I used to sell comic books but once I became aware I started to read about Legends and aware history as well. I’ve learned a lot but mostly because I love a good story. I’ve learned a lot but mostly because I love a good story.”

“They are not all good stories. Some of them are very boring.” Jun said.

“Not really the case for Legends or at least that’s what I’m finding so far.”

“How long have you been a Legend?”

“Less than a week. I worked in a hospital in a pocket dimension below Baltimore before this.”

“What was it like? Being called?”

“Everything was suddenly very clear. I felt a huge surge of power and I was able to pull my patient back from the edge of death. I just knew what I was supposed to do.”

“I am envious.” Jun said softly. It looked like she was a little embarrassed by it.

“It can be a burden too. You can’t have a normal life.” Felix said. He was not upset about that, it was just a truth of the life.

“Who wants a normal life anyway?” Jun asked and Felix found himself smiling.

“Fair enough.” Felix said.

Felix Graham: Osaka Adventure 3

December 14, 2015

Felix Osaka

The car rolled on back toward the bombing site to pick Ren up. Makoto was sitting in the passenger seat and May was driving which left Felix sitting in the back. It had turned out to be a pretty gray day and the thought of returning to a bombing spot didn’t make it any cheerier. Two weeks out of Hopkins and he was now involved in fighting terrorism. It wasn’t a happy thought but it felt good to be more connected with the universe.

“So is somebody going to fill me in on this organization? The one that did all of this?” Felix asked, definiteyl feeling every bit the gaijin as Makoto had called him.

“The Tengu are mostly a political group with nothing but an intimidating name. They engage in sometimes questionable protests and various antics. I would compare them somewhat with your country’s PETA. Obnoxious and misguided but mostly harmless.” Makoto said casually as if reading off the Wikipedia page.

“So what do you think happened?” Felix asked. “These actions weren’t ‘mostly harmless'”

“Well, obviously they were militarized somehow and it seems too sudden to be natural. Several of the members are to be aware which is why we are involved, Doctor Gaijin.” Makoto replied, again her word choice was meticulous but casual at the same time.

“Not all of their victims are aware though.” May said. “They’re on the unaware news and that’s dangerous. We have to shut this down quickly.”

“Agreed, May-san, I’m developing some leads but we will have to speak with Ren. He often has important insight.” Makoto said, she looked out the window but the reflection of her eyes made it clear she wasn’t seeing anything.

May smiled brightly. “He really does. One of his best qualities.”

May pulled the car around and the back door suddenly jerked open and Ren practically floated into his seat.

“Greetings. Let’s head to the Sentinel’s office. This is a big complicated, political situation and we must keep them in the loop. Also, they may have insight that we do not.” Ren said casually, he took the mask off of his face like it was nothing.

“Agreed. We must step lightly.” Makoto said.

“But quickly.” May reminded her.

“Yes, and quickly. A difficult proposition.” Makoto agreed.

“Obviously you’ve never been in surgery.” Felix said with a slight smile.

“Indeed I haven’t. It is why you are welcome to come along.” Makoto said and Felix knew it wasn’t a joke.

“I feel so welcome.” Felix said. “Is there anything else I should know about?”

“We’re about to have a meeting with Daisuke Inoki, Osaka’s Sentinel. He is also known as the Lion of Osaka. Lion is a fitting nickname in all the best and worst ways. Watch yourself around him.” May said.

“I’ll keep that in mind. I don’t need any powerful enemies.” Felix said.

“Or enemies of any sort but we are legends and such things are unavoidable.” Makoto said with a slight smile.

“All I know is that the Tengu have made themselves some enemies today. I’ll bring them to Inoki even if I have to drag them one by one.” May said, fire in her belly. Ren reached forward and placed a comforting hand on her shoulder. She placed her hand on his.

“I agree and we’ll definitely do just that. Afterall, they have interrupted Doctor Gaijin’s vacation. Have they not?” Makoto said, looking back at Felix.

“I’m more concerned with stopping them from hurting anyone else. I don’t mind healing people but I’d just as soon not have to.” Felix said. He was content with his mission in life but hated to see good people hurt. Hell, he didn’t like to see the bad guys get hurt needlessly. He took his oaths seriously. As he looked out the window at a foreign land, he supposed he would have to get used to adventuring in foreign lands. The life of a Legend was not a peaceful one. The road stretched out ahead and Felix just hoped he could help along the way.

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