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Real X-Files

April 28, 2016

Alright, I am not going full conspiracy theory on you today. I am also not talking to you about the X-Files television show. I loved the X-Files back when it was first on but my attitude has somewhat cooled on it after too many years and a really bad movie. I have yet to see the revival and I am not exactly itching to watch it the more I think about it. I have so many other things to watch that a return trip to Mulder’s basement office is not as appetizing as it once would have been. That is not what we are doing today. In the wake of X-Files returning and Ghostbusters coming up, let us talk briefly about the “real” paranormal investigators out there.

I loved Ghostbusters as a kid and one of the main reasons I loved it was that the main characters were scientists. Presumably, just about everything they did was backed by science and engineering and they were eventually able to prove that ghosts were real. I imagine a lot of the actual science was done offscreen because experimentation and the scientific method often takes a long time and can be a little tedious. An old roommate of mine was very much into the Ghost Adventures type of show. This was a show where the viewer follows the adventures of real-life plumbers who somehow decided they could investigate ghosts. There was no hard science involved and after several seasons, there was never a single ghost to show for it. Not to mention they go in as the most credulous people of all time so that every single sound throws them into fits.

On top of this, paranormal investigators are often not wanted or not permitted around supposedly haunted sights. Then, like this group, they end up accidentally damaging or actually destroying the historic home they were supposed to be investigating. By the way, I am sure marijuana and alcohol are really conducive to studying unexplained phenomena. I feel like we have the opposite problem from Mulder. It is not that nobody believes. The problem is that too many people believe or are willing to be tricked into believing without evidence. There is little to no regulation or oversight like there is for real scientific endeavors. Paranormal sciences are really appealing but they have yet to advance our species or help invent anything useful. All we have are interesting stories that we cannot prove are true.

I am not an unbeliever. I am a skeptic and I have been for a very long time now. I love a good ghost story and I do believe in investigating strange occurrences. However. anytime you go into a situation with a firm belief of the cause, you will most likely fail to find the real cause or at least misunderstand what is actually happening. If somebody proves the existence of ghosts, bigfoot or vampires here on Earth then I will be the first person on board. However, they have to prove it scientifically because I lived too many years without evidence of these things. Of course, I also have a vested interest in these things not existing because they sound terrifying. Only the future can tell and so far we are still living in an amazing but mundane world.


X’s Guide to the Paranormal: The Decision

June 8, 2015

X's Guide

This passage is to educate all newcomers to the town about what we call The Decision. At the risk of sounding cliche, the Decision has been passed down for centuries ever since the founding of our community soon after the second goblin war was over. Since the citizens of this town were trapped forever, those who made the rules worried that the town would become overcrowded. For better or for worse, between The Decision and the usual predation levels, the town has maintained a steady population.

As you may read elsewhere in this guide, the town proper is surrounded by very wild lands that aren’t very hospitable to human beings. The town borders are clearly drawn in the map section and are virtually impassable to anyone trying to leave. However, there are ways into the greater area around the town where one can find fantastic beasts. However, there are also beings of culture and intelligence there as well.

The Decision is as follows: At the age of sixteen, each new full citizen of the town is given a choice. They can either remain human or they can walk through the barrier around the town and join the wild. A person has to be sure on their choice because there is no going back. There is only the path ahead and where it takes you.

The following information is taught to children as to let them make an informed choice when they become an adult. These are the choices beyond humanity that each person faces.

The Goblins

I’ve gathered from recent visitors that the world at large has a negative view of goblins formed from books and popular media. This could not be farther from the truth. Well, it could be a little farther. The goblins are rough customers but they’re not inherently evil nor inherently good. They live under the hills to the north and also deep under the town. Their skin is scales and their strength is legendary. They have a tribal culture that honors strength and bravery, a simple torchlit existence.

The Werewolves

While it is well known that there are werewolves in town, the wilder ones live out in Jameson Forest. Still, they are the very definition of the noble savage and live an honorable life as long as the world of man does not interfere. Not much is known about what happens in Jameson Forest since few would dare to cross the werewolves. Treat any werewolf like you would a normal wolf in the woods. The only difference is that they speak English.

The Fae

Faery culture is deceptively civilized. They are educated and wise and their words wind around you like the gentle caress of somebody you love and trust. Be very wary of this. The Fae live in a very magical and enticing world that you may want to join. The Fae will do anything to ensnare mortals into their debt or service. They operate in two opposing factions but do not let them convince you that either side is good or evil. Use a civil tongue and keep your wits about you and you may survive their politics.


Of course, the final choice is to stay here with us and embrace the madness that we live with everyday. Embrace your humanity and use this guide to navigate the wonderful and terrifying world that I’ve dealt with since my birth. It’s your choice.

X’s Guide to the Paranormal – Intro

May 9, 2015

X's Guide

Welcome to X’s Guide to the Paranormal. This book has either fallen into your hands or the book itself has copied itself onto the internet. Be not afraid, the book has been enamoured of the internet ever since it was invented and it was bound to scan itself eventually. I just wonder what effect scanning some of the runes and incantations might cause. Well, no use worrying about the future until it starts unraveling.

About the Book

This guide deals primarily with the operation and survival in the town of Estarriol. This guide is meant as instruction for emergency maintenance and survival. It is my job to complete repairs but in an emergency let this guide get you to a safe and stable condition so you can wait for assistance.

While I can confirm this is a town in the United States, the state must remain a closely-guarded secret for the safety of everyone involved. If you do anything at all, please heed this warning: Please do not seek the town. The contents of this book should be warning enough but let me add that there is no escape from Estarriol. Nobody leaves this town. We have come to accept and embrace and even enjoy this simple fact but I’m sure visitors would be more than a little upset that their vacation was permanently extended.

About the Author of this Book

My name is X. I am the tenth in the line of guardians and maintenance workers of Estarriol. My mother was IX and is a beautiful and capable woman who taught me everything she knows. I am male and approaching my eighteenth year and I recently reached the end of high school. I was enrolled during the eighth and ninth Great Fire the high school experienced. Each generation creates their own guide to embrace the fluid nature of the town and the supernatural occurences that happen between publications. I spend my days combatting threats, chronicling changes and repairing broken equipment and structures. I’m pretty satisfied with the way things are going and hopefully I can be as helpful as my predecessors.

If This Guide is Not Handy

Saint Myers

This is a Saint Myers Glyph*. You may have noticed it on the cover of the physical copy of this book. That would be one of the reasons that most guides turn sentient but it is a tradition and we’re not going to change a tradition for book sentience. Anyway, the Saint Myers Glyph is a mark of a bound helpful spirit. Helpful spirits are the result of psychic and spiritual resonance of deceased people with above average intelligence and knowledge. I, IV, VII and IX are just some of these bound spirits. The glyphs help bind the spirits to specific location in our plane of existence.

These glyphs are scattered throughout the town and easily accesible even to those in wheelchairs. To summon a helpful spirit simply place some surface of your skin against the glyph and call out “Myers! I Need Help!” and the spirit should crawl out of the glyph and assist you. They have access to plenty of knowledge through the and should be able to assist you with your emergency. In all other cases, please refer to the guide as the process is taxing for the spirits and we would like them ready and able to be summoned in an emergency.

* Saint Myers was not a saint. That’s just what his parents decided to name him. He discovered the glyph after conversing with the Great Spirit Kadel.

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